5 best ways to get smoke smell out of a car permanently

Many scents in a car might be hard to eliminate since they infiltrate the materials inside, making the smell permanent. This can be inconvenient for you and your passengers while you drive. Although there are many quick-fix solutions, we recommend you follow the advice presented in this article to remove the smoke smell permanently. 

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The value of your vehicle can decrease significantly if you don’t keep the interior fresh and clean, as this is an important factor for most buyers. There are several ways to eliminate the smoke smell inside your car. While an air freshener will give the impression of a nice smelling interior with fresh air, it is only a temporary fix. 

You will need to take good care of every component in your vehicle’s interior. By cleaning its interior and applying an odor-removal product, you can permanently remove this unpleasant smell and make the car always smell fresh. 

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Can you get the smoke smell out of a car?

Nobody enjoys an unpleasant odor in their own vehicle. If you are commuting daily, you’ll spend a significant time driving your car. 

It is important to make the ride as comfortable as possible and have the space around you in perfect order. After an exterior complete washing package and an interior vacuum cleaning, your car shines inside and outside. 

While the eyes are pleased with the cleanliness, your nose will still pick up the smoke odor which is deeply embedded into the elements of your car’s interior. This smell can persist for a long time and infiltrate hard surfaces or even the air conditioning system. Besides being unpleasant, the smoke smell can be dangerous as well. 

If you get used to the cigarette smell inside your car, you won’t be able to detect smoke coming from the malfunction of your vehicle. Cigarette and engine fire smell differently. A slight confusion combined with indifference will definitely slow down your reaction time in a situation where every second matters. 

Take into consideration the benefits of removing smoke smell from your vehicle:

  • Interior maintenance: Smoke particles can easily damage the interior and sometimes cause irreversible damage to certain materials. Removing the odor today will benefit you for a long time.
  • Comfort: It is an unpleasant smell for everybody, and you might notice your passengers opening the windows more often. Maybe you’re meeting with a new client to discuss a business proposal, or you’re picking up your date from their workplace. A bad odor can be a dealbreaker, so removing this smell will help you significantly. 
  • Health and safety reasons: Breathing fresh air is essential for our health, so you and your passengers will benefit from this procedure.

If you are ready to make your car smell fresh and clean, then check out these 3 products that will help with getting rid of the smoke smell quickly.

Best car odor & smoke eliminator products

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Meguiar’s G16402 Whole Car Air Re-Fresher Odor Eliminator

This company provides a simple yet fantastic remedy if your car doesn’t smell as fresh as it once did. This product will permanently eliminate the unpleasant odors inside your car and offer a pleasant scent. With lots of positive reviews and satisfied clients, this is one of the best products for removing unwanted scents. 

It is easy to set up, as it flows through the ventilation system. It makes sure to eliminate the problem right from the source. The result is represented by clean and fresh air which will be present for many weeks. 

To use this product, you have to turn on the ventilation system to maximum power. Turn the odor eliminator on, and the air will circulate throughout the interior. It will remove odors as it goes. You can also let the Air Re-Fresher run for a couple of minutes with closed doors and windows. In the end, make sure to refresh the air before you start driving.

While the Air Re-Fresher is running inside the car, it is vital that no person or pets are inside the vehicle. After activating the product, leave your car and close the doors, letting the odor eliminator work for 15 minutes. Do not use more than one can at a time, and make sure to park in the shade so you will avoid any accidents caused by overheating. 

Enoch Air Purifier with USB Charger

This air purifier is the best investment for your car. This high-quality product gets rid of odors and improves the air quality by releasing negative ions within the automobile. In nature, such ions are present only at the ocean’s surface or near waterfalls.

The elimination of airborne contaminants is the main advantage of negative ions generated by this product. The Enoch Purifier also removes smoke smells, making it an ideal choice for those who want to eliminate bad odors. 

The longer this purifier is plugged in, the more negative ions are generated, which can remove odor and produce a healthy amount of ozone. The air purification system is simple. The purifier will generate negative ion particles that will attach themselves to positively charged ones already present in the car. 

After these are negatively charged, they will become too heavy to float and fall to the ground, thus being removed from the air you breathe. Since these impurities are no longer floating in the air, you’ll always breathe fresh and clean air.

Your family and pets may use the Enoch Purifier without worrying about their health, as this product doesn’t feature any risks. The negative ions generated will neutralize odors and dangerous airborne contaminants, making your car clean and fresh at the same time. Such particles increase the passage of oxygen to our brain, so this purifier also offers health benefits. 

The efficiency of this product is superior, which shows its high quality. It instantly eliminates unpleasant odors and tiny particles from your vehicle by producing 5,600,000 negative ions per cm3. Long drives will become more enjoyable with constant fresh air available to breathe. 

It is the best air purifier you can find on the market. On top of its high efficiency in cleaning the air, it also has some external features that will satisfy your senses. Ozone created from this purifier will offer a delicate perfume that is similar to the smell of rain. 

You should expect this smell to appear after a while, as the effect is not instant. Long-term improvements can be seen and felt over time, with short them results not necessarily noticeable. 

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

This product created by Fresh Wave is the best odor-removing gel currently available on the market. It neutralizes and absorbs bad smells present in common places, making it ideal for smoke smell removal. 

Simple to use, all you have to do is place this product in a convenient place inside your car, and you will notice the effects over time. This odor-removing gel is not toxic for humans or animals. Therefore, it brings only positive changes to your environment. 

As this gel evaporates through the air, the perfume of a selection of plants will give a pleasing scent to the air. With double functionality, the odor-removing gel made by Fresh Wave will easily remove the smoke smell from your car. It does so while also replacing it with a pleasant scent of plants. 

If you are looking for the best ozone generator available on the market, take a look at the one we reviewed below. 

Best ozone generator

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Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator

If you are serious about keeping the air fresh inside your car, then this commercial ozone generator will keep the air clean. Your passengers will definitely notice the clean air, and you will be able to impress them. The carpets and elements of a car can retain dirt and dust, creating good environments for bad smells. 

It is much more difficult to get rid of them since basic and simple odor removal steps are not effective. With a gas production capacity of 6,000 mg/hr, the Alpine Air Commercial Ozone Generator will completely change the air in your car. 

This device can easily fit into your car since it weighs just 6 pounds, and the size is relatively small. It has multiple features, and one of them is a 2-hour timer which helps you get rid of temporary and recent bad smells. Equipped with an ergonomic folding handle, this device is easy to carry and move around.

If you have been wondering about the steps necessary to remove the cigarette smell from a car, follow the instructions below.

How to get cigarette smell out of a car naturally.

  1. The easiest way to get rid of the smoke smell from a car is to clean the vehicle thoroughly.

    You can start by vacuuming the surfaces in the interior. It removes any debris that may include smelly objects such as cigarette butts. Do the same with the glove box, and don’t forget about the trunk as well.

  2. Next, you should focus on any leather and fabric materials.

    A characteristic of cigarette smoke is that it sticks to fabrics, so deep cleaning of the seats and textile elements is necessary. In some cases, steam cleaning could be required if the stench is too strong. 

  3. After completing this steam cleaning process, make sure the interior is completely dry before locking your car.

    Moisture and humidity can be trapped inside if you don’t air the car, which will cause more problems.

  4. After deep cleaning your car, the bad odor should no longer be present.

    If your car still has smoke smells, then consider investing in an odor-absorbing substance that you can leave in overnight. 

  5. Smoke seeps through materials like plastic and wood and electrical like the air conditioning systems. That’s why the filters should be changed, and the vents should be cleaned carefully.

    Use a strong spray cleanser to clean plastic and wood surfaces to remove the smell from hard materials completely. 

If you are a cigar aficionado and just cleaned and refreshed your car, you don’t have to worry about the smoke smell problem again. It doesn’t mean you will have to give up smoking. There are other solutions, such as a popular bamboo charcoal bag which is a popular odor remover. Let’s take a look at what this product offers.

How do you smoke in your car without it smelling? 

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Basic Concepts Nature Fresh Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying

Charcoal is highly effective in absorbing and removing odors, and Basic Concepts created the perfect product for your car. The Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying is the best choice if you want to keep the air fresh in your vehicle while still enjoying smoking occasionally. 

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You can place these bags anywhere in your car since it also has a handy metal ring that can be used for support. They are highly efficient but also nature friendly. Environmentalists might worry about pollution since charcoal is the main element. Still, the Basic Concepts company ensures that our planet is protected and follows strict nature-friendly standards. 

These bags are long-lasting, making your one-time investment in them efficient even after a couple of years. All you have to do is place them in the sun for a few hours every month, and the charcoal will get reactivated and resume its high efficiency. 

The charcoal is contained inside the bag, and it’s not treated with any chemicals. It will successfully remove bad odors and absorb unwanted smells, but it won’t replace them with scented ones. Bamboo bags are highly resistant and are sealed with tightly reinforced stitching to ensure this product’s long-lasting efficiency.

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying bags are safe to leave around kids or pets, even around people with allergies. The company employed superior safety measures when they designed this product, and there was absolutely no toxicity detected. 

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There is a reason why the Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying bags made by Basic Concepts are the best in the market. They are 10 times more powerful than other charcoal odor absorbers. Competitors use powder charcoal, which is not as effective as charcoal chunks used by Basic Concepts. 

This material is porous. It will also absorb allergens and pollutants from the air, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for your car. The simple and compact design allows these bags to fit anywhere and blend in any environment, making them a suitable accessory for your car. Each bag weighs 200g and is ideally sized and able to fit even in tight spaces. However, they are more effective when exposed to a wide area.

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How long does it take to get the smoke smell out of the car?

Usually, it will take up to 48 hours to completely eliminate the smell of cigarettes in your car. 

Does Febreze get rid of the smoke smell in cars?

Febreze Fabric Auto spray can help remove the smoke odor from your car. You can apply it by spraying it on the soft elements of your car, including seats and seatbelts. It is important to let the air circulate inside, and you should open all the windows while also running the air conditioning system at high power. One hour should be enough to remove the smell from fabrics and textile materials completely. 

Is the smoke smell in a car permanent?

The bad odor of smoke can persist for some time and can infiltrate hard surfaces, including your car’s air conditioning system. While this smell is long-lasting and won’t disappear by itself, it is not permanent since you can always remove it using the instructions provided in this article. 

What absorbs the smell of smoke?

The smell of smoke can be reduced by placing bowls with activated charcoal in powdered form around your car. The charcoal will do a good job at absorbing the smell completely, but the odor won’t be removed from surfaces. You can also keep the windows and doors open for as long as you can, and the smoke will ultimately disappear as a quick but temporary solution. 

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