Best gaming light ideas: Wall, LED, desk, hexagon

Suppose you have a room in your house specifically for gaming and movie-watching. In that case, you should consider customizing it to this theme. While the artwork on the wall and sophisticated decoration pieces are a great addition to your room, gaming lights will completely transform your room during the night.

When you pull an all-nighter and play a few rounds with your teammates, you don’t want to sit with a bright white light shining from the ceiling. That is why gaming lights are a better option, as you can also customize the color and intensity. 

If your bedroom feels too simple and boring, you can also add these lights to any other room in your house. From minimalistic table lamps to colored LEDs stuck to your wall, there are plenty of options to choose from, and your creativity is the limit. 

Tenmiro LED lights

You will also find that they can be both functional and decorative. While they will set the ambiance perfectly, the red and orange will also be easier on your eyes, allowing a better sleep after the gaming session ends.

There are many options to consider, but we picked the best gaming light ideas for you in this article. Whether you want to mount them on the wall or desk, we got you covered. 

Gaming room lights ideas

There are many ideas for lights in a gaming room. Explore your creativity and try new designs. Get inspired by other gamers and streamers but also add a personal touch. From LED strips to hexagonal wall lights, there are many ways to decorate a gaming room.

They will shine brightly on your fun activities. You can even mix them up to match the theme of your gaming room. If your room features a futuristic format, consider pink and purple lights. 

Old-school layouts go best with brown and orange lights, whereas the grey and white are a match for industrial-themed gaming rooms. If you have trophies or a special collection on your walls, consider installing wall lights to make them stand out. 

Traditional light sources powered by conventional light bulbs are not fit for a gaming room. You don’t need a bright white light for this area. Consider moving to the living room if you want to read a book. The lighting system in a gaming room is Ambiental, and it is intended to complement the overall theme. 

Cool lights for the gaming room

With lots of options to choose from, your creativity can express itself in the gaming room. We have a great idea for you if you have a TV that is between 60 and 75 inches. Whether playing on Xbox or Playstation, these lights enhance your games. 

Nexillumi LED for TV 60-75 Inch

Nexillumi One Stop For Led Strip Lights

This set of LED lights can be installed behind your TV to create a more immersive experience. Featuring RGB colors but missing the pure white one, this product is considered high-quality by satisfied customers. 

It also has enhanced compatibility with both iOS and Android devices. Many gamers complain about their conventional LEDs falling down after a couple of months. You won’t have to worry about this issue because Nexillumi made sure to put in an upgraded adhesive that will hold your lights even after one year. 

You can control this product with your smartphone by installing a specific app. Additionally, a remote is included, which allows you to customize the color and intensity to your preference. Operating at a voltage of 5V, you can safely use these lights indoors

14,917 Reviews
It looks really sleek.

Best RGB lights for gaming room

RGB lights are one of the best options due to their versatility. They feature three main colors – Red, Green, and Blue. But when these colors are combined, millions more are available, and you can choose the one you like most. From pink to turquoise and bright yellow, the choice is yours. 

KORJO Dream Color LED Strip, 32.8ft/10M Bluetooth LED with APP

This high-quality product features a special design that makes it very easy to install. You can control this product from an app installed on your phone, making it convenient to operate. 120 different color-chasing modes will enhance the atmosphere in your room.

An amazing visual experience can be achieved with these effects, which you can use for various events. From gaming to parties, your room will shine brightly in multiple colors. These lights are safe to use as they come with short-circuit protection. 

Your gaming room is protected from unfortunate accidents, and your lights are bound to stay in their place for a long time. It is due to the upgraded adhesive tape that is stickier than other models available on the market. Everything is included in the package, and installing these lights is simple. 

KORJO Dream Color
3,113 Reviews
KORJO Dream Color
Get any color you want in your room.

Gaming lights for the wall

The most convenient space to install gaming lights is on the wall. This way, they can shine through the entire room, making the light more visible. There are no obstacles or objects on the wall like you’d often see on the floor. Here is the best product we could find for your wall.

Tenmiro Led for Bedroom, 100ft 

two pack of Tenmiro LED lights

Do not be fooled by the name of this product. It is highly versatile, and you can install it in every room of your house. Because it is 100 feet long, you can get creative and cover all your walls and corners with this LED strip.

If you listen to music often, this model is for you. It has a music sync function that will make the product change color as the beat of the music changes. If you want to throw a party, you will set a great atmosphere with these lights.

They are also very easy to use, and they come with a remote included in the package. You can also install an app and control the colors and brightness from your phone. A timer can adjust specific times when they are turned on and off, and you can set your schedule.

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You get 100ft of awesome.

LED lights for the gaming room

If you are passionate about astronomy and love auroras, you will definitely find this idea interesting. We picked the best LED light for your gaming room, a unique product.

Star Projector, Rossetta Galaxy Projector

Star Projector Night Light

This star projector is a good idea for your gaming room. It features a Bluetooth speaker that can also act as a white noise machine. You can also use this product for your bedroom or study room, which will help you stay focused. A dual projection lens can accurately display the northern lights on your ceiling.

There are 16 different colors to choose from, and the background features stars to increase realism. You can stargaze from your gaming room, and the atmosphere will be exceptional. The projector can sync with the music and change colors on the beat.

While you can control this product from your phone, a remote is also included. The auto timer function allows you to set a fixed schedule for them and have them turn on and off at specific hours during the day or night

Star Projector
9,299 Reviews
Star Projector
You can have stars all over the ceiling.

Gaming desk lights

Your PC is already impressive, but what about the desk? Surely some pieces of decorations will enhance the desk, but some of these items cannot be seen at night when it’s dark in your room. You need gaming desk lights, and we got the best product for you.

Gaming desk lights

WILLED Under Monitor Light Bar, RGBIC Dreamcolor Ambient

You can mount them under your monitor, and they will shine brightly on your desk. They have 351 different dynamic modes and 15 static color options. You can enjoy the colors fading into each other or creating a rainbow effect.

Some conditions will require different brightness. Maybe you want to watch a movie. In this case, you will lower the brightness to see the screen better. A memory function remembers your favorite layouts, and you can pick them with a simple button.

The aluminum body will ensure a long lifespan, and it also makes this product highly durable. The adhesive is strong, and you won’t have problems with your new purchase falling from the monitor after a long time has passed.

704 Reviews
Make your keyboard glow.

Hexagon gaming lights

New ideas are always emerging in the gaming lights industry. Passionate people come up with new products and designs and make them available for others to purchase. Hexagonal lights are relatively new on the market, making every room look better. Here is the best one we could find.

Yescom APP Control Hexagon, 11 Pack

These hexagons are highly intelligent and they can work with Alexa or Google Assistant. It means that you can control them simply by using your voice. For your comfort, you can even turn them on and off with some basic voice commands.

With the help of an app installed on your phone, you can change the color and brightness of each piece. Additionally, you can set fixed schedules for this product and have it change color and intensity as time passes.

In a perfect combination, these lights can display up to 16 million colors and 70 dynamic effects through gradient layouts. Music sync is also included. You can now experience your favorite tracks visually. It allows for an incredible immersion. Judging by the high number of positive reviews, this hexagonal pack is the best of its kind. 

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You'll love this hexagon design.

Triangle gaming lights

These lights are similar to hexagonal ones but feature a triangle shape. Ideal for corners, you can place triangle gaming lights in spaces where hexagonal lights cannot reach. 

Hexiher Smart Triangle RGB LED Wall Panels

When you order this pack, you will find 9 triangle-shaped light panels in the package. You can display them on your walls, either combined or separately. Together they can form 16 million colors, all with different modes. Create any atmosphere you want and change the mood in your room with this product.

Your imagination is the limit, and you can develop hundreds of layouts. These panels also incorporate music sync technology, allowing you to enjoy your favorite song with your eyes. Control voice is enabled, and you can turn them on and off with the help of Alexa or Google Home. 

Each board features 4 buttons if you want to control them manually. They allow music control, monochrome mode, and scene switching. If you want to turn them on and off, you will find that the 4th button is intended for this operation. 

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Here's a triangle design.

Neon lights for the gaming room

Japanese nightlife is famous for its neons placed on famous streets. We all know how Akihabara looks at night, and with this product, you can get your room to look similar to the streets of Tokyo. If you are passionate about space and stars, this product is ideal for you. It also goes well with the projector we presented above.

Lumoonosity Planet Neon Sign, USB Powered

Convenient and easy to use, this light comes with everything included. You can turn it on and off easily by operating a switch. You won’t have to manually plug the neon light in and out with a USB cable. It features blue and pink colors, and this product stands out in your room as it radiates. 

It is a perfect decoration for your gaming room, which can be further enhanced with the star projector presented in this article. These products can create an immersive cosmic ambiance that will impress all of your guests.

Although the chemical reactions in neon are complex and the product is sophisticated, installing this planet neon sign is very easy. A high-quality adhesive is included, which helps you place this sign on your wall. 

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Here's a cool neon sign.

What to look for

When you purchased your speakers or your headset, you didn’t choose the first product that came your way. You did some research, and you knew what you were looking for. The same goes for your chair, which is an important part of your room. 

When you consider getting gaming lights for your room, there are some factors you should look for. Firstly, analyze and determine how bright you need it. If your room is relatively small, having too many installations will be hard on your eyes.

The placement of your new purchase is also something to consider before getting it. Choose an ideal place and take exact measurements. If they are too big or too small for the designated area, they will not fit. As a gamer, you are most likely already familiar with cable management.

While your gaming rig and peripherals are neatly organized, consider doing some cable management for the lighting systems too. If you purchase multiple products, each will have a separate power source you need to manage.