40 Things More Dangerous Than Sharks

One question that many people often ask divers is if we are not afraid of sharks when we dive. An animal that has a sad reputation as a devourer of people because of films such as Jaws and who rises as one of the most feared beings on the planet.

Sharks are incredible creatures that, unfortunately, have carved one of the worst possible reputations under the sea. Although many see them as murderous monsters, the reality is that every year there are about 70 attacks of sharks of which 10 are fatal. For more data, in 2016, there were only 4 deaths per shark attack. An insignificant figure compared to the eight daily deaths that occur in the United States of people who send text messages while driving, for example.

On the other hand, the human being kills more than 70 million sharks every year for their fins, teeth or simply for sport. Currently, about one hundred million die a year, victims of illegal hunting or environmental disasters. Moreover, they could be extinguished in a matter of decades. There is a pressing need to conserve these animals and their associated habitats, to ensure their long-term sustainability.

The human being is the danger to sharks and not the other way around. Sharks are not as aggressive as they are painted. Rarely do they attack people and, when this happens, they do it by confusing them with prey, after which they withdraw quickly. We are not part of your menu. Of the 489 shark species that exist, only 3 are on the list of attackers: the tiger shark or blue shark, the bull shark and the white shark, the latter the most dangerous of all.

In a recent ranking of the most deadly animals for humans, sharks do not even enter the ‘Top 10’. Dogs, for example, are the fourth most dangerous animal for man on earth, killing 25,000 people each year.

The animal that kills more humans each year is the mosquito since it transmits malaria and dengue. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mosquitoes are responsible for almost 800,000 deaths a year. The animal that causes the second highest number of deaths per year is man himself.

40 Things More Dangerous Than Sharks

Here we show you a list of 40 things, animals included, more dangerous for a man than a shark. Some will surprise you :

1 – Driving More than 1.2 million people die every year in the world in traffic accidents.

2 – Mosquitos Mosquitoes infected with the malaria virus are responsible for almost 800,000 deaths a year, according to the WHO.

3 – Eating The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that some 420,000 people die annually from contaminated food.

4 – Obesity According to the National Institutes of Health, excess weight kills almost 300,000 people each year .

5 – Snakes An estimated 50,000 to 100,000 deaths are caused by snake bites and other deadly attacks each year.

6 – Dogs They cause 25,000 deaths annually. Many of them are due to attacks by street dogs or very aggressive.

7 – Lightning According to different studies, 10,000 people die each year from lightning strikes.

8 – Candles It is estimated that, in the United States alone, candles cause 10,000 fires.

9 – Flies Tse-Tse flies cause approximately 10,000 victims annually. This insect transmits a sleep disorder that can become deadly after months or even years.

10 – Stumbling According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, nearly 6,000 people die every year from tripping and falling.

11 – Cell phones Using the mobile at the wheel is one of the main causes of death on the road. Every year thousands of people lose their lives by using the phone while driving. In the United States alone,  6,000 die like this every year.

12 – Raw meat It is estimated that in the United States 5,000 people a year die from eating contaminated raw meat.

13 – Scorpions Its poisoned sting takes ahead to about 5,000 people a year.

14 – Poison Nearly 4,000 people die each year from accidental poisoning, according to data from the National Center for Health Statistics in the United States.

15 – Hippos These animals kill about 3,000 people in Africa each year.

16 – Be left-handed It is estimated that some 2,500 left-handed people die each year using objects designed for right-handers.

17 – Traffic lights In the United States alone, the lack of respect for traffic lights causes 2,000 deaths a year, as a study from the University of Oregon shows.

18 – Choking In Spain alone, about 1,400 people die each year from choking.

19 – Crocodiles Accumulate more than 1,000 fatalities a year.

20 – Swimming In Spain alone, there were 539 dead by drowning in 2017.

21 – Falling out of bed Each year in the United States, 450 people die because of this.

22 – Coconuts They cause 150 deaths each year when they fall from the tree.

23 – Deer It is estimated that approximately 130 people die each year due to deer unexpectedly appearing in the middle of the road.

24 – Tigers There are around 120 people who die every year due to the attacks of tigers, most of them after provoking them previously.

25 – Ballpoint pens They are responsible for 100 deaths per year. The main reason is suffocation when the lid is stuck in the throat.

26 – Elephants Around 100 people die each year in clashes with elephants, mostly being trodden by the animal.

27 – Lions They register 1 00 fatal victims per year.

40 Things More Dangerous Than Sharks1

28 – Jellyfish According to statistics, 100 people die each year due to jellyfish stings.

29 – Bees According to the WHO, almost 100 people a year die in the United States due to bee stings. In Spain, they cause 20 deaths per year since three percent of the population is allergic to these insects.

30 – Lawnmower Several studies indicate that approximately 75 people lose their lives per year due to accidents suffered from this machine.

31 – Stairs In the United Kingdom alone, about 50 people die each year from falling off a ladder.

32 – Spiders They kill around 50 people every year.

33 – Televisions With the advancement of new technologies and flat screens, the number has been decreasing. Even so, in 2009 some 30 people died due to the fall of a television.

34 – Ants Fire ants, also known as red ants, inject poison by biting, killing 30 people a year.

35 – Sofas and other furniture. The records show that 26 people die each year crushed by furniture.

36 – Cows The anger problems of the cows are responsible each year for about 22 deaths.

37 – Celebrations The ‘Daily Mail’ reports that more than 20 people die each year because of champagne corks.

38 – Horses About 20 people, only in the United States, die each year because of horses, especially in rodeo accidents.

39 – Leopards Although there are no official data, it is estimated that these animals claim about 15 lives in India and Africa per year.

40 – American football injuries According to an investigation by the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research, 12 athletes who play this sport die every year due to serious injuries.

Now, when they ask us if we are afraid of the sharks when diving, we can respond with arguments.

‘Bonus track’

The documentary ‘Meet the beast … DE CERCA’, by Daniel Aldaya with Laura Madrueño, is submerged with the considered second most dangerous shark species for the human being, the bull shark, “to demonstrate that its bad reputation is based on in misinformation. ” The report emphasizes the importance of these sharks for the balance of the marine ecosystem and “in the beauty of these spectacular animals.”

Here you have an advance. It is worth seeing.



Source: Bajo el Mar