Real-life, actual ear gauge piercing sizes with pictures: How big do you want to go?

If you want to change your style and try something new, you might be interested in stretched ear jewelry. Depending on your preferences, there are many options that will suit all of your aesthetical needs. If this is the first time stretching your ears, then you want to do some research before you proceed with this change.

We provided you with an ear gauge piercing size chart even though these sizes are not considered a standard across the jewelry industry. If you are buying a product online or in a store, you should have an estimate which will help you reduce pain and discomfort as time passes. 

That’s why we use millimeters and inches in our chart. It will help you easily identify their actual size instead of the gauge. It is beneficial for buying your next pair of tunnels or hangers, and you can pick the best one. 

ear plugs

How big do you want to go? It is up to you to decide, but we want to make this decision easier for you. See below, where we explain real-life, actual ear piercing sizes while showing you pictures and examples. 

Finding out what you want

Finding out what you want is an important step before making a final decision. There are many options, and you have plenty of them to choose from. 

Small-sized from 20g to 18g

These are the most common piercings that start at 20g or 1/32″. Additionally, you can also find 18g or 5/128″ ones. But you will wear jewelry larger than your gauge once you start stretching it. For this size, look for exquisite and shiny gemstone materials that mix a color palette.

You can try shades of gold to portray the wild energy of the tiger or go with azure and represent the serenity of the sea in a polished stone that gets you lots of attention. 

Middle-sized from 16g to 8g

Allow your ear lobes to fully heal after stretching them, and then you can increase the size to 16g or 3/64″. But it is important to stretch slowly and gradually by waiting at least 6 weeks before increasing in size. Do not skip sizes, and keep your lobes healthy.

Large-sized from 6g to 00g

You can get creative once you reach the 6g or 5/32″ size. Because the jewelry is bigger, you can also add accessories or even stack tunnels with smaller hoops for a unique look. 

You can experiment with various ideas as you keep increasing in size. From teardrop styles all the way to saddle shapes, your imagination is the limit. Impress those around you with large and precious stones that shine under the bright light.

Beyond 00g and up

00g is the largest available measured in gauge. Beyond this level, you will have to measure only in millimeters and inches. The ear stacking possibilities are almost infinite with larger sizes, where you can create layers and finishes never seen before. 

size 1 ear gauge

How do ear gauge sizes work

When you learn about gauge, you will be surprised to find that they are measured backward: the smaller the number, the larger the size. Even if this measurement is counterintuitive, sizes are easy to understand once you learn the basics.

Some standard ear piercings are usually sized at 20g or 18g. From this point, the sizes can go up or down in even numbers. For example, the largest next to an 18g piece is 16g, followed by 14g, and so on. 

But when you reach 0g, the next is 00g, also referred to as double zero gauges. It is about 3/8 of an inch, so it is quite a big piece of jewelry. 

10 mm gauge earrings

Ear gauge sizes

GaugeInchesMillimeters (mm)See example
18g5/128”1.0 mmJOVIVI 8 Pairs 18G/16G Wood Faux
16g3/64”1.2 mmJOVIVI 8 Pairs 18G/16G Wood Faux
14g1/16”1.6 mmLcolyoli Screw Fit Kit
12g5/64”2 mmLcolyoli Screw Fit Kit
10g3/32”2.4 mmLcolyoli Screw Fit Kit
8g1/8”3.2 mmLcolyoli Screw Fit Kit
6g5/32”4 mmLcolyoli Screw Fit Kit
4g3/16”5 mmLcolyoli Screw Fit Kit
2g1/4″6 mmLcolyoli Screw Fit Kit
0g5/16”8 mmLcolyoli Screw Fit Kit
00g3/8”10 mmLcolyoli Screw Fit Kit

7/16”11 mmHEKEUOR 11mm 7/16“ Steel Stretching Kit

1/2″12 mmHEKEUOR 1/2″ 12mm Black Acrylic Tapers

9/16”14 mmBodyJ4You 18PC Stone Plugs Stretching Kit

5/8”16 mmBodyJ4You 18PC Stone Plugs Stretching Kit

3/4″19 mmB BodyPJ Sparkles 3Pair-Mix Color Acrylic Plug

7/8”22 mmBodyJ4You 18PC Stone Plugs Stretching Kit

1”25 mmB BodyPJ Sparkles 3Pair-Mix Color Acrylic Plug

1 1/8”29 mmbody jewellery 30mm White Double Flare

1 1/4″32 mmAcrylic Plugs Flesh Tunnels Double Flare Expander

1 3/8”35 mmBYB Plugs Pair of Shiny Stainless Steel Tunnels

1 1/2″38 mmMystic Metals Body Jewelry, Large

1 5/8”41 mmCosmic – Plugs Supersize Gold Plated

1 3/4″44 mmAcrylic Plugs Flesh Tunnels Double Flare Expander

1 7/8”48 mmAcrylic Plugs Flesh Tunnels Double Flare Expander

2”51 mmForbidden Body Jewelry 12G-2 Inch

We picked the best double-flared saddle ear gauge we could find. You won’t have to spend hours searching the market after understanding the chart presented above. 

2PCS Organic Stone Amethyst Double Flared Saddle Ear

These earring stones are heavier than some metals, but they are comfortable to wear. They won’t weigh down your piercing and will not cause discomfort when you use them every day. They look great for any occasion, and you can get creative with styling ideas.

This company values quality the most, and they test every ear plug gauge stone before sending them to you. That ensures the perfect size, and you won’t have to deal with oversized or undersized products. 

These pieces are cut from organic stone and are very easy to clean. It is the perfect product for you if you have sensitive skin because they are natural and won’t cause irritation. Customers are satisfied and leave lots of positive reviews, with many of them appreciating the perfect size. 

Organic Stone
268 Reviews
Organic Stone
These are cool.

Best ear stretching kits

Ear stretching is a slow process that should never be rushed. You always have to proceed with one size at a time and allow the area to heal naturally after the procedure. 

While the process is important, the tools are required to be of the highest quality to deliver the best result. See below, where we present you with the best ear stretching kits you can find on the market. 

50 Pieces Ear Stretching Kit 14G-00G by JieyueJewelry

This product consists of high-quality acrylic and silicone tools with a smooth surface for maximizing comfort. They are lightweight and durable, so you won’t have to worry about things breaking easily. You can also expand your air without feeling too much pain, as other products will cause lots of irritation. 

Each plug and ear tunnel size comes in a different package verified by their team. Each piece is brand new and has a high quality to deliver the best results. The hypoallergenic material will be easy on those with sensitive skin. Because it prevents damage and irritation, this product is ideal for daily use.

When you order this product, it comes in a velvet drawstring jewelry bag with this company’s logo on it. You can use this bag to store the small pieces safely or pack them for travel. The bag will be the best if you want to give someone this product as a gift. 

While stretching your ears can be expensive in professional saloons, this kit will get you the same result for a lower price. The quality is still the same, as this company focuses on durability and maximum efficiency. Customers are satisfied with this product, especially the beginners just starting out.

50 piece-kit
19,970 Reviews
50 piece-kit
Here's a great set.

BodyJ4You 50PC Kit Ear Stretching

Because ear stretching is a process that takes time and skill, it is important that you also use the best tools for this job. This company provides you with this stretching kit that includes a special gift. 

Jojoba oil is highly recommended and commonly used in the ear stretching industry. The jojoba plant seed releases oil that contains many beneficial ingredients, such as vitamin E, silicon, and zinc. If you want the best results, apply the oil to your lobes after you take out your jewelry. 

Doing this for 10 minutes a day helps with the recovery process. Jojoba oil is lighter than other oils and can easily be absorbed by the skin. It is deeply hydrating and offers a soft and excellent moisturizing effect that lasts a long time.

Nutritious for the skin, jojoba oil is full of antioxidants and minerals that protect and nourish your skin. It also accelerates the healing process because it is rich in iodine. 

The package contains:

  • 9 pairs of single flare acrylic plugs
  • 9 pairs of tapers with double rubber o-rings
  • and 7 pairs of double flare flexible silicone tunnels.

Additionally, a free gift is included, which is a bottle of Jojoba oil. 

9,133 Reviews
It comes with jojoba oil.

50pcs Ear Stretching Kit Silicone Tunnels Acrylic Tapers

This stretching kit has 14 pieces of silicone tunnels and 18 pieces of straight tapers to help you with your ear stretching process. 18 more pieces of double o-ring plugs are also included. You don’t have to purchase them separately.

They are easy on your ears, making them a great product for beginners. Polished and with a smooth surface, these are also comfortable to wear for extended periods. There are plugs and tapers from 14g up to 00g so that you can choose the one most suitable for yourself. 

2,036 Reviews
Acrylic tapers.

When you clean this product, do not soak it in alcohol. Sterilize them with an alcohol pad instead or clean them with water and let them dry naturally under the sun. A hard material will ruin the oil on the surface, which has many more functions besides aesthetic ones.

With a smooth surface that is comfortable to touch, these tapers are easy to move since they feature rounded tips. The plugs have indents that stop the o-rings from coming off too easily. Because they are made from acrylic, they are good for sensitive skin. 

Even if they are not made of metal, these pieces are solid and durable. Because silicone is lightweight and very flexible, it is easier to use than similar models manufactured with stainless steel


What is the largest ear gauge size?

A Swedish man named Oskar Klasson holds the world record for the largest ear piercing that has not been surgically made. His piercings measure an incredible 5.1 inches. The 23-year-old says his obsession with ear piercing started when he was still in school.

Over the years, he became more interested in this topic and met more people that shared the same passion as him. As time passed, he constantly stretched his piercings by 0.03 inches every month. The Swedish man admits that these piercings can slap his face when he is jogging, so an oversized ear gauge can be too much. 

While he gets different reactions – from appreciative and disgusted ones – he clearly is not discouraged. While his piercings are big enough for his cat to fit through the holes, he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. 

If you don’t plan to beat the world record, the biggest available as a standard is 00g. It is equal to 0.39 inches, which is more than enough for most people’s styles and preferences. 

What size ear gauge is after 00?

The gauge system was created to measure the thickness of electrical and structural wires. It has been done for a long time throughout our recent history. Still, some evidence shows the gauge system was created somewhere in the 18th century. 

This system was created to measure the number of holes the wire was pulled through. A 10 gauge wire will be pulled through 10 holes, so it is thinner than a 1 gauge wire. But this system has also been adopted by the jewelry industry, which uses the same measurement.

0g is already large in itself, but the next bigger one is the 00g which equals about 3/8 of an inch. After 00g, we no longer use the gauge system. Instead, we measure in millimeters or inches. While double zero gauges are 7/16″, the size goes up by 1 sixteenth of an inch beyond this point. 

What is the smallest ear gauge size?

When considering standard ear piercing, the smallest ear gauge can be 20g or 18g. They are both equal to 0.03 inches and 0.04 inches, respectively. Once you start stretching your ears, you will go for smaller stretchers in different g sizes. 

That is why professionals recommend you to stop at 2 gauge to be sure you can shrink the earlobes back when you want. Exceeding 0g is not recommended as it is a conclusive point of no return. 

What size is 1.2mm in ear gauges?

1.2mm is equal to 0.047 inches or 16g, a common size for someone just starting with ear piercins. There are plugs you can find in all gauges, but not every design and material is available for every size. 

Some will be exclusive, and you will have to look for alternatives. If you are starting out with stretching your ears, do all the necessary research before proceeding with the modification. 

What’s the smallest gauge size for ears?

The smallest size for ears is 20g, equal to 0.032 inches. While this is smaller than the standard, it can be a great choice for someone that knows what they want. Most beginners start stretching at a 16 gauge, but regular piercings are at 18 gauge.