5 best products to remove windshield wiper scratches & how to at home

Many parts form a car, but the windshield can be considered to be the most vulnerable one. It is also important since it allows you to see the road and make a necessary change in your driving according to how the environment changes in front of you.

Driving with a broken windshield can be dangerous. You need clear and sharp visibility in order to drive safely. Suppose you cannot see anything ahead of you. In that case, it will be difficult to adapt to unexpected situations on the road. 

Because it is so vulnerable, the windshield can easily get scratched due to various reasons. Fortunately, they can be fixed at home with basic supplies. It is crucial to repair a broken windshield as soon as you can. Otherwise, it will limit your visibility and make driving dangerous.


We tested different product and found that the best product to remove windshield wiper scratches was CALIDAKA. The best way to remove windshield wiper scratches at home was with a polishing kit like CALIDAKA.

Here is a list of our category winners.

  • Best overall windshield wiper scratch repair kit: CALIDAKA
  • Best deep windshield wiper scratch repair kit: JIANWEI

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If you cannot reach an auto shop and get the professional help of a skilled mechanic, you can try and fix this problem yourself. Luckily there are many solutions, and below we will show you 5 products to remove windshield wiper scratches and how to do it at home. 

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Best car windshield scratch removers

After we spent hours researching the market for the best products, we found these to be the most effective in removing scratches from your windshield.

CALIDAKA 9pcs/Set Glass Polishing Kit

This polishing kit is highly effective in removing scratches due to the chemical and physical reactions it creates. You could restore windows, windshields, and even your car’s headlights if they were lightly scratched. 

This product is easy to use by anyone regardless of their skill. All you have to do is to apply water and mix the powder to generate a healing substance. 

Apply this substance to the surface with the polishing felt, and you will see results instantly. When your order arrives, the package should include:

  • a bag of Cerium Oxide powder
  • a polishing cloth
  • a red plate
  • a rod
  • 2 artificial wool wheels
  • and 3 pieces of felt.
Country of OriginChina
Item Weight8.4 ounces


  • It’s a great low-cost product.
  • It takes a bit of patience to get right, but the results are great.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • It’s easy for there to be a spatter mess for you to clean up.
48 Reviews
It's a great polishing kit.

34Pcs/Set Glass Polishing Kit, Deep Scratch Remover

With 34 pieces in a single set, this deep scratch remover polishing kit will get the job done. Manufactured by a trustworthy company, this product has been created with maximum efficiency.

It is highly practical, and you must mix the powder with water to create a substance that will be applied to the scratched windshield. Because of the physical and chemical reaction it generates, Ceric dioxide is the best polishing powder for glass scratches.

Grit Material‎wool
Item Weight‎12.3 ounces
Material‎Cerium Oxide, Wool


  • The results are definitely worth it.


  • It would be great if the grit was printed on the back of the sanding discs.
Glass Polishing Kit
32 Reviews
Glass Polishing Kit
This is better for deeper scratches.

WOOPOWER Glass Polishing Kit, 34Pcs/Set

Another high-quality product is this polishing kit, which is intended for multiple kinds of polishing operations. It is easy to use by anyone, and you don’t have to be an expert in car detailing to use this product. 

You can restore your windshield to its original condition, as both fine scratches and deep ones can be removed with this kit. The company is trustworthy and quick to reply to any of your questions. 

A happy customer expressed his satisfaction, particularly with the Cerium Oxide. It can easily remove scratches from windshield wipers and debris. 

Item Weight‎12 ounces
Package Dimensions‎6.73 x 4.17 x 2.36 inches


  • The final result was great.


  • It’s probably not for larger jobs.
  • We were surprised it came without instructions.
  • There are better sets out there for the price.
179 Reviews
Here's another polishing kit.

Glass Polish 21101 Windshield Repair Kit

This repair kit features a special resin formula that is up to 5 times stronger than the windshield glass. A team of experts created this product which is intended to repair any scratches that occur on your car’s windshield. 

It can repair cracks that are up to 0.12 inches deep, and the repair is clear and permanent. You do not need to use special tools to apply this product, and you only have to leave your car in the sun after you are done with the repair procedure. 

NameGlass Polish 21101
Item Weight‎0.64 ounces
Package Dimensions‎4.8 x 4.33 x 1.65 inches


  • We were happy to see it came with enough product for several chips.
  • It is a lot cheaper than replacing the windshield.


  • While the results are great, you may still be able to tell something was fixed.
Glass Polish 21101
216 Reviews
Glass Polish 21101
Get your car in its best condition again!

How to remove windshield scratches

Because the car glass is one of your vehicle’s most important parts, it must be protected and well-maintained. Your visibility depends on the state of your windshield. A scratched and cracked one will make it difficult for you to see the road and drive safely.

Small scratches in the windshield can develop into big cracks over time if they are not repaired soon. That is why it is important to repair them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will have to deal with bigger cracks later. They are more expensive and more time-consuming to repair.

If you want to remove the scratches yourself, you can do it at home with simple tools and basic skills. There are specific steps you have to follow to get the best results. But before you start the work, make sure you got a car polish or a polishing substance such as Cerium Oxide. 

This substance is highly effective and has proven to repair windshields successfully. All of the products recommended above include this substance in their kit, so you won’t have to stress about where you can get Cerium Oxide from.

Additionally, you will need a glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Water is available everywhere. It will be the last component you need before starting the repair process. 

Step 1

Before you apply the substance:

  1. Make sure that the windshield is clean.
  2. Clean the surface with water and ensure no dust or dirt on it.
  3. Do not use additional cleaning products because they might interfere with the Cerium Oxide and render it useless.

Move your hand slowly and apply gentle pressure as you wash the windshield. Do not rush this process to ensure the work surface is clean. 

Step 2

Analyze the scratch and understand the severity of it. Some are deep while others are thin and are not extended. Pull your nail perpendicularly over the surface where the scratch occurred. If your finger gets stuck, it means it is not that deep, and you can continue to the next step.

But if your finger gets scratched, you are dealing with a big crack that needs to be repaired by an expert. In some cases, your windshield might need complete replacement. 

Step 3

To ensure your safety, get some gloves before proceeding with the repairs. If you are ready, apply some polish to your hands and gently rub it on the scratched part of the windshield. This polishing material should cover all the damaged spots and cracks. 

It is important for this polishing material to contain Cerium Oxide. This substance creates a physical and chemical reaction that will restore the damaged class. You can read the ingredients on the polish box if you want to learn more about this material.

Step 4

It is an easy step. All you have to do is spray water directly on the polished part. After soaking the surface in water, gently rub the polish completely on the line and scratch the surface with a cotton cloth. 

Step 5

For the final step, you should wait 30 minutes and allow the material to dry completely while it sits on the glass. After half an hour passes, wipe the material with water and a cloth which you will also use for rinsing. 

If the scratch is still there, repeat all these steps repeatedly until the damage is completely reduced. But if there is no change, you might want to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop and consult a mechanic. 

Can a scratched windshield be repaired?

Most of the time, scratched windshields can be fixed by following certain procedures while using specific tools. Firstly, you have to determine the depth and severity of the problem you are facing. Do a simple test and run your finger over the area.

The windshield can be easily repaired if it doesn’t get stuck because the scratch is not too deep. But if your finger gets stuck, you might consider completely replacing the windshield as the scratch is beyond repair.

What can cause scratches on your windshield?

Your windshield might get scratched for several reasons, and it is important to identify the cause of this problem. If you know the cause, you can prevent such unfortunate events from happening again. 

Damaged ice scrappers

Damaged ice scrappers are one of the most common causes of windshield scratches in cold areas where it snows often. You will need ice scrappers to increase the visibility of your windshield early in the morning after a freezing night. These tools are easy to use and are created to protect the windshield.

But if you use one for a long time, it can get old and damaged. At this point, such a tool is ineffective. Sometimes it can cause scratches on your windshield. Replace this tool at least once a year. 

Broken wiper blades

Your windshield’s wipers have a strong surface which will become hardened over time. These wipers can scratch your windshield if you don’t change them when broken. It’s especially when the glass is dry. 

Sometimes debris and small pebbles can be trapped inside these wipers. When that happens, scratches can also occur on your windshield as the pebble is pushed against it.

Improper cleaning

You should use only high-quality products when you clean your vehicle. Some tools and sponges can be rough on your windshield, resulting in small but dangerous scratches. Always use a microfiber cloth to clean your windshield to avoid such an inconvenience.

Road debris

As you are driving on the highway, many pieces and debris can end up on your windshield and leave a scratch. Avoid driving behind trucks and heavy vehicles, especially those heavy hauling loads. 

new windshield


Can toothpaste remove scratches from the windshield?

Because white toothpaste has baking soda as an ingredient, it can make it mildly effective for removing scratches from the windshield. You can apply a small amount of toothpaste to the scratch and rub it thoroughly. Repeat this process over and over again until you notice any improvement.

Toothpaste is considered a temporary and quick solution for a damaged windshield. If you are serious about maintaining your car, you must get professional kits containing Cerium Oxide. It is effective for deeper scratches because it will help bond the compound with the glass. 

What is the best product to remove scratches on a windshield?

Glass Polish 21005 DIY Windscreen Polishing Kit
You can use this windshield polishing kit to remove the tracks and scratches left by your wiper blades. It improves visibility and performance when you drive, especially on long roads where your attention is increased.

After repairing the windshield, this product leaves it clear and restores its original smoothness. A team of experts has rigorously tested it. This polishing kit is safe to use on both tempered and laminated glass. 

There are step-by-step guides included in the package that also feature images. They are easy to follow by anyone regardless of skill, and you can repair your windshield even if you are an amateur. 

Can you buff scratches out of a windshield?

An auto repair shop has skilled and professional mechanics that can easily remove scratches from your car’s windshield. But you can also remove them yourself if they are not deep enough.

You can run your finger smoothly over the damaged surface to determine the depth. If it doesn’t get stuck, you can buff the scratch out at home by using some basic tools and a couple of necessary materials. 

But suppose your finger gets stuck in the scratch. In that case, the damage might be beyond repair. You will have to consider replacing the windshield instead of repairing it. 

Does WD 40 remove scratches from the glass?

It is strictly forbidden to use WD 40 to remove scratches from the glass. It is not a polish but a lubricant that has petroleum and oils in its composition. That is why WD 40 is ineffective for scratches on your windshield, and you should consider products with Cerium Oxide as their main ingredient. 

Can you buff scratches out of the glass?

If you want to repair scratched glass, you can use several products for this procedure. A slow method is to use nail polish, but this will take a lot of time until you fully restore the glass. However, it is one of the most effective methods to remove mirror scratches.

If the mirror of your car is damaged, all you have to do is to clean the entire area with water. After it dries out, apply clear nail polish on the surface and let it dry for an hour. It will allow the nail polish to enter the scratch and repair it.

After it has dried out, wipe away the nail polish left with acetone and a microfiber cloth. You can repeat this process over and over again until you notice that the scratches have disappeared. 

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