Baby’s & kids’ shoe size chart: girls & boys

While choosing shoes for ourselves can be easy, getting one for our children is not that simple. Our feet stop growing after a certain age, and we don’t have to take measurements constantly. But babies and toddlers will always need new shoes as they grow in size. 

This article will discuss baby and kids’ shoe sizes, focusing on both girls and boys. There is also a chart included that contains exact measurements based on each size, and you can use this chart for your convenience. 

Nike Shoes Kids

How to measure baby shoe size

If you want to measure your baby’s size, you can take manual measurements and use the chart in this article to find the exact size. Additionally, you can make use of specific tools that are designed for an easier procedure.

Best foot measuring tool – UpgradeWith Measuring Device | Measuring Ruler

This tool has been manufactured from high-quality materials, so you won’t have to worry about breaking or wearing out over time. It is simple to use, and you must place your child’s foot on the tool and take the exact measurement. You can even carry this tool to the store with you, and the staff will pick the right sneaker for your child after using this tool. 

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Baby’s & kids’ shoe size chart

3 5/80 – 2 months1C
41 – 3 months2C
4 1/83 – 6 months2.5C
4 3/86 – 9 months3C
4 1/29 – 11 months3.5C
4 3/410 – 12 months4C
513 – 15 months5C
5 1/416 – 18 months6C
5 5/821 – 24 months7C
62 years8C
6 1/43 years9C
6 7/84 years10 – 11C
7 1/45 years11 – 12.5C
7 1/26 years12.5C – 13.5C
7 5/87 years1Y
88 years2Y
8 3/89 years3Y
8 5/810 years4Y
911 years5Y
9 3/412 years6Y
9 6/413 years7Y

 What size shoes do one-year-olds wear?

The exact size for a 1-year-old child varies greatly, but there is an average standard. Usually, these kids wear the 4C as their foot measures 4 3/4 inches. Remember to take exact measurements of your child’s foot before purchasing. While this standard applies to most of them, everybody is unique and has their own needs. 

Typical 0-3 months shoe size

For babies aged between 0 and 3 months, you will find the size 1 the most ideal for their little feet. These sneakers are very small and have a sole length of just 3.5 inches. 

Best shoe size 1 for boys – Adidas Unisex-Child Lite Racer Adapt 4.0 Running 

It is one of the best shoes you can get for your baby. Made with 100% rubber, your child will feel more comfortable when he walks in these sneakers. Adidas created this model with a breathable feel, and there are no shoelaces that could cause unfortunate accidents. The midsole is cushioned to increase the comfort of your baby.

Lite Racer Adapt 4.0
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Lite Racer Adapt 4.0
They look sleek and are available in several color options.

Best shoe size 1 for girls – Nautica Kids Girls Youth Athletic Fashion Sneaker Running 

For little girls, this model will be the best option. Nautica manufactured this product 100% from fabric, but it has a rubber sole incorporated for increased comfort. The footbed is cushioned with a padded insole, and your baby will be able to feel better. If you are a parent with an eye for fashion styles, you will find this product goes well in many combinations.

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What size shoe does 6-month-old wear?

When your baby reaches 6 months, you should consider upgrading their sneakers because they might no longer fit. Look for shoes that have a 2.5C, which is 4 1/8 inches in sole length.

Best shoe size 2.5C for boys – Nike Unisex-Child Star Runner (Gs)

Your little boy will be in the spotlight at the daycare once he wears these sneakers. They have been crafted from high-quality materials, and Nike knows this is the age when some kids will start walking. That is why they included extra foam around the collar to increase comfort.

Nike Star Runner
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Nike Star Runner
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Best shoe size 2.5C for girls –  New Balance Kid’s 888 V2 Hook and Loop

New Balance is constantly increasing in popularity in the fashion industry. They are known for producing high-quality adult-performance sneakers. Still, they also started considering the little ones as possible customers. That is why they created this 888 V2 running sneaker for your daughter. This product is guaranteed to last until your daughter grows and needs new shoes. 

New Balance Kid's 888
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New Balance Kid's 888
They have lots of colors.

You can even combine them with AFOs if needed.

6 to 9-month shoe size

A 6 to a 9-month-old baby will wear a 3, which is 4 3/8 inches in sole length. It is also around the age when the baby will learn how to walk, so good-quality shoes are recommended. Luckily, we picked the best ones for your little one.

Best shoe size 3C for boys – Nike Kids Flex Runner

Nike is one of the most popular brands in the world. While they provide professional athletes and sportspeople with high-quality sneakers, they also produce smaller models for children. This particular model has a rubber outsole and is very lightweight, reducing your child’s effort when walking. 

Nike Kids Flex Runner
7,331 Reviews
Nike Kids Flex Runner
Here's a classic model to consider.

Best shoe size 3C for girls – Stride Rite Unisex-Child Soft Motion Rhett Sneaker

Premium leather is used by Stride when they create this product for your baby. Soft memory foam was also introduced in the footbed to make walking easier, especially since your child is just learning how to do it. An oversized opening allows easy removal, and the hook will tighten it. 

Stride Rite
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What size shoes do 1-year-olds wear?

Once your baby completes its first rotation around the sun, you might have to consider upgrading its shoes. A 1-year-old kid wears size 4C, which is 4 3/4 inches in sole length.

Best shoe size 4C for boys – Nike Unisex-Child Revolution 5 Toddler Velcro Running 

At this age, your boy definitely loves walking and running around. But for his comfort and safety, you should choose these Revolution Velcro running shoes. They are made from leather, which is durable and easy to clean. Soft foam also cushions your little kid’s step, reducing fatigue as well. 

Best shoe size 4C for girls – Nike Girls Toddler Huarache Run Sneakers

Nike created this shoe for your daughter, and they used synthetic leather for most of it. As your child slowly masters the art of walking and running, she will find these useful and highly comfortable. It gives excellent support to her feet, and many global customers are satisfied with their purchase.

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Typical 12-18 month shoe size

During this time, you will have to upgrade to a size 6C. They are 5 1/4 inches in length.

Best shoe size 6C for boys – Adidas Unisex-Child Grand Court Tennis

Special technology was used by Adidas when they designed this product. The sole is made from ethylene vinyl acetate, which comfortably affects your kid’s feet. The outsole is rubberized, and the entire product has a textile lining. You can also find high-quality synthetic leather in this product, which left many parents satisfied with their purchase. 

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Best shoe size 6C for girls – YHOON Boys Girls Sneakers Kids Sports

Ultralight materials have been used by Yhoon, a company specializing in footwear production. Lightweight and comfortable, these sneakers will have your child feel like they are walking on clouds. The adjustable hook and loop closure design ensure safety, as there are no loose shoelaces.

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YHOON may not be Adidas, but it has lots of happy customers.

2 (24 months) year old shoe size

A 2-year-old toddler wears size 8C, which is exactly 6 inches in sole length. From this point, you will only have to upgrade your children’s sneakers once a year.

Best shoe size 8C for boys – Santiro Kids for Boys

Made from fabric and synthetic, this product features a phylon sole and a highly elastic outsole, offering superior comfort. Your kid will also be able to put these sneakers on easier since the hook and loop closure mechanism is not difficult. These sneakers are suitable for casual daily wear and sports activities.

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Best shoe size 8C for girls – Adidas Unisex-Child Runfalcon 2.0 Running 

Adidas created this product with inspiration from running sneakers designed for adults. With a rubber sole and lightweight cushioning, these sneakers offer durable comfort. It increases with every step your daughter takes. While it provides superior grip in any condition, the outsoles of these sneakers also feature a signature look. 

3-year-old shoe size

Your 3-year-old toddler will find size 9C to be the most comfortable for them. This one has a length of 6 1/4 inches, but you should always get the ideal model for their feet after you take measurements.

Best shoe size 9C for boys – Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star OX Optical White

The All-Stars are considered the most iconic sneakers in the world, and this company decided to create them for children as well. When you wear your adult-sized Converse, your son can match your style by wearing this sneaker. Both of you will look classic and original. 

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
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Converse Chuck Taylor All Star
Converse is popular for a reason.

Best shoe size 9C for girls – MAYZERO Kids Tennis Breathable Running 

These sneakers are made for running, so Mayzero chose lightweight materials when they built them. The breathable material will allow for better air circulation, especially when your child is running. The insole is cushioned for comfort, and rubber soles prevent slipping and unfortunate accidents. They are ideal for walking, running, and hiking.

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MAYZERO gets the job done.

4-year-old shoe size

When your children reach 4 years of age, their foot length equals 6 7/8 inches on average. That is why they need a size 11, which will fit them well.

Best shoe size 11 for boys – Nike Men’s Basketball

If you choose this shoe for your kid, you are giving him brand-new shoes because they were released in March 2021. Black and white leather surrounds this product, including the Nike logo. Black lace will allow your son to start learning how to tie them. White embroidery is stitched on the back of the shoe, and those that walk behind your son will see that he is wearing high-quality sneakers.

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Nike never fails.

Best shoe size 11 for girls – Nike Women’s Gymnastics

This product is 100% synthetic, which makes it also lightweight. The rubber sole prevents your daughter from falling on slippery surfaces. A breathable mesh facilitates proper air circulation to increase comfort during hot and humid days. Excellent flexibility can be achieved with this lightweight model. 

Nike Women's
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Nike Women's
Nike also does gymnastics.

What size shoe does a 5-year-old wear?

Your 5-year-old will find the size 12 most comfortable for them. These shoes have a length of 11 1/4 inches, so make sure they can fit your toddler before you purchase them.

Best shoe size 12 for boys – Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9

There are many colors to choose from when considering this pair of Under Armour sneakers. You can purchase the ideal ones for your son’s fashion style while also giving him something durable that will last a long time. Durability is ensured by the solid rubber used for the outsoles, reducing the weight and making it easier for your kid to walk.

Under Armour
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Under Armour
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Best shoe size 12 for girls – BABUDOG Women’s Mesh Flats Breathable Slip

Because they are lightweight and stretchy, your daughter will enjoy walking in these shoes. She will not notice any discomfort, even with prolonged wear. These slip-on shoes also feature a breathable mesh that allows better air circulation and a refreshing feeling. Customers are satisfied with the value they get for the low price.

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What size shoe does a 6-year-old wear?

Once your kid reaches 6 years old age, they might find the previous size uncomfortable. Of course, at this point, it greatly depends on the individual dimensions of their feet. However, most parents decide to upgrade to a sneaker size 13. It is the average for a 6-year-old.

Best shoe size 13 for boys – Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 9 Running 

Under Armour proves again that they create the most durable sneakers on the market. This model is lightweight and features 3 different colors. You can choose between several patterns and match them with your toddler’s fashion style. The outsole is made from solid rubber, which offers stability and greater durability. 

Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 9
29,843 Reviews
Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 9
They're good and simple.

Best shoe size 13 for girls – Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 Neutral Running 

Brooks is a company that specializes in creating running sneakers for both men and women. They also have products intended for adults and children, so your daughter can benefit from the same sneaker you are wearing. This shoe offers excellent support and flexibility, which are ideal when your toddler is running or hiking.

Brooks Women's Ghost 14
17,878 Reviews
Brooks Women's Ghost 14
They have fresh colors.

How to find the best shoes for toddlers and kids

Little Girls’ Shoes

Before purchasing a new pair of sneakers for your child, pay attention to the measurements of their feet and the product you want to purchase. The width and length are just as important as the depth when your kid tries a new pair of sneakers.

If you choose the wrong size for them, several problems might appear, such as ingrown toenails or even hammertoes and blisters. That is why you should examine every part of the shoe and investigate the product in detail. Some sneakers will have removable inserts; you can remove them if your child feels uncomfortable. 

Youth vs. adults shoe size

There are many differences between children’s and adult sneakers, but their size is the most significant. While adults will share different sizes between the genders, both young girls and boys will wear the same size. As they enter their teen years, boys’ feet will continue to grow, which is why men will wear larger sizes than women. 

Kids shoes


What is the average shoe size for an 11-year-old boy?

An 11-year-old boy will find the 5Y to be the most ideal for him. It is also equal to 9 inches.

What is the average shoe size for a 13-year-old boy?

A 13-year-old boy with a foot length of 9.5 inches will find the 6Y comfortable. 

What is the average shoe size for 7-year-old girls?

You should consider the 1Y for a 7-year-old girl, especially if her foot’s length is 7 5/8 inches.

What age do kids use shoe size 2C?

Kids aged between 1 to 3 months will use the 2C for their sneakers.