How to quickly get more oxygen to the brain

Along with the heart, the brain is one of our crucial organs. But for it to function properly, it needs a lot of energy. And to get this energy, it needs two things – glucose and oxygen.

If you find it difficult to concentrate, your brain might not be getting enough of these nutrients. Perhaps you also suffer from dizziness and constant migraines. A poorly oxygenated brain can wreak havoc on your daily schedule. To reach your peak performance, you must take proper care of this organ. That includes supplying it with enough oxygen.


Practicing diaphragmatic breathing, exercising regularly, and supplementing are the best ways to get more oxygen to the brain quickly. Low levels of oxygen will affect our brain and make us feel tired.

We also talk about the following topics:

  • Which supplement to take
  • Which exercise to do

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In this article, we’ll show you how to get more oxygen to the brain quickly. We cover several methods, both quick and long-term. No matter what your schedule allows, you’re bound to find one that will suit your situation.

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How to get oxygen to the brain quickly & boost your brain oxygenation

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The benefits certainly sound enticing, don’t they? Well, we have good news. With enough practice, everyone can achieve them. If you follow our 4 tips to quickly get more oxygen to the brain to achieve better oxygenation, you can soon turn your life around.

Practice diaphragmatic breathing

Also known as belly breathing, many experts recommend this technique to improve your brain oxygenation. As the name suggests, this means using your diaphragm while you breathe.

Many people breathe using their chests. It often results in shallow breaths that don’t oxygenate your blood as much. To achieve the same saturation, your lungs will have to work twice as hard.

Diaphragmatic breathing can quickly change this. To practice it, simply sit and lie down. You can place one hand on your chest and belly to make the process a bit easier. Then inhale slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Your belly should rise and fall with every inhale and exhale. Don’t be afraid to inhale as much air as you can. Just keep in mind that safety always comes first. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, resume breathing normally.

We’d also like to point out that his technique might initially feel awkward. It is true about learning any new habit. But with enough practice, it’ll quickly become second nature.

Inhale through your nose if possible

Though your mouth is also connected to your lungs, it’s not designed for breathing. On the other hand, your nose cleans the air that passes through it. As fewer dust particles enter your lungs, your oxygen levels will increase.

Breathing through your nose also helps your body reabsorb nitric oxide and carbon oxide. Both contribute to better blood circulation. And better blood circulation means better brain oxygenation. Carbon dioxide also helps regulate the pH of your blood.

Walk regularly

Regular walks are an excellent way to improve your blood circulation. It allows more oxygen to reach your brain. Just 15-to-30-minute walks can be the difference between feeling fatigued and energized.

Though any exercise can achieve these results, intense ones cause your muscles to absorb more oxygen. As a result, less will reach your brain.

Use supplements

If you don’t have enough time to create new habits, you might find a quick solution in oxygen supplements. These products are often cheap and deliver oxygen to your brain almost immediately.

How to get more oxygen to the brain when sleeping

When you sleep, you can’t actively force yourself to inhale more oxygen. However, you can still boost your levels by following the abovementioned techniques. Improving your brain oxygenation during the day can also help you breathe better at night.

You can also take additional steps to boost your levels. Changing your diet is another game-changer. We recommend eating foods rich in iron and vitamin D.

You should also improve your air quality. One way to do so is to spend some time outside each day. Alternatively, you can purchase house plants for your house. If you have some money to spare, you can also invest in an air purifier.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco, as both can hinder the oxygenation of your brain. Instead, drink plenty of water during the day. Hydration can moisturize your lungs and help them absorb more oxygen.

When you go to sleep, try to fall asleep on your side. Lying on your back puts pressure on your lungs, resulting in shallow breathing.

Nasal congestion also makes it difficult for you to breathe properly. Don’t underestimate your allergies, and consult your doctor on how to best deal with them.

4 best supplements to get more oxygen in your blood

Although the methods mentioned above are effective, they require a long-term commitment. It may take weeks or even months before you notice any major results. Between your professional and private lives, you might not have enough room for new habits. Luckily, the following supplements will provide you with an immediate boost.

Here are our top 4 recommended products:

Best Cheap Liquid Drops

Few products provide an energy boost as quickly as these liquid drops. We were particularly pleased with how long you can store them before they go bad. The drops allow for over 200 servings, meaning you won’t need to restock any time soon.

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  • It may be less helpful for very obese people.
  • We’re not sure how we feel about the taste.
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Best Overall Liquid Drops

This pack includes both liquid drops and dietary supplement pills. It makes them great not only for immediate boosts but also for long-term increases in your saturation levels. Apart from your brain, this product will revitalize every single organ in your body. You only need to mix a few drops in your drink to get the benefits. It is single-handedly the best value-for-money product on the market.

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  • It’s great for 22 quartz.
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  • The potency of this product is very high.
  • People with breathing issues will be aided by it.


  • It’s not cheap.
  • It may have a more noticeable effect for people whose diet isn’t already tuned in.
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Best Cheap Portable Canister

Athletes are going to love this next product. This canister provides you with an immediate energy boost that will help you prepare for the challenge ahead. It’s also great for high-altitude hikes. You won’t have any trouble using the canister. All you need to do is place the mask on your mouth and take a deep breath. You can take the bottle with you on your trips too.

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  • It’s a natural product.
  • We believe it helps with sleep apnea.
  • It’s great if you’re short of breath.


  • It does get expensive to use.
  • It has more effect on some people than others.
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Best Overall Portable Canister

This package contains 3 canisters that will last you a long time. They also come with a 30-day return policy if you don’t like the effects. We didn’t get to use it since the benefits were immediate. Like most canisters, you can use them wherever you want. Unlike with drops, you don’t need water to use them.

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  • It’s still not a cheap product.
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Why does the brain need oxygen?

Oxygen is vital for most living organisms, including humans. Our cells use it to convert sugars into energy in the process called cellular respiration.

Though every organ needs oxygen, it’s particularly important for our brain. Did you know it consumes three times more of this gas than our muscles?

Neurons, our brain cells, require large amounts of it. It is because of how much work they do during their lifetimes. They are constantly ready to take on new functions in case a part of our brain becomes damaged.

They are in charge of not only our conscious actions but also our bodily functions. With so many responsibilities, it only makes sense they demand so much energy.

When our oxygen levels drop low, we start feeling tired. Our breathing becomes shallow, and dizziness and headaches soon follow. It is because our brain processes slow down. If the levels drop critically low, we might even die.

middle aged woman holding a brain

Luckily, you can avoid this by increasing the amount of oxygen flowing to your brain. We will discuss this in the later sections.

The effects of increased oxygen to the brain

You now understand why your brain needs oxygen and what happens if it doesn’t receive enough. But managing your oxygen levels has additional positive effects on your brain. Many of your daily struggles might stem from poor oxygenation.

Here are 2 main benefits of a properly oxygenated brain:

  • Improved cognitive performance
  • Fighting depression
small child

It improves your cognitive processes.

As we mentioned earlier, your brain needs plenty of energy to function properly. It will go into a ‘power-saving’ mode when it doesn’t get enough of this gas.

Proper oxygenation thus improves your alertness and focus. If you often struggle to concentrate on a task for too long, it might be because of the lack of oxygen. Boosting its levels will also make you feel energized and clear-headed during the day.

It combats anxiety and depression.

When you breathe slowly and deeply, your brain will enter a relaxed state. It is an incredibly effective way of lowering your stress levels. Some research also suggests proper oxygenation soothes anxiety and depression.

Much like when you sleep, your brain enters a rest mode when you breathe slowly.


Supplying your brain with oxygen is crucial if you want to keep it healthy. We often breathe without even thinking about it. It instills bad habits into us. Rather than breathing by using our chests, we should use our diaphragms. Breathing this way improves our brain’s oxygenation.

Other good habits to practice include taking regular walks and drinking more water. Iron-rich foods are also a good way to get more of this gas to your brain.

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If you’re looking for quick results, you can take oxygen supplements. These often deliver the benefits of good oxygenation immediately. Such benefits include improved clarity, focus, and concentration.