Robert Irwin

The Exact Moment of the Death of Steve Robert Irwin, ‘Crocodile Hunter’

Steve Irwin was under the waters of the sea in Port Douglas. It’s in Queensland, in the northern part of Australia.

Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, would be 57 years old on February 22. Unfortunately, the man died in 2006.

The Australian achieved fame in the 90s with his television program called “Crocodile Hunter.” It contracted his anecdotes in the wild together with his wife, Terri Irwin.

Death of Steve Irwin:

The events occurred under the sea’s waters in Port Douglas, in Queensland, north of Australia.

The brave man recorded several scenes for a new documentary interacting with a poisonous stingray (manta rays have no poison).

Supposedly Irwin got on the line. The animal’s tail pierced his chest with his stinger, affecting the heart.

They tried to save him, but it was too late.

A helicopter moved the paramedics to the nearby Low Isles islands. But the ‘crocodile hunter’ died before medical help arrived.