6 types of dark tree wood for furniture, floors, cabinets

Decorating the interior of a home is an important step for many. After all, this is where they spend most of their time, and the environment should always meet all expectations. There are several choices for interior designers and those that want to upgrade their home’s interior. However, wood remains one of the most popular options. Whether you consider a TV stand, a bookshelf, or even floating shelves, it is important to research these items before you buy them. 

Because it is both practical and functional, wood is commonly used to create furniture, cabinets, and other decoration pieces. If you decide to invest in this high-quality material, you should expect perfect conditions for the years to come. All you have to do is to maintain these products from time to time.

But before you make such an important decision, it is necessary to do all the required research. Get familiar with the subject and explore several options before choosing a final one. This article will help you expand your knowledge and learn about 6 types of dark wood trees for furniture, floors, and cabinets. 

Types of dark wood

There are several types of dark wood. If you are unsure which one to pick for your furniture and flooring, continue reading as we discuss the most popular ones in detail.


modern teak furniture

Teak is a very strong, durable wood type with exceptional rot resistance effects. It is the top choice for someone that values durability the most. You can be sure that this material will last you for a long time, even in harsh conditions. Because it is so sturdy, you can use teak for indoor and outdoor applications.

Commonly found in Southeast Asia, teak features a golden color but can also be brown. Nowadays, this material is widely used for ship and boat building, so you can imagine how effective this type of wood is in extreme conditions. Small decorative objects and several types of furniture are also built from teak.

Because it is highly resistant to rot, you should choose teak for your projects. It’s especially if you live in an area with high humidity. When someone wants to install a wooden floor in their basement, teak will be the first option since the increased humidity is not a problem for this material. 


Like teak, you will find that wenge is also highly durable and stable. This type of hardwood features good resistance to termites, so you can use it if you are dealing with this problem. It is often found in the central parts of Africa, where the Republic of Congo and Cameroon are the main exporters.

Although beautiful and efficient, wenge is listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List. The medium brown color with red-tinted sapwood contributes to the aspect of this hardwood, making it highly attractive. Today, wenge is used in furniture and musical instruments. However, some companies also create veneers and panelings.

The tree size can reach up to 90 feet in height, so it is quite spectacular. The trunk diameter is thick. In some cases, it can reach up to 4 feet. Because it is also resistant to termite attacks, experts consider the wenge one of the most durable types of hardwood in the world. 


Native to Central American countries, this hardwood is strong and durable. Woodworking experts and carpenters appreciate its sturdiness, while interior decorators use its aesthetical features and beauty to convince potential buyers. Yellow and orange in color, the Cocobolo can also feature shades of brown.

It is considered a fine material, often used for musical instruments and furniture. Other small special objects also use Cocobolo wood in their structure. But because it has a high oil concentration, it is not easy to work with this type of hardwood. The high density doesn’t help, but it is still an essential choice for many. 


Birch Walnut Console

You don’t have to be an expert in woodworking to know how important Walnut wood is. Stable and hard in structure, this type of wood has excellent properties and is highly resistant to shocks and vibrations. That is why you will often find this material used in gunstocks. Still, you can also find side tables and console tables made with this material. 

It is native to North and South America but is also found in Europe and Asia. Its color is similar to dark chocolate, and brown streaks are also clearly visible. Woodworking experts say it is much easier to work with hand and machine tools when processing Walnut wood. 


Musicians are familiar with this type of hardwood since it is mostly used for manufacturing musical instruments. Some interior decorators and architects would also recommend furniture made from this material since it is highly durable and good-looking. Native to Central and South America, this type of wood has a high density and dark color.

Carpenters make good use of Mahogany, especially when they work on furniture and musical instruments. The tree can grow up to 75 feet in height, and the trunk can get as wide as 50 inches in diameter. Because it is also resistant to rot, applications in humid environments are possible. 

Mahogany coffee table


This type of hardwood is considered to be the naturally darkest one. It is commonly found in India and Sri Lanka, but some regions of Western Africa also feature this tree. Because it is highly resistant to termites and insects, Ebony is preferred by many who value durability over aesthetics. 

Experts say that Ebony is the best type of hardwood for furniture manufacturing. However, it is quite expensive and can be considered a luxury option. Ornamental objects and musical instruments can also feature this material in their structure. 

Black or dark brown in color, Ebony can be difficult to work with simple tools mainly because of its high density. The tree can reach up to 60 feet in height, and the trunk’s diameter often measures 3 feet.

Types of dark wood used for flooring

When it comes to floorings, you will have to consider some key aspects before you make a purchase. Dark hardwood floors are ideal for this purpose since they don’t show dirt and are warm for the underfoot. You will also notice how they instantly add value to your home simply because they have both durability and captivating characteristics.

If you often worry about wear and tear, you will not have any problems with dark hardwood floors. They are strong and highly resistant to wear, even over time. Let’s explore some of the best types of dark wood used for flooring.


Cherry Wood Coffee Table

By natural process, the Cherry wood will darken as it grows. When carpenters turn this type of hardwood into floorings, they can offer a beautiful style to any room in your home. Any interior space will look warmer and more welcoming, especially when natural light is abundant.

However, Cherry hardwood is very difficult to work with and can be considered a high-end flooring option. The fees for labor and tools can quickly increase the total price of such an operation. 


The Dalbergia trees are the main source of this type of wood, which is unique for several reasons. When used for floorings, the planks can feature several colors ranging from yellow to a shade of dark purple. If experts process it, the flooring can give a natural scent. It makes any indoor space wonderful.

However, some types of trees are marked as endangered by the authorities. You will have to do more research on this subject, but a woodworking expert will be happy to help you. 

Types of dark wood used for furniture

If you want to purchase new furniture, you will have to choose different options than the ones ideal for flooring. Going with dark wood for furniture and decorative objects is a good idea, especially since they are highly durable. You won’t have to worry about things breaking down.

Dark exotic hardwood is often associated with luxury, and any interior space gets significantly upgraded when a piece of furniture is installed. Let’s explore two of the most common types of dark wood used for furniture.


Cocobolo furniture

It is a great option for someone that has a specific taste. The exquisite aspect of Cocobolo can be easily associated with luxury. You should choose this type of hardwood if you value elegance and the finest things in life. 

The color of Cocobolo ranges from purple to yellow. Still, over time it will eventually darken and turn into a deep orange. Because it is so dense, it is ideal for this type of material to be used for desks and tables that are supposed to be strong and durable. 


If your room features dark colors, furniture made from Ebony is the best option since it also comes in a dark shade. It is hard and heavy, so you can also consider it when you value durability more than aesthetics. 

However, you should be advised that this type of hardwood sells at a higher price. It can be considered a luxury option. It is not ideal for those on a tight budget since the costs of labor and extra fees can significantly increase the total price.  

Types of dark wood used for kitchen cabinets

If you want to upgrade your kitchen and purchase new cabinets, you should consider dark wood for several reasons. Not only are they good-looking and will enhance the beauty of your kitchen. However, these cabinets are also strong and durable thanks to their material.

Let’s look at the best types of dark wood used for kitchen cabinets, so you will better decide which is ideal.

Red oak

According to interior decorators, this is one of the most popular choices for customers that want to upgrade their kitchen. It is hard and strong, so the products manufactured from this material are guaranteed to last a long time. The only drawback is that it can be stained too quickly, but nothing that cleaning solutions can’t solve. 

White oak

Similar to the red oak in structure and density, their main difference is the color they feature. This one is beautiful and desired by most, but it also offers increased resistance to water compared to red oak. You will also notice fewer stains, so that cleaning won’t be a problem.


This exotic choice will surely act as a glow-up to your kitchen, and all of your guests will be able to notice its beauty. Bamboo is a versatile material but is also hard and durable when processed correctly. While this option is eco-friendly and sustainable, it can also be expensive and hard to find. 

What furniture goes with dark wood floors?

Matching the overall theme of a room is important, as you don’t want things to be randomly within your house. Everything should be in order, and you don’t have to be a perfectionist to have this preference. After all, matching items are pleasing to everyone’s eyes. You should also consider furniture that matches your flooring.

White furniture is the best option for those wanting dark wood floors. The contrast provided by the light furniture will give a sense of a clean and fresh look. Black and white always go well together, but there are several shades you can choose from.

If you have dark wood floors, you can choose light wood furniture. Whether a simple coffee table or a full-sized dining table with dining chairs, the contrast created by the furniture and floor will be pleasing to the eyes. Perfect balance can be achieved and your guests will be subconsciously satisfied. 

However, there is also the option to go with a piece of dark wood furniture for dark wood flooring. When they are matched, a combined style will make it look like everything is in its perfect place. This layout is recommended for living rooms as the dark wood won’t feel too overwhelming when you also feature a couch and several rugs. 


What hardwood looks red?

If you want to have hardwood in your home that looks red, the most common choice would be redwood. This type will always feature shades of red and cinnamon color that will please your eyes whenever you enter your bedroom or dining room. 

The Brazilian Cherry seems to be the favorite choice of interior decorators. It is mainly because it features a blazing red color. It works well with most layouts and styles and is highly versatile. It is the ideal choice whether you want a special nightstand or bed frame.

What wood color is the darkest?

There are many types of features. One of them is color, and you can find a wide range of shades in this material. But the darkest one goes to Ebony, which comes in different varieties.

The darkest type of wood in the world can be found in African trees that any other type cannot equal. They can reach a dark color of Ebony, which makes them popular among customers with a specific taste. 

Is oak darker than pine?

We have you covered if you wonder which is darker between the pine and oak wood. The Pine will always feature shades from creamy white to yellow and is considered lighter than the oak. 
When you analyze the oak, you will see a dark color, which can sometimes feature shades of red. Depending on your preference, you can choose the one that is most suitable for you. 

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