PVC plastic sheet: 4×8, Clear, Black, For Roofing

In the 21st century, plastic has all but taken over the world. Because it is cheap yet reliable, it is slowly gaining a monopoly in construction projects. PVC is only one type of this adaptable material. Though it can be used to make water pipes, today we are going over plastic sheets from this popular polymer. What is it used for, and is it safe? Read on to find out.

Heck, it’s even used for toilet components and railing.

Article summary

It’s a material that’s usually clear, although it can be black and used for roofing. 4×8 is the most typical size that PVC plastic sheeting comes in. PVC is used for everything from signs to garage doors.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the following topics:

What is PVC plastic made of?

As hinted by its name, this plastic is made of polyvinyl chloride. An incredibly versatile material, PVC is slowly ousting wood and metal alike. Unlike wood, it is impervious to water. It will never rot since we are talking about plastic.

PVC is a thermal insulant, meaning it helps keep a stable temperature. Metals would be left at the mercy of the current weather. It is also a very durable material, which can resist high temperatures and pressure.

But its best quality lies in its low weight. This makes manipulation and installation far easier.

You might have stumbled upon CPVC, a close relative of PVC. This is chlorinated polyvinyl chloride, and it has different properties than the unmodified version. The bonds in its molecular structures are weaker, allowing it to stretch further. It gives it greater heat resistance. Hence, it is used mainly for boiler pipe insulation.

What is PVC plastic sheeting used for?

Due to its versatility, PVC cellular foam boards or sheets have several different uses.

PVC Floor

PVC flooring is becoming more and more prevalent in this day and age. If you’ve ever owned a wooden floor, you are familiar with how stubbornly stains tend to stick on. No matter how hard you scrub, the unsightly mark remains. Moreover, the wood might absorb moisture and allow fungi to grow. 

With vinyl, your floor can enjoy the much-appreciated qualities of plastic while retaining a wooden look. How is this possible, you ask? Modern technology allows for broader design choices that look exactly like the real deal. 

Great convenience

Other benefits lie in its convenience. PVC flooring is not only much cheaper than other types, but it’s also easy to install. This means the cost is reduced further as you don’t have to hire anyone. Just grab your spouse and spend a romantic day setting tiles in your new house. 

Although we speak of plastic, there is still the option to recycle it. It cannot be said of stone, which usually ends in waste.

But before the euphoria of finding the perfect flooring material consumes you, consider these disadvantages. Yes, even vinyl is not perfect. Although it is made to be resistant to most corrosive chemicals, it is still vulnerable to organic solvents. It includes acetone found in nail polish remover, so ladies, be careful where you do your manicure! 

Also, it is durable only against impact damage. Small, sharp objects will still cut through. 

PVC Wall Panels

PVC wall covering

Wallpapers have been used to decorate interior walls for ages now. Yet their popularity might dwindle as a new contender enters the market – the wall panels.

Wall panels can serve as an alternative to:

  • wall tiles
  • cladding
  • and wallpapers alike.

They are quite similar to PVC flooring, except for the installation. You fix vinyl panels on a wall rather than to the ground. The design is different too.

3D look

As opposed to wallpapers, they give the walls a nice 3-D look. They say you have to suffer for fashion, but that does not hold in this case. Wall panels are much more resilient to wallpapers, which tend to stain easily. They are also superior for the kitchen and bathroom because they resist moisture and heat. A wallpaper would simply come undone when exposed to these conditions.

But this lower need for maintenance comes with a price – literally. PVC wall panels can be twice as expensive as wallpapers (per square unit). Once installed, they are unlikely ever to have to be replaced, though. Ultimately, it comes down to your current budget.

PVC Laminates

PVC laminates are also flexible plastic sheets, but they are generally thinner. They are seldom thicker than 2 mm, and they enjoy greater flexibility. Meant to cover the surface of furniture and kitchen units, they will give your abode a modern look. 

Apart from their alluring look, these laminates provide protection. They are impervious to water and immune to corrosion and bug infestation. 

Older houses might sport laminate sheets made from acrylic. While these generally have better luster, they are slowly becoming obsolete. This is because vinyl is a cheaper and easier material to maintain. In addition, it’s not as prone to cracking. 

PVC Window Film

Window films are thin plastic coats applied to the glass. Though PET was the most prevalent material these films were made from, PVC is also becoming a popular choice. 

Why should you even bother with window films? Well, they provide greater heat insulation for your windows. The plastic coat further diminishes heat loss, especially in winter. Conversely, it blocks the heat from sunlight on scorching summer days. 

It also filters dangerous UV light rays. The plastic absorbs them, protecting your skin from cancer.

The vinyl coat will protect your privacy if you opt for frosted materials. It makes it popular to install in bathrooms for obvious reasons. 

PVC Signage

Owing to its great durability, it is no surprise that PVC signs have all but taken over the market. Fit for indoor and outdoor use, their smooth finish gives them a professional look.

These signs can also withstand inclement weather far better than its would-be competitors.

Contrary to what you may have heard, PVC signs are eco-friendly and recyclable. Nowadays, they are made from materials that do not harm the environment.

Other uses of PVC Foam Boards

Cellular foam boards can also be used in exhibition booths and garage doors.

PVC sheets 4×8

PVC Garage Doors

PVC garage door

It seems like you’ve finally got it all. You’ve built your dream house. You have a big loving family. But wait, aren’t you forgetting something? Your newly purchased car also needs an abode, and its entrance must be secure.

Our polymeric friend is happy to assist you once again. Yes, even garage doors can be made of this versatile plastic.

Garage doors made from this material are cheap and easy to maintain. It matches the durability of metal while offsetting its weakness to corrosion. The doors are also lightweight, which might be handy if you opt for manual operation. No more heavy lifting is necessary to access your tools and vehicle.

PVC Garage Organizers

The garage has been built, and your car is safe. But once you brought all your tools in, a cataclysm was unleashed. Is that a water can lying under your car’s tire? And why are the gardening tools scattered in every corner? Our friend, you could use a garage organizer.

If you seek to bring order where chaos now reigns, this Proslat Slatwall Garage Organizer might be your salvation. It comes in multiple colors, ranging from jet black to snow white. Moreover, its 8 ft x 4 ft size provided more than enough space for all our tools. Durable and easy to install, this organizer is what every garage needs.

For the space it provides, $200 is a small price to pay.

Capacity75 lbs
Item Weight‎37.9 pounds
MaterialHeavy-duty PVC
Size8′ x 4′


  • It helps better store everything in your garage.
  • It’s easy to install
  • Looks great
  • Easy-to-assemble


  • It doesn’t feel high end.
941 Reviews
Great garage organizer

Clear PVC sheet

True to their name, clear PVC sheets vary in thickness. Extremely thick transparent sheets are ideal for:

  • table covers
  • curtains
  • and bags.

Plastic Table Covers

Not only are plastic table covers exceptionally economical, but they are also wonderful substitutes for fabric covers. As opposed to cloth, they are impervious to water and stains. No longer must your heart skip a beat when your child spills a sugary soda. Ketchup and mustard stains will no longer haunt your nightmares. With PVC plastic sheets, you just grab a sponge and see them vanish before your eyes.

In addition to their easy maintenance, plastic covers are much more resistant to high heat and pressure. You no longer have to worry about scorch marks ruining your expensive satin cover.

However, make sure you go over the plastic with a dry rag once you clean it. You don’t want to allow the water to evaporate naturally, leading to unsightly watermarks.

Tantalized by the appeal of these vinyl covers? Then you might love this Sancua tablecloth. Made from pure polyvinyl chloride, this sturdy see-through cover will protect your precious velvety blanket hiding beneath.

Size doesn’t mean everything. When it comes to tables, it does. After all, one tablecloth won’t fit every table. Fortunately, Sancua’s got your back. Their tablecloths come in 10 different sizes. From long dining tables to quaint tea tables, we’ve found every size we needed.

The price depends on your chosen size, but their biggest tablecloth won’t exceed $22.

NameWaterproof Tablecloth
Material100% PVC
Product Care InstructionsHand Wash Only
Size54 x 78 Inch


  • It comes in many variants.
  • It ensures no stains.
  • Easy to wipe up spills


  • You may not like the surface.
  • It collects dust.
  • It’s thinner than expected.

PVC Curtains

Sometimes known as strip doors, you’ll find these plastic curtains in many factories. There, they are used to protect doorways. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, then read on! Their main appeal is the affordable price when compared to industrial barriers. And since they are not mechanical, they don’t require much maintenance. Dollars saved are dollars earned!

You might guess their purpose if you’ve read the above parts of the articles. Polyvinyl chloride curtains provide great insulation against heat and noise. They also form a resilient barrier against dust and dirt. Both these qualities make them a must-have purchase for heavily refrigerated areas. They not only reinforce the cooling system but also prevent contamination.

Because they are transparent, your workplace won’t feel like a catacomb anymore. Your employees will see the light of day for the first time, preventing accidents and boosting morale.

Check out this clear shower curtain liner and oval rings made by the material as well.

PVC bags

PVC bag

We weren’t kidding when we claimed that polyvinyl chloride is slowly taking over the world of plastic. Indeed, this charming polymer is also used to manufacture plastic bags. We don’t mean the dispensable kind you find in the supermarket’s produce section. We mean shopping bags.

Once your ire at this outrageous suggestion subsides, allow us to explain ourselves. Yes, plastic bags are often painted as evil incarnate. You will find stores promoting paper bags as an alternative wherever you tread. However, they leave things to be desired. For one, they won’t withstand water at all. Did you decide to go shopping in rainy weather? Too bad! You will be left with a pile of worthless sludge.

It goes for stains and spills as well. You cannot remove these without using water. But wait, the bags can’t handle that.

Though paper will be available so long as forests still stand, polyvinyl chloride can be recycled. When your bag finally tears, you can simply recycle it.

Of course, the decision rests in your hands. But with a reasonable approach, you can protect our planet even while using plastic bags.

PVC expanded sheet


In addition to all the aforementioned uses, vinyl is a suitable material for terrariums. Because it holds heat well, your scaly friends will appreciate the comfort it provides. It is also quite light, so you will have an easier time relocating the enclosure.

Whatever project you’d like PVC plastic sheets for, consider getting this Performore rigid foam. For only $13, we received 12 square inches of this quality sheet. You can use this waterproof product for various purposes, such as a fish tank divider or DIY sign. If you are dissatisfied with its shape, grab a heat gun and watch as it bends to your will.

Item Weight‎5.1 ounces
Package Dimensions‎11.9 x 11.9 x 0.1 inches
Size12 x 12 Inches


  • It’s 1/8″ thick
  • The price is good.
  • It works for what you want to use it for.


  • There’s only one sheet included.
  • Should arrive with a “do not bend” sticker
Expanded PVC Sheet
95 Reviews
Expanded PVC Sheet
Great plastic sheets

PVC foam sheet

Rigid PVC cellular foam is a very low-maintenance yet durable material. In addition to crafting your DIY signs, it can also be used for artwork displays or photo frames. 

For instance, you can use this sturdy Union Foam Board for a variety of projects. Are you a soccer mom who wishes only the best for her children? Consider getting them this foam board for their next school project. Its lustrous modern look will make them stand out from the rest of the pupils. You can also use it to create a picture display in your room. Your only limit when using this board is your creativity!

The package does cost $46, but it contains 10 sheets. 


  • Easy to cut
  • Sturdy
  • Good foam boards
  • Fast delivery


  • Some have received a damaged product.
  • Packaging could be better.

Black PVC sheets

You’ll love this MEGA FORMAT board if you’re looking for other good-quality vinyl sheets. We opted for the black one, though it also comes in white. Whether you wish to coat your furniture or revamp your wooden cladding, the world’s your oyster with this board. We got it for $16 months ago, and it still looks new.

Roofing PVC sheet panels

PVC roof panel sheets

By this point, it should be no surprise that vinyl can also put a roof over your head. The corrugated PVC sheets are as aesthetically appealing as they are durable. In addition to being immune to precipitation, they will retain their color even beneath the Sun’s fiery glare.

Since vinyl sheets don’t weigh much, they are easy to install. If you are a fan of DIY projects, you will love them. Their average price is about $8 per square foot, which is quite the value for money.

How to cut PVC corrugated roofing sheets

For neophytes in handling plastic, we prepared this quick and easy-to-follow guide. Cutting corrugated PVC sheets could not be simpler.

  1. Gear up for the job. Grab a circular saw along with a carbide blade. Make sure you don protective goggles to protect your eyes.
  2. Put the corrugated PVC sheet on a flat surface, measure the length you need, and mark it.
  3. Move the sheet towards the edge so that it hangs over slightly. The mark should be located about an inch beyond the edge in an ideal scenario. If the sheet is too big, you might need an assistant to support it. Hold the blade guard as you do so.
  4. Having set the circular saw to full cutting depth, cut the sheet at the marked line.
  5. Once the guard reaches the top of the corrugated PVC sheet, let go of the guard. Press the sheet onto the surface. It will minimize vibrations.
  6. Carry on towards the edge.
  7. When you’re done with this side, move on to any other you wish to cut and reapply these steps.


What type of PVC is used for reptile enclosures?

Expanded foam board is the most common type used for reptile enclosures. It provides excellent heat insulation for your serpentine companions. Moreover, its lightweight nature allows for easy relocation.

Are PVC reptile enclosures safe?

Quality cellular vinyl sheets are 100% safe for humans and reptiles alike. This means you have to pay attention to the manufacturer’s brand. Cheap, poorly made sheets might gradually release noxious gases into the air. It might endanger the inhabitants of your terrarium.

Always check the company’s credibility before you purchase vinyl sheets. Do they have a certification listed on their website? Then their vinyl products are safe to use.

Which is stronger – PVC or ABS sheets?

Mechanically speaking, ABS or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene sheets are sturdier. However, ABS doesn’t handle sunlight well. It will weaken and lose shape over time, making it unfit for use in hot climates.

How long does it take for PVC glue to dry?

PVC glue is used to bond two vinyl pipes together. It takes about two hours for it to harden but consider waiting up to a day to be certain. Temperature and humidity might make it take longer.

Is PVC toxic to humans?

Many people will tell you that vinyl releases poisonous gases when exposed to sunlight. While chlorine and phthalates might evaporate from this plastic over time, this only happens with old and poor-quality PVC. Credible companies produce strictly vinyl that is safe for human use.

Can PVC catch fire?

PVC is a fire-resistant material. It will only burn if the temperature rises above 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Unless you are a pyromaniac, this is extremely unlikely to happen.


In conclusion, vinyl sheets are extremely versatile products that have umpteen uses. These sheets are prized because they are lightweight, durable, and resistant to many physical and chemical elements. Furthermore, they are cost-efficient and easy to install. Try introducing vinyl sheets to your home – you won’t regret it!