13 Best Ceramic & Porcelain Tile Trends & Ideas

Bathroom interiors have come a long way. Our washrooms have progressed from just the bare minimum to a space to lounge, unwind and de-stress. With the stress the average person faces every day, coming home to a de-stressing shower or bath can make a world of difference. Add some aesthetic interiors in vivid colors and textures, and you’ve got yourself a heavenly abode.


In our opinion, the best ceramic and porcelain tile trend includes patterned bathroom tiles. The best idea to save money but still decorate your bathroom with ceramic or porcelain includes the use of half-tiled walls, which limits the need for these materials.

In this article, we also explore the following:

  • Good geometric ideas
  • How to succeed with minimalism

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modern bathroom
Modern grey designer bathroom with herringbone shower tiling

Checking out ceramic and porcelain tile trends is a great place to start if you’re looking to decorate your bathroom. After all, beautiful bathroom interiors are essentially the amalgamation of tiles laid down with a great artistic sense. All other bathroom fittings and accessories follow the theme the tiles already set for them.

black tile design

Now don’t be mistaken. Bathroom tiles don’t go in and out of trends like fashion apparel. If you were stressing about spending a fortune year in and out, that’s not what we want. There’s just so much innovation in bathroom tiles that’s taken place in recent years that it’s worth having a look at. Plus, it’ll help you narrow down the kind of bathroom interior you’re into and find your personal aesthetic.

So, below we’ve listed some top tile trends. Let’s get inspired!

well lit bathroom
Porcelain freestanding bath in designed white bathroom

The earthy abode: Tiles that look like wood

Yes, we live in an era where technology has perfectly replicated wooden interiors. They’re often called ceramic wood or parquet tiles, detailed down to the grains, texture, and swirls. They’re the same details you’d witness on a real hardwood floor. Unlike hardwood flooring, this ceramic wood isn’t as high maintenance and is better at tolerating moisture.

While decorating your house, if you’re the kind that tends to draw inspiration from nature, these might be made for you. Imagine these wood-look-like floor tiles, some indoor plants, and sunshine coming through a large window. Exotic!

The luxurious pick: Marble

Marble speaks of luxury. It’s the old-school way of making any wall or floor tile look expensive. White marble, especially, is your best bet right now. Lots of people are choosing white soft-patterned marble tiles for their washrooms. White doesn’t just create the illusion of more space, but the smooth finish of the tiles is also great at reflecting light.

Aiming to have your bathroom look more substantial, both in terms of its dimensions and worth? Soft-patterned white marble tiles are a great choice. Contrast them with black marble countertops, a basin, and gold profiling around the mirrors. And the result will be an exhibition of modern splendor.

The functional yet creative choice: Mosaic

mosaic tile

We’ve called this functional because these add a texture to the floor, making it almost skid-proof. Yet, it remains creative. Why? Because it allows one to go all out in picking the different shades of color that can correlate to create stunning and unique layouts. No two bathrooms that have mosaic tiles are ever the same. There is difference between tile art and mosaic – so don’t be fooled!

Additionally, they come in many more colors and designs than you can imagine. There are all the RGB colors. But then there are also iridescent, metallic, and floral prints. But creativity doesn’t end there. The squares of the mosaic tiles can also be lined up to create some colorful designs and patterns on the wall.

Suppose you don’t believe in following the masses and have what it takes to build a wall of customized mosaic tiles. Uncover the artist in you, and go for it.

The bathroom with an edge: Metallic

Since we touched upon this while discussing mosaic tiles, it only makes sense to start from where we left off. Metallic finishes on tiles are the hottest current trend, and it’s just starting to see daylight. Imagine just one wall of golden metallic finished tiles behind a claw foot tub with legs of the same golden in your bathroom. Glamorous. Absolutely glamorous.

If that’s the kind of edge you want in your life, you must get on this trend. The best part is that the trend is fresh and will only grow. So, become the first one of your friends to get on it!

The high-fashion take: Checkerboard floor

checkered tile

Installing some tiles checkerboard style is the easiest, tried, and tested way to make your bathroom seem instantly chic and high fashion. However, black and white is your safest option. Nonetheless, floor tiles laid down like a checkerboard will give a classic look and feel. If you’re looking to blend some traditional accessories, such as large sinks and window panes, with contemporary walls or aspects in the bathroom. It is especially the way to go. Regardless of color and pattern, checkerboard floor tiles go well with modern, traditional, or fusion-themed restrooms.

The minimalist’s haven: Matte finish

Although minimalism has less to do with bathroom tiles and more with unwanted clutter, these matte-finish tiles get quite close. With how much easier they are to maintain and clean than glossy tiles, there is a minimal level of effort involved. Matte vs glossy is an endless debate.

But we love matte since they also bring a sense of calm and peace to your bathroom. Matte finish tiles are especially in trend in earthy colors, with grey being the top choice. They’re also a whole lot more anti-skid when used on the floor.

The only downside of these tiles is that they don’t reflect as much light. So, they can make a dark bathroom look even more somber. Contrast them with a white basin, counter, bathtub, or toilet seat. They can make the bathroom look more alive.

The easy choice: Subway tiles

Subway tiles will never be blown away by the wind of trends. They’re simple, yet used the right way, they can add charm to any home. They’re available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. But the trend lies in the many new and different ways to go about them. From being laid, checkerboard style to adding a pop of color between the tiles (often called the grout where they conjoin). They are not as boring as they used to be. Now, they come in striking and unique colors like glossy black and powder blue.

Usually, one wall with subway tiles is sufficient. And the surrounding walls can have a different look or tiles altogether, creating a subtle or striking contrast. The best part is, they’re quite inexpensive. So with a bit of creativity, you can create an attractive and effortless bathroom.

The smartest call: Patterned bathroom tiles

It is the laziest way of giving your bathroom a sophisticated designer appeal. Patterned bathroom tiles are bountiful in colors, prints, and sizes. So, suppose you want to build a unique bathroom but lack creativity. In this case, pattern bathroom tiles are the shortcut you need.

It’s difficult to pick up the same patterned tile as your friend, colleague, or neighbor. Whatever you build with patterned tiles will be one of a kind, hence the ‘designer’ appeal. With the smart placement of patterned tiles on just one wall of your bathroom, you can tell your guests you hired an interior designer to do the job. And we bet they’ll believe it.

Save money but make it trendy: Half-tiled walls.

Back in the day, half-tiled walls were a way to save money on both material and labor. But now it’s a legit trend that contemporary interior designers are replicating. It’s a great way to add a striking contrast. The contrast is not horizontal, with the walls right next to it. Instead, the contrast takes place between the half-tiled wall and the bare wall on top of it.

But this trend is not at all to save money. However, some interior designers like to keep the top half bare. Others like to paint the top half with textured paint or patterns.

For the love of geometry: Triangular trend

The triangular tile trend is simple. They look like regular square tiles sliced diagonally right through the center. It may seem like a simple design in pictures. Yet, with the distinct color of the grout, the geometrical shapes pop out. The uniform lines of the triangular make the washroom look eccentric and quirky. Currently, this trend is particularly seen in shades of green.

The use of green in interiors is becoming exceptionally apparent. With its soothing and healing properties that help lift the spirit, it’s a color one should try in the bathroom. It’s especially because the bathroom of today is meant to relax.

The indecisive choice: Color-blocking

When you can’t find one prominent color for your bathroom, pick two! Gone are those days when color-blocking was just limited to just clothes. Suppose you want an orange tiled wall with yellow tiles on the backside of the bathtub. In which case, you can do it because it’s in trend!

Color-blocking doesn’t always have to be in the face. It can be calming or exciting. It is tricky to apply this trend in your bathroom. But it’s the same as adding a bright pink rug in a room with blue walls. The colors just need to go together and bring balance to one another. You can learn to color-block with some simple tips too.

Skip the ordinary: Stack tiles instead.

When you think of subway tiles, you think of them being laid out on the wall in a particular pattern. This pattern resembles the raw brick pattern you see when houses are getting made. So, what if we told you there’s another way to do it? You can stack the horizontal tiles on top of each other horizontally. Or you can stack them vertically, right beside each other. It gives your bathroom a fresh look and appears way more interesting to the eye.

Besides, remember how we mentioned how inexpensive subway tiles could be?

The lazy way to do it: Monochrome

You don’t have to go through the creative process of picking up tiles or figuring out what colors and tile finishes will work well together. Instead, you can choose the lazy yet trendy way out. If you’ve got a single favorite color, use it all across your bathroom. Who said the tiles on the floor and the walls couldn’t be the same color? Monochrome bathrooms are not only relatively easy to put together. They can prove inexpensive, especially because you can buy single tiles in bulk and get a discount. When you stick in a different color basin or toilet seat, your monochrome bathroom will instantly look put-together and intentional.

Pros of bathroom tiles

  • More cheaper than marble
  • Variety in color, textures, designs, finishes, and materials
  • Easier to clean than carpet floors or marble which requires maintenance every couple of years.
  • High water resistance compared to wood or carpet.
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Provide a neat look alike of wooden, marble or even glass finish.

Cons of bathroom tiles

  • Easily break or chip if a heavy object were to fall
  • Not great for high traffic areas

Small bathroom ideas to make it look bigger

If you live in a metropolitan city, chances are you’re stuck with a small washroom. But it’s okay! Here are some tips to make it look bigger:

  • Choose light colors, preferably white.
  • Try and blend all walls, tiles, and ceilings together. Divisions make the room less spacious.
  • Use the same or similar materials everywhere, from the floor to the tiles. Again, no divisions.
  • Use big mirrors. With the light they reflect, the space looks bigger.
  • Don’t use curtains, use a glass shower divider instead.
  • Try to draw in as much natural light as you can. Don’t use tinted window panes that may prohibit the light.
  • Use open shelves rather than cabinets. They create depth.
  • Get rid of any products you don’t use. Even a little clutter can make the space seem small.

To summarise:

Dark colorsOpen Shelves Shower curtainsLarge mirrorsNatural lightLarge amount of Products Glass divider

How can I make my small bathroom luxurious?

luxurious tile

Making a small bathroom more luxurious is easier than you think it is. Even small changes make a big difference. Here are some tips to make your small bathroom seem more luxurious:

  • A backlit mirror can bring more light and add an expensive touch.
  • Replace or repurpose bathroom hardware. Old rusty-looking taps and showers are a real letdown.
  • Use gold or silver profiling wherever possible, for example, around the tiles and mirrors.
  • Get a high-pressure luxurious shower head. It’s worth the investment.
  • Instead of changing the tiles altogether, try cleaning them and changing the grout.
  • Opt for rich colors like deep maroon or blue.
  • Get some expensive-looking candles and candle holders. It’s a bonus if they’re scented.
  • Use a combination of lights. Use different lighting in different spaces of the bathroom. Choose high-grade fluorescent lighting used by professionals in salons if you can.


Make sure you understand the different properties of the tile you can install.

Type of TileFeatures
CeramicIt’s durable, water-resistant, and available in various colors and patterns.
PorcelainIt has many of the same properties as ceramic. It’s durable, water-resistant, and available in a variety of colors. It can mimic natural stone.
MarbleIt has a luxurious appearance, is available in various colors, and can be polished for a shiny finish.
TravertineYou’ll love its natural appearance. Find it available in earthy colors, and it can be polished or honed for different finishes.
SlateIt has a natural appearance while being available in a variety of colors. It can be honed for a smooth finish and you’ll enjoy that it’s slip-resistant.


bathroom tiling work
How can I update my outdated bathroom cheaply?

Here are some tips on updating your outdated bathroom for cheap:
– Start with scrubbing the tiles and grout. A clean bathroom is always an upgrade. Next, change the mirrors to something more recent. LED mirrors are cheap and come in many shapes and sizes.
– Try to remove rust and water stains on the hardware using vinegar
– The shower head is easy to replace and install. It’ll make a big difference if you have a shower head that delivers heavy water flow.
– Replace all storage with new adhesive-based towel hangers and shelves. They are easily available on amazon.

What bathroom tile is the most popular?

Porcelain and ceramic are the most popular. It is because they come in various textures, patterns, sizes, and colors.

What kind of bathroom tile is in style?

Currently, matte and patterned tiles are really in style. Matte tiles are easy to maintain, and patterned tiles add oomph to any boring bathroom.

What bathroom trends are out?

Glass block bathroom windows, granite materials, and high-gloss finish tiles no longer have space in the modern bathroom.