22 Biggest US & Foreign Car Brands by Revenue: Who Owns Them (2022)

Every decade or so, an invention changes the very landscape of the world. We’ve longed to make the unthinkable possible, from rubbing stones together and creating fire to the first automobile. Karl Benz introduced the first-ever car powered by an internal engine in 1886. He was probably unaware of its impact on the future. 

A couple of decades later, the roads were buzzing with the new invention. Soon, the automotive industry grew at an exponential rate. From Mercedes to Ford, the global economy became highly reliant on vehicles. Moreover, the automobile industry underwent steep growth as trade progressed between cities and countries. Currently, it’s amongst the most prominent sectors worldwide. Some of the bigger names earn billions in revenue. 

Automobiles are no longer a luxury that can only be afforded by the very prestigious. Brands have actively started to market themselves as consumer-friendly and economical. As a result, the affordability and necessity have sky-rocketed the demand for automobiles in the last few decades. 

We’ll help you understand better which car brand has profited the most from the global economy. Let’s take a look at the biggest US & foreign car brands by revenue and who owns them.

22. GAC Group

Revenue: $9.2 Billion

The Chinese public-sector automotive company is currently the fifth largest manufacturer in China. It was founded in 1955 and has shown exponential growth in revenue and popularity alike. The brand sold over two million units worldwide in the last year alone. GAC holds a top spot as a plug-in electric car manufacturer in the Chinese car industry. The brand has multiple joint ventures that allow it to expand the business into the global market. The most notable of them is the GAC-Honda and GAC-Toyota venture.

GAC has a vast collection of vehicles on its roster, ranging from the classic sedan and SUV to the modern MPV and NE. The car’s sleek outlook perfectly complements its robust engine and innovative features. Overall, it’s highly celebrated by the customers for cutting-edge features at an affordable rate.   

21. Geely

Revenue: $14.12 Billion

Geely is a Chinese automotive manufacturing company, formally known as ‘Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.’ The company was founded in 1986 by the billionaire Li Shufu. It’s currently the seventh-largest car manufacturer in China, with annual sales exceeding a million cars worldwide. The brand is infamous for innovating the most technologically-advanced features in its vehicles. Geely supports a massive collection of cars, from plug-in electric cars to classic SUVs and sedans. The models that have been received exceedingly well by critics and consumers include the Geely Emgrand EX7 and GC9. The Panda and LC are also popular. 

20. FAW Group

Revenue: $15.18 Billion

FAW Group is a state-owned Chinese automotive manufacturing company founded in 1953. It has affiliations with multiple international luxury car brands, such as Audi and Volkswagen. it also includes Toyota. FAW primarily manufactures commercial automobiles and heavy-duty trucks with such a vast network. The brand has been built on the foundation of innovation as it introduced the first domestically produced car in 1958. Currently, FAW holds a leading position in the Chinese automotive industry and a dominant spot in the international car market.  

19. Dongfeng

Revenue: $17.73 Billion

The second-largest automotive manufacturer in China is Dongfeng. It was founded in 1969. It is a state-owned company with joint ventures with multiple international brands. It includes Nissan, Honda, and Citroen. Dongfeng has made a name for itself based on its innovative and environmentally friendly designs. The brand has a wide selection of vehicles on its roster, from electric and hybrid cars to multipurpose and dual-fuel cars. 

Its most recent models take customer satisfaction to the next level with their highly regarded performance and comfort features. Dongfeng cars are described as modern and intelligent and uplift the entire driving experience. The recently launched SUV – Glory 500 performed tremendously in the market due to its extra space and suspension roof. It also has a sleek design.  

18. BAIC Group

Revenue: $27.5 Billion

Beijing Automotive group is a state-owned Chinese automotive manufacturer founded in 1958. The brand’s first model received praise from the founders of New China, which propelled BAIC towards a road of success. Soon it began manufacturing different types of vehicles, ranging from a coupe to an SUV. As a result, BAIC changed the notion that most Chinese cars are of low quality. Instead, the brand ensures high-quality products with a highly innovative and modern design. The BAIC cars are styled to have a robust appearance, which exudes strength and durability. Its most popular designs include the BAIC BJ80 and Senova. The M20 Luxury is also a great model.

17. Mazda

Revenue: $27.61 Billion

For a brand that initially started as an artificial cork manufacturer, Mazda is doing reasonably well in the global automotive industry. It’s a Japanese car manufacturer founded in 1920 in Hiroshima. Mazda has been quite successful since its inception. It had sold over 20 million vehicles by the time it turned 50 years old. The company has become a standard for durability and safety. Year after year, it tops the charts as the most reliable brand. In addition to a high-dependability rating, Mazda offers a wide selection of affordable and luxury vehicles. Specific models have performed exceptionally in their modern design and latest features. These include Mazda 2 and CX-9. The MX-5 Miata and CX-5 are also great.    

Who owns & makes Mazda?

Mazda is under the ownership of Mazda Motor Corporation. About 33% of its shares were at one point held by Ford, but they were all later sold.

16. Suzuki

Revenue: $31.96 Billion 

Suzuki is a Japanese automobile manufacturer established in 1909. The company started as a loom-weaving business but took a left turn at the beginning of the 20th century. Suzuki cars are among the most c-effective in terms of fuel economy and maintenance. They also come at a great initial cost. They’re also quite reliable as decade-old models can be seen racing on the roads. The cars hardly break down or require repairs. But even if they do, with a bit of spending, they can be as good as new. Suppose you’re looking to make an investment that holds its resale value even after years of usage. In that case, Suzuki is the ideal car brand. Its popular models include Suzuki Swift and Escudo. Make sure to also check out Alto and SX4.  

15. Tata

Revenue: $33.9 Billion

Tata Motors is an Indian automotive manufacturer situated in the heart of the country, Mumbai. The company was founded in 1945 and is India’s largest automobile company. It is recognized worldwide for its fuel economy and competitive pricing. In addition, Tata aims to provide a comfortable and safe experience with its cars. The family-run business manufactures robust designs that may be sleek in appearance but are quite sturdy in structure. 

With the introduction of Tata Sierra, the company became a dominant force in the SUV world. Another car that put the brand on the map is the Tata Nano, the world’s most affordable car. As the brand embraces itself for the electric-car wave, Tata innovates. They do so while keeping the future in mind.     

14. Volvo

Revenue: $42.42 Billion

Volvo is a Swedish automotive manufacturer founded in 1925. While the company struggled to reach its selling target in its initial years, that quickly changed over time. The brand sold over 100,000 cars in the US in the last year alone. Volvo has become a highly trustworthy brand that prioritizes its customers’ safety. Safety has been such a crucial element of the brand’s operations that a seatbelt is believed to have been coined by a Volvo engineer. Volvo manufactures a wide selection under the head of a luxury brand. It includes SUVs and sedans, but they also make station wagons. Apart from the classic fuel-engine models, the brand also produces hybrid and fully electric cars. All their vehicles are tested using the earthquake tester to find any weak spots or faults in the design.    

13. Renault

Revenue: $52.33 Billion

Renault is a French automotive company established in 1899. The company started as a family-owned business. With time, it grew into a globally-recognized car brand. Renault became a mark of luxury in the early 1900s. It’s when it switched from a two-seater design and single-cylinder engine to a modern two-cylinder engine and a closed cabin design. It had already been praised for its robust machine. Still, it soon became a household name for its line of highly affordable commercial cars. Today, Renault is known for its reliability and ease of maintenance. Their range is quite commendable with a wide selection of models, from sedans and SUVs to hatchbacks. It’s also amongst the cheapest brands to repair and keep in prime condition. Some of its most iconic and celebrated models include the Renault Twingo and Megane.  

12. Tesla

Revenue: $53.8 Billion

A brand that has become synonymous with innovation and new-age technology, Tesla is best celebrated for its electric cars. Established in 2003, the brand is relatively young in the automotive industry. But that hasn’t hindered Tesla from becoming the world’s leading electrical cars manufacturer. In addition, the brand has accelerated the transition from fuel-powered cars to sustainable cars. Tesla currently offers battery-electric vehicles in the classic sedan and compact SUV models. However, they also have luxury SUV styles

Tesla rose to fame in 2008 when gas prices spiked globally. Since then, the brand has become a status symbol for modernistic and next-generation cars. While the brand may not be notorious for its affordability, it certainly saves costs for fuel and maintenance. Currently, the model 3 retails as the most popular choice amongst buyers. It also happens to be the least expensive option offered by Tesla.  

11. Kia

Revenue: $61.38 Billion

Having been established in 1944, Kia is the oldest automotive manufacturer in Korea. The brand is celebrated for its exceptional quality at an affordable rate. It ensures decent mileage and fuel economy. With a high-approval rate and reliability rating, the brand has an astonishingly low rate of recalls. Kia proudly offers warranties as high as up to ten years. This is exceptionally generous, given that the cars have an average lifespan of about 13 years.  

Whether it’s the resale value or roadside assistance, Kia dominates all fields. The brand offers multiple types of vehicles. It includes electric cars and hybrids. They also have sedans and crossovers. Specific models that stand out include Forte and Sportage. You may also want to check out Stinger and Soul. 

Who owns & makes Kia?

Kia was purchased by Hyundai motor group after the company filed for bankruptcy in 1997. Currently, Kia motors operate independently but are minority-owned by Hyundai motor company at 33.88%.

10. Nissan

Revenue: $77.74 Billion

Nissan is a Japan-based multinational automotive brand established in 1993. As the country’s second-largest car manufacturer, the brand has built a reputation for being fuel-efficient and spacious. Nissan has become a global name due to its economical pricing and reliability. The brand has an extensive line of vehicles, ranging from SUVs and crossovers to sports cars and trucks. It is currently amongst the most prominent electric car manufacturers in the world. 

When it comes to Nissan, the buyers’ have blind faith in the consistent quality and premium interior features. It’s deemed a worthy investment because it offers good mileage and performance. If well-maintained, it has a good resale value. Its most popular models are the Altima and Murano. The GT-R and Maxima are also well-liked by the consumers. Then there’s the Rogue and plenty of others.     

Who owns & makes Nissan?

Currently, the Renault group owns Nissan with a majority voting stake of 43.4%. It forms part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, founded in 1999. However, Mitsubishi joined much later in 2016. 

9. Hyundai

Revenue: $101.4 Billion

Hyundai leads the market when embracing modernity and combining it with stellar features and comfort amenities. It’s the leading automobile manufacturer in South Korea. Since its inception in 1967, Hyundai quickly became recognized as an innovative contributor to the automotive industry. The brand sells an average of 40,000 cars per month in the US alone. Hyundai has a model for everyone, from SUVs and station wagons to sedans and pickup trucks. 

The brand holds a sweet spot in the international automotive market as a highly reliable and trusted brand. It’s an instant fan favorite with lower prices and more excellent utility. Some of its more celebrated models include the Accent and Elantra. You may also be interested in the Sonata or Tucson, to name a few.   

Who owns & makes Hyundai?

Hyundai is owned by the Hyundai motor company, which also owns Kia and Genesis car brands.  


Revenue: $122 Billion

SAIC motor is a Chinese public sector company founded in 1955. While the brand has been around for quite a few decades, it only rose to popularity in recent years. SAIC has successfully capitalized on the global automotive industry by producing economical vehicles. In addition to its cost-effective cars, the brand stands for reliability and innovation. It has already introduced intelligent connectivity technology into its vehicles. It significantly improves the safety and comfort of the passenger. 

The car brands Maxus, MG, Roewe, and Yuejin, are exclusively owned by SAIC. Other international brands, like Audi and Volkswagen are under a joint venture with SAIC. 

7. General Motors

Revenue: $127 Billion

General Motors is an American automotive company founded in 1908. The brand has multiple other renowned car brands under its umbrella. It is most notorious as the owner of Chevrolet and Buick. They also own GMC and Cadillac. Hummer is also under the brand. All their brands are synonymous with luxury. General Motors sells an experience. Whether it’s the brand’s reliability or the longevity of its cars, GM doesn’t disappoint. GM cars are recognized to perform better than the average numbers in the automotive industry. Despite the superior features, GM maintains a competitive edge in the market by keeping its prices on the affordable side.  

6. Honda

Revenue: $127.8 Billion

Honda’s history is woven into the very fabric of the automotive industry. Initially founded in 1946, the brand aimed to manufacture bicycles. But with time, their scope and expertise grew into motorcycles and cars. Those are just among other electrical appliances they make. Currently, Honda stands as the leading manufacturer of commercial motorcycles. But it has also created a name for itself in the car industry. 

Honda cars are deemed as one of the most reliable and cost-effective options. In addition, the Japanese car manufacturer is popular worldwide with highly durable and easy-to-maintain cars. Maybe you’re looking for an electric vehicle or an SUV. With Honda, you’re in safe hands. Amongst the most recognized models of the brand are the CR-V and Fit. Make sure to also check out the Odyssey and Civic. 

Who owns & makes honda?

Honda is owned by the Honda Motor Company, which also owns Acura. 

5. BMW

Revenue: $129.45 Billion

BMW is a German-based brand established in 1916. In its early days, the brand took on manufacturing airplane engines. Eventually, it stopped working in the aircraft industry and gradually moved to the automobile industry. Currently, the brand is notorious for its powerful engine and the prestige it carries. However, BMW is more than a luxurious car brand. It’s a status symbol.

Additionally, the brand has always taken pride in incorporating the most innovative and modern features into its automobiles. The brand makes the driving experience more comfortable and safe for its clientele with each newer series. BMW has a wide variety on its roster. It includes SUVs and sedans. They also make convertibles.    

Who owns & makes BMW?

BMW is owned by the BMW group, which also owns Mini and Rolls-Royce.

4. Ford Motor

Revenue: $136 Billion

Ford Motor is an American-based automotive manufacturer established in 1903. It’s amongst the oldest car brands. Its founder Henry Ford is often credited with making the first-ever commercial car. But the brand is no longer limited to making a four-seater. Instead, it has expanded to make heavy-duty vehicles. It includes food trucks and utility vehicles. They also build vans and even luxury models. The brand’s cutting-edge technology perfectly complements its innovative and modern design. In addition, Ford pays special attention to creating a better customer experience with its multiple safety and comfort features. The Ford models that especially stand out for their design and features include the Bronco and Escape hybrid. The Explorer and SuperDuty are also beautiful creations.    

Who owns & makes Ford?

Ford Motor is owned by the Ford Motor Company, which also famously owns Lincoln. 

3. Daimler

Revenue: $176.5 Billion 

Daimler is an international automotive company that is the third-largest manufacturer of vehicles worldwide. It was founded in 1926. To date, its most popular product is the Mercedes-Benz. The brand continues to blend futuristic aesthetics with highly-practical features. Daimler has stood the test of time and continues to dominate the market for its exceptional safety features and fuel economy. From smart cars to luxury vehicles, the brand offers a vast collection. When it comes to creating a rich experience, Daimler outdoes every other brand in the market. It continues to introduce modern technology in its cars to stay ahead of time. 

2. Toyota

Revenue: $276.57 Billion

Toyota is a Japanese car manufacturer established in 1937. The brand remains dominant in the global automotive market for its longevity and fuel economy. An investment in a Toyota model is often deemed as a highly-rewarding investment. About 80% of the Toyotas sold over 20 years ago remain active on the roads today. Additionally, most models retain their resale value if adequately taken care of. When it comes to comfort and reliability, Toyota measures times better than the industry average. From sedans and SUVs to trucks and hatchbacks, Toyota has a vast display of top-notch cars. Its most recognized models include Toyota Camry and Prius. 

1. Volkswagen

Revenue: $302.67 Billion

The German-based automotive company was established in 1937 and has only grown more fortunate since then. It enjoys its spot as the most successful manufacturer in generating revenue. Volkswagen dominates the market by offering premium features and durability. They manage to do so focusing on safety, all at a modest cost. Moreover, VW hasn’t compromised on its design. It’s despite investing broadly in producing engines that promote fuel efficiency and require low maintenance. VW has always stayed ahead of time, from the iconic Beetle and the Scirocco to the Touareg and Eos. The brand has covered you whether you’re looking for a top-notch sedan or an economical hatchback. You continue to benefit from its stellar style and premium features as it proves beneficial even if you decide to resell it.  


Hopefully, this article has taught you a thing or two about the biggest US and foreign car brands by revenue.

What is the #1 car brand?

The success of a car company is measured through various criteria. In terms of the market cap, Tesla holds the top spot. When it comes to revenue, Volkswagen has the upper hand. But if the consumer experience and comfort are valued, then Toyota is the most sought-after car brand. 

Which car is No 1 in the world by popularity?

Toyota holds the spot of the ‘most popular car brand globally.’ It is well recognized throughout Asia and Europe and has the highest market share in 44 countries.  

What are the major US car companies?

The largest manufacturers established in the US include General Motors (GM) and Ford Motor. 

What are some fancy car names?

When it comes to luxury, certain brands hold the majority market share. The fanciest cars include Tesla and Porsche. Lexus and Ferrari are other brands that people turn to when they are going fancy. 

Who owns & makes Subaru?

Subaru is owned by the Japanese company Subaru corporation, previously known as Fuji Heavy Industries.

Who owns & makes Chevy?

Chevrolet is owned by General Motors. It is also infamous for owning Buick and GMC. They also make Cadillac and Hummer.