35 Steps to make and keep a room cool without an AC

We all wonder why it can’t be cozy winter all year round, but summer eventually comes along. Worry not! There are some ways you can combat the summer heat even without an air conditioner. Keep reading to find out all 35 steps to make and keep a room cool without an AC.

1. Change up the sheets

Your sheets should be of breathable material. The most breathable material in the summer is cotton indeed. It absorbs sweat and dries quickly. Try out the perfect cooling bed sheets in 100% cotton and feel the difference. In the summer, the worst fabric you can think of is satin and silk. It releases too much heat. Be wary of such fabrics and consider replacing your pillow covers with cotton.

dog lying in the sheets

2. Use a cool pad

Use your hot water bottle in the freezer to keep you cool throughout the night. You can use silicone gel pads as heat pads or ice packs at your convenience.

3. Drape heavy curtains on the windows

While you can certainly keep the heat out, you’ve also got to keep the cold in. A perfect way to do this is using heavy and dark curtains. A good pair of curtains will block light and even UV rays. This can be great for summer but also for your TV viewing experience. Here’s a great one that received more than 87000 ratings and still secured 4.7 stars on Amazon.

Ready to keep going and learn how to make and keep a room cool without an AC?

heavy curtains

4. Open windows in cooler times

When it’s cooler in the morning, you can resort to opening the windows to let the house or small room cool down. But as the sun comes up more prominently, you’ll want to close them to prevent the heat from getting in. Open them again when the cool night is upon you.

5. Shower often

Lowering your body temperature rather than the home is also a good idea. You can do this by taking a quick shower to avoid wasting too much water. When you come in from the heat, wait a couple of minutes to cool down and then proceed to shower. Never instantly transfer from extremely hot conditioners to extremely cool ones, which can be detrimental to your heart health.

6. Find a low place to sleep

Since heat rises, sleeping in the basement would be a good idea. If that is not possible, you may sleep on a lower bed or a mattress on the floor.

7. Drink plenty of water

It is important to stay hydrated to keep your body temperature cool. This should not be a one-off pursuit. Rather, you should drink water throughout the day. Drinking water only at night isn’t a good idea. You’ll only be making frequent trips to the toilet all night!

8. Keep doors closed

Doors should be kept closed throughout the day to keep the heat out. When the wind is cooler, you can open doors on opposite ends at night. This will allow a cross-circulation of air to occur that will cool the house further. Of course, make sure you have a safety door or mosquito netting installed if you live in an area prone to mosquitoes and robberies.

9. Sleep with your personal AC

The cotton sheets you use to cover yourself can act as your air conditioner. All you need to do is spray it with some water or dip it in a bucket of water and squeeze out the extra. Now lay it over you and sleep comfortably with your little personal AC. This is also known as the Egyptian method of passing through the summer.

10. Use your pulse points strategically

Use your DIY cool pad to cool your pulse points. This will bring down your body temperature much faster. This includes your ankles, behind your knees as well as your elbows. Use a towel or cotton handkerchief to prevent getting too cold. A sudden lowering of temperature can also be detrimental.

11. Buy cooler mattresses and sheets

Some mattresses cool the body more than traditional spring mattresses. A water bed is an example of it. Thinner cooler sheets and pillow covers will also keep you cool as a cucumber. Consider these bamboo sheets with over 38000 customers and a rating of 4.5 stars. It has natural thermo-regulating properties that quickly remove moisture and produce a cooling effect.

12. Keep the lights even cooler

It’s not just the wind that has to do with the room temperature. It’s the electrical lighting too. Regular incandescent lighting can raise temperatures. It’s the LED lighting that you want to keep the bills at a minimum and the heat.

dim lights

13. The shade is your best defense

If your house faces the sun directly, it could use some extra help. Some awnings or large bushes and trees will help filter the direct sunlight that plagues your windows. Once you cover major areas with shade, you can expect your house to be much cooler. Of course, you must also make sure the plants you use as shade should not scorch under the sun.

14. Put out the fire with water

Traditional methods included keeping the roof and terrace cool by throwing water during the day. It automatically prevents the apartments below it from heating up. You can certainly try it out if your apartment permits it. If not, throwing some water out onto the porch or balcony will also work. Now isn’t that a cheap way to keep the heat out?

15. Make the freezer your new wardrobe

It sounds absurd, but it’s killing two birds with one stone. Keep your body temperature cool without even using an ice pack. Instead, you are utilizing your clothes! All you need to do is keep your PJs in the freezer well before nighttime, ideally in the evening. And voila! By bedtime, you’ll be sleeping peacefully and coolly.

girls in a freezer

16. Keep the cold in

There are more things than just curtains and doors that can help with the summer predicament. Towels can help too! Just roll them up and use them to cover the gaps between the door and floor to prevent heat from seeping in. You can also use them to cover the windows. This towel can be wet or dry. Although wet ones will be particularly more helpful in generating even more cold air inside.

17. Make your DIY ice pack

Ice packs don’t have to be bought online. You can also make them at home! Grab a packet of rice and put it in the freezer! If you don’t have an unopened packet, take some rice and put it in a sock. Freeze it up for a couple of hours, and enjoy your ice pack at night! You can also use a packet of peas generally found in the freezer anyway! This is also great for injuries, bruises, and other sores and aches!

18. Consider mattresses with icy properties

Nowadays, innovative mattresses are here. These include the likes of those infused with bamboo charcoal and aloe vera. Green tea will also naturally keep body temperatures down and lull you into a good night’s sleep. Take this LUCID mattress with bamboo-charcoal-infused properties to regulate your blood circulation and temperature!

19. Go old school with ice and a fan

If you’ve got some ice in the freezer, there’s more you can do than make an ice pack. Rather you can use your table fan and prop some ice in front of it to create a nice chilly wind. Once it’s melted, this will need to be refilled with ice, but you might be long asleep by then. It works perfectly for a small dorm room too!

20. Keep the exhaust fans on

Exhaust fans are present in both the kitchen and the bathrooms. This can be used to keep steam and hot air out. Especially in times of cooking, you want to turn on the exhaust. The extra heat generated gets instantly wiped out.

21. Get a whole house fan

This is something much cheaper than an AC. It’s simply a vent in the middle of your home that sucks out hot air with its large wings. It’s a simple solution adopted in older times to keep houses summer-proof. Here’s one that’s OSHA certified and has 3-speed settings. It can be installed in a window or on the attic roof to remove your summer woes easily.

22. Splash away!

We talked about throwing water on the roof. But what about the netting on doors? Some old-style doors will have one wooden door followed by another with stainless steel netting to keep out mosquitoes or for safety reasons. These doors can be splashed with water. As air passes through them, it will cool your home instantly. Isn’t that neat?

23. Bamboo mats

This is for you if you can sleep a little uncomfortably but not in the heat. A bamboo mat is instantly cooling and less heated than your regular insulated mattress. Switch up and feel the difference today!

24. Prevent electronic heat!

Don’t bring your work into bed is a great rule for more reasons than one. Your laptop can truly heat the mattress by the time you go to bed. There isn’t room enough for that much extra heat.

That also goes for other types of electronics like a tablet or phone that’s being charged and might get hot on the bed.

25. Cold feet!

Getting cold feet might not be such a bad idea. Rinsing your feet before bed is a great inducer of good sleep. But if you replace this with ice water, you can cool yourself done enough to handle the heatwave. Another thing you can do is freeze your socks! It sounds absurd, but pop them in the freezer in the evening. Put them on at night while sleeping, and feel the chilliness take over!

26. Hammock it out!

A cot or a hammock is great for the heat since any kind of suspended bed means you’ll be circulating the air far more than a bed that will stop the air altogether. Try out this double bed hammock to sleep cooly with your partner! It’s perfectly easy to set up, and the fabric is not heat-inducing!

person lying in a hammock

27. Cook at the right time (and place)

Mornings are generally cooler and thus a great time to do your cooking. You will not heat up and sweat while working, and your house will also not suffer too much from the heat. If you want to cook in the evenings, might we suggest cooking outdoors in a nice spot with an induction stove? Or you could even do some crockpot or microwave cooking to save yourself the sweat bath.

28. Use box fans

Another way to keep the humidity down is to install cheap box fans opposite an open window. This will create a nice cross-breeze and lead to a colder temperature overall. Here is one that certainly lives up to the name of Hurricane. You can also keep this box fan inside an open window. This will push out the hot air while keeping only the cold air inside.

29. Use a wet sheet

You can certainly use dark curtains to keep the heat out. When even that is not enough, you can dip a sheet in water and squeeze out the excess. Now drape it over the curtain rods or hang it above the window. You’ve got a natural air conditioner on your hands!

30. Use buckwheat

This is a grain typically known for the flavor it adds to pancakes. But we can guarantee that it will also give you a good night’s sleep. This can be done by simply inserting some buckwheat into your pillowcase or under your sheets. Or perhaps buy a pillow infused with buckwheat’s many amazing properties! Here is one to ponder upon, for starters! It allows air to flow through the pillow, so you stay cool throughout the night.

31. Invest in a window AC unit

These are much cheaper than the regular HVAC units and even run a lower energy bill. The repair cost is also much cheaper to replace product parts or service. Here is one top-rated and with more than 10000 ratings on Amazon. It has a reusable filter and can dehumidify large spaces up to 550 square feet.

32. Let the night air in

Nighttime can be frustrating in the heat, especially with no AC. But it can also be a blessing if you’ve got large windows to help! You must keep your doors and windows shielded and shut during the summer days. But at night, it’s quite pleasing to open your doors to the cool night air. Cross-ventilation across the home will certainly drop the temperature.

33. Sleep strategically

In the summer, even two is a crowd without an AC. Might we suggest sleeping solo to prevent the body heat from inducing even more heat than before? Sure, it’ll be less romantic, but it can prevent any friction due to sleepless nights leading to terrible workdays.

34. Invest in a ductless HVAC

These instruments are not your regular air conditioners but produce similar cooling effects. They are also cheaper than the regular split AC systems. You ought to like one for its effective cooling and energy efficiency!

35. Invest in a portable air conditioning unit

We understand how expensive buying an air conditioner is. Installing it, maintaining it, and paying its electrical bill can add up. That’s why you can skip the hard part and buy a portable AC unit instead. It’s perfect for small areas and fast cooling. It has a thermostat like regular AC units. The best part – is you can move it along with you wherever you go! Here is a great option and Amazon’s choice too!

portable AC

36. Keep loose and comfortable

Wear light cotton clothes that are loose on your body. Anything tight could cause more insulation between your skin and the fabric and generate even more heat.

If you have to make do with only fans during the summer, worry not! We come to your rescue with the best positions for keeping fans to provide maximum cooling.

Time needed: 3 minutes.

How to position fans to cool down a room

  1. Counter-clockwise for ceiling fans

    For fans already installed on your ceiling, you can’t do much. But you can ensure that they are rotating counter-clockwise. Thus the cooler air will be pushed towards you. But in the winter, you must do the opposite and use clockwise rotation to allow heat to warm you up.

  2. Box fans

    Box fans are tiny but tumultuous machines. Place them directly opposite a large window to circulate the air coming in and cool down instantly. Alternatively, you can also place them inside a large window. These will ensure all hot air is pushed outwards while cool air is kept inside.

  3. Wall-mounted fans

    These should be installed high above where there are no obstacles in their air pathway. Ideally, they should be the type to rotate and circulate air throughout the room. Keep these opposite large windows for the best effect.

  4. Table fans or stationary standing fans

    These should ideally be placed in an area near an electrical outlet. As well as this, there should be no obstructions in the pathway of the air. Furniture like sofa and chairs will obstruct the wind of the fan. Be sure not to make a mess of the fan’s electrical cord to cause an accident.


Let’s look at some FAQs that you might have about the summer season.

What is the fastest way to cool down a hot room?

The fastest way to cool down rooms is to let the fan run counter-clockwise and add some ice in front of any box fans or table fans you might have. You will be surprised by the cooling effect it has. This also means you must drape your windows with heavy curtains and close all doors to keep this cooling intact for a while. If you don’t own heavy curtains, you can also put up a wet sheet near the window. This will ensure any hot air that passes into the cool wind in your room.

Does putting ice in front of a fan work?

It certainly does! The cold air that condenses upwards as the ice melts can be directed towards you using a box fan or table fan. It will help you out if you don’t own an AC unit or pass through a heatwave.

Where should a fan be placed to cool a room?

This depends on the type of fan you possess. Surely the best place to keep a table fan is in an isolated area near an electrical point where it can be plugged in. There should be no obstructions in the air pathway it provides. Otherwise, it will prove fruitless. A wall-mounted fan should be on the wall opposite a large open window without any air obstacles in its way. A box fan can be placed inside a window as they are built to withstand any weather condition like rain or sun.

Fans can even be paired with a bucket or bowl of ice to cool the room. In this scenario, you’ve got cold wind on the cards.

Do fans help cool a room with AC?

Certainly! Invest in a ceiling fan if you want to save some extra bucks on your power bill. A ceiling fan will circulate the air from the AC. This will spread the air faster around the room, and you can turn off the AC within a couple of minutes.