Intel vs. Ryzen: What’s better?

Gamers get very specific with their requirements, and looking for parts for your new PC is a long and complex process. While everyone has their preferences, sometimes it might be hard to choose between two options that offer outstanding performance.

The battle between Intel and Ryzen has been going on for a while, and many supporters and critics are on each side. Those that know exactly what they want will not have trouble choosing. But if you are unsure which is the best, you should research these rivals first.

While they offer similar performance, the features and options included are what sets them apart. For example, someone that works with multiple windows and programs will choose the AMD Ryzen processors since they are better at multitasking. However, Intel is easily outperforming Ryzen in the single-core task battle.

In this article, we will discuss both Intel and Ryzen. Continue reading as we explore their differences and which is better for gaming

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Is Intel or Ryzen better?

As we tested various products, we found that Ryzen was better than Intel in pure performance. The biggest difference between Intel & Ryzen is how much performance you get for a certain price.

Why you can trust us & how we picked

You should trust us because we care exceptionally about our computer setups. Our choice came down to performance as well as affordability. We tried picking a processor that we know we’d love ourselves.

Differences between Ryzen and Intel

There are many differences between Ryzen and Intel processors. If you want to glance at them, check the table below. We have created it in an easy and informative way so you can quickly spot what separates them. 

Most popular intel processors are i3, i5, i7 and i9AMD has Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, Ryzen 9, and Threadripper processors as the popular ones.
It has symmetric multiprocessing capabilities of up to 4 sockets/28 coresIt has symmetric multiprocessing capabilities of up to 8 sockets/128 cores
IGPU is present in almost all Core I series CPUs except for the core I F-seriesiGPU is present only in AMD APU series with higher GPU performance compared to Intel iGPU
Clock speed reaches and surpasses 5.0 GHzThe clock speed can reach 5.0 GHz but results in more heat
IPC (Rocket Lake) is lower than AMD (Zen 3)IPC (Zen 3) is higher than Intel (Rocket Lake)
It can heat up when used with Clock Speed BoostIt is generally cooler due to smaller lithography (TSMC 7nm is similar to Intel 10nm)
Less efficient than AMDMore efficient than Intel
Less expensive than AMD Processor at the lower rangeLess expensive than Intel at a higher range

Suppose you are often traveling or you prefer flexibility and versatility. In that case, it is better if you look for a gaming laptop instead. These offer high-end performance, and you can run even the latest games at high graphics settings. It is truly an incredible work of engineering to be able to store all these powerful components. While the GPUs are somewhat different from those in a desktop computer, the processors are the same, and you benefit from the same superior experience. 

Regarding efficiency and power consumption, AMD stays ahead as it is more efficient than Intel and consumes less power. Although there will not be much difference in your bills, reducing power consumption can be an advantage in some cases. Because it is less expensive and more efficient than Intel, AMD processors can be considered suitable for those with a limited budget. 

Should I buy Intel or AMD?

Ryzen 7 5800x

If you want to build a new gaming rig or simply improve your current one, the first step is to purchase a processor. This component is the most important one in your PC as it is your computer’s brain. Whether it’s an Intel or AMD, the processor is responsible for handling every task and command while operating your computer.

Various tests proved that Intel processors could handle gaming tasks better than AMD. That is because Intel CPUs are specialized in single-core tasks. In contrast, AMD ones are more suited for multitasking and working than high-performance gaming. Casual gamers will not notice any difference, but hardcore ones will still want to take a second look at AMD.

AMD processors are more flexible and have fewer restrictions. It allows you to overclock the CPU with fewer restrictions, and you can further increase the performance of this component. You can run even the latest games without experiencing any crashes simply because you can get more out of your processor. 

But you should be careful with the overclocking process and only perform it when you have enough skills and knowledge in this subject. Overclocking is dangerous, and you risk damaging the part. Remember that your warranty will be voided in this case, and you will have to get another one.

While choosing between an AMD or Nvidia graphics card is difficult, choosing your processor is much easier, especially if you know what you want. For example, the Ryzen 5 5500u can be overclocked to reach and outperform some Intel models. 

In the end, the choice is yours. When asking the online gaming community, most will recommend an Intel CPU simply because it is more optimized for gaming. The single-core performance is superior, and you can handle games better. 

But an AMD processor will be better if you also work and perform multiple tasks on your computer. You will be able to run your favorite games without experiencing any crashes or freezes, and you will also experience the same lighting-fast speed when you complete your daily tasks for your job or personal projects. 

Best Ryzen CPU for gaming

There are many models to choose from, but you might want to look at this one to get the best result. It is considered to be the best Ryzen CPU for gaming, and you will enjoy smooth gameplay without any sudden crashes or unexpected freezes. This processor can handle even the most difficult tasks; you should look at it below.

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-core, 24-thread unlocked desktop processor with Wraith Prism LED Cooler

The Ryzen 9 3900X is incredible enough to get a full review. Before we explore it in detail, take a look at its main features:

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
  • It offers incredible performance that is superior to some Intel models.
  • Sells at an affordable price, even cheaper than its competitor.
  • It can handle all games easily, created for gamers.
  • Boost clock speed of an incredible 4.6GHz.

With 12 cores and 24 threads, this CPU enters the big league. With performance similar to Intel’s i9, the Ryzen 9 3900X is an upgrade worth making for the future. While single-core models can handle games better, more and more titles are being developed with multi-threaded CPUs in mind. It is where AMD gets the advantage, and you will see significant improvements as more games are released.

On a quick test, the Ryzen 9 3900X reaches 100 FPS on average, whereas a system with the i9-9900K CPU will struggle around the 80 mark. While the GPU is far more important for this comparison, remember that the processor is just as important. Smooth gameplay can only be enjoyed if this component can handle it, and this model is superior. 

Overall, you should get this processor if you think long-term and invest in the future. Indeed, older games are better optimized for single-thread CPUs like the models produced by Intel. Still, more and more games are being optimized for multi-threaded ones. You will not have to change this component for years to come. 

As we tested out the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, it was clear to us that it was a really high-quality CPU. It worked absolute great as we put it through a range of multitasking tests. We felt this CPU performed a lot better than Intel options when it came to gaming.

NameAMD Ryzen 9 3900X
CPU Speed4.6 GHz
Item Weight‎1.6 ounces
Product Dimensions‎1.57 x 1.57 x 0.24 inches


  • Great value
  • Amazing at multitasking
  • It will handle all your gaming needs really well.


  • It’s not the cheapest processor.
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
12,614 Reviews
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
It's great for gaming.

Intel vs. AMD for laptop

If you consider getting a gaming laptop, the processor will play an important role. Remember that the components are fitted into a smaller space than what we see in a gaming PC. Even with sacrifices and compromises, the companies producing these laptops still impress us.

AMD Processors

While most of the available notebooks are equipped with an Intel CPU, the AMD one is becoming increasingly popular. Most people recommend AMD models for browsing the internet, answering emails, and watching Netflix. Heavy gamers tend to choose Intel ones, but that will change in the near future.

An important strong point of AMD is its durability and reliability. They are well known for having exceptional performance for a long time. Because their power consumption is reduced, they can also perform better. Overclocking possibilities are endless; you can try to get the best out of this component.

Another advantage of an AMD processor is its highly efficient cooling profile. Considering the tight spaces inside a laptop, cooling becomes an important factor to consider when buying a processor. That is why you will often see laptops that are more compact and thinner when equipped with this CPU.

Intel processors

Because this is one of the most important processor manufacturers in the world, their products are widely compatible with other components. It allows more flexibility, and you have plenty of options to choose from. What makes them ideal for notebooks is their low heat generation.

By consuming less power, the temperature is constantly measured and regulated so your laptop does not overheat. It is an ideal choice for someone that lives in a hot climate with high temperatures. The integrated graphics represents another advantage.

With a notebook powered by an Intel processor, you can switch between the GPUs. You can choose between the main component installed in the laptop or the one offered by the CPU. All these features make the Intel processors unique and something to consider. 

Factors to consider

Here are the factors to consider when buying a processor and choosing between Intel & Ryzen.

Brand reputation

Since you’re buying something that will go inside your computer, you want to make sure it comes from a reputable brand.


Processors come at different price points. There’s no reason for you to go above board if you don’t need it for what you’re trying to accomplish.

Socket compatibility

If the processor isn’t compatible with the motherboard socket, it won’t work anyway.

Integrated graphics

Whether or not a processor has integrated graphics capabilities depends on the model.

Thermal design power (TDP)

If the processor has a higher TDP, it will require more cooling as it’s operating, which is something you should account for in your setup.

Cache size

A bigger cache size will give you a greater experience as you’re using the computer.

Number of cores

More cores mean more things that can run at the same time. Multitasking is more easily done on a computer with more cores.

Clock speed

The number of cycles that can be run per second is referred to as the clock speed. A higher number is, therefore, better.

How much do processors cost?

As we tested out various Intel and Ryzen products, we found you can generally expect a processor to cost between $80 and $1,000. Naturally, the processors on the higher end of the scale are more powerful.


Is AMD Ryzen 5 better than the i5?

When compared directly, the Ryzen 5 will offer more cores and threads, which makes it more suitable for demanding tasks. Professionals working with renders and videos will find a better use for this processor, which can handle increased workloads without any issues.

Regardless of the official statistics, you should know that the Ryzen 5 has many overclocking capabilities. You can increase the base clock speed to outperform the i5 easily. But because the i5 uses less power, it will be more efficient in the long run.