UK/US/EU Ring Size Chart in mm, cm, & inches

When choosing any type of engagement, wedding ring, or party jewelry, you need to know the exact size of the jewelry. Properly selected jewelry will not only be comfortable to wear but will also emphasize the natural beauty of the hands and draw attention to them. Therefore, sizing is a very important step in choosing jewelry.


The easiest way to convert men’s and women’s UK/US/EU ring sizes in mm, cm, or inches is to use the chart underneath. Various countries use different ways of measuring ring sizes, which means you need a chart to easily convert between them.

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There are several scales worldwide, including:

  • the British scale (known as the Wheatsheaf standard)
  • the American scale
  • and the European scale.

This guide will help you convert sizes to different scales.

Here’s everything you need to know about men’s & women’s UK, US, & EU ring sizes in mm, cm, & inches. Check out the chart below!

UK/US/EU Ring size chart in mm, cm, & inches

UK sizeUS sizeEU sizecmmmInches
C1 3/440 1/21.2412.430.49
D2 1/441 1/21.2812.840.05
E2 3/442 3/41.3613.570.53
F3 1/444 1/21.4013.970.55
G3 3/445 1/21.4414.380.57
H4 1/446 1/21.4914.880.59
I4 3/447 3/41.5115.10.59
J5 1/449 1/21.5515.490.61
K5 1/250 1/41.5915.90.63
L651 1/21.6316.310.64
M6 1/252 1/21.6716.710.66
O7 1/255 1/41.7517.530.69
P856 1/41.7917.930.71
Q8 1/257 1/21.8318.340.72
R8 3/458 1/21.8818.750.74
S9 1/260 1/41.9219.160.75
T9 3/461 1/21.9519.530.77
U10 1/462 1/21.9919.940.79
V10 3/463 3/42.0420.350.80
W11 1/465 1/42.0820.760.82
X11 3/466 1/42.1221.170.83
Y12 1/467 1/22.1621.580.85
Z12 3/468 3/42.2021.990.87

Table of Contents

How are rings sized in the UK?

Letters are used to determine the size in the UK. Each one is 1/64 inch in diameter. The average female finger size ranges from L to M. For men, this range averages from S to V.

This system is used in many countries:

  • Britain
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • and South Africa

How are rings sized in the US?

The American dimensional numerical system is that each value of the inner diameter of the ring corresponds to a certain integer or a common fraction, for example:

  • 6 ½
  • 6 ¾
  • 7
  • and so on.

This unit of measure is used in the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.

How are rings sized in Europe?

The European size corresponds to the circumference of the finger. This length can be found by measuring the finger’s circumference or dividing the diameter by 3.14. This system is used in almost all European counties.


To decide which accessory to choose, you need to know what types exist. Here is a guide on the types of rings that will help you understand the variety of these accessories.

The simplest classification is by design. Rings without a top part with inserts are called simple. Complexes are made with decorating elements. A simple can have engraving, openwork weaving, and perforations. These accessories are easy to combine.

Also, they can be classified according to the material from which they are made. Some are made of:

  • silver
  • gold
  • platinum
  • and various combinations of these metals.

Often there are ceramic inserts of various colors.

They are also classified by application and form. Let`s figure out what types of jewelry there are for fingers.

Wedding rings

These accessories are designed to seal the marriage relationship. The simplest version of this type is a smooth rim made of a metal alloy of one type without patterns and inserts. It is customary to wear it all the time.

For the convenience of wearing, the shape of wedding rings does not change. Wedding jewelry is made from one type of alloy and combines two or more alloys.

The surface is decorated with ornaments and the inside with engraving. Besides, engagement rings can be set with precious stones, more often diamonds. They can vary in size.

The differences between wedding rings and engagement rings are presented in the table below:

FeatureWedding RingEngagement Ring
CostLess expensive than engagement ringsMore expensive than wedding rings
StyleSimple and minimalisticMore decorative with a gemstone included
PurposeSymbolizes the commitment of marriageShows the intention to marry
TimingGiven during the wedding ceremonyGiven during the proposal

Engagement rings

This jewelry is meant for engagement, while it can be worn with an engagement ring all the time or worn on special occasions. This type is made in the form of a smooth rim with one stone – a diamond. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of engagement ones. For example:

  • “solitaire” – with one stone
  • “eternity” in the form of a path of precious gems
  • inserts of ceramics
  • with engravings both on the inside and on the outside
  • and many others.

Rings in the style of Toi Et Moi (You and Me)

toi et moi ring

A feature of this type is the arrangement of gems opposite each other. Jewel can have different colors, sizes, and shapes.

However, they must be in harmony with each other. Such kinds can also be used as engagement rings, as they symbolize the union of two simultaneously similar and opposite incarnations.


It can be used as an engagement or wedding ring. It represents 3 units. Even though they are not soldered together, they stick together. Traditionally, they are made of gold in three shades.

Each metal color has its own meaning, and a white gold unit symbolizes lasting friendship. The yellow metal band signifies fidelity. The third rose gold unit is a symbol of true love and tenderness. They can be smooth or cut and encrusted with precious stones.

Geometric rings

These are products that repeat the shapes of geometric shapes. They can be both with gems and without them. These are great additions to a minimalist style of clothing or can be used as a wedding or engagement ring.

Zigzags, trapeziums, arrows, spirals, and ovals are often used as elements. As a set, such jewelry will become a bright accent in concise and discreet images.

Cocktail rings

cocktail ring

This kind is a composition of different bright gems. The design of them is:

  • bright
  • catchy
  • and able to attract attention.

They will perfectly complement a bright look for a party or become a bright accent in a discreet look.

Signet rings

signet ring

The signet ring adorned the family coat of arms or the initials of the owner. Such a seal was used for its intended purpose – to certify documents. Today, they carry a decorative meaning. These are made for men, but now there are also women`s signet rings.

Phalanx and brass knuckle rings

knuckle rings

These are massive decorations that are worn on several phalanges or fingers. The design is usually complex and varied. They can consist of two parts, be connected by a chain, and put on the first and third phalanges of the finger.

They are decorated with stones, openwork, or geometric patterns. In addition, brass knuckle rings are worn simultaneously on two, three, or four fingers.

Composite rings

composite ring

This is often a set of thin rings of different designs that add to the whole composition. They can be worn as a set or separately.

This type is often chosen as an engagement and wedding accessory. Since several rings are included in the set at once, they do not feel after some time.


In this kind, elements can be interchanged. A lot of these types transform into pendants and earrings. The variety of applications and forms of this type of ring expands the possibility of using them in various looks.

To choose the right accessory, you need to decide on the budget and purpose of this jewelry. In addition, you need to consider the structure of the hand, age, and the color of the gem. Consider the possibility of combining it with your wardrobe.

Despite everything, the main criterion is the external attractiveness of the one who will wear it. A well-chosen ring will be the final point in an ideal image. Even a concise, barely noticeable accessory can make the right accent.

How to measure your ring size

The easiest way to determine your size is to measure the ring you already own. To do this, you need to measure the diameter of it using a ruler or tape. Next, use the table above. Find the required size in the required type of measurement.

Another option for measuring the size is by using printed templates. You can find many templates on the internet. You need to take an existing accessory and attach it to the circles on the paper.

Ensure that the ring’s inner surface matches the circle on the paper. Maybe your size is between and does not match completely with one of the circles. May you are not sure that you have accurately identified the most suitable circle.

Of the two possible sizes, it is recommended to choose the larger one. If there is serious doubt, it is better to use a different measurement method.

You can use another measurement method if you don`t have an example. To do this, you must take a paper strip or thread and wrap it around your finger. The thread or strip of paper should lie comfortably without squeezing the finger.

You also need to make sure that it passes through the joint. Mark with a pen or pencil the place where the edges meet. Next, we measure the length of the thread or paper strip using a tape measure or ruler.

After calculating the circumference, we need to find the diameter. To do this, divide the resulting number by 3.14. For example, the circumference is 54. Dividing this number by 3.14, we get 17.1. Therefore on the UK scale, it is an N. On the American scale, it is a 7.

Of course, consulting with a jewelry salon or store specialist is the most effective and efficient method of determining your size. There, the finger is measured with a special device. You will find your exact size in a couple of seconds. Relying on this, you can pick up jewelry in a store or online.

The gift is often prepared in secret. In that case, here is a guide on how to choose present covertly. If you have access to existing jewelry, you can try put on your finger and making a mark on the skin.

To determine the size of the gift for your significant other, you can use the girl’s on the left hand. Another possible way is to involve relatives or friends of the person who is preparing a surprise.

Some important points for measuring:

  • Take the measurements during the day. In the evening, hands may swell.
  • Do not measure the finger immediately after physical activity or long flights.
  • Fingers will be thinner in cold weather and thicker in hot weather. Take measurements at a comfortable temperature.
  • You should not measure the size of the fingers in case of illness, fever, pregnancy, or have recently drank a lot of water.
  • Measure the finger on which you choose an accessory. Different fingers can be drastically different in size.

Having done everything right, you can choose the right jewelry size. It makes it as comfortable and practical as possible. By buying a piece of jewelry, you can please both yourself and your soulmate. The ring is a wonderful gift for any occasion. A wide range of international markets offers unique accessories for every budget and taste.


What is a ring size 47 in the US?

This size in the US is 4¾, in the UK it is I, and in the EU it is 47¾. This size will be 15.1 mm in diameter.

What is a size 6 ring?

This size in the UK is L. In the EU, it is 51½. This size will be 16.31 mm in diameter.

What is a size 7 ring?

This size in the UK is N. In the EU, it is 54. This size will be 17,12 mm in diameter.

What is a size 8 ring?

This size in the UK is P. In the EU, it is 56 ¼. This one will be 17.93 mm in diameter.

What is a size 10 ring?

This size in the UK is U. In the EU, it is 62½. This size will be 19.94 mm in diameter.

What is a size 13 ring?

This size in the UK is Z. In the EU is 68 ¾. This size will be 21.99 mm in diameter.