Are roaches getting into a car? Get rid of them fast this way

There are few things that can creep someone out quite as much as finding these little creatures walking around.

Alright, may the discovery of a rat is pretty high up on the list. 

You’re cruising down the highway in your car or your travel trailer, and you discover something truly horrific. 

Dead cockroach

You thought that these things were constructed airtight so that no creep was able to sneak in and make your life a living nightmare. 

The truth is that roaches are getting into cars, and there are ways for you to get rid of them fast.

Perhaps you end up finding one bug inside your car. It’s disgusting, but you can deal with it. On the other hand, an infestation is a different type of problem.

A cockroach infestation can probably get the manliest man to squirm. Ew! There’s just something about them that makes them so much more disgusting than other types of insects like spiders or ants

Sure, you may not be a fan of spiders. However, they don’t run as fast as cockroaches do. They’re also not nearly as good at hiding. 

Any type of creeping crawler is best if it stays far out of your car. However, if cockroaches keep getting into your car, you’ll need to take serious measures to kill and get rid of them. 

There’s probably a reason why they keep coming back. 

Setting the car on fire and starting from scratch may seem like a convenient place to start, but it’s not your only option. Jumping off a cliff to escape the problem is also not the solution we’ll be recommending. 

Certain precautions are needed to help you minimize the risk of them returning, though. You can get rid of them all you want. Maybe you have something that keeps drawing them there. 

An infestation will also require some serious action compared to just finding a single one. The good news is that you should be able to get rid of the cockroach problem in your car by yourself. 

Getting an exterminator’s help may seem nice, but it probably won’t be needed if you follow this guide.

Let’s take a look at what draws the roaches into your car. No, you won’t simply be able to pick up your favorite ammo to take them out.

You have to be intelligent about it. 

What’s disgusting about these creatures is how they lay loads of eggs. Did you know an egg case can contain as many as 50 eggs? All of a sudden, there are now 50 cockroaches in your car. They’re having a blast.

When you see them, you’ll want to act fast so you can get rid of the cockroaches overnight. When you’re done, you’ll use a commercial-grade steam cleaner that provides an extra protection layer.

It helps make sure the problem’s been dealt with. Eggs won’t be able to survive as a consequence.

What causes roaches to get in your car?

There are a couple of things you might be doing that make them long to spend long hours inside that metal container. Maybe you’re a person who eats while you’re driving. 

Changes are there are leftovers from your food that ends up falling down on the carpet.

Food being thrown out the window

Because they’re omnivores, they will practically eat anything that falls down on the ground. Both plant and animal products are on their radar.

If you drop starchy and greasy foods, they’re particularly excited to be your friend. With many people consuming fast food in the car, it’s no wonder cockroaches are getting in there. 

They are not picky eaters. Here’s a strange fact about cockroaches: They do not pee.

Besides munching away on your fast food leftovers, there are also other things they seek out. Shelter and water are some other things. 

Leftover soda is something they’d love going at. 

You’re practically inviting them in by providing them with the food, water, and shelter they need. “Home, sweet home.” Those are the words they say on their way in.

Other infestations

However, they’re not the only types of animals you may find. If you find one of these other ones, you’re probably at a bigger risk of infestation.

They’re all just looking for a nice place to settle down for the evening, and you might just be giving it to them.

Ants and spiders are other creatures to be on the lookout for. Bed bugs and carpet beetles are also other indicators that you’ve set up the perfect little refuge for an infestation. 

Spiders are particularly a sign that there are other things crawling around in there. They feed on other bugs. Without those other bugs to feed on, there’s no reason for them to be there. They all need a food source. 

When it comes to animals like ants, you quickly go from a few to hundreds. A lot of these insects will start showing up when the weather outside takes a turn for the worse.

They’re suckers for good weather and want to be comfortable. 

When they see a big metal container that is heated up, it looks pretty compelling. It’s especially compelling if there’s a food source inside. 

If it’s too hot outside, they may also seek in there to avoid the heat. Cockroaches are mean little creatures, and the weather won’t keep them from getting in your car. All they want is to find a nice food source where they can also find shelter. 

They’re crazy creatures being able to sustain very extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum. 

Cockroaches getting into your car: How do they do it?

For insects that we give so little credit, they truly are creative. They’re also opportunists along with a range of other insects. 

It means you won’t have to miss a whole bunch of steps before you’re practically inviting them in. Have you seen how fast they’re able to run?

There are common things you can do to help keep them out. Driving around with open windows is an easy way for insects to get inside. It’s particularly true for flying monsters. 

Cars that remain parked for extended periods of time are also at risk. They’ll eventually have crawled all over the place before they find out that there’s a crack in the window that they get in through. 

Once they’re in, it’s party time!

When they’re in, you’ll have to deal with them. So the first thing to make sure is that you shut the windows. 

There are other ways they can get in as well. They may not just be getting in from an unsealed gap in the door. You could be bringing them inside. 

Maybe you stayed at a hotel that had cockroaches in it. You forgot that you put a sandwich at the bottom of your bag, and it’s now gotten inside without having to do the work. You put that bag on the passenger seat, and you gave it free rein to explore. 

Crazy, right? 

It would be ideal not to stay in a bug-infested hotel, but it’s not always that easy. Avoid putting unsealed food inside your bag. They’ll keep munching on when they find out what’s going on. 

Catching a ride in your suitcase is so much easier than having to find their way in any way. 

When you put the bag in the back of your trunk, you give them free rein to the entire space. In an SUV, they wouldn’t even need to get out of the trunk to share the ride in close proximity with you. 

What’s worse is just imagining that there may also be insect eggs in your suitcase. They’re creative when it comes to where to hide, and their eggs follow along. 

Make it a mission that you’re not leaving groceries unattended. You don’t want to leave them for 30 minutes to find out that’s the place where the infestation originated. 

Having them lay eggs in your grocery bag can be devastating. Suddenly you don’t just have cockroaches that went from the bag to your car. The eggs are now hatching inside your room, spreading the infestation around. 

The easiest way to get them in your bag is by providing them with an alluring food source.

Rusted metal on a car

They can also get in by going through small openings that provide access to the cabin. Door gaps and cracks are some examples. There could also be damage to the undercarriage where they can crawl in.

Man going underneath the car

Windows, windows, windows

I get it. You want to leave the car. Maybe you’re only gone for 20 minutes or so. You think the best way to avoid it getting hot is by leaving the windows marginally open. 

Where do they hide?

To be able to get rid of insects, you will need to know where they are. Finding their hiding spot is key! Where would you go if you were a cockroach?

Is there food lying around that you start digging into? Think about where it would be safe to hide from predators. It’s likely where you should start looking. 

There are many spots in the car where insects can hide without being disturbed. They’ll get their food and then retreat back to the hiding spot. Thriving isn’t hard when there’s easy access to a constant food supply and dark spots that are safe to be in. 

Food that falls and gathers is a good place to start looking. It means underneath the seats would be the first place where you can find them. A prime area will both be protected and have a food source.

Crumbs fall down on the floor, and insects go at them. Wrappers, crumbs, and food containers may all have leftovers that the critters are excited to munch on.

Blankets and pillows are other places where they can hide unaffected.

Underfloor mats should be removed, and you will want to look into your ventilation system. See what’s going on there. 

Maybe you forgot a sandwich in the glove compartment, and it’s now just an insect magnet. Door panels are other good, protected spaces where roaches seem to gather. It’s nice and a good place to lay eggs.

Why is it so important to get rid of roaches? 

Some people only see roaches as a nuisance. However, there are various reasons you will want to get rid of them. 

They’re often infested with bacteria. A range of health consequences may arise from you not killing them. Bodily fluids, feces, and other leftovers are things you will be found. It’s not hygienic!

Their 30 types of bacteria pose a significant risk for your and your passengers’ health. 

There are a bunch of things you can do to get rid of cockroaches in the car fast. Here’s the rundown you’ve been waiting for.

How to get rid of roaches in the car fast

  1. Check the interior and look for eggs

    It’s important you find out if there are eggs that have been laid. Removing eggs and larvae will ensure the issues don’t get bigger. 

    Their favorite place to hide in the first place you should be looking. Small crevices between the seats can gather all sorts of crumbs, leaving them plenty of food. Dead cockroaches or other insects will potentially show you where they’ve been hiding before.

    Fecal matter and bad smells will show you there’s been a problem. If you see something that looks like coffee grounds, it’s probably fecal matter from cockroaches. Looking for cockroach eggs

  2. Cleaning everything

    When you’re done with this, there shouldn’t be an inch that hasn’t been cleaned. Get a big garbage bag and remove everything that shouldn’t be there. If you think it’s nasty, put on some gloves. You should’ve probably cleaned the car a long time ago.

    Paper, crumbs, and other things need to be removed. You don’t want any food source to remain. You also probably shouldn’t be eating in the car anymore. Organic matter of any kind could be a food source for them.

    When you see a spot that could be good for hiding in, pick it up. Make sure there aren’t any blankets or debris. If you remove any loose debris first, you’re doing yourself a favor. Cleaning the car

  3. Vacuuming

    Crumbs, hair, and other things can be hard to remove by hand. Get yourself a good vacuum that can help out, and be thorough. All organic material must go. It includes microscopic food sources that you may not see, but the cockroach will. 

    Go through every nook and cranny as your life depended on it. Seams and places where things can get stuck are a great places for crumbs to gather. 

    The most effective way is to use a long-nosed tool. Some of the other settings won’t be effective at really cleaning out the seams. 

  4. Killing the cockroaches

    The time that you have been waiting for has arrived. It’s now time to kill and get rid of the cockroaches. There are various ways to do it. 

    We have a range of products that we recommend for you to use. Some of them are commercially available products that kill pests and their larvae. Perhaps you’ve been looking into bug bombs. Some options may seem better as they’re organic and won’t require you to unleash madness on your car.Killing a cockroach

  5. Place the bait

    We’re generally big fans of placing bait that gets taken by the cockroaches. You previously identified spots where they’d likely end up hiding. That’s where you will want to place the bait.

    It comes in many shapes and forms, but you can find gels that work beautifully. Under the seats and in the glove compartment is where it goes. When you think there’s a hiding spot, you’ll want to ensure you’ve covered it. 

    Bait is great because it’s not just the cockroach that takes it that gets killed. They’ll take it back to the remainder of the colony, too. Vents are another place where cockroaches may be hiding!

  6. Boric acid

    Boric acid is another option. It can practically get rid of the problem overnight. That’s fast! It’s also great because it doesn’t pose a threat to pets and other smaller members of the family. 

    When boric acid is mixed with food crumbs, it becomes a lethal combination. It may seem counterintuitive to leave crumbs intentionally, but you also want them to eat them. You’ll want to vacuum once the infestation is gone. 

  7. Use a commercial steam cleaner.

    It may take a couple of days for the bait to do its job. However, it will work. Removing bacteria afterward is important. Steam cleaning is a great way to get that done. 

    The residue that’s been left needs to go. Chemical bait will usually include instructions on how to remove residue afterward. Detailing the interior and exterior with a commercial steam cleaner is a good step.

  8. Use an ozone generator.

    Ozone generators are great for getting rid of unwanted smells. Roaches and other insects are natural carriers of such smells. When you’ve had an infestation, there’s likely an issue with the smell afterward. 

    Bacteria and viruses left from the infestation will be taken care of.


Can you bug bomb a car?

Yes, you can. There are bug bombs for cars available such as the “Hot Shot, No Mess Neutralizer.” It’s got great reviews, but you’ll want to make sure you can air it out. There’s a reason it is as effective as it is, and you don’t want your family inhaling the remaining fumes.

Can roaches survive in a hot car?

Yes, they can survive in a hot car. It usually doesn’t get hot enough in a car to kill roaches. They’re nasty little creatures that can easily survive 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why do I keep finding roaches in my car?

Because you didn’t do a good enough job getting rid of them, you have to be thorough in cleaning and getting rid of them. 

Is it common for roaches to be in cars?

Yes, especially in the South. These creatures love the warm, humid air. If you eat in the car, it’s even more common.

How long can a roach live in a car?

They can live there for years if they can find a food source. Getting rid of the food source is the sure way to limit their potential for return.

Are roaches attracted to light

Most of them are not attracted to light. Just because you accidentally left the light bulb on does not mean they’re storming towards it.