This is How it Was Done the Aquatic Transfer of a Mansion from 1764.


The building traveled 80 kilometers to cross Chesapeake Bay, in the United States.


The Galloway mansion, Georgian style and built in 1764, was a wedding gift from the Chamberlaine for Henrietta Maria Chamberlaine and William Nicols. Under the threat of serious deterioration due to lack of maintenance, Cristian Neely has decided to buy it and move it from the town of Easton to Queenstown, both located in the state of Maryland, United States.


After traveling 10 kilometers on a highway, it was moved along 80 kilometers of Chesapeake Bay. If anything was missing from this story, one of the daughters of the original owners married Edward deCoursey, whose family owned the land that will house the mansion. The tomb in which his remains rest is only 154 metres from where the home in which he grew up will be established.