What Is The Explanation Of This Video Where It Is Raining In A Single Place?

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A viral video that claims to show “rain falling in one place”, in an apparent waterfall that would originate in the sky. However, it is about something else in reality.

The legend that accompanies several publications with this video says: “Rain that falls in one place … Our God is the God of rain”. According to the person commenting on what he is recording, he is on the Akosombo-Tema road in southeastern Ghana.

A vehicle that is observed has the letters “GH” on the license plate and another one, a Ghana sticker, but it is not clear who recorded the video. You only hear that the voice-over describes what you see as something “incredible”, while a music plays in the background.

The video had many reproductions in Spanish, and in English, a single publication that shows it was shared more than 1.3 million times since September 12, 2016, when it began to circulate.

The same video, with the same legend or almost, also had a lot of popularity on YouTube in Spanish, but also in a number of profiles in English on Facebook.

In general the video does not show the upper part of the water jet, but when it becomes visible, it is evident that the water falls back under the cloud and that it is not falling from the sky.

Another video, published days before, seems to show the same place, although from another angle: you can see the middle trees in the background and lots of sand or earth around.

This material was shared by Israel Laryea on Facebook and shared 149 times.

Through the publication of Laryea, the AFP contacted Ashong Mawufemor, who recorded and published the second video in 2016 while on his way to a festival in Agotime, in eastern Ghana.

“I was traveling and when I saw this I thought: ‘Wait, I’ll park the car and see what this is. I realized it was a pipeline with water that had burst, “said Mawufemor.

The jet reached a height of about three and a half meters, according to him.

“Before I moved away from the place, Ghana Water Company workers had already arrived at the site, so it was not rain falling from the sky,” he adds.

“I went back there a couple of times and they fixed it,” Mawufemor told AFP.

Although there seems to be continuity in the images between the ground and the sky through this jet, it is only a large amount of water that flows with pressure from a pipeline following a rupture.


Source: BiobioChile