Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ll be filling in this page with a list of the most frequently asked questions we get. Feel free to head over to our contact page if you have any. We’ll help you out.

The bad news about this page is that it is likely not the page where you will find the most relevant answer to your question. We are as committed to transparency as we believe at all possible.

Why is it that our commitment to transparency means this may not be the page you will be likely to find your answers on? It has to do with the fact that we have developed extensive guides for various issues. You’re probably seeking out more information on something specific.

Suppose you are looking for our contact page and how you should be addressing certain different issues. We have a specific contact page that will provide you with information on what you might be interested in knowing more about. We hate when you are trying to reach out to a company. It seems impossible to make sure you are contacting the most relevant person possible.

We have made it easy to figure out who would best be able to address your concerns. Suppose that the contact page hasn’t described the issue you are dealing with. You can always reach out to our general contact information. Someone will do their best to get you help as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in learning more about who we are, we have an about page. It includes the background of the team working day in and day out to provide you with all the different services we offer. Maybe you want to understand the motivation and desire we bring with us every time we go to work. It is the about us section that is the most relevant for you.

Are you interested in knowing how we deal with various privacy issues? We’ll talk more about the information we collect to provide our services. What is technical information required in all of this to assist you better? We have a dedicated privacy policy page that lays everything out for you to better dig into. We take your privacy matters very seriously. You can always write to us if you have certain things that you have trouble understanding. And we’ll be more than happy to further assist you in understanding the various policies.

How do we ship out, and what do we ship out? What do other manufacturers ship out listed on this platform? Guess what! That’s a topic of its own that we have created a dedicated page on. We often think that people looking for shipping also want to understand returns and policies. For that reason, we combined those. Head over to the page that outlines the shipping and warranty policies when choosing to buy something from our site.

We have a lot of guides that we make available on this site. Maybe you’re interested in seeing how we write those guides and our thoughts on various topics. We cover which experts we bring in and why we believe you should pay attention to the information we post on this site. If that’s the case, we encourage you to look at our editorial policy page. It has a bunch of information you are likely to find very useful.

We strive to make our services and offerings as available as possible to anyone who has the technical capabilities to access our platform. Some people may have different accessibility needs. We also found it crucial to address how you can better address those concerns and questions. Our accessibility policy page may prove useful for you.

We strive to keep all information on this website current. There may be times when that isn’t feasible. On occasion, you may run into issues where we can’t live up to our commitment to keeping information entirely verified. We created a relevant disclaimer page to better understand our commitment to truthful information. It covers any questions you may have about those topics.

Are you interested in understanding what you can do when navigating the various offerings on this platform? You can also understand what you cannot do. You may best get your interests satisfied by visiting our terms & conditions page. All of that has been conveniently laid out for you to understand more easily.

What are cookies? That may be a question that’s been bothering your mind. How do we go about using those specific cookies? What are the different types of cookies, and what sort of information does Atlantic Aspiration keep about its visitors? If those are some of the questions that have been on your mind, visit our cookie policy page. It should hopefully help you better understand some of those concerns.

There are many other essential pages across the website that you may be interested in further exploring. The pages that we have outlined in the sections above represent some of the very important pages. They are the most crucial pages in establishing a sense of transparency between the users and us. They trust our judgment when it comes to purchasing from the site and choose to read and implement our advice.

We provide many guides across the platform with the various guides we publish. Our goal is to ensure that your business is in the best possible situation to offer the services you rely on. That can only happen if you truly believe in the information we will share with you. We may have a financial incentive to sell the products listed on the site. We also have good reason to ensure that you’re not just happy with your current purchase. We can provide you with so much value that you may consider returning to us next time you have a question.

We aspire to build a loyal user base here at Atlantic Aspiration. We won’t be able to build the business we hope to build. Should you ever have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

What drives us to further build this platform?

You may be interested in buying a plasma cutter or a TIG welder when you go out. You are likely doing so for professional purposes because it’s a piece of machinery you may not use every day. With these expensive pieces of machinery, you are possibly spending thousands of dollars on your purchase. It depends on what it is you are looking to buy. It is incredibly important that you rely on the tool to do what it is supposed to do. It’s why it is so important for us to establish trust in our brand. Everyone is going through reviews, especially if they’re buying an expensive tool. Still, we want to make the process easier and more reliable for the end-user. How many times did you buy a piece of equipment in the past, believing it would be phenomenal? It would be able to do all the things you had hoped for. In reality, it just turned out to be missing key features.

Our team of experts researches the different parameters that might be important for customers when shopping around. We put together extensive guides that will help you better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various options. We generally have industry specialists who help us ensure that the tools we put out there are quality. We would want them to have a certain level if we were shopping around for tools ourselves. We also include manufacturers we believe can deliver the quality equipment necessary to get the job done at the level you want. It all helps ensure you don’t regret buying the equipment that we recommended on our site.

How do you choose the topics you write about and promote on this site?

We have a strong preference for researching and better understanding the various tools used by the built world on this website. It might be related to plasma cutters or the best engine-driven welders. It could be any other piece of machinery that we believe pros like yourself could be interested in. We have various ways that we come up with these topics. Still, we also receive topic ideas from some of our users that we may choose to write articles about. We intend to put together roundup articles from industry experts on various topics.

Most of our articles are currently on topics that could be interesting for someone with a big interest in DIY activities or built pros. We also intend to expand into other areas that could largely be considered the broader B2B space. However, that will likely not be the first adventure we start on. We believe there is much potential to improve the built information.

How do you work with other companies?

We work with companies in a range of different ways. It includes listing their products on our platform, giving you the option to buy them straight from this platform. It also provides you with all the information you could be interested in knowing about such products. We ensure you have a sound understanding of what to expect. Scouring the internet for unstructured information has largely dominated the built world. We are working on becoming that platform you and your coworkers trust for your various tool needs.

We also partner with companies with interesting information to share with the world. We use industry experts who can write specific articles on topics they live and breathe. We explore other types of business relationships on occasion. We are still a growing platform learning to navigate in an unstructured market. The end-user has often received most information by going into a retail store and asking the person who works there for advice. In contrast, that person might not have industry expertise on the specific tool you are interested in.

What is your advantage over going to a retail store and getting my information from them?

Rather than talking with a generalist, our setup allows us to source our information from industry experts. We provide recommendations on the various information we have. We also have many articles that are even provided by industry experts too. Having industry experts is very beneficial. They’re the ones that tell us whether the tools and information we put together are good enough. We can aggregate expertise and get the information you have been looking for in technological ways. We don’t believe our competitors offer it.

Hopefully, this article has helped answer some of the most frequently asked questions you find interesting about our platform. If you have any other questions, please send them over to us. We might include them on this list if they’re good and several users request them.

How did you choose the focus of this platform as opposed to selling other types of equipment or doing something entirely different?

The desire to change how the construction industry works is heartfelt to help pros get the right equipment. It needs to be beneficial for them instead of how things are currently working. There is no reason you should feel like you are absolutely blind when buying a fuel transfer tank or something else. The way that the industry currently works is not transparent.

It often includes people going to places on the internet to find other people who may have input on these types of machines. It’s less convenient than having a platform where all this information is gathered transparently.

You may go out and try figuring out if these types of machinery are what is right for your business. Wouldn’t it be better to have a platform that gathers all the information you could want into one place? Thereby, you’d be saving hours of work. Suppose you are buying any of these types of machinery. You are spending a lot of money on whatever you are buying. You will want to ensure that you get the machinery that will suit your needs.

The management team at Atlantic Aspiration is also one that has extensive experience in the “built world.” We have encountered many of the issues that the industry is still struggling with. Suppose you have ever had to hire a contractor. There is a chance that you will have run into issues with them where stuff didn’t go according to plan.

Maybe you had to reschedule with the contractor a handful of times before they would eventually show up at your house. Perhaps you even experienced work that was supposed to be an easy job for the contractor. The contractor ended up with them severely damaging parts of your home. They had to rip up a floor and redo the work. Still, it was vastly more expensive than you were anticipating.

Contractors and other pros are busy people who do their very best work. There is no denying it may be very hard for them to do such work at times. They end up in situations where they feel the need to reschedule. Maybe they did not properly plan for the various jobs lined up. Perhaps there were issues with some of the other jobs before yours. They ended up having to redo a bunch of work that set them back.

They know that their reputation depends on sticking to their word, but sometimes it is hard. Suppose we can help ensure they have the right machinery and won’t find their piece of welding equipment break unexpectedly. They might ensure fewer times when they have to reschedule work. They can also make sure that they are making more money at the end of the day.

Do you guys also sell welding equipment?

No, we don’t only sell welding equipment on this platform. Still, it is the first opportunity we identified as a place to make a difference truly. It may be hard to see why you would want to spend $5,000 on a piece of welding equipment. You might think that a $1,000 alternative could get the job done instead.

The reality is that the cheaper piece of equipment may be able to do the same work as the more expensive one. Still, sometimes call for you to spend a significantly bigger sum of money to get the right type of equipment. The seemingly small differences are crucial in ensuring that you won’t be bothered using the tool during your everyday life.

You may ask us how we provide you with good recommendations on tools when some of the tools are different from one another. Isn’t our expertise in welding mainly? That may have been the initial focus. We pride ourselves on providing a lot of very high-quality guidance on various topics, with welding just being one of them. Trust us when we say that we put our articles through rigorous quality assurance before uploading them.

The same goes for the manufacturers whose tools we have listed here. We do a great deal of research on anything before making it publicly available. We often go back and ensure that previously published articles still have the same quality and relevance as initially published.