65 ideas, designs & crafts to repurpose & reuse water bottles: What to make? 

Nowadays, the biggest problem humanity is facing is pollution and environmental damage. When we dispose of some items, they are not doing any good for nature. If not recycled properly, these items can be harmful to the environment. 

7 different water bottles.

To live a more green life, you should buy reusable items that are sustainably sourced. When we dispose of other items, recycling is mandatory. Plastic bottles are usually designed for single use. They are one of the biggest factors of pollution. But while they can be recycled, you can also reconsider throwing them away and trying new ideas to reduce waste.

Below, we will show you 65 ideas, designs, and crafts to repurpose and reuse water bottles. If you are wondering what to make out of the bottles you don’t need anymore, we have you covered with the best suggestions.

Make sure to check out this site, where we got a lot of inspiration.

Benefits of reusing plastic bottles

clear juice bottles

Because it is a significant factor in pollution, reusing plastic bottles is one of the greatest ideas to protect the environment. Every single day, more than 60 million plastic bottles are discarded worldwide. Scientists determined that plastic will take up to 700 years to decompose. The fact that it will be scattered in nature for such a long time doesn’t help the environment. 

Reusing plastic brings many benefits. There will be less need to manufacture more bottles in the future, as the old ones are getting reused. Because they are not thrown away, they don’t end up in landfills or streams. Reusing plastic bottles is a wonderful idea to reduce pollution, gas emissions, and energy usage. 

What to make with empty plastic bottles

Gift box

If you got a gift for a special someone, you can reuse a plastic bottle and redesign it in such a way as to resemble a beautiful package. There are many DIY tutorials online, and you can easily follow them.

Go to Youtube to find the first one.

Woven baskets

Just like gift boxes, these baskets are easy to make and represent a good idea for Easter time. With some wool, scissors, and a plastic bottle, you can create a beautiful item while saving the planet.

These are some really cool woven baskets.

DIY Ottoman

If you have multiple plastic bottles, throwing them away would be a horrible idea. You can get them together and assemble an ottoman made from plastic bottles, which you can sit on.

I would never have come up with this design for an ottoman!

Snack bowls

At the next party, your guests will be surprised and amused by this new idea of reusing plastic bottles. You can create small snack bowls that hold various treats for the party.

They’re simple but creative.

Zero electricity cooler

With plastic bottles, you can make your cooler that you can place on a window. It will cool the room down, and the clever idea belongs to an inventor from Bangladesh, which you can check here.

Pet feeder

Whether you feed birds in the garden or your lovely cat inside the house, there are many ideas for reusing water bottles into improvised feeders.

It’s time to get a pet already. Check out the design.

Pencil pots

It is a fun project to do with your little one. Together you can make pencil holders customized with paint, stickers, and googly eyes.

These are funny!

Dog toy

Place a plastic bottle into an old canvas bag and sew it completely. Giving plastic bottles to dogs is not recommended, but this toy is safe for them as the bottle is protected. 

Give your dog a treat!

Christmas Decorations

Let your imagination run wild right before Christmas. There are lots of repurposing options for water bottles, and your guests will be impressed when they see your Christmas tree!

Check out this Christmas tree!

Yarn holders

If you like sewing and knitting, it means your house is full of wool. Keep them in a safe space in a homemade yarn holder that will help you organize the wool in color.

Make this for when your creative juices get going.

Woven basket

This great idea can be more difficult for the unskilled, but the result is rewarding. You can cut the water bottles into strings and vow a basket out of them.

Who couldn’t use a woven basket?

Music shakers

If you are a primary school teacher, the little ones will love this idea, and you can use this as an activity to do together. With some colored paper and duct tape, you can create music shakers out of water bottles.

Magazine holder

By rolling the magazine, you can easily fit it into a plastic bottle cut in half. Attach them to a shelf, and you have a magazine holder perfect for the living room or bathroom.

Utensil holder

You can hold kitchen utensils in a plastic bottle that has been cut in half. This way, you can save money on new items and also save the planet by reusing the bottle.

Lip balm

You can fit the bottle cap with vaseline, coconut oil, or any other cosmetic combination. This way, the bottle itself will act like a lip balm.

Bottle light

By squeezing the bottles, you create a unique and specific abstract design. Pull these bottles over a light source, and you have wonderful decoration ideas.


It is a perfect gift idea for your loved ones, and they are not difficult to make. You can check the full idea here.

Flower charms

If you want to personalize wine glasses or add an extra piece of decoration at a party, flower charms made out of reused water bottles are an excellent idea.

Lake boat

While this is a hard and time-intensive project, it is definitely rewarded. If you are highly skilled, you can create an impressive boat made out of plastic bottles.

Christmas tree

If we talked about Christmas decorations above, this time you can consider making the entire Christmas tree out of plastic bottles. Although it is small-sized, you can place it on your office desk.

Bottle cap mosaic

Artists love this one, and if you got more than 30,000 plastic bottle caps, you could create gorgeous mosaic designs for your house.


If you want to purchase a new chandelier, you might want to reconsider. Making one entirely out of plastic bottles is easier than you thought, and it is also a fan project to do with your family.

Solar water bulb

If you want to lower the electricity bill, this idea has been useful for many people living in places where electricity is scarce. Check out the idea here


If Halloween is coming soon and the little one has no ideas for a costume, help them create a jetpack out of plastic bottles. They are easy to make, and you will also enjoy the process of creating one.

Rain gauge

Draw measuring lines on a plastic bottle cut in half, and place it outside in the rain. This way, the kids will learn about measuring rainfall and meteorology in general.

Look how they created a green wall.

Green wall

It is a grand project to do if you love gardening. You can reuse the water bottles into small pots for new plants. The cap can also act as an efficient drainage system.

Indoor succulent pot

You can use half of the bottle to plant a succulent that doesn’t have high watering requirements. Customize it and give it a unique look. As a result, you get a nice piece of decoration.

It’s funny and silly!

Lid lamp

Similar to the ottoman presented above, this lamp is made entirely from bottles. Instead of sitting on it, this box will act like a lamp in your living room or bedroom.

This lamp is so creative.

Plastic bag dispenser

If bags are scattered around your house, it is time to organize them into a single space. You can create dispensers from plastic bottles that will hold these bags for you.

Make it easy to deal with your plastic bags.


With a large bottle, you can create a broom that will be just as effective as the ones you purchase from the home improvement store. 

This broom will help keep your house tidy.


Although you will need lots of time and water bottles, this unique project will bring you lots of benefits. You prevent thousands of bottles from being thrown away while also creating a favorable environment for your garden.

You’ll love this greenhouse.


If you are a plant lover, you can create a plastic vase out of water bottles. Experiment with your own designs, and you can also give them away as perfect gifts.

A vase will help hold those beautiful flowers.


Instead of purchasing more plastic bins, you can create one yourself from plastic you already own – in the form of water bottles. You can see photos and further instructions here.

Water filter

A water filter is essential in an emergency or when you go out camping. A simple water bottle can act like the perfect filter if you follow the instructions from this video.


It is a fun activity that will entertain anyone. You need 10 bottles and some numbered stickers to mark them. Any small ball will do, and you do not need special bowling balls. 

It may not quite be real bowling, but it’s still fun. Here are the instructions.

Beach Bucket

You can create a small bucket out of plastic water bottles for your kids. They can play at the beach with it, carrying sand around. 

No need to get expensive toys just because you’re taking a beach vacation. Here is everything you need to know.

A cookie in a bottle

A cookie in a jar is a delicious dessert recipe. But if you have a plastic bottle lying around, you can use it instead of a glass jar. This way, you will also save the environment.

This decoration has a certain charm to it.

Colored lights

You can create beautiful colored lights from normal plastic water bottles that have been repainted. You can also use soda bottles, which are often already colored. 

Cat toy

Make a small hole in the bottle and fill it with treats for your pet. The cat will play with this toy until treats fall out, one by one. 

Fill this toy with treats, and you’ll have one happy cat!

Garden hedgehogs

If you have a big garden and need decorations, think twice before heading out to the store. The plastic bottles from your kitchen can be used for a great DIY project, which you can check out here.

Bottle scoop

Another useful gardening tool is a scoop, which you can use to dig and carry the dirt around. 


It is a great idea for the hot summer days. You can use a sprinkler to water the grass and keep your garden cool. Or you can use it on weekends, and adults can have fun with the kids who enjoy splashing around.

Watering can

This idea takes only a couple of minutes to create. Most watering cans are already made of plastic, so that you can reuse water bottles instead. Check out how here.

Dog treat game

Like the cat toy idea, you can make a similar one for your dog. It will keep the furry friend busy and entertained for hours while also being rewarded for playing.


Another playful idea for the kids is this DIY toy that will keep them entertained with lots of play time. You can find instructions and great designs here

Animal planters

Like the succulent decoration, you can create small-sized pots for your plants. Afterward, you can customize them by adding stickers and painting them to your preference. We love these planters.

Flower paint stamp

It is a great activity to do with the kids on a rainy day when they cannot play outside. It is simple and fun, allowing them to develop their creative side. Check out these stamps.

Garage storage

If you have tools and pieces lying around in your garage, it is time to organize them. While buying a shelf, you can also create a hole in the water bottles and use them as storage for small items.

Check out the design.

Food storage

As with the garage storage idea, you can use the same technique to organize food and dry ingredients in your storage closet. Store all your dry things in this.

Hanging bottle garden

You will need many water bottles and some degree of gardening skills for this idea. But the result is worth it, as you can have flowers and herbs hanging on an empty wall outside. It’s so cool.

Jewelry stand

You can use a water bottle to create a stand for your accessories. You can store earrings, necklaces, and bracelets on different levels. Get creative with the design, as there are many options available.

Wind spiral mobile

With a couple of water bottles, paint and scissors, you can create a wonderful decoration that you can place outside. When the wind blows, it will move around and make your house look better.

Pencil case

If school is starting soon, you can create a pencil case from unused water bottles. Customization options are unlimited, and you can even wrap them in another material, so it doesn’t look like bland plastic.

Make this pencil case today.

Hanging basket

Another gardening idea for your indoor and outdoor plants. Create hanging baskets where you can plant the flowers hanging at maturity. You’ll love this hanging basket.

Watering containers

It is perfect for keeping the plants hydrated during the hot summer days or while you are away on holiday. You can check the idea here.

Piggy bank

You can improve your kids’ creative side while teaching them about the economy and financial education. Create a piggy bank out of plastic bottles, which can also be customized to look more attractive. Save all your change in this.

Bottle top bag seal

You can use this sealer for anything. Whether it is a half-eaten bag of chips or a half-sized bag of pasta, you can seal them for later use with this idea. This design will help your food stay good longer.

Egg yolk sucker

Always keep a clean plastic bottle available in the kitchen. When you want to separate the yolk from the egg, there is a special technique you can perform with a water bottle.


The last gardening idea on our list is represented by a terrarium. It can be a fun project to create with kids interested in plants and biology. Get inspired today.

Bird feeder

If you notice birds often coming to your garden, you can create a feeder for them. This way, they will rest and eat before flying away to their next destination. The instructions are easy to follow.

Halloween lanterns

It is not recommended to use candles as they can melt the plastic. You can place LED lights inside bottles that have been covered and designed for this holiday.


You can create multiple penguins out of water bottles using basic tools and your own creativity. They are a great decoration, especially for Christmas.

Flower prints

You can dip the bottom of a bottle into paint and then place it on paper. The result will be a beautiful flower print, which you can replicate in different areas.

Spinning tops

It is an idea that will keep the little ones entertained for hours. You can create small spinning tops out of bottles, which they will enjoy. 

Water bottle crafts

plastic juice bottles

There are various things to do with water bottles. Wasp traps and pasta holders are just a couple of the ideas that will get your creative side to shine. You can share these projects with the little ones, as kids will enjoy creating them. 

School project plastic bottle craft

If you are a teacher, you will find the ideas in this article perfect for a fun activity with the class. The little ones are always entertained by practical experiences where they get to use the creative side as well.

Art with water bottles

Artists all over the world express their ideas in multiple ways. Some paint, and others get into pottery to create beautiful vases. Other creative artists use water bottles to express their ideas, and they do it in a beautiful way. You can create impressive works of art from simple materials at home.


What can plastic bottles be recycled into?

Instead of throwing them away, you can recycle plastic bottles into something great and useful. You can create bird feeders that will benefit the local fauna, or you can create piggy banks for the little ones to start their own savings. 

How do you put pictures on a water bottle?

You can print pictures and place tape them to the bottle. Additionally, you can cover the entire thing in a material already featuring the desired picture. There are many ways to display a specific picture on a bottle. All you need is to use your creativity and try different methods.