How to get rid of & kill voles in your yard

Being a homeowner means entering uncharted waters, where there is no way to find out what lays ahead of you until it’s too late. If you’ve lived in an apartment complex, the most you would have worried about is your fresh produce sitting in the fridge for too long. But as a homeowner, you’ve got a lot of ground to cover. From the water system to the garden, there’s a new problem every day. Here’s the information you need.


But talking specifically about backyards and gardens, there is more to the story than choosing what flowers or herbs to plant. One problem that has all homeowners tossing and turning in their sleep is an infestation. These furry creatures are part of the natural landscape. But if they’re allowed to roam around, they can do severe damage to your property by burrowing into root systems and more. You may have many questions. Such as what these creatures are and how I know if my backyard is infested. You may also wonder what can be done to get rid of them. 

But fret not. We’ve compiled the complete guide for you on how to get rid of & kill voles in your yard. If you come across the term “meadow mice”, know that they’re the same thing.

Products to help get rid of them

Before we dwell into the depth of the problem, it’s reassuring to introduce products that have proven as a highly-effective measure against voles. From chemicals to traps, here are the best seven vole-ridding products in the market: 

1. ELLASSAY’s Ultrasonic, Solar-powered Deterrent Spikes

If you’re looking for a humane way to detract voles without turning your entire backyard upside down, this product is ideal. Ellassay uses ultrasonic technology for these 11-inch long spikes that emit low-frequency pulses every 20 seconds. The pulses generated confuse the voles’ sensory organs, repelling them away from the site. 

A pack comes with four spikes that must be charged for two days before installation. Since they’re solar-powered, all you have to do after installation is to make sure the spike’s head is placed in a sunny spot. With only four hours of charge, it’s guaranteed to last you four entire days! If you’re worried about any damage to the spike, then it’s time you let that fear go. Each solar panel on the spike is protected in a waterproof casing. So come rain or shine, this product is guaranteed to last you long. 

Setting up the spikes is exceptionally convenient. After you’ve charged them, you simply insert them into the soil. The more firm the ground, the better. Ensure that each spike is 70 feet away from the other for ideal performance. Within about ten days, you’ll be free of any uninvited guests. In fact, their tunnels will begin closing up as well!


  • They work on solar, which is great if you’re trying to be eco-friendly.
  • It is convenient that you don’t have to attach them with a wire.
  • They’re very easy to get going.
  • They have a noticeable effect on voles.


  • These ultrasonic repellents are sometimes unavailable on Amazon.
  • They feel cheap.
ELLASSAY Ultrasonic Repellent
445 Reviews
ELLASSAY Ultrasonic Repellent
These are great and solar-powered.

2. CaptSure’s Transparent Catcher

Are you tired of your lawn being turned into a playground for voles? If so, then it’s time to take matters into your own hands. These rodents make the yard unbearable to look at and ruin any prospect of planting grass or flowers. So why slow yourself down with devices and rodenticides that may take days to do the job? 

With CaptSure’s catcher, the results are almost instant. It’s a cruelty-free method to catch the animal without causing any harm. First, you need to place the catcher in your backyard and set the bait. The window on the catcher comes right out, so you can easily spread peanut butter or any other bait on it. Once put back into place, remove the spring door on the other end. The catcher is designed to automatically shut the doors once the animal’s weight pulls down the trap. Since it’s transparent, you’ll have no trouble seeing if the culprit has been caught. 

The best thing about the CaptSure catcher is that it’s reusable. Since it’s made of plastic, you can simply wash it, and it’s ready to be used again. Since voles are much smaller than other rodents, you may fear if the trap works for their lightweight body. But rest assured, the design is reactive to even a slight weight change. Bait traps with their favorite foods that these herbivores will like.


  • It’s very humane
  • It’s the right solution if you don’t want to kill the vole.
  • The traps can also be used for mice and rodents.
  • It’s safe for your pets.
  • They’re reusable.


  • You will need to refill it before resetting the trap.
  • It may take a while to catch what it is you’re chasing.
CaptSure’s Transparent Catcher 
1,927 Reviews
CaptSure’s Transparent Catcher 
It's humane and it's reusable.

3. Victor’s Ready-to-use Rodent Killer

Vole damage eats away at your vegetable garden and leaves it barren for any future gardening plans you may have. Therefore, you must take immediate action. Rodent killers are products that have proved highly efficient over the years. They’re affordable and get the job done quickly. Victor’s rodent killer has an excellent formula that’s too good for any vole to resist. 

To ensure the bait works effectively, you must carefully place it in the spots observed for vole activity. Any tunnels or runways made in the grass indicate their presence. Drop the bait along these runways, no more than 12 feet apart. Then wait for the bait to disappear. Make sure to keep adding fresh bait until no vole activity is seen. 

Since the formula is irresistible to rodents, you can rest assured it will rid your garden of all voles. It’s a weather-resistant bait, so you can even use it to eliminate any rodents inside the house. With the 4lb bag, you’re likely to be free of the infestation multiple times before the pack runs out. 

NameVictor M9015
Country of OriginChina
Item Dimensions LxWxH6.3 x 4 x 14.5 inches
Item Weight1.4 Pounds
Works byImpact


  • It’s a potent rodent killer.
  • It also worked against rats.
  • It’s better than some of the competing products we tried.


  • It’s not great if you don’t wish to kill the little animals.
  • The poison is sometimes not available for purchase online.
  • You need to be patient before they find it.
Victor's Ready-to-use Rodent Killer 
1,326 Reviews
Victor's Ready-to-use Rodent Killer 
Are you ready to get rid of the problem?

4. Feeke’s Mouse Trap

Sometimes a classic vole problem requires a classic solution. The good, old-fashioned mouse trap works perfectly to capture them. However, Feeke’s mouse trap is designed to make the entire process entirely hassle-free. 

Here’s how to use it to clear your lawn of any voles. Firstly, take out the bait cup and put any food source you think the rodent would like. The most common examples are peanut butter, meat, or fruit. Once filled, stick the cup back into place and push the bar until it clicks with the ground side. Now, it’s simply a game of waiting. Once the voles smell the bait, they’ll rush towards the trap. Feeke’s trap is guaranteed to clasp even the smallest vole, no matter how small. The design is purposely made hyper sensitive, so a weight as small as 0.03 lbs can cause a reaction. 

After you’re done using it, you can wash it and prepare it for another round. The new and improved plastic body design makes it less likely for you to snap off your fingers. So not only is it safe, but it’s also highly durable. In addition, it’s a well-reviewed product that reassures you an escape from vole infestation. At the cost of one tablespoon of peanut butter, you can rid your entire lawn clean of little pests. 


  • It works for various types of rodents.
  • It will quickly kill the rodent.
  • More than 17,000 people have reviewed it.
  • We got success in less than 24 hours.


  • It’s not meant for them to be released elsewhere.
  • It’s a great alternative to a cat.
Feeke's Mouse Trap
16,926 Reviews
Feeke's Mouse Trap
You do not want to get your fingers stuck in this trap.

5. JT Eaton’s Peanut Butter Flavored Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait

Finding tunnels and runways in your lawn confirms your infestation suspicion and begins a strenuous process of finding a way out. When you’ve invested thousands of dollars buying a house, you’ll take any measure to keep it in tip-top condition. So if you’re looking for a practical measure that is both affordable and eco-friendly, then look no further.

JT Eaton’s rodenticide is an anticoagulant formula that usually prevents blood from clotting. However, the bait proves lethal when taken in a considerable amount. JT Eaton produces the rodenticide in peanut butter flavor to make the bait more attractive. The scent of the bait is too irresistible for the voles to ignore. 

The product comes in rectangular chunks, which you can place near the runaways and other suspected areas. The company proudly regards it as a ‘choice of professionals.’ So why spend hundreds of dollars paying an exterminator when you can use the bait yourself and have your lawn back to excellent condition?

NameBait Block Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait
Item Weight9 lb
ManufacturerJT Eaton
Product Dimensions11 x 11 x 10 inches
TastePeanut Butter Flavor


  • It also works for mice and rats.
  • 144 pieces should last you some time.


  • You’ll need to clean up the dead rodent when you find it.
Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait
6,735 Reviews
Rodenticide Anticoagulant Bait
Did someone say peanut butter flavor?

6. Victor’s Easy-to-use Deadset Mole Trap and Killer (M9015)

You must be aware of ‘Tough times call for tough measures.’ It was likely created by someone dealing with an infestation in their backyard. Any homeowner’s first choice is to go for an option that seems the least threatening. But if the problem remains, you’re required to make some difficult choices. Victor’s deadset rodent trap is designed to look menacing. Perhaps, they are scared off at the very sight of the trap. 

Using the trap is very simple. It would help if you placed it on the ground. Once pushed in firmly, raise the handle to activate it. The product requires no additional chemical or bait to lure the rodent into its claws. It simply senses underground movement and any slight change triggers a response by the product. Since the trap is buried in the ground, it’s ideal for a house filled with children and pets

At least it’s efficient at getting rid of the critters.


  • It’s reusable.
  • The design is very clever.
  • It is used where you know they are already moving.
  • They work great, especially in sandy soil.


  • It’s not meant to save and rerelease them.
  • The legs are a bit fragile.

Neogen’s Ramik Green, Fish-flavored Rodenticide Nuggets

Getting rid of voles in your backyard should not cost you your sanity. Actively looking at the traps or hunting them down is a reality you can easily avoid. With Neogen’s rodenticide, all you need to do is place a sufficient amount at the right spot. The product deals with all the heavy lifting afterward. Its lethal formula won’t rest until your lawn is clean of the last vole. 

As one of the strongest rodenticides available on the market, you certainly can’t do better than this. The product is available in pellet form, making it very easy to place between tight spots. It’s available in fish flavor, so the voles find it too irresistible to miss out on. You can use the weather-resistant and wax-free formula both outdoors and indoors. So if you purchase an entire bag, you can use it to get rid of the voles in the backyard and any other pests roaming inside the house.  

NameNeogen Ramik Green Fish Flavored Weather Resistant Rodenticide Nuggets
Country of OriginUSA
ForIndoors & outdoors
Product Dimensions20 x 10 x 11 inches
Weight4 lb bag


  • They’re also great against mice.
  • They’ll get rid of rats.
  • It’s potentially the best poison out there for the purpose.
  • The price is reasonable.


  • They might take a while to get results.

How to get rid of & kill voles in your yard

vole in the yard

Voles may resemble your pet hamster, but the damage they are capable of doing is genuinely extraordinary. And given how fast they reproduce, this is a problem you need to be ahead of immediately. So here are a few steps that you can follow to get rid of the voles in your yard and control their numbers:

How to get rid of & kill voles in your yard 

  1. Identify the culprit

    Many rodents love to gnaw on lawns and young trees, so it helps to know exactly what animal you’re dealing with. Voles typically create shallow, snake-like tunnels that are no more than 2-inch wide. Additionally, they tend to be more active during springtime and prefer to chow down on flower bulbs closer to the surface. Some people use wire mesh (hardware cloth) around the trunk to discourage them from eating these plants. It acts as a barrier

  2. Remove excess vegetation

    They prefer dense vegetation covering because it provides them protection against predators and allows them to rest peacefully. Therefore, you must regularly mow your lawn to prevent any excessive growth. Also, remove mulch and wood piles around trees as they’re the preferred hiding places of these creatures. Gather leaf piles, mulch, and brush to get rid of it.

  3. Use chemical repellents

    Once you’ve cleared any excessive growth in your lawn, it’s time to spray a repellent. You can start with a natural mix, such as castor oil or a solution of chilies, water, and soap. There’s also evidence that lightly sprinkling coffee grounds scares off the voles. But if the population remains unaffected, you can switch to chemical repellents. They’re highly effective, but you must use them with caution as they can be dangerous for pets and other non-threatening animals alike. Spicy peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical that meadow mice hate.

    Natural repellents can be put in a spray bottle and sprayed near their habitat to lower vole populations. The smell of fox urine is a thing that deters them from making your home theirs. A dishsoap mixture is another option that can be sprayed with a spray bottle.

  4. Poison them

    If you’re dealing with a large population, you may have to resort to violent methods. Multiple rodenticides are available in the market that rid your lawn of any rodents. You need to place it near the tunnels and runaways observed for vole activity. Look for their urine and feces when you’re figuring out where to place the poison. They’re signs that they frequent the spot.

  5. Set up traps

    Another efficient way you can ensure your lawn remains unharmed is by setting up traps. These are more convenient than poison as it’s less of a hassle to spread around the yard. Additionally, they pose less risk to your pets or non-threatening animals. 

  6. Call in a professional pest control company to get rid of these mammals.

    The methods mentioned above are guaranteed to remove all your vole worries. But if the problem persists, the best course of action is to seek a professional’s help. Call your local exterminator to wipe your entire lawn clean of voles. However, only keep this as a last resort because spraying harmful chemicals may damage your lawn.

    They’ve got great control methods to make sure you only have the desired wildlife at home.

What is a vole?

Voles are small rodents that look very similar to mice. They’re about four to eight inches long, depending on which of the types it is, and have a mix of gray and brown fur. It includes short tails. They’re very lightweight, so they move about rather quickly. Since they’re omnivores, they love chewing on almost anything. But they prefer gnawing down on blades of grass and vegetation in your garden, often leaving gnaw marks on woody plants. The rodent has a high metabolism, so they’ve to eat a lot of vegetation each day to keep up with their body’s requirements. This is why vole damage to your lawn is primarily quick and harsh. 

There are more than 100 different species, and they’re a garden pest you want away. Fortunately, if you can encourage owls to frequent your yard, they’ll help take care of it. Other big birds and cats may work as well. Check your bushes to see if there are signs of them.

What do they eat?

vole looking out through a pipe

With a primarily herbivorous diet, they feed on a variety of vegetation. Typically, they consume grass, bulbs, tubers, and herbaceous plants. So if you find partially eaten root vegetables in your garden, it’s most likely the work of voles. During winters, they eat bark and chew down on the roots of young trees. 

Small holes in the yard? It could be a sign.

Identifying the rodents wreaking havoc in your backyard is essential to finding the proper remedy. With gophers and moles also in the mix, it becomes difficult separating them. But each of these rodents has a different way of wrecking your lawn. Using these patterns and eating habits, we can find our culprit. 

Tunnels and Vole Runways

When it comes to voles, they form tunnels and runways closer to the surface. So if you find shallow tunnels, you probably have vole damage. Additionally, tunnels don’t have mounds. In contrast, moles form deeper tunnels with mounds on the surface to indicate the damage.

Leftover vegetables

Another way to identify vole threat is by looking at the vegetation. If you find partially eaten carrots and potatoes and chewed on flower bulbs, it’s definitely the work of a vole. 

Tree damage

Any damage to tree roots and chewed-up bark indicates vole activity. They love to chew on bark near the base of trees, which often makes young trees bend over.  


The only good thing about them is that they don’t go inside houses like rats and mice. When you see dirt mounds, it’s time to take action.

What attracts voles to your yard?

Overgrown vegetation provides the perfect nesting spot for voles, so untrimmed grass or mulch surrounding trees and shrubs often attract them. Besides the dense vegetative cover, bird seeds and berries in the yard lure in the rodents.  They also go after your grasses and plants in the yard. Nuts and bird food should also be hidden in closed containers.

What is a home remedy to get rid of voles?

Castor oil and liquid soap solution have proved highly effective as a natural repellent. You can also crush other pungent items like garlic and chilies to make a solution. Alternatively, you can soak a piece of cloth in ammonia and hang it outside. The pungent smell is sure to steer the voles off their course.  You may have a dog, which is a reason you’ll want something natural.

What do voles hate?

They are highly sensitive creatures that do not respond well to pungent smells and spicy foods. Therefore, sprinkling peppermint oil or cedar on your lawn is guaranteed to keep them away. Because of their acute sense of smell, scent deterrents are the most effective natural way to get rid of voles. You can use rosin to control the problem. Alternatively, a de-cluttered garden and freshly mowed lawn are despised by voles.