Styles & types of chain links for gold & necklaces

Suppose you are a stylish person who is passionate about fashion. In that case, necklace chains are a must-have whenever you participate in an event. It might not be very clear to decide where to invest your money with so many different types of chain links. 

People have worn them for centuries. You are most likely to find one that appeals to you with a wide variety of materials and styles available. They can be worn alone or used to hang a pendant, making it more special. 

Different types of chains

Since many chain links are available, making a final decision might be challenging. Knowing the specifics of each type is useful. With this information, you’ll be able to choose one suitable for your style. There are all different kinds and chain styles, with various names. Whether you want 16k gold or silver, there’s a right type out there for you.


mariner chain

The marine and aquatic worlds inspire it. It is modeled in a style that shows boat anchors. It is suitable if your event takes place at the seaside, but you can also wear it to express your love for the ocean. It has interlocking ovals with a bar running through each center, making them aligned in a clear shape.

Men prefer bigger mariner chains over thinner ones since the boldness suits them better. In contrast, women prefer the thinner variants. It looks wonderful when worn alone and frequently, boosting the personality of the one who wears it. Since it is durable and well-built, the mariner can be easily fixed when it breaks.


ball chain

This type is made up of a collection of beads that form a chain when they are joined together. Each of these beads may be paired together. On other designs, they will be far apart. Each bead is connected to the chain with the help of metal bars.

When worn alone, ball chains are not enough for some stylish people. They look best when worn with other jewelry and ornaments, acting as complementary pieces.

Ball chains can easily break since they are not the strongest, and fixing them won’t be simple. Such chains are usually manufactured from cheap materials, so their durability is low. That’s why they are worn in addition to less expensive items.


curb chain

It is known as a traditional and classic option. Simple yet elegant, this design is composed of links that are joined together. These links are shaped like an oval or a circle and are the same size to promote symmetry and aesthetics.

They might appear weighty and ideal for men since such chains are bulkier. However, there is a thinner type of curb chain that is more delicate and suitable for females. Since they are strong and long-lasting, it is very easy to maintain. It is often worn with a large pendant, which brings more significance to your accessories.


figaro chain

It is another popular option worn by many people with a good sense of style and fashion. Despite having an Italian aura to it, it is common worldwide. It is appealing mainly because of its distinctive style and unique characteristics. It resembles a cable but has a slightly different link structure, making it original.

The Figaro can be worn alone or with a pendant, and both men and women can be seen wearing one. While durable and resistant, the possibility of breaking is not excluded. If that happens, it can usually be fixed. However, removing a link would mess up the pattern and ruin the entire structure of this chain. A specialized jeweler can help you in this case.


rope chain

The Rope Chain is one of the most popular options in the world. It resembles a rope by wrapping links or segments around one another. The rough appearance and the way the metal is twisted give it a shiny look. Such chains are highly durable and long-lasting.

You can wear it alone or in addition to other accessories. It is ideal for everyday wear as a piece of jewelry that will attract attention to you. While the possibility of breaking remains low, if this chain is damaged, you’ll need to seek the professional help of a jewelry repair shop.


cable chain

It is a simple design that still holds a high degree of popularity, making it an excellent choice for people who want to go easy with their accessories. Oval links are joined together to form this cable chain, which is often flat.

It is a durable option, and it won’t break easily. Still, it is simple to fix if it breaks down or deforms. Such chains appear plain when they are worn alone. That’s why a pendant and other accessories are suggested to complete your look.


box chain

While most options have a round and oval shape, the box chain is designed differently. The connections are square and join in a way that gives the appearance of a box, as the name implies. Because of this interconnection, a seamless and continuous chain is formed. The Box design is available in various widths and forms, suitable for both men and women.

As a result of its distinctive shape, the box chain is highly durable and resistant. You won’t have to worry about breaking it. Since it comes in different lengths and widths, it can be customized to fit your outfit perfectly. Pendants look great when worn with a box chain and can be a wonderful addition to them.

The Box Chain is known for being highly durable. In rare cases, it might still break. If this happens, it’s easy to fix. The appearance will not be affected or damaged.


snake chain

The Snake design has a unique style that is not in other types. The resemblance to a snake’s movement gives its name, making it easier to move. Because it is made out of multiple tiny rings and plates, it has a unique effect because the untrained eye cannot see the details.

There is no texture on it, giving it a rather flat appearance. Still, this piece of jewelry can be worn alone to express simplicity, but a pendant can also be attached to it. Those that wear it will experience a smooth impression to touch. It won’t break easily since it has a very tight connection.


It features twisted oval links that resemble braided ropes making up their appearance. Symmetry is achieved when all the links face the same way, making up for a lot of texture in this type of chain link. 

The construction of this design makes it solid and very durable, therefore hard to break. It will last a long time, and you won’t have to worry about carefully handling this jewelry piece. This durability might make it feel inflexible, limiting its shape. Since it has a clean and sharp-looking design, the wheat chain can be worn alone to promote simplicity. 

A pendant can be attached if the owner desires, making it highly customizable. The probability of breaking is very low for this chain, but if it happens, you might find it difficult to repair. Since it is an uncommon type, most jewelers are not trained in repairing it.


singapore chain

This iconic design is made up of many pieces that have been connected by using twisting and braiding methods. The Singapore style is strong and long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for those who want to get long-term value.

The Singapore design appears fluid in its motion, frequently worn with a pendant by its owners. Lovers of accessories appreciate this option a lot since it is fit for every occasion, from the most important events to casual everyday activities. It is often made of steel and gold, but you can choose other materials depending on your preference.


byzantine chain

Being one of the most complicated designs, the Byzantine is very detailed and complex. The links that are joined together form a distinctive pattern that is neither oval nor round. The connections move alternatively from left to right, making it a highly textured one.

This pattern is unique and doesn’t match any other pattern found in others. It is strong and long-lasting, making it a good choice in the long term. Usually, the Byzantine design shines the best on its own. It doesn’t look appealing with a pendant on it. That’s why its owners aim for a simpler and minimalistic look.

Although very durable, accidents happen. The Byzantine might break. If that happens, repairing it won’t be an easy task. A specialized jeweler will help you in that case since they got better tools.


rolo chain

Circular links are interlocked to make up the pattern of this chain. While similar to the common cable design, this one features spherical and symmetrical links making it unique. Therefore, a distinctive appearance is a result that sparks interest in fashion enthusiasts. The Rolo is highly customizable since it comes in various lengths and widths to match every taste out there.

For men, heavier and bolder options of the Rolo chain are more suitable to fit their style. Women prefer delicate, smaller versions that suit their elegance. It has high durability, but it will break when accidents happen. Unlike other complicated options, Rolo can be easily fixed. It’s because its design is not complex. If the Byzantine model presented above is best suited alone, the Rolo will shine better with a pendant attached.

Opinions in the world of accessories are various, and they range from good to bad. People will choose this design as more suitable for everyday wearing, while others won’t agree with using it daily.

Cable vs. Box Chain

The cable design is well-known for its classic design, making this piece of jewelry unique and popular. Preferred by many, this accessory will complement your outfit in a simple yet stylish way. This traditional style is common for most necklaces, created by interlocking the circular links.

Unlike the cable design, the Box design is constructed with a sequence of box-shaped links. It is created by flattening spherical wires before shaping them into various cubical forms. Eventually, they are connected to make one of the strongest and most durable chains. It can be complemented with a pendant that matches your personality.

While both are popular and have a great look, the Box design is much more durable than the cable’s design. Most of the time, durability won’t be an issue in the short term. However, you should consider this factor when buying a more expensive piece of jewelry that you know will last you for years.

Chart types of necklace chains

BeadedLinks that are made with wire have beads that are linked or joined by tiny rings.
CableIt is made by perpendicularly joining the links together. Any form is possible for this design.
FoxtailA 45-degree angle divides two rows of circular links, joined in the middle by little flat rings.
French RopeThe French Rope is made of twisted links in two rows that are joined together. Since the connections are tight, it is a highly durable one.
Round LinkSmaller connections are perpendicularly joined to large ones, thus resulting in the structure of the Round Link.
PopcornThrough the process of stamping, hollow links are formed. When assembled to produce a lot of texture, Popcorn chains are created.
PonytailThis type of necklace allows the addition of extra decorations due to its smooth flow.
Fancy LinkSmaller ones join connections made with unique shapes. They can be shaped in different forms, such as stars or letters.
CurbThe links are flat and have an interlocked appearance when they are twisted.
BeadingIt is a very slim type usually seen in snake or cable chains.


What types of chains are best?

Due to their timeless design and longevity, cable chains are among the most popular and highly suggested types. However, you should pick the one that suits your style the best.

Which chain is best for a necklace?

Strong and durable chains are recommended for long-term use. That’s why the box or Figaro models might be a good option for someone looking for durability and design.

What is the price of a 24-carat gold chain?

The market price for a 24-carat gold chain is roughly $1,528/ounce. Your gold worth will also depend on how much gold is present in its composition.

Can you wear 24K gold daily? 

Because it is highly malleable, 24K gold jewelry is rarely worn daily because of the risk of deformation.

Next time you put on your best underwear and shirt to go on a shopping spree, you’re better equipped to make a decision. You now know more about the various types and designs out there. You can ensure you don’t end up with a piece of jewelry so impractical that you can rarely wear it for the festivities you want.