Shoe width measurement chart for men & women (& how to measure)

You’re looking to understand shoe width measurements accurately and how to measure them for both men and women. We get it. You’re inability to find comfortable shoes has led you to this article.

You walk into the store and find a pair you love. Next thing you know, it fits. However, not as comfortably as you’d want it to. Your friend convinces you that the shoe will loosen once you’ve worn it enough. So, you walk out of the store, spending all your precious money on shoes that barely fit you.

wide width shoes for men

You’re two months into wearing the shoes, and they still haven’t loosened up. The worst part is you can’t stand wearing them for long hours. When in fact, you bought them for work. Now what? You watch your precious money go down the drain. Not only that, you’ve compromised the health of your poor feet.

According to the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, 63 to 72 people wear shoes that do not accurately serve the length and width of their foot. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

While length and width are both critical for choosing an appropriate size of footwear, width is often the most taken for granted. Many people aren’t aware that there are brands out there that accommodate not only their shoe length but also their foot’s width. It might be new information to you, but there isn’t a standard “one size fits all” width that applies to everyone.

Let’s understand what these shoe width sizes are and how we can better understand them.

A perfect fit, we’re coming your way!

How is shoe width determined?

wide width shoes

The width is the horizontal measurement of your foot which determines how narrow or broad a shoe is made. The different widths of shoes are usually measured in inches, according to which they are assigned a number. The greater an alphabet a shoe is given, the wider the width. Depending on the size of your foot in inches, you can easily find what size would be the perfect size. 

Men’s and Women’s wide-width shoes

While plenty of sizes are available in the market, people still struggle with finding the right fit. Suppose you’re somebody who generally has a difficult time finding comfortable shoes. In that case, it could be because your feet are wider than average. Length, determined by the size, is plenty in the market. Unfortunately, there aren’t many brands that offer a variety of widths. So, we’ve found a couple of pairs that provide an array of widths for the same size. Don’t worry; there are options for men and women.

wide width shoes for diabetics

Women’s wide-width shoes

1) Simple, pointed-toe ballet flats

Looking for something classy, comfortable, and goes with everything? Then, ballet flats are your best friend! These “Amazon Essential” pointed ballet flats come in various colors, most of which are nudes and browns. You won’t find an alphabet of the width mentioned, just a ‘wide’ alternative in each size. Nevertheless, we found that the wider size is pretty spacious and should offer comfort to most foot sizes. Additionally, they’re cheap and eligible for return.

  1. Fila Women’s Memory Workshift

They may look like they have a bulky build, but they feel lightweight and comfortable when worn. They’re perfect for women who work a job that requires them to be on their feet all day long. Women in healthcare, the industrial sector, or retail would benefit from getting a pair of these. They’re available in black, white, and a wider option for each size. For women that may suffer from feet-related ailments, it’s also got plenty of space. It’s great allowing you to slide in some silicon or medical insoles.

  1. Women’s closed-toed pumps

Every woman needs a pair of pumps that go with everything. In particular, these are formal-looking but have a cut-out design. It adds an extra oomph if you want to carry them to a party right after work. These 2 ½ inch heels are available in more than 12 colors and designs. With a broader width available for each size, you won’t have trouble finding a perfect fit for you.

Men’s wide-width shoes

  1. Rockport’s Men’s Oxford

You’ve got wide feet, and you’re looking for a basic pair of oxfords you can wear daily to work. In which case, these Rockport’s oxford shoes are a great pair to own. They’re available in black and brown, and a wider option in each size. Rockport has aimed to achieve a shoe that offers “advanced athletic technologies” in casual shoes. In other words, it is excellent for people looking for comfortable and durable oxfords as they spend most of their day on their feet.

  1. Sperry Men’s Billfish 3-eye Boat Shoe

If a company could en capsule comfort, style, and durability in one shoe, it has got to be Sperry. Available in beige and dark tan, this leather model is the trusted choice of many. We particularly loved the rubber sole, which makes it flexible and versatile for different environments. Whether it’s fishing, sightseeing, or a walk in the park, you can count on them never to leave your side. Of course, it’s got a wider option in each size.

  1. Men’s Sketcher Industrial

Many people work in environments where their feet need to be protected. It includes factory outlets and construction sites. These sketchers are perfect for people who want to shield their feet and enjoy excellent cushioning and support. They are made to counter any electrical hazards by providing secondary protection against electrically energized objects. There is a broader option available for each size. Nonetheless, we don’t suggest picking the wider option unless your feet really are that wide. It is because all the sizes of this boot are pretty wide, to begin with.

Wide width tennis shoes

wide width tennis shoes

Everybody has their unique ways of staying fit. Some people dedicate time in their day to the gym and strenuous cardio. For others, their daily routine comprises a quick jog or brisk walk. And so, finding the right companions for your everyday workout routine becomes essential. But for men and women with wide feet, finding the perfect pair of tennis shoes can be frustrating. So, here are our tried and tested recommendations for tennis shoes for both men and women:

Fitville’s Extra Wide Walking shoes for men

If you’re looking for a wide pair of tennis shoes for men, you have to give Fitville’s extra wide walking shoes a shot. If you experience pain in your foot, it’s not from excessive training! We’re sorry to burst your bubble, but most foot pains felt after exercising are from wearing the wrong pair. Gone are the days when you had to cram your foot into some narrow pair of trainers. With Fitville’s ‘extra-wide toe box,’ experience comfort like never before. We noticed that the breathable material and shock-absorbing pad reduced the foot strain, finally reducing our fear of injury.

 Women’s tennis walking shoes

There’s nothing as handy and versatile as a good pair of walking pair. Whether you want to kick in a light workout, run some errands or go on a brisk walk. We all need a great pair of lightweight sneakers that we can count on. These Lamincao sneakers are not only lightweight but come with memory foam insoles inside. The memory foam takes the shape of your foot to provide cushioning and support to each part of your foot. But the best part is, they’re available in a line-up of colors, and all sizes are especially wide.

Naturalizer wide width shoes

Suppose you’re looking for a store you can count on when purchasing a variety of wide-width shoes. In this case, Naturalizer is one such online store you can trust to deliver a variety of fashionable yet reliable and comfortable wide-width models. We’ve mentioned our two favorite pairs from the store below:

Naturalizer Women’s Morrison Fashion Sneaker

We love these versatile pairs of sneakers, available in black, white, and grey. The white one is especially our favorite, though. It can be dressed down with a pair of jeans or shorts or a pair of dress pants and a chic blazer. Maybe you’re looking for a wide shoe that checks both boxes of style and comfort. These Morrison sneakers from Naturalizer should be your first choice.

Naturalizer Women’s Marianne Loafer

Do you love the comfort of sneakers but despise the hassle of shoe laces? You’re probably somebody who loves to flaunt a comfy pair of loafers. These Naturalizer Marianne loafers are available in five different colors, out of which we think mauve and tan would go with everything. You’d get either leather or suede, depending on the color you’d pick. So, make sure to zoom in and check out the texture before you order.

Wide width mary jane shoes

Mary Jane shoes for women couldn’t possibly ever go out of style. It can be pulled off with both formal and casual wear; the shoes are a classic piece to have in your wardrobe. That’s why we’re recommending you our favorite:

Dansko Women’s Fawna Black Milled shoes

Available in black, chestnut, navy, red, and coral, these Dansko’s mary jane shoes would look super cute with some lace socks. They’re incorporated with memory foam and built-in arch support. They’re a reliable pair of dress shoes that won’t hurt your feet when worn for long hours. Additionally, they add 1.5 inches to your height. So, enjoy comfort without compromising on looking fashionable and dressy.


By now, you’ve probably figured that there are plenty of options of brands out there for your wide feet. It’s time you measure your feet and find out their exact width. But how? Don’t worry, just follow the steps given below:

Note: You’ll need a measuring tape handy.

How to measure shoe width

  1. Stand normally, placing your dominant foot in front of you on the floor.

    It is because your dominant foot is usually bigger than your other foot. If you’re right-handed, you’re body probably leads with your right foot. If you’re a lefty, your body’s dominant foot is presumably the left one.

  2. Place the measurement tape (inches side facing up) right above your bare foot.

  3. Identify the widest part of your foot, and mark where it ends on your measuring tape.

    This presumes that you adjust the measuring tape, so the millimeters start from one end of your foot width to the other.
    You can use a pen or just eyeball the closest milometer to the other end of your foot’s width.

  4. Write the measurement down somewhere, so you don’t forget it.

    Then, go ahead and find your shoe size and the number you just measured (in inches) on the chart below. The shoe width measurement charts below will help you assign an alphabet to your size for both men and women.

There are different charts for both women and men.

wide width women's shoes

Women’s Shoe Width Chart

Narrow (AA)Average (B)Wide (C/D)Extra-Wide (E)US Size
2 13/16″3 3/16″3 9/16″3 15/16″5
2 7/8″3 1/4″3 5/8″4″5.5
2 15/16″3 5/16″3 11/16″4 1/16″6
3″3 3/8″3 3/4″4 1/8″6.5
3 1/16″3 7/16″3 13/16″4 3/16″7
3 1/8″3 1/2″3 7/8″4 1/4″7.5
3 3/16″3 9/16″3 15/16″4 5/16″8
3 1/4″3 5/8″4″4 3/8″8.5
3 3/8″3 11/16″4 1/16″4 7/16″9
3 3/8″3 3/4″4 1/8″4 1/2″9.5
3 7/16″3 3/4″4 3/16″4 9/16″10
3 1/2″3 7/8″4 1/4″4 5/8″10.5
3 9/16″3 15/16″4 5/16″4 11/16″11
3 11/16″4 1/16″4 7/16″4 13/16″12

Once you’ve found the corresponding alphabet to your size, you can use it to search for the perfect fitting shoe for yourself.

For example, suppose you’re a size 9 with a width between 3 ½ inches and 4. In that case, your foot width is most likely a B (average). Thus, look for a 9B while looking for the perfect pair.

Women’s Shoe Width by the Letter

Below, we have given a more vague representation of what each letter represents.

Super-Slim (Extra-Narrow)SS, ES4A or AAAA
NarrowN2A or AA
Medium or AverageM or AB
Extra-WideWW or XW or EW2E or EE
  • When you see a 4A or AAAA, it’s narrower than a size AA. Usually, a 4A can be represented as SS (super-slim) or ES (extra-narrow).
  • A size 2A or AA is a narrow width , which may also be represented by an N.
  • A size B shoe is typically medium or average, which may also be constituted beside the size as an M (medium) or A (average).
  • A D-sized model is usually worn by people with wide feet and may be mentioned next to the size as a W (wide).
  • The size 2E or EE usually means that it is extra wide and is also represented by a WW, XW, or EW.

Men’s Shoe Width Chart

men's wide width shoes
Narrow (C)Average (D)Wide (E)US Size
3 5⁄16″3 1⁄2″3 11⁄16″6
3 5⁄16″3 5⁄8″3 3⁄4″6.5
3 3⁄8″3 5⁄8″3 3⁄4″7
3 3⁄8″3 11⁄16″3 15⁄16″7.5
3 1⁄2″3 3⁄4″3 15⁄16″8
3 5⁄8″3 3⁄4″4″8.5
3 5⁄8″3 15⁄16″4 1⁄8″9
3 11⁄16″3 15⁄16″4 1⁄8″9.5
3 3⁄4″4″4 3⁄16″10
3 3⁄4″4 1⁄8″4 5⁄16″10.5
3 15⁄16″4 1⁄8″4 5⁄16″11
3 15⁄16″4 3⁄16″4 3⁄8″11.5
4″4 5⁄16″4 3⁄8″12
4 1⁄8″4 5⁄16″4 1⁄2″12.5
4 1⁄8″4 5⁄16″4 5⁄8″13
4 3⁄16″4 3⁄8″4 3⁄4″13.5

After you’ve used the steps mentioned above to figure out your foot’s width in inches, you can find its corresponding letter in the chart above.

For instance, suppose that you are a size 10. Suppose your foot’s width is exactly 4 inches. In that case, the letter that corresponds to your width is a D. Now, whenever looking for a perfectly fitting shoe, you would look for a size 10D.

Men’s shoe width by the letter

Medium or AverageM or AD
WideW2E or EE
Extra-WideWW or XW or EW4E or EEEE

 Size B is a narrow size. B-sized footwear may also be represented by an N when looking for the perfect shoe.

  • A size D is a medium or average size. The D may also be represented by an M (medium) or an A (average).
  • If your foot size is characterized by the letters 2E or EE, you have a wide foot. Your shoes may be represented through a W as well.
  • Suppose that you have a 4E or EEEE-sized foot; you have extra-wide feet. They may also be represented by a WW, XW, or EW.

B vs. D shoe width

The difference between a B-sized and a D-sized shoe is just a matter of a few millimeters. Nonetheless, it can be the difference that makes a shoe narrow or wide.

The B and D are different sizes depending on if the shoe is for men or women.

For women: B is usually a standard or average size, whereas a D is wide.

For men: B is usually a narrow foot size, whereas a D is average of standard.

Shoe width EE vs. D

For women: A D is usually a wide model for women, and an EE is extra-wide for women.

For men: A D is considered a medium or average for men. On the other hand, an EE shoe is considered wide for men.

Converse wide width vs. regular

Many wide-foot people prefer buying converse, as the brand offers a ‘wider’ alternative for each size. You may either opt for a regular fit or a wide fit.

The wider fit converse gives its customers a much broader platform by approximately 15mm alongside the ball of the foot, as mentioned on their website. And an additional instep of 6mm is the arch that extends from the middle of the foot to the ankles.

Converse is also a great brand to consider for those with wide feet. Their canvas usually stretches and offers a snug fit after the first two weeks of wearing them.


collection of wide width women's shoes
What is the widest shoe size?

Again, the widest size is different for both men and women.
For men: The widest size for men is a 4E or EEEE.
For women: The widest size for women is a 2E or an EE.

What Is The Average Shoe Width?

The width varies from men to women.
For men: The medium or average width for men is a D
For women: The standard or average width for women is a B.

How Can You Tell If You Need a Wider Shoe?

If you’re going through any of the following problems, you probably need a wider shoe:

You can’t find the right shoe size for yourself.
You’re encountering shoes that feel too tight or loose but nothing that fits right in the middle. It is because you’re finding shoes that fit you length-wise; that’s why you can slide your foot in. However, they feel tight because they aren’t the correct width.

You’ve noticed some bunions.
Bunions are usually the cause of genetics, but they can also be a result of footwear that is too tight. They are boney bump that develops right on the big toe and inner edge of your feet. If you have or even have bunions in your family, always wear wide shoes.

You’ve got flat feet.
If you’ve got flat feet, you’ve probably also realized that they appear wide when pressed upon the surface. Your feet can worsen if you don’t support them with some wide shoes.

You’re developing hammer toes.
Hammer toes are bumps on your second toes, often the longest. Hammer toes are caused by your long toes curling in because they don’t find enough room in your shoes. You need wider ones if you’re developing hammer toes.

You’ve always got blisters on your feet.
Have you noticed that you’ve always got blisters on the edges of your feet? They’re probably caused by your shoes rubbing into your feet because they aren’t wide enough.
If you’re suffering from too many blisters on the edges of your foot, you need wider shoes despite wearing the correct size.

What Happens If My Shoes Are Too Wide?

There should be a 3/8th of an inch or ½ inch gap between your longest toe and the inner rim of the shoe. If this is not the case, the gap is too large, and your shoes are too wide for your feet.

Wearing shoes too wide for your feet will feel like you’re carrying their weight and feel unnatural to you. Wide shoes would then cause you to move and walk in abnormal ways, which can cause serious foot problems.