Cookie Policy

If you visit this page, there is a very high chance of learning more about the cookie policy. We have outlined the cookie policy we use for Atlantic Aspiration and other websites that we operate. We have chosen to dedicate a specific page to explain it. If you have landed here, there are a couple of other pages you may already have visited or may be interested in visiting. Do so once you are done reading what we have to share on this page.

We encourage you to visit some of the pages, including the terms & conditions page and the about us page. Check out the FAQ page, and study our shipping and warranty page. You may also be interested in the privacy policy page. Those are all pages that may help you better understand who we are and the philosophy we go by here.

Let’s talk about the specific topic of this dedicated article which is to talk more about cookies, what they are and how we use them.

What Are Cookies

There is a very high probability that your computer already has a bunch of cookies unless you have taken measures to prevent this. They exist from websites you may have visited. There is absolutely no reason to worry about that in most cases. That is, assuming that the services you are using are friendly. Cookies are common, tiny files used by most platforms you visit. The vast majority of them are used to improve the experience you have with whatever platform you are using. If you do not want to have that happen, we understand. We allow you to take measures to avoid having cookies stored on your computer from your use of Atlantic Aspiration. If you choose to do so, there may be certain features that you won’t have access to then. Other features may not be provided at the high quality that we can provide them with cookies. We also want you to know that we are doing a lot to avoid storing unnecessary things, including cookies, unless there is a valid reason. Once again, we encourage you to visit our privacy policy page to understand better. We also feel very strongly about privacy and can understand if you do.

Scroll down if you want to understand how you can disable them. However, you now know what that will mean. If you are looking for more articles on what these files are and how they can be used, there’s a good Wikipedia article on the topic. You can probably find all your answers there.

How We Use Cookies

There are many reasons to use cookies. We are trying to give you a better understanding of why we choose to implement them. While we would love to allow you to disable just the cookies you don’t want to have activated, that would not be easy. There is no industry standard, making it easy for us. Suppose you are unsure whether you want to leave them on or turn them off. In that case, we encourage you to keep them turned on. It will ensure the best possible functionality for you. We hope you trust that we will only use them with good intentions.

Disabling Cookies

Suppose you have chosen not to want Atlantic Aspiration to use cookies to improve your experience. The easiest way to figure out how you avoid that is by first figuring out which browser you are using. Some websites make that very easy for you. All you have to do is go to WhatIsMyBrowser. They will easily display this information for you. When you have found the browser, you can go to Google and write, “How do I disable cookies in Chrome.” That is assuming Chrome is the browser of your choice. Suppose you choose to disable cookies, not just on Atlantic Aspiration universally. In that case, you will notice there are a lot of features that you won’t be able to use. You are also likely to start running into various websites that tell you that cookies must use their services. For instance, you won’t use Facebook because cookies are used for logging in.

Although you may choose to do so, we still encourage you to leave cookies turned on for this website. We admit that we may be biased, but at least we are honest.

Where we place cookies

There is a range of different places where you may experience that we set cookies. Those cookies will help improve the experience that you are having. We retain the right to keep adding to this list and keep this list exhaustive. We include the various terms and conditions across the various services we offer. We also invite you to come back to this website repeatedly. Make sure you are updated on the latest status of our cookie policy. Some of the places we mention below include different services we have in the pipeline to understand better the services we want to offer.

These are the places where you can easily expect to find cookies. Suppose you want to take your game to the next level to understand it better. We encourage you to install a plugin like CookieTracker. It can always keep you informed about the various cookies saved on your computer.

  • Atlantic Aspiration is the most common place where you may be experiencing them. It includes all subfolders and subdomains.
  • It’s used for administrative dashboards you may gain access to from buying from our website. It includes being an affiliate on the website or otherwise being associated with Atlantic Aspiration and its various brands.
  • On partner sites, we may be integrating various scripts and plugins that allow us to expand on the offers that we have. It includes showing the various products and reviews that we offer. We offer other websites that allow us to partner with us and earn money by referring us to people who buy our products. Sometimes this will also include that these websites may be using our cookies in one way or another.
  • We may also be using cookies when we are sending out various emails. They keep track of certain things like open rates and replies.

Types of cookies included by Atlantic Aspiration

This section walks you through the different types and their purposes to better understand the functionality they serve.

Necessary ones:

This type refers to ones used to do very basic functions on the various platforms, like logging in. This includes but is not limited to registering users and authenticating them to allow us to offer account-specific functions. This includes displaying carts and offering e-commerce functionalities where these cookies are necessary.

Various functionality ones:

Additional functionality-focused ones include changing the language. It could also display which pages you previously viewed and display other relevant content. Suppose you visited the page on plasma cutters. We know that users who engaged in a journey similar to yours may appreciate a certain type of content. In that case, we may choose to display the relevant content next time you come back to the platform.

Security cookies:

We take steps to address the potential for security risks. This may involve storing cookies that help with that function.


When using the platform, we gather user behavior data. It includes the journey you have gone on and which pages you have visited. Which pages have been visited by the highest number of people? This analytics information helps us continuously offer a better service to our users and improve our offerings. We rely on user data stored in a non-personally identifiable format, usually depending on whether you are logged in or not. Suppose you are at all interested in learning more. We encourage you to visit our privacy policy pages to understand better which information is considered personally identifiable. It’ll cover which information is not and how we use that for analytics purposes.

Analytics data is some of the most important data for further developing Atlantic Aspiration. It helps ensure that we stay relevant. It allows us to provide the best possible journey for the users who choose to come and offer the services we are building out. Without analytics, we would often just be guessing what our users might find interesting. By allowing cookies on your computer, we can help you better understand the journey that you are on.

If you start exploring some of our more informative articles, Cookies will be placed. It could article such as those that describe how you should use various tools. They could focus on how you should start searching for the right type of tool for your woodshop. We may start thinking that it could also be relevant to see examples of these tools. We’ll start giving you a better understanding of the journey you could be going on if you choose to buy those tools.

We know that you may come to our website. You may start clicking around on a different couple of articles. There is also an overwhelming chance that you may not end up on some of the articles we believe may be the most relevant. We could choose to show you ads based on the journey that you have taken on our website.

It doesn’t matter if you came to our website initially looking for extension cords or lawn tractors. We offer many tools for sale on the website. We also have a lot of relevant, informative articles you might be interested in that you might not otherwise be able to find. When you start showing signs, you are interested in welding equipment. We may decide to show you this list of the best engine-driven welders. We feature a great list on the website.

We won’t find out such personal information about you simply because you visit our site. We may set up a filter that says that someone has visited a welding-related article on our website. For instance, one might have talked about some important factors to look for when picking welding equipment. Perhaps it’s an article comparing the different welding processes you can choose between.

Personally-identifiable information

While we encourage you to read our privacy policy page, we have explored many of these topics in a lot greater depth. We would also like to summarize some things that you can expect us to gather from you visiting our website. It’s why we believe that enabling your cookies is important to ensure you get the best experience.

The two main types of information we gather boil down to personally identifiable or non-personally identifiable information. Together, it consists of comprehensive user data. Suppose you have landed here without filling out any forms or otherwise providing us with any information. We are usually only collecting information of a non-personally identifiable nature.

The personally identifiable information consists of the order information and contact information. It could be other information that is considered of a nature allowing the identification of a specific person. We can not collect personally-identifiable information unless you give us the means to do so. Some personally-identifiable information may also be used to ensure we can process the order you placed through our platform. If you choose to buy a portable sawmill, we would need this information to fulfill the order. Or it may be that the product’s manufacturer needs it to send out the order. It allows them to ship the relevant product to you.

Know you might interact in a platform in a manner in which we may contact personally-identifiable information. Even if you do not specifically enter it into a form or if you choose to provide it to us over the form. It happens when we provide a type of service that a service provider has powered. Maybe it uses social media for authentication. Those services will often allow the sharing of certain types of personally-identifiable information. It could be stored in our systems.

It won’t automatically happen if you land on our page that talks about oxy-acetylene torch settings or you read about gasless MIG welding. There will be a reason we might be able to collect personally-identifiable information. Maybe you’re logged in. When you read an article, we will only collect non-personally identifiable information.

Non-personally identifiable information

Atlantic Aspiration also collects information of a non-personally identifiable nature. As the name suggests, we would not identify the person on whom this information is based. Even if it allows us to target a lot of the content we are providing.

We will collect certain information, like a specific user’s journey. We won’t necessarily know their identity unless you share it with us. However, this information may help us understand whether we are moving in the right direction. Maybe we should try and switch our development efforts in a different direction. It could help us see whether the ads result in the actions we are hoping that they would. It could be whether a user chooses to go from reading an article on the various types of welding equipment to purchasing.


We may choose to display various types of advertising on the site. To avoid showing you unexpected results, cookies are made to better match you with as relevant results as possible. Various advertising cookies may help better understand and report how effective the ads are. It will include tracking visitors’ behavior in ads and how often you may choose to press them. It also includes how you act once you have clicked the ads. They may be used with the intention of grouping profiles together to get a better understanding of product fit for different products being offered. They may either be set by us or third-party software that we partner with. We trust the various partners to allow this type of functionality.

Third-party cookies:

We use various other software types on this site to enhance our core functionalities. These cookies will help with various aspects of the site, and this could include the possibility of offering chatbots. It could also allow you to log into our platforms using services such as Facebook and Twitter. Various services may place different cookies. As we mentioned before, you can download a plugin to understand better the various services we have partnered with to save cookies. The services we mentioned are not exhaustive and could change daily. We are often changing various plugins and services that we rely on. All of these services we allow have in common that they are services we trust. We encourage you to read their privacy policies on their respective websites.

One of the most popular third parties that will set cookies is Google Analytics. It is the most popular analytics tool used by websites and platforms similar to ours. As is obvious from the name, this is a tool offered by Google. It helps us understand a lot of the user behavior on the site. It includes how people engage with it and how long they choose to visit different pages on the site. They may also be used to figure out who has bought which products and how to better match you with relevant content and products. It helps us understand interest based on the data we gather from our users.

More Information

This page has been made to encourage transparency in our business processes. We hope it has helped you better understand why we believe there is a need to use cookies in the various offerings. As part of our journey to gain your trust, we have created other resources that help you understand our here. Suppose you want to understand how we write the various guides published on this site. You should head over to our editorial policy page, where all of that is explained. Otherwise, we hope you found this page useful.