6 ways to mount & display a tv without drilling & damaging the wall

You’ve just purchased a high-end TV and can’t wait to watch that anticipated football match! But you have to get around to installing it first. It can be tricky if you don’t want to damage your walls, especially if you live in a rented place. That’s why we bring you some ways to install your television screen without the drilling fuss. Here are 6 ways to mount a TV without drilling and damaging the wall.

SteelGear Swivel Corner TV Floor Stand with Storage

Do mounting TVs damage the wall? 

Mounting a TV will require you to drill small holes for the mount. These holes can be ignored if the mounting is in your home and you don’t plan to move the TV anytime soon. However, these holes can quickly become the bone of contention in rented accommodation with the landlord.

Suppose a TV is not properly mounted the first time. In that case, this may even lead to even more and larger holes that will completely ruin the physical structure and display of the wall.

How to mount a TV without drilling holes?

We have the solution to perfect walls and perfect TV viewing too. Here are some ways to install your TV on the wall without all the drilling and holes.


There are a couple of options for those who want to go with stands.

Desk stands

These are versatile options for those who want a premium viewing experience. An adjustable height TV stand from Perlesmith allows each family to adjust the TV to their preference. It is compatible with televisions ranging from 32″ to 55″ flat screens like LED, LCD, and 4K.

56,124 Reviews
It's a really popular product!

The best thing about stands is the time it takes to setup up, which is virtually none! Keep a table or TV unit set up and install it within 10 minutes. Make sure to keep the safety lock on, and you’re ready to watch your favorite shows.

Most are compatible with big brands like Sony, LG, Samsung, etc.

Floor stands

Hybrid TV stands are an even better option for when you don’t want to purchase another desk to place the stand on.

These stand on their own and sometimes also have a shelf available to keep accessories. This one by Fitueyes has an option to buy a stand with a shelf and keep small accessories like remotes and set-top boxes on it. The wooden base provides strong support to your heavy TV.

FITUEYES Swivel Floor TV Stand

There’s even a swivel function so the user can set the suitable height and perspective for viewing. It can fit any TV between 35” to 65”. The weight capacity of 88lbs means no worrying about your TV dropping dead.

With such a short installation time, open up the package, set it up, adjust the height and start viewing!

1,765 Reviews
Floor stand

Hybrid stands

These are exactly what they sound like. A combination of both floor and desk stands. They’ve got storage, and they’ve got height. Some even have entertainment centers made for all types of devices.

This one by Steelgear has glass shelves for added storage next to the TV. The alloy steel makes a sleek and smart impression and blends well with any interior theme. The steel looks good and has an impressive capacity of 110lbs, more than any other stand we’ve seen.

The wedge shape means you can store it in the corner or the center of the room.

Whether hybrid, floor, or desk, each TV stand features a cable management feature that can easily hide all your cables and keep the decor neat.

Swivel Floor Stand with Storage
225 Reviews
Swivel Floor Stand with Storage
Keep your devices on the storage compartments.

Brick clamps

It’s more common to have exposed brick walls in vintage and gothic-style homes. While they do create a cozy impression, especially near the fireplace, it is a hassle to hang anything onto them that sticks.

So if you want a TV up there, it will be a challenge. But you can use our ideal solution of brick clamps. No drilling and hammering is required for this. You must hang the clamp onto the brick and adjust it to the size. Now hang whatever you please on the hooks.

Clamps like these by Antimbee fit most types of bricks, including:

  • Modular
  • Queen
  • Closure
  • Roman
  • Norman
  • and Utility.

The advantage of such clamps is that the drilling part is eliminated, which otherwise might have caused ugly and dangerous cracks in the brick.

Antimbee Store
387 Reviews
Antimbee Store
Check out these brick hooks.

Mounting tape

It’s risky. We’ve got the right adhesives to stick your TV into the wall if you’re confident. There are tough mounting tapes in the market that promise to hold up to 1.2lbs on 4 inches. Since most TVs only weigh around 32lbs, you can easily mount the tv from all four sides and expect the TV to hang nicely.

This one by EZlifego has an acrylic and gel-like material that easily permeates the surface from both ends since it is double-sided. The best feature is that it leaves no residue and thus doesn’t damage your walls. It’s also reusable! Wash and dry and regains its stickiness.

81,478 Reviews
Check out this double-sided tape.

You can also choose the Gorilla Tape that sticks on all types of surfaces. We’re not exaggerating; we mean all! That includes:

  • wood
  • brick
  • concrete
  • stucco
  • metal
  • plastics
  • stone
  • plaster
  • and more!

It’s true what they say. It’s duct tape on steroids.

Gorilla Black Duct Tape
17,614 Reviews
Gorilla Black Duct Tape
We can vouch for its toughness!


A small TV can be supported with hanging rails as well. These are normally used for hanging picture frames. You can also hang a small television with some support from adhesives and a little creativity.

The nylon cords on this one by Picture Hang Solutions are practically invisible, and that’s how you can keep your decor intact. Just hang onto the ceilings to save your walls from damage and holes.

Picture Rail Hanging System
175 Reviews
Picture Rail Hanging System
They don't have to be used for hanging pictures!

Ceiling mounts

ceiling mount

One way to save your walls is to target the ceilings instead. Ceilings are not only less visible to spectators but also less prone to other objects and people damaging the television. It’s better if it’s solid steel which ensures the best kind of durability. It’s also ideal for places that have waiting areas like hospitals and clinics.

Don’t forget the most important of building a home: saving space!

A ceiling mount like this one promises a good mount on any kind of ceiling, whether flat, sloped, vaulted or 90 degrees. It’s also adjustable, so you can lower the TV to the most comfortable point at your eye level.

Ceiling Mount
7,761 Reviews
Ceiling Mount
A ceiling mount could be an option!

This one by Perlesmith is also highly recommended by users. It promises a wide range of compatible television screens. It’s got a 360-degree swivel and tilt that can be adjusted to all ranges of heights and glares.

3,668 Reviews
It can carry 100 lbs!

No stud wall mount

Another popular option to save holes from putting out the beauty of your home is no stud wall mounts. These have tiny holes that penetrate the wall and are barely noticeable. Forget big holes that leave gaping cracks in your walls. With no stud wall mounts, you can easily hang even heavy loads that will leave no trace of their existence if you decide to unmount and install them somewhere else.

It also eliminates the problematic finding of the right studs for your TV and TV stand. No stud, no worry!

No stud wall mounts like this one even come with an expert installation if you choose it. However, the process is so simple it will take you barely a couple of minutes to put it together.

Studless wall mount
7,103 Reviews
Studless wall mount
It's very easy to use!

Alternates to wall mounting TV

Having the television on the wall is not always possible or suitable. Sometimes all the walls are occupied with decor, or the cables don’t align. Several other reasons prevent you from using walls. In this scenario, you can choose other methods. We’ll show you some of them below.

Atop a fireplace

Why not make it a space for leisure when you’ve got an extravagant fireplace that’s eating dust? Just fit the television stand and let it stand firmly atop the fireplace mantle. Ensure plenty of space, and use double-sided mounting tape to glue down the stand to the base. This way, you know it’s not going anywhere. Needless to say, it’s not ideal for placing a television atop a burning fire. Make sure there is an appropriate distance between a lit fireplace and your set.

Mobile TV stand

mobile tv stand

There are creative ways to avoid keeping the TV in one room. With a portable TV stand, you can easily move the entertainment from one place to another. Are kids bothering you in the living room? Move the TV into their room and keep them busy. Are you deciding to study in silence for a while? Move the football match further away from the study.

Here is a fine example of a stand that will instantly bring practicality to your home. An integrated cable management system ensures that no cables end up entangling with the wheels and trip the stand over to the floor. It is compatible with most TV screens between the range of 23″ – 60″, whether flat-screened or curved.

Mobile cart
1,163 Reviews
Mobile cart
Move it at your convenience!

This stand by the brand Rfiver even has three solid shelves to house all your speakers, sound bars, and other connected devices. It can hold screens of up to a whopping 75 inches!

Rfiver Rolling FloorV Stand
399 Reviews
Rfiver Rolling FloorV Stand
It's even great for big models.

Atop a cabinet

Wall mounting is not the only trend in entertainment centers right now. If your aesthetic vibe works more with the cabinet, you can place your television there.

Choosing a cabinet over a wall has its advantages too. Reaching the cables and behind the screen is much easier with a cabinet than with a wall that is totally out of reach.

If storage is an issue in your home, having an extra cabinet or two is super convenient to keep some extra stuff.

Store your books on the open shelf on this cabinet and keep the rest on the closed one. It’ll be a showstopper in your home in unique colors like:

  • Barnwood
  • stone grey
  • grey wash
  • rustic oak
  • and white oak.

It’s got its mechanism to keep all cables sorted. The high-quality MDF means you’ll have it for generations before you get bored! Supports Televisions up to 85″. With more than 15000 customers, it’s highly rated for ‘value for money as well as ‘storage capacity.

Modern Farmhouse Double Barn Door TV Stand
16,022 Reviews
Modern Farmhouse Double Barn Door TV Stand
It's so functional and will look great in a farmhouse-inspired house.

Motorized cabinet

For technology geeks and those concerned about space utility, a perfect option is a motorized cabinet. Here you can add a motor lift to a normal stand and conceal and reveal your television whenever you feel like it. When you are done watching, tuck the television back into the cabinet. It’s gone like it was never there!

You can use a motorized TV lift like this one to install this function. Control the height from as low as 18″ to high as 65″ with convenient remote control. It even comes with a 5-year warranty. What more can one ask for?

Motorized Lift 
29 Reviews
Motorized Lift 
We love the possibility for vertical lift.

It also means during an especially rowdy birthday party. You can tuck away your precious screen inside a cabinet safely. Not only does this protect from accidents, but also dust and dirt. It makes cleaning a tougher job.


Take a look at some of the most asked questions about wall mounting.

Can you mount the TV without damaging the wall?

Yes! You most certainly can! One of the easier ways to do this is by using hybrid stands. These combine a cabinet with shelves with a wall stand. You can affix the stand onto the given mechanism and place it next to the wall.

Another way to the wall mount is to use heavy-duty mounting tape like Gorilla Duct tape that promises high and strong holding capacity. There’s also an option to use brick clamps if you have an exposed brick wall that cannot withstand drilling. You can clamp this on the brick and hang your TV onto this.

You can also use picture hanging rails to affix a screen and hang it below the ceiling. It has the advantage of having virtually invisible nylon cords. They will blend in seamlessly in your home.

You can also go for alternatives to keep the screen away from the wall entirely. Here you can use a cabinet or even a motorized cabinet. Motorized cabinets can keep the TV concealed when it is not in use.

You can also keep it atop a fireplace or use a portable TV stand. A portable TV stand means even and easy screen sharing. Feel like watching TV in bed? Take the tv along! Got a movie screening? Move it into the hall! Endless possibilities.

How much does it cost to mount a tv on the wall?

The average cost of wall mounting ranges from $150 to 350 dollars. A mid-sized television will usually cost an average of $250. To skip these absurd prices, you can use wall mounting methods like ceiling mounts or heavy-duty duct tape. They won’t leave a mark on your walls.