Walnut Wood: Types, Characteristics, Flooring, Price, & more

Whether you are passionate about woodworking or getting started with interior decorations, walnut wood is something you should consider researching and learning more about. As time passes, the natural walnut wood will develop a shiny surface that appeals to many people.

Whoever wants furniture and items made from walnut wood things long-term. This type of wood is strong and durable, so you should also expect the items to be sturdy. From flooring options to paneling and veneers, there are various uses for walnut wood.

In this article, we will talk about several aspects of walnut wood. We will cover its types and characteristics but we will also explore the flooring options and their price. Continue reading as we discover this popular and unique material. 

walnut wood rounds

What is walnut wood used for?

There are various uses for this precious material. With a characteristic of dark colors and attractive grain patterns, walnut wood is preferred by many. Exquisite places and high-end homes are furnished with items and furniture made from this material.

Those with a large budget and who prefer to revert to old-school times will always choose walnut wood for their home interior. Decorators are also eager to recommend this wood to anyone that prefers an old and rustic theme for their rooms. 

You can also find walnut wood being used in the musical industry, as several instruments are created from this material. Because it is strong and durable, some pieces can be decades old and still work in the same perfect condition. 

The most skilled woodworkers can make carvings, and you can also find decorative pieces created from this material. Because it is durable and long-lasting, you will find it, especially in historical places. 

Keep reading as we dig deeper into:

  • Its hardness
  • The types
  • Its characteristics
  • The furniture that’s made from it.
  • How expensive it is.
  • How it compares to maple
7 foot black walnut

How hard is walnut wood?

The carpentry industry has its hardness scale named the Janka hardness scale. All materials used in this industry are ranked based on their hardness level. Woodworkers can use this scale to know exactly what type of wood to use for their next project.

Walnut wood is currently ranked over 3,500 on this scale and can be considered hard and sturdy. A special feature is represented by the fibers in this type of wood which are densely packed. It increases fire resistance, and furniture made from walnut wood can be similar to steel and concrete.

Cracks and bends are also impossible since the densely packed fibers increase the durability of any item that features this material. Therefore, high-pressure levels can be applied before any breaks occur. 

That is why they are a great option for flooring, and you won’t have to worry about dents and marks on your floor. Because they are long-lasting, you can also expect this flooring to be in perfect condition for years to come. 

walnut plank

Types of walnut wood

There are 6 different types of walnut wood. While they are mostly the same, there are some differences in quality and features. Take a look at each to choose the best one for yourself.

EnglishReally tall, up to 2 feet in diameter trunk
BlackExtremely valuable
ClaroDark brown color, which comes from California and Oregon.
WhiteVery light in color and lightweight
BastogneIt comes in colors varying from light gold to reddish brown.
PeruvianIt’s not from Peru but grows 60 feet tall.
  1. English Walnut

The English walnut tree can grow up to 120 feet tall, and its trunk commonly has 2 feet in diameter. The wood color ranges in shades from light brown to dark brown, but the drying method can heavily influence the color. In rare cases, you can also find traces of purple and grey in this wood. 

Experts consider the English walnut moderately durable but still sensitive to insect attacks. Woodworkers and carpenters use walnut wood for furniture, veneers, and decorative objects. 

  1. Black Walnut

This type is known for being durable and resistant to shocks and vibrations. Its tree is one of the most valued trees in the United States and can be commonly found in parts of Georgia and Ohio. It is similar to the English walnut, but the color can range from dark brown to light yellow.

In the past, this type was known as black gold. Nowadays, it has decreased in popularity since other new alternatives appeared on the market. It is mostly used for cabinets and garage tools.

  1. Claro Walnut 

This type comes from California, but it is also found in the forests of Oregon. In terms of appearance, the Claro walnut is similar to the black one as it often features a dark brown color with black streaks. While it is one of the most durable walnut types, it is also susceptible to insect attacks.

It is more expensive than the black type, but it is not as popular as others. Carpenters find it easy to work with the Claro walnut, which also has a specific odor.

  1. White Walnut

This one is also known as Spanish walnut and is very light in color. It is commonly used for carvings, furniture, and crates. The transportation industry makes good use of white walnut mainly because it is lightweight but strong and durable.

Woodworkers prefer this type because it is very easy to work with. Shock and vibration resistance are features of this type, and you will find them at a lower price than the others.

  1. Bastogne Walnut

The cross-pollination of the Claro Walnut and the English Walnut results in this type of wood that gives very strong lumber. Companies that are specialized in manufacturing furniture make good use of this type. 

Its color varies from light gold to reddish brown, but it also features dark brown shades with black streaks on its length. Because the grain is regular and strained, it is easy to work with this type.

  1. Peruvian Walnut

While most people would take the name as a hint, the Peruvian walnut does not originate from Peru. However, this type can be found in Central America and the northern regions of South America. Growing 60 feet in height, the trunk of the Peruvian walnut also has a diameter of 3 feet.

Just like most of the types, it is very easy to work with this one. High shock resistance makes it an ideal choice for the prime material for gunstocks. 

Walnut wood characteristics

Walnut features
FurnitureIt’s strong and beautiful
Resistance to decayDue to its resistance to decay, it’s often used for patio furniture.
ToughCracks and bends are not things you’ll have to worry about.
beautiful walnut wood

This type of wood has several characteristics, and the difference from the other types is made through its features. You will find that walnut wood is stable and hard but also strong and durable. That is why woodworkers prefer to use this type of furniture and flooring.

There are also some aesthetic factors to consider. It finishes well, and the grain design appeals to even the pretentious eye. Resistance to decay ensures that any item manufactured with walnut wood will last a long time, and you won’t have to worry about cracks and bends. 

Walnut wood flooring

Interior decorators and architects often choose this type for flooring several indoor spaces. The American black walnut has a rating of 1,000 on the Janka scale, which makes it a great option for flooring, even if it is one of the softer hardwoods. The dining rooms and luxury living rooms feature this type of flooring. 

But besides the aesthetic and the outstanding appearance, the durability is also worth considering. Because there is a reduced risk of cracks and wear, you should expect these types of floorings to last a long time. Most companies that sell them also offer warranties for decades. 

walnut wood planks

Black walnut vs. walnut wood

Most experts would agree that there is no major difference between these two types of wood. However, walnut wood is used more often in furniture and cabinets because of its unique color and grain characteristics. Flooring and decorative interior applications are also made from this material since it is strong and durable. 

The black walnut tree can be easily identified by its irregular oval crown and dark green leaves. These trees are massive, so one single tree can produce the furniture for an entire residence. Ultimately, the choice between these two types depends on personal preference. 

Cherry vs. walnut wood

When you are considering redecorating your house, it is important to do proper research about furniture. There are some things to consider when choosing between cherry and walnut. You are already familiar with the Janka hardness scale. The cherry wood has a hardness rating of 950, whereas the walnut one sits at 1,000.

That is why the latter would be preferred by many people simply because it has increased durability. As the years pass, your furniture will still be in the perfect condition it was when you purchased it. 

black walnut wood

Walnut wood for furniture

Furniture made from this material can be considered a luxury, and most people would prefer to use it as a veneer instead. But those who decide to continue with this type will learn that walnut is highly durable and doesn’t bend or break under extreme temperatures. There is also a certain degree of humidity and heat resistance to place it outside.

While it is a great addition to any terrace, this type of wood is still susceptible to deterioration when exposed to external elements. That is why you will often find furniture made from this material in dining areas and special rooms. 

Walnut wood dresser

If you are looking for a dresser made from this type of wood, there are several options you can choose from. While we don’t know what your bedroom looks like, we can guarantee that this product will fit perfectly.

Modus Furniture Adler 6-Drawer Dresser

This product is constructed from black walnut veneer, and the clear matte finish enhances the visual aspect. Metal legs will hold this dresser in place, and you won’t have to worry about it suddenly falling and damaging your flooring.

The drawers slide smoothly, and you can operate them efficiently. There is plenty of storage space in them, and you can store clothes or products of your choice. To increase durability, the wood was kiln-dried to add strength. 


  • It will add a completely different flair to your bedroom.
  • It’s gorgeous.


  • It comes assembled, and it’s heavy.
  • You’ll need support to get it moved.
  • It’ll look out of place if your other furniture isn’t as nice.

Walnut wood desk

If you find your current work desk too small and worn out, maybe you should consider upgrading. Look at this wonderful product created by the Best Master Furniture company. 

Best Master Furniture Carlisle Executive Traditional Office Desk With Hand-Carved Designs

You can create an exclusive royal work environment in your room with this desk, and you will feel like a king or queen performing the state’s duties. The unique look of this desk will make it stand out in your room, and all of your guests will surely leave a positive comment.

5 drawers are included to store your pens, notebooks, and other important small items. Cherry wood was used for this desk. Therefore you can be assured that high durability is guaranteed. This item weighs 200 pounds, so ask for help when it gets delivered to your door

Brand‎Best Master Furniture
Desk design‎Executive Desk
Item Weight‎200 Pounds
Product Dimensions‎72″D x 36″W x 33″H


  • It won’t be stolen because of its weight.
  • If it is stolen, you’ll just need to figure out who rented a crane as they’d need it to move it.
  • The attention to detail is stunning.


  • Your kids may literally fight over it.
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Is walnut wood expensive?

While it is not the most expensive wood type on Earth, this type is not cheap either. The main reason it is priced higher than other types of hardwoods is its rarity. You will also have to wait a long time until the tree reaches maturity, so it is normal for the demand to exceed the supply.

We can safely call this type of material a luxurious one, and some experts will categorize it as the most expensive non-exotic wood type available on the market. 

Walnut vs. maple wood

walnut tree

Both types are great choices, but some differences exist. While the maple’s appearance is simpler and ideal for minimalist items, the walnut one is more complex. The straight grain variation is also a unique characteristic of this type. 

Regarding durability, you will find that maple is way stronger than walnut type. It is also known as one of the strongest and most durable hardwoods on our planet, so it is an excellent choice for those who value sturdiness more than aesthetics.



How do you finish a slab of walnut wood?

You don’t need to be an expert carpenter to finish this type of wood slab. Experts will tell you that this type will lighten when exposed to UV light, so you might want to apply this treatment if the color is too dark for your taste. Any finish is ideal in this case, depending on your personal preference. 

How long do walnut slabs need to dry?

The companies working with this type of wood will let their slabs dry for as long as 120 days. The black walnut can also be stored in a log form for up to 3 years. However, beware that the lumber dries poorly when in this form. That is why you often find them in dimensional boards, as the drying process can happen much better in this state. 

How heavy is a slab of walnut?

Suppose you know that you are about to handle slabs of walnut. In that case, you should consider getting help because this material is not lightweight at all. With 3.3 pounds per board foot, any item created with this type of wood will be heavier than you might expect.
The desk we recommended for you in this article weighs an incredible 200 pounds, so it can easily be considered a heavy piece of furniture. While the delivery services will bring them to your door, you might need help moving the furniture around your home.