Maritime Herald is leading news journal about shipping, maritime transport and offshore business. The website is world leader in maritime news, providing the latest information about world shipping. Our team is well experienced and has perfect knowledge for shipping business, providing the most accurate information every single day. Definitely we will try to keep you up to date with the most recent news about maritime transport.

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Maritime Herald Team

ViliViliyana Filipova
Founder and Chief Editor
Age: 28
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Contact e-mail: vfilipova at
My name is Viliyana Filipova from Varna, Bulgaria. I’m founder and chief editor of Maritime Herald and aim to make it leading news journal about shipping and offshore business. I have long experience in management of maritime and business journals.

SvilenPetrov1Svilen Petrov
Marketing Manager
Age: 32
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Contact e-mail: spetrov at
My name is Svilen Petrov from Varna, Bulgaria. I am working as marketing manager and co-Chief Editor of Maritime Herald. I have experience in management and development of maritime websites, as together with Viliyana had built some of the best performing journals.

Mystery womanStefani Igaz
Editor and Writer
Age: 27
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Contact e-mail: sigaz at
My name is Stefani Igaz and I’m from Brussels, Belgium. I joined the team of Maritime Herald recently and work as content writer and editor of the journal. I have experience in journalism and media marketing, writing mostly about maritime and offshore business.

mystery-manGordon Smith
Editor and Writer
Age: 38
Location: Los Angeles, USA
Contact e-mail: gsmith at
My name is Gordon Smith from los Angeles, USA. I am currently working as support writer of Maritime Herald about the offshore industry and shipping business in NAFTA region. I have long practice and experience, as offshore engineer and ship broker.”