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Maritime Herald is a passion. It’s a project to explore everything that lies beneath the ocean’s surface. It’s a dedication to exploring the hard-to-explore.

The oceans are the world’s lungs, and they’re fascinating. They’re often overlooked by people thinking the trees are more important. The oceans have taken many lives, but it has given us the possibility to live. Without the oceans, we would not have the oxygen we’re breathing today.

It’s the reason it was time to create a more dedicated oceanic site. Welcome to Maritime Herald.

Our passion is the ocean. However, it’s not all we write about. We publish a range of articles on the topics our readers request. We have everything from reviews of popular fishing equipment to taking care of your aquarium.

Maritime Herald started as an ocean news site, we’ve become much more than that. Today, we also cover informative articles on other topics. Additionally, we have review articles outside the maritime world.

We hope you enjoy the same passions as us, and that you’ll be willing to join us as we explore the unknown. We strive to be the resource for people spending time on or in the water. Here’s where you’ll want to be.

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