Is 925 sterling silver real: What it is & difference between fine silver & sterling

Silver has been around since ancient times, used as coinage and a symbol of high status. This metal was often used to celebrate milestones and celebrations. It also has a beautiful ornamental value.

You might wonder if the 925 sterling is real. Many ask about what it is and the difference between fine silver & sterling. Below, we will show you exactly what the difference is and also recommend you some products. 

sterling silver bracelet held up

Is 925 sterling silver real?

Yes, it is real. The best way to find out if a piece is made of real sterling is to find the imprint on the piece. Look for a ”925” stamp printed on nose rings, Cuban link chains, or cuff links. 

Bracelets will have this imprint on the clasp, while rings will show the 925 stamp on the inside band. While the 925 is the code for sterling, you will also find some jewelry with the 999 code printed on them. It is the stamp for fine silver, which is different from sterling. 

sterling silver bracelet

What is sterling silver?

It is a form that has been alloyed. It is suitable for metalwork and jewelry because it is highly durable and less malleable. Fine silver will always have a purity of at least 99.9%. In this form, the metal suffers from tarnish. Because it is too soft, it can wear out quickly. 

Nevertheless, this metal can be used to create beautiful pieces of jewelry. For sterling ones, fine materials are alloyed with copper. It results in a 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper component, which is why you often see the 925 stamp on your pieces.  

sterling silver jewelry

Is sterling silver good?

This material is highly durable and even stronger than gold. It is because the added metals that also increase their quality. Sterling jewelry can be worn daily, as it doesn’t wear out fast. Accessories made out of this material are also affordable.

This way, artists can create various pieces for different budgets. They can keep up with the latest trends and experiment with new ideas, as this material will always be timeless. If you are searching for jewelry for special events or just a simple one for daily wear, you should look for these. 

Put on your best bra or shirt, and you’ll be sure to feel good!

What is sterling silver used for?

curb link bracelet

This exceptional metal can be used in many applications, with the most common ones being jewelry. This material can create necklaces, bracelets, or even rings. This material can also be polished to give a bright shine without losing its durability.

This material is also used in making fine tableware. It includes forks, knives, or spoons. You can also find coffee sets or trays made from this material. 

As you can see, it can also be used for fruit bowls.

sterling silver fruit bowl

Sterling vs. fine silver: What’s the difference?

Whenever an item is described as pure, you should know that it is 99.9% made of pure elemental silver. These items can have few traces of other elements, usually not higher than 0.01%. This metal alloy was obtained through the combination of metals and pure silver

This material is 92.5% pure, hence the 925 stamp you can find on some jewelry. Pure silver is too soft and difficult to shape freely. That is why this material is difficult to use and work with. Because it is softer, its durability is also lower. 

Sterling silver diamond earrings


Amazon Essentials Plated Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

These beautiful diamond earrings are made of 925 and have an iconic butterfly backing. They feature cubic zirconia stones set in a four-prong basket. They’re built for longevity. They feature a flashing metal, and you can wear them without worrying about the wear that comes with heavy use.

Store this jewelry in a cool and dry place to ensure its longevity. It is advised to avoid the usage of certain cleaning products and perfumes as they can affect the item negatively. 

Sterling silver hoop earrings

Hoop Earrings, Round-tube Design

They’re made out of solid 925 silver. They have been stamped individually to guarantee the highest quality. Whether you want to complete your favorite outfit or make a gift to someone special, these earrings are suitable for women of all ages.

They come packed in a fine jewelry pouch, protecting your jewelry during shipping. You can order them in various sizes, ranging from 15 mm all the way to 60 mm. Whether you want to wear them at a special event or daily, you are guaranteed to shine and attract attention everywhere with these earrings. 

Sterling silver ring

engagement ring

BORUO Triple Interlocked Rolling High Polish Ring

Like belly button or toe rings, this one is made of 925 silver with a special stamp pressed on the inner band. Platinum plating has been applied over the base, giving this jewelry a white gold look.

The material is extremely hard and very resistant to tarnishing. This ring can be a perfect gift for a special someone, whether they are family or friends. If you don’t know what to get them for Christmas or Valentine’s day, this triple interlocked ring is a perfect idea.

Sterling silver cross necklace

Amazon Collection Open Loop Cross Pendant Necklace 18″

This necklace created for women features a cross design. It is made out of real 925 sterling. This jewelry also features a ribbon and a special design by blending the infinity symbol with the cross.

The pendant is placed on an 18″ chain made of genuine silver, which is also hypoallergenic. You can purchase this accessory as a gift for someone special in your life, surprising them with a high-quality product. 

Sterling silver bracelet for women

Amazon Essentials Plated, Round Cut Cubic Zirconia Tennis Bracelet

This wonderful tennis bracelet has round zirconia cubic stones in a four-prong basket setting made of sterling. These pieces are built for longevity and will last a long time because they are made of the material they’re made of.

The bracelet has a flashing and shiny appearance, making you stand out in groups of people. You can wear this bracelet during special events or even daily, as it is made to last and tarnish slowly. You can store it in a special pouch for jewelry when you don’t use it to increase its longevity even more. 

Men’s sterling silver rings

EAMTI 2mm 4mm 6mm 925 Ring High Polish Plain 

This high polish ring is made of genuine 925 silver, with a special stamp embedded in the inner band. It comes in different widths. You can choose the one most suitable for your finger. They range from 2mm to 6mm and weigh about 0.01 pounds.

Simple yet bold in its design, this ring is suitable for men and women. You can even get a matching couple ring set, where you and your partner wear the same item. This classic ring can be worn at any time. Because of the durability given by this material, this ring will last you a long time.

Sterling silver charms 

CharmSStory 925 Birthday Gifts Jan-Dec Simulated Birthstone Charms Bead For Bracelet

This birthstone charm is made out of 925 silver, which has a purity of 92.5%. The hole size is around 0.19 inches and is compatible with most bracelets. This product is the ideal gift for a special someone, such as a wife or a lover.

It can be worn on any occasion, and this jewelry complements your outfit. The high-quality material is noticeable, and many guests will ask about your newest accessory. This piece can also be worn daily, as it is durable and will not wear down fast. 

Sterling silver engagement rings

EAMTI 1.5CT 925 Cubic Zirconia Bridal Rings

This oval ring was crafted in solid 925 sterling, with the special stamp embedded in the inside band. These rings are hand-crafted and feature the highest quality in the jewelry industry. This set includes an eternity dainty ring and an oval-cut halo CZ wedding band. 

It is a wonderful alternative for expensive wedding rings, as they share the same design and elegance that never goes out of style. You can wear these rings at weddings or birthdays. Because it is highly durable, you can also wear this wonderful jewelry daily. 

Sterling silver initial necklace

ChicSilver 925 Letter A-Z Pendant Necklace

This wonderful necklace looks elegant on you, featuring a special design. You can wear it every day or on special occasions, as it is versatile. This necklace has the small letter ”K” and is ideal if you know someone with this initial. 

You can gift it to them and show them your love. Those with sensitive skin should not worry, as this platinum-plated necklace is also hypoallergenic. The chain measures 16 inches and has a 2-inch extension, making this product ideal for anyone. 

Sterling silver pendants

Amazon Essentials Round Cut Birthstone Pendant Necklace

This 18-inch cable chain has a spring ring closure. It features a prong-set birthstone pendant in high polished genuine 925 sterling. Longevity is guaranteed considering the base material, which is highly durable. 

You can wear this birthstone pendant necklace on special occasions, where you will attract the attention of your guests. They will show an interest in your new high-quality necklace, and the experts will surely recognize the authenticity of its 925 sterling. 

Sterling silver anklets

Ankle Bracelet Multilayer Anklets for Women

This piece is elegant and delicate, making it feel comfortable on your ankles. Like many rope chains and other types of jewelry out there, this ankle bracelet was made out of 925 sterling. To find your ideal size, use a string to measure your anklet. Lay it on a ruler to find out the size.

This product has an adjustable length and is hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry if you have allergies to metals. This jewelry comes with a cleaning cloth stored in the high-quality gift box you can give to your loved ones. 

Is sterling silver hypoallergenic?

sterling silver ring

Often, jewelry from this material will be hypoallergenic. That is because the alloy contains mostly silver, among other metals, which increases its strength. While some of the jewelry will be nickel-free, others will not. 

If you have allergies to specific metals, you can check out the description provided by the manufacturer. Genuine sterling can tarnish because copper is present in its alloy. But tarnishing can easily be avoided by regular maintenance and proper cleaning. 

Sterling silver vs. white gold

Although this material and white gold look familiar, they are two different metals with few similarities. Both of them have good and bad points. While sterling is more affordable but less durable, white gold jewelry will have higher durability and sell more expensive.

You should consider many factors before buying jewelry, such as how often you plan on wearing it. Jewelry can be worn on special occasions and daily, where the wear is accelerated. 

Because silver is such a soft and lustrous metal, it is important to be gentle when you clean your jewelry. Warm water with dishwashing soap will be enough for this process, as you don’t need special solutions. If you got everything ready, follow the steps below to clean your jewelry: 

How to clean sterling silver

  1. Mix warm water with a few drops of liquid soap until bubbles start to form.

  2. Place your jewelry in water and let it rest for up to 10 minutes.

  3. Use a soft brush to clean the crevices. You can also use a toothbrush for this step.

  4. Rinse your jewelry in warm water.

  5. After taking it out of the water, rub your jewelry with a microfiber towel.

    Paper towels can scratch the metal, so you should avoid them. 

Does sterling silver tarnish?

Sterling can be sensible to some materials. It will tarnish when you expose it to salty air, chlorine, or sulfur. High humidity environments will also affect your jewelry, as will sweat and other cosmetics.

You should avoid exposure to strong chemicals and maintain your jewelry well. If you properly care for it, long-lasting usage is ensured. 

Can you shower with sterling silver?

Showering with your accessories will not harm the metal itself, but there is a high chance it will induce tarnishing. As we mentioned above, water contains salts, harsh chemicals, and chlorine that accelerate the tarnishing process. 

We strongly encourage you to remove all of your jewelry before showering or entering a pool

Does sterling silver turn skin green?

While it is not common, your finger can turn green from wearing a ring of this material. It is because of the reaction between the alloyed metal and your skin. Copper is known to react with the pH levels to create a green color. 


What silver does not tarnish?

Fine silver has a concentration purity of 99.9%, and tarnishing is almost inexistent. It is soft and malleable and can be used for many purposes. 

What is the purest silver?

The purest silver you can find is the fine one with 99.9% concentration. The other 0.01% component is represented by traces from various materials that were used in the process. 

Is sterling silver good quality?

It is definitely high-quality, with a concentration of 92.5% content, which also makes it valuable. When you care for your accessories properly, they can last you a lifetime as this material is long-lasting. 

Is sterling silver costly?

On a list of expensive metals, this material is situated on 4th place, making it quite expensive.