Cheap, DIY fence ideas for dogs

When you’re building a deck railing, your options are many. If you want to go for a low-budget option, you can choose the DIY route for your dog fence project. 

You don’t want your little, dear Fido leaving the backyard when he’s not supposed to! 

Fear not. There are many different options available on the market. We’ll walk you through some cheap, DIY fence ideas for dogs that will keep your furry friend inside. They’re great when you want to let your dog out to pee, but you don’t want him running away.


The best & cheapest DIY fence ideas for dogs are PVC and poultry netting. PVC and poultry netting is not ideas that will win any design awards, but they can get the job done. A play pen that we tested and have also linked to, is the easiest way to put up a DIY fence to keep a small dog in your yard.

We’ll also cover the following:

  • Additional products
  • Best Chain links
  • Best Electric fences
  • Best Play pens

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DIY dog fence

There’s no better place to spend a warm summer evening than your backyard. However, it would be a shame if the man’s best friend couldn’t join because you were afraid he would be running away if you let him out.

So, open a glass of wine. Let your creative juices flow. Soon, you’ll have a new fence in your backyard. 

The good thing is that these DIY fence ideas aren’t only great for dogs. They can also be great if you have kids. These solutions double in purpose, and your new garden will be a lot more functional than it was previously with these changes. 

They won’t even hurt your wallet too much! We want everyone to enjoy their backyard to the fullest extent, which means it needs to be a price point where everyone can play ball.

Most people aren’t ready to drop many thousands of dollars to enjoy their backyard, and that’s not an issue. There are still lots of ways that are very affordable.

Temporary or permanent?

DIY dog fence ideas come in various types, shapes, and forms. There are many design plans available, with some being temporary. Others are intended for a more permanent nature. 

Maybe you’re only looking for a temporary solution you can take down when it’s not needed.

Maybe you’re on the lookout for a permanent solution instead. The material cost will vary depending on your choices, with something like a dog run which provides a cheap option. 

We’ve personally had dogs for a long time, and we’ve seen how creative they can get.

You think you’ve done everything you can to ensure they don’t escape. However, you’re out in the garden, and guess who’s no longer there. Some of them love digging and will give you a hard time trying to keep them in.

Others don’t need as much deterrent and will happily stay inside. Usually, they come back when they’re hungry anyway.

If you’ve got yourself a digger, it’s important to make sure he’s not just digging up a bit of dirt and escaping. 

The differences between temporary and permanent fences are shown in the table below.

Not ideal on a long-term basisBetter suited for long-term uses
Can be used within a permanently fenced enclosureTakes longer to install
You can install and remove it easilyRequires constant maintenance

The cheapest dog fence ideas are the DIY way!

There’s no denying that doing things DIY will usually get them done cheaper. It’s no exception when it comes to installing a fence. 

There are a few really quick ways you can go about it, including using metal mesh. PVC is another option. Those are perhaps the cheapest material options for you to consider, and you can have your protective surround up in no time.

There may be reasons why those aren’t possible to use. Some HOAs are pretty strict regarding what they allow in the neighborhood. There could also be legal reasons metal mesh won’t work where you live. 

Before spending money and time to keep Fido in, ensure the solution, you’re considering works with your HOA.

Let’s take a closer look at 6 options available to you so you can start building a DIY dog fence for your furry friend. Figure out which one best suits your unique needs. We’ll also go the extra mile to include various tips for the process. 

Wood pallets stacked together.

Wood pallets are both effective and can often be found at no cost. How can you beat free if you’re dead serious about not spending any money? 

However, they’re probably not the first option regarding their decorative score. In fact, they’re pretty far down on the list.

We’ll talk more about other options, like poultry netting, before getting back to the pallets. 

DIY electric conduit pipe fence

We’re moving up the list regarding options that aren’t a complete eye sore. DIY electric conduit pipe fences may sound fancy, so let’s explore them further down this article. 

Poultry netting

Poultry netting is a great DIY option. It’s not even just for chickens! If you have a small dog, it’s an effective way of keeping them either in or out. Let’s take a closer look. 

Chain link no longer has the dreaded appeal that it used to. It’s come a very long way, as have various kitchen flooring materials that used to be seen as poor. You used not to want to be caught dead in a travel trailer with linoleum. 

Similarly, some deck railing materials have also come a long way. 

Chain link may not win decorative awards, nor does it provide any significant level of privacy. However, the installation opportunities now make it a better option than it used to be. 

Welding wire

Welding wire is constructed from galvanized steel, which makes it very durable. In fact, steel is so durable that it’s also used in bras

Welded wire can provide a sturdy barrier for your dog. When you combine it with wooden components, it becomes a nicer barrier as well. 

PVC deer block netting

These are great at deterring deer from entering and can work with your permanent four-legged friend. Will it win any design awards? 

Probably not. 

However, it’s a great temporary fence for your dog. There are ways to make it look better, but it doesn’t mean it’s impressive. 

Some design options will make it look less bad. 

Tips for building a sturdy surround that will keep your dog in

Dog fences don’t just need to be functional. They can also be decorative. Even if you’re doing it, DIY style doesn’t mean you will want it to look bad. 

Decorative elements can vastly improve the look and feel, so you enjoy and are proud of something. 

A small dog won’t require the same measures as a bigger one. For instance, our German shepherd dog would easily climb a 4-foot fence but couldn’t do anything about a 10-foot fence.

Digging is another concern we touched on. For the longest time, we ran around trying to figure out how she’d leave the garden. It was a big garden, so there were spots where it could have happened. Eventually, we managed to close all the holes, and there’s no longer any running away!

If you decide to set up a dog fence, you will:

  • Keep your dog safe
  • Get some peace of mind knowing your dog is secured
  • Keep your dog contained
  • Prevent unwanted animals from entering your property
  • Provide exercises for your dog

We’ll look at some popular options that ensure there won’t be any digging underneath to get out! Your dog should stay protected but still deterred from trying to be a participant in “Prison Break.”

Your home is a lovely one, despite you putting up a barrier to keep Fido in. 

Maybe you’re living around a traffic road, and it would be devastating if they ran out there and tried competing with the cars. If the neighbor has an animal that has a fondness for getting into your vegetable garden, many of these products will also keep animals out. 

Local deer is another animal that loves to chew away at the things you plant. I even saw a squirrel uproot my entire pepper plant the other day and run away with it. 

You’ll want something easy to assemble if you’re not planning on keeping it up indefinitely. Some products are better for that purpose than others. 

Wooden fence with chicken wire

A wooden fence with chicken wire is the way to go if you’ve got a very small dog. The easiest option is to get one from Greenes. 

However, you can also build one of your own. Besides keeping tiny dogs out, it can also help against rabbits and critters. 

Check out the Greenes store and let me know what you think. 


  • We like the design of these fences
  • This trusted company offers exceptional customer service


  • Not very sturdy
Greenes Fence
522 Reviews
Greenes Fence
Made from high-quality Cedar wood.

If you’d rather make the whole thing from scratch, you can get chicken wire here. You can then fasten it to whatever material you want. In the table below, you will have this product’s details.


  • Ideal for creating DIY projects
  • Rustproof, this product has no lead


  • The wire is very thin and can get tangled easily
Garden Poultry Chicken Wire Netting
877 Reviews
Garden Poultry Chicken Wire Netting
Perfect for making a fence from scratch.
Mesh1 inch opening
Size in inches13.5 x 157 inches
Size in feet1.14 x 13.1 feet
Quantity1 sheet

Front yard fence

When you want a front yard fence to keep your dog in, you also want something that has curb appeal. You might be able to get along with something that is less visually appealing in the back. In the front, you’ll want to do more. 

Putting up a fence where you use welding wire is a way to make it look a bit nicer than some of the DIY options for keeping your pup inside. When you want to take it a step further, you can teach yourself how to install a wooden one. 

wooden fence in the backyard

It’s common to put front yard fences up at least 3 feet tall in front. However, you will want them to be taller than a bigger dog. Suddenly they put their paws on top of it, and it’s no longer standing straight. 

Foldable exercise playpen that provides patio fencing

A playpen is a very important tool for your pet. Fence your patio with this foldable exercise playpen and make sure your dog doesn’t go anywhere. 

What’s good about it is that it’s a temporary solution you can quickly put up. With 16 square feet of the enclosure, it’s enough space for playtime for a small dog. Go check it out here.


  • We love the rounded tip, makes it decorative
  • Quick and easy to set up


  • The door won’t shut from the first try
  • Effective only with medium-sized dogs
Play Pen for Dogs
57,731 Reviews
Play Pen for Dogs
Also good for decorating your backyard.
NamePlay Pen for Dogs
Package Dimensions48 x 48 x 30 inches
Weight18.4 Pounds

Bigger dogs may require bigger solutions. There’s no reason you need to go small just to set up patio fencing for your dog. Zippity has made a great product that’s 39” tall and should be able to keep most of our furry friends inside the bounds. 

Here is the great news. You can buy several of them if you’ve got a big patio and connect them easily.

Zippity’s products are easy to assemble and install and can be pushed into soft ground. With a rubber mallet, you’ll have this set up in 30 minutes. Now, isn’t that a treat? It can also be used as a garden fence to keep dogs out of the outdoor patio while being portable.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good for bigger dogs
  • Cheap alternative to permanent fencing


  • The package arrived with visible damage
Zippity Metal Fence
194 Reviews
Zippity Metal Fence
Perfect solution for bigger dogs.

Wire fence for dogs


ChickenCoopOutlet has made a great wire fence for dogs, or an outdoor kennel as some like to call it. It’s six feet tall and should be able to keep in most of the climbers out there!

Yes, furry friends. You know who I am talking about!

It provides a great play yard that can handle as big a dog as a husky. It may take a bit of work back and forth to set it up, but then it’ll be a joy. It’s six feet tall, so it should work with your animal friends of almost any size! Check out the satisfying reviews if you don’t believe us!


  • Will contain dogs of any size
  • Big enough for the dog to play around


  • The instructions provided in the package are hard to follow
Backyard Pet Pen
127 Reviews
Backyard Pet Pen
Strong and durable, will handle extreme weather well.

Main features of this fence include:

  • Tube size: 1.25 x 1.25 inch steel galvanised tubing.
  • Area: 200 sqft
  • High quality materials
  • Strong structure

Yescom’s metal fence for the yard

Yescom is another great company that has made an exercise kennel. Check out their metal fence so you can set up DIY style for the yard. It’s got great reviews and comes with either 16, 32, or 48 panels.

It’s 40” tall and will deter most animals from attempting to climb unless they’re dedicated. We love how it’s foldable with several doors, which gives you many choices when customizing it. 

With its rust-resistant design, you’re getting powder-coated metal that will last you a long time. It’s a great temporary solution that can also be put in the front yard. 

You won’t need any tools to get started with it, and its detachable design means you can put it in the shed when you’re done with it. 

It saves space when you fold it, and you can even take it with you if you’re going camping. It’s a modern option for an ancient problem! It’s a great alternative to a more permanent dog-proof fence for your yard.


What is the cheapest type of dog fence to put up?

The cheapest option you can go with is PVC. Ensure your HOA allows you to put it up, as we’ve seen reports of some that don’t. I know I have to ask for permission if I am changing things that will greatly impact the curb appeal. 

How do you make a cheap temporary fence?

It’s easy to make a cheap, temporary fence with chicken wire. Simply follow the links on this site and get the chicken wire. Get some posts that you’ll be attaching to. 

Make the holes in the ground and place the posts with appropriate spacing. Attach the chicken wire to the posts. You’re good to go.

What can I put up instead of a fence?

A great alternative to a fence is a dog kennel. Frankly, you can even put small children in there until they get too big. 

What is the cheapest way to build a wooden fence?

We don’t blame you if you insist on installing wood at home! The cheapest way to do it is with the picket method. Pickets are individually installed, and you can get a solution that works better than some of the more temporary alternatives. 
There are some tools you’ll want that include a post-hole digger. You can always rent one if you don’t think you’ll be setting up more fences in the future.wooden fence

A nail gun and the compressor will be needed to power it. Paint spray is great for determining where everything needs to be installed. It’s not a small fence project, but it can both give you some privacy and keep your dog in your backyard the DIY way!