Best vinyl sticker machine printers to make the perfect cut

Vinyl stickers can now be made at home without the need for special equipment used commercially. Various machines can simplify this task and help you create your favorite stickers. While doing so, you will also have fun and feel like an enjoyable process. 

Many machines on the market, from manually operated ones to electronic cutters, can automatize the process. A sticker market proves to be an efficient tool that will bring joy to those that use it. 

big vinyl printer

If you want to start creating your stickers, it is time to invest in a vinyl sticker machine. You might be confused about which model to choose. It is recommended to pick the one most suited for your needs. There are many options to choose from, depending on your budget.

Below we will show you the best vinyl sticker machine printers to make the perfect cut. With these products, you can create your favorite designs and share them with your friends for fun. At the same time, you can also start a business and share your best products with customers worldwide. 

Best machines to cut & print vinyl stickers

Best value option – Cricut Maker 3

cricut maker 3 box

Cricut is a famous company specializing in such products, and their Cricut Maker has been useful for artists worldwide. Lately, they upgraded to the Cricut Maker 3 version that cuts the material two times faster than the previous version. It happens because of a fast mode, a new addition to their product.

You can use this machine for various purposes, and it is not limited to vinyl stickers and decals only. It is one of the most versatile machines artists can find for their DIY projects. This model has 13 different tools required for writing, cutting, and engraving your stickers. 

Maker 3 cricut

The cutting force of 8.81 lbs can easily deal with multiple items at a time. You can cut 300 materials, making it ideal for professional small businesses. You can make cuts up to 12 feet long and 13 inches wide. This model doesn’t need a special cutting mat for the cutting process.

Many colors are available, so you can choose the one that makes this cutter fit perfectly in your workshop. You can choose from blue, lilac, and rose, among many other options. Customers are particularly satisfied with the low noise levels, as this machine can operate quietly. 

You can start working on your projects late at night when creative ideas strike you. While doing so, you won’t have to worry about waking up the neighbors. The Cricut company developed a special app you can set up on your computer and smartphone. 

This app allows you to explore and use templates created by other artists like you. The Cricut community features many designs available for you. You can share your best ideas with other like-minded people that own this product. 

While customer satisfaction is easily achieved, some people find the weight of this product an inconvenience. It weighs 22.7 lbs, which means you will need a special workplace where you can set it up. It is not recommended to move the cutter around too often. 

Best luxury option – Silhouette Cameo 4

Silhouette Cameo 4

It is an excellent device for cutting and creating stickers. The company producing it is constantly upgrading to new versions, the most recent being the Silhouette Cameo 4. This upgraded model fixes many problems encountered with the previous one.

With a cutting power of 11 lbs, this model is more powerful than the Cricut Maker 3 presented above. While this power is more than enough for a label and sticker-producing business, you can also efficiently use it in other niches. 

The Cameo 4 is three times faster than the previous model. Owners of the Cameo 3 are reporting the upgrade to be worth it, and many people will appreciate this increase in speed. Three sizes are available for the new Cameo 4. 

Cameo 4 silhouette

The standard model is 12 inches wide, while the plus version is 15 inches wide. For the experts and small businesses, a Pro model is available that measures 20 inches wide. A built-in roller feeder will help you cut at a maximum width of 12 inches and a maximum length of 10 feet. 

It is an excellent choice for small businesses that produce large banners and posters. When using the special Knife Blade, this cutter can go as deep as 0.11 inches. You will be able to cut thicker materials as well, a feature that is missing from other models.

This company also developed its app, named Silhouette Studio. This exclusive software gives you more options to design and manage your projects. While no special skills are necessary, some customers have difficulty working with this app. 

A major advantage is its offline functionality, as this app can be accessed without an internet connection. It is beneficial for those who want to work on their designs while traveling or when you find yourself in remote areas. As these designs can be saved, you can always print them when you return home to your machine. 

Special technology allows you to take a photo of a design and then immediately upload it to the app. You can cut lines and use the help of the edge detection feature, which will give you a higher precision. 

Best cheap option – Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut explore air 2

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is the best option for small budgets. These machines offer high efficiency and reliability even if they come at a reduced price. This particular model is very easy to operate. All you have to do is to add the material and attach the pen.

After selecting a design, a simple button press will start the cutting operation. It is suitable for small businesses and home crafting projects. It’s also the ideal choice for someone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on their cutter. Small businesses will benefit since they can reduce their starting expenses with this purchase. 

Cricut explore air 2 box

It weighs just 14 lbs. This product is not that difficult to carry around. We bought this model and tested it ourselves. While the performance was efficient and impressive, the design is what caught our eyes. The elegant style makes any workshop shine. We got the mint-colored one, but you can choose from many more available colors.

This model is an improved version of the previous Cricut Explore Air. The most important upgrade is the dual-carriage system, which uses two distinct tools for the cutting job. Bluetooth technology allows you to connect this machine to your computer or smartphone so you can easily control it.

Cricut Explore Air 2 on the floor

A fast mode is available, making it twice as fast as the previous model. With a cutting force of 0.88 lbs, you can cut harder materials when you decide to open a business and fulfill orders in bulk. While operating this machine, the noise levels are not that high. 

Even when switching to fast mode, this device’s sound is acceptable. Another important feature is the Smart Set Dial, which can load pre-programmed settings for different types of operations. The maximum thickness is 0.07 inches, and this cutter can operate on paper, fabric, and vinyl.

Like the Cricut Maker 3 model, this one also uses the Design Space software. You can explore and upload design ideas to the community with exclusive access. You can network with anyone in this industry, from complete amateurs to skilled designers. 

Sticker printing machine for small business

Brother ScanNCut SDX125

Scan and cut sdx125

It is the ideal machine for you if you are starting a small vinyl sticker business. It is designed for commercial use, and the numerous features are useful in your business endeavors.

You can use both paper and vinyl to create the perfect stickers for your clients. This machine can also operate on leather if a customer has special requests. You can expand your offers with this machine, which works best with these materials.

An LCD touchscreen display shows this model’s contemporary, high-end technology. You can use a built-in scanner to scan your designs and upload them directly to this machine without needing any special software. An integrated memory allows you to store some of your designs directly on the decal printer to use them later. 

682 basic designs are already included, and you can work with them to expand your creativity. You don’t have to lose time with extensive software or additional design skills. This device takes care of these aspects for you.

A special blade with a built-in sensor detects the material and adjusts the cut’s pressure, speed settings, and depth. You will not have to perform a change of settings every time you change the materials. Customers are particularly satisfied with the reduced noise levels, reporting that the ScanNCut model is very quiet. 

It is essential for businesses with a higher workflow. You might have to operate this machine at night or for long hours at a time. The quietness will make the process more enjoyable. The previous model is Brother ScanNCut 2, and the increased speed represents a significant upgrade. 

It weighs 12.8 pounds. It is recommended to place this printer in a designated space on your working desk instead of constantly moving it around. Brother’s exclusive software is called CanvasWorkspace. It allows you to browse designs and wirelessly connect this machine to your own devices. 

What to look for in a vinyl sticker machine

Before buying a vinyl sticker machine, it is important to take into consideration some of the features that come with it. Let’s take a look below at the things to look for.

Speed and power

You will need a powerful machine to make the cuts quickly and efficiently. It is essential if you run a small business and have many orders. Your customers will eagerly wait for the delivery. With a fast machine, you can fulfill your orders faster.

Ease of usage

These machines have many features and options installed, but you also need to know how to use them. Ensure that the company producing these models has included specific step-by-step instructions on operating their product. 


When you make such an investment, you expect long-lasting machinery in exchange. While budget is still important, do not focus solely on the price tag. Pay attention to the quality and the materials used for building the machine. High-quality components will ensure better durability. 

Suitable for commercial use

While some people create stickers and decals for fun, others will want to share their creativity with others. Running a small business offers lots of benefits, especially for your customers, that will now be able to decorate with your products. However, choose only the best vinyl sticker machines if you want to operate commercially. 


For traditional and old models, manual adjustment is required whenever you change the material or the design. Accuracy is important, and it can save you lots of time and money when you get the job done right from the first time. New and modern models will have automatic functions that can self-adjust the blade to give the best precision cuts.

Noise levels

Find out where you want to operate this machine. Increased noise levels will not bother you if you run your business from a warehouse or other similar industrial workplace. But quietness is required for those running their business from home, especially at night when other people are sleeping


There is a model suitable for any budget. You can get a sticker printer for a small investment to do the job with maximum efficiency. If your budget limit is higher, you can afford models with extra features that will help you significantly. 

Best printable vinyl sticker paper

ZICOTO Premium Printable Vinyl Sticker paper

This printer paper provides multipurpose usage for all of your creative projects. Because it is water resistant, you can create labels and stickers that will last a long time. This glossy paper is intended for indoor and outdoor use, as the UV-resistant layer will boost its durability.

One set included 15 white vinyl sheets compatible with any inkjet and laser printer. It can absorb ink quickly, which dries out within 5 minutes. The application is easy and smooth, and your designs will look better due to a special precise color performance. 

To avoid jamming the printer, inserting only one sheet at a time is recommended. They are quite thick, so you must be patient with these sheets. 

Your customers will appreciate the quality of this material. The stickers they will order from you will last a long time, and the waterproof features represent a big advantage. While your designs look beautiful and unique, the durability of your products is also important. Clients will buy from you again, knowing they will receive the best products. 

You can finally express all of your creative dreams on this high-quality vinyl sheet that will transform into beautiful stickers. Your personal touch can be added to various objects with a hard surface. However, these vinyl sheets are not suitable for clothing items. 


Can I make my vinyl stickers?

You can always make your vinyl stickers using basic tools such as scissors or a knife. But you should get a cutting machine if you want maximum precision and accuracy. It will also allow you to create multiple designs and generate a larger number of stickers. It is an essential point for businesses generating stickers in bulk. 

Can I use a regular printer for printable vinyl?

While any printer can print on vinyl paper, some are better than others. Suppose you do not have access to a special vinyl sticker machine. In that case, any regular printer can generate your designs. You can cut them manually afterward, using basic tools. 

What equipment do I need to make stickers?

Before you start making stickers, there is a list of basic supplies you need for this process. While these are essential for generating vinyl stickers, there are many more optional tools you can use to make your work better. Here is exactly what you will need:
– A cutting machine
– Design software
– An inkjet printer
– Printable vinyl sheets
– Cutting mat
– Application tool

Is printable vinyl the same as sticker paper? 

While printable vinyl is made of plastic, plain paper will be used for clear sticker paper. The most noticeable difference is in durability. While sticker paper will tear easily, vinyl sheets are stronger and thicker.