Best toy hauler campers with bunk beds

Do you think your childlike wonder and adventurous spirit have died down with time? If so, you’re not the only one. Most of us forget to appreciate the world around us and remain busy competing in the mundane tasks of our daily lives. We spend most of our days isolated within concrete buildings, planning a vacation that never happens.

But with the van lifestyle trending on various social media platforms, more people are turning their dreams into a reality. After all, what better time than the present to go on an adventure. So whether you’re hoping to find out more about yourself or looking to strengthen ties with your family, we’re here to help you achieve those goals.

Instead of settling for a congested travel trailer, we present an alternative guaranteed to make your trip a memorable part of your life. A toy hauler camper offers extra garage space to carry your toys. From a dirt bike to a kayak, you can bring anything aboard. In addition, toy hauler campers offer an excellent loading capacity. So you no longer have to worry about gravity holding you back.

However, loading capacity is not the only concern when traveling with family or a large group of friends. In addition to garage space, the camper must be able to accommodate all on board. And if you’re planning to travel with family but also hoping to bring your toys along, a toy hauler camper with bunk beds is ideal.

So before something in the real world stops you from embarking on this adventure, we’ve gathered many toy haulers ideal for a family getaway.

Here are the 11 best toy hauler campers with bunk beds:

Keystone Hideout 172LHS

Keystone Hideout 172LHS

Towing a toy hauler camper is no joke. You require a heavy-duty truck and an experienced driver. And when you’ve got a dirt bike or an ATV on board, all the more strength is needed. Maybe you’re looking for a camper that has garage space and can comfortably house your entire family but weighs well under 5,000 lbs. You’re in the right place.

Weighing 4,758 lbs, the Keystone Hideout will exceed all your expectations. The compact structure makes it the ideal companion for rough terrains and long journeys. In addition, it offers an impressive cargo capacity of almost half its dry weight.

A family of six may feel like an outcast in most places, but the Hideout ensures it’s the perfect place for you to be. The main bedroom is separated from the lounging area for privacy. Therefore, it’s situated at the frontal end. It features a queen-size bed and overhead storage cabinets.

As you step into the living space, you enter the kitchenette with the traditional two-burner stove, a sink, and a refrigerator. The 6.5 ft garage area offers ample space to carry your toys while ensuring a double bunk bed set up. So whether it’s camping gear or your kids’ bikes that you need to park, the Hideout has room for all.

Voyager Yetti Traxx Edition T816-DK

Voyager Yetti Traxx Edition T816-DK

Traditional bunk bed setups are ideal for a medium-sized family. However, they’re also efficient when looking for an option with ample garage space. The bunk beds take half the space of a regular bed while providing double the sleeping capacity. So if you’re on the hunt for a camper to carry your toys and three of your friends, The Voyager Yeti is the right choice for you.

The toy hauler camper weighs 3,400 lbs and offers a carrying capacity of 1,880 lbs. The interior might not be as flashy as the other campers, but the Yeti’s simplicity is its top-selling feature. With a 14 ft cargo space, you can fit a lounge-style dinette and a top bunk in the room. The camper also provides enough space to introduce another single bunk bed.

Even after two bunk bed setups, a closet, and a traditional kitchenette, there’s enough room to park your ATVs and snow machines. The Voyager Yeti is nicknamed the ‘fish house camper‘ because ice fishermen popularly use it.

The camper functions as a resting place for you to spend the night, cook a decent meal, and store your eccentric toys. Instead of a ramp, the Yeti lays flat on the ground so you can simply ride your motorbikes.

Alliance Valor 40V13

Alliance Valor 40V13 inside

It’s not every day that you set out in search of the perfect toy hauler camper. So we advise you to loosen your pockets and splurge a little. Unfortunately, the Alliance Valor doesn’t come cheap. It costs a whopping $122,000. And if you decide to customize the interior, it will cost a lot more.

But for every penny spent, the luxurious Alliance experience ensures it’s all worth it. The 44 feet long fifth wheel camper has a gross weight of about 19,000 lbs. Its floor plan utilizes the available space to accommodate up to nine people comfortably.

Alliance Valor 40V13

The frontal end of the camper features the main bedroom, which is nothing short of luxury. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a five-star hotel suite with its many features:

  • With a king-size bed
  • a wall-mounted TV
  • a full-size wardrobe
  • and a private entrance into the bathroom

As you climb down the bedroom space, you enter the traditional kitchenette setup. This area also has ample pantry storage to store all your snacks.

You can share your meal with your family on the kitchen island, overlooking the fireplace and a 50-inch TV. In addition to a fabulous living experience and amenities like an AC and an additional half bathroom, the Valor offers an 11 ft garage. You can repurpose the garage space into another bedroom for the kids with single bunk beds. And even after your children are comfortably accommodated in the camper, you’ll have room to store your heavy bikes and ski boats.

Grand Design Momentum 397TH

Grand Design Momentum 397TH

How much extra are you willing to pay for a great traveling experience? Because if you can muster up the courage to spend about $136,000 on a camper, we’ve just the model for you. With Grand Design’s fifth-wheel camper Momentum, you can explore the world’s wonders without leaving the comfort of your bedroom.

It’s a heavy-duty design, weighing about 15,600 lbs with a cargo capacity of 4,400 lbs. The camper dedicates about one-third of the layout to a deluxe bedroom experience. You have complete privacy with a queen-size bed, a wardrobe, a wall-mounted TV, and a private bathroom. A room away from your kids’ tantrums is enough to convince you, but a bathtub in your bathroom is what truly seals the deal!

The living space features a traditional kitchenette with all the amenities needed to cook a delicious meal. Once done, you can dine at the kitchen island or the free-standing dinette. The same space also offers theater seating, facing the television for a family movie night.

The Momentum ensures a grand adventure with its almost 13 ft garage. Even after setting up a bunk bed in the garage for the kids, you’ll have ample space to mount a television and park your ATV.

Dutchmen Voltage 4225

Dutchmen Voltage 4225

If you seek balance in life, meditation might be the answer. But if you look for stability in your road travels, a fifth-wheel camper is your greatest companion. The Dutchmen Voltage is a 16,282 lbs heavy-duty camper holding up to 3,718 lbs of cargo.

Like other fifth-wheel toy haulers, it pushes the main bedroom towards the front of the vehicle. With a king-size bed, wardrobe, and a private bathroom, you can live larger than life. The living area makes excellent use of the available space by pushing the kitchenette into one corner and introducing convertible sofas.

But the start of the show is the 13 ft garage, where you can park your eccentric toys. And once you’ve reached your destination, you can simply slide them out the ramp and repurpose the garage space into a bunkhouse.

Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 23PACK15

Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pack 23PACK15

If you can’t choose between your family and your dirt bike, we’ve good news. Instead of settling for anyone, you get to bring both on board. In addition, the Forest River Cherokee offers a stunning cargo capacity of 3,730 lbs. So not only do you get to park your dirt bike in the garage, but you can also bring the kids’ bikes on board.

The camper is essentially divided into two main areas. The frontal end features the master bedroom. It comes with a complete king-size bed, wardrobe, and direct access to the bathroom. In contrast, the rear end features a kitchenette and a lounge-style dinette that doubles as a two-person sleeping space. The living setup is included in the 15 ft garage that you can clear to make way for your toys.

Once you’ve reached the camping site, you can park the toy hauler and pop open the ramp. After you’ve taken out the toys, you can use the ramp door as a party patio.

KZ Sportsmen Classic 180DB

Have you already started picturing cruising along the countryside with your loved ones by your side? If so, we don’t blame you. The van lifestyle has us all invested in the motorhome fantasy. But if you’re an amateur driver, towing a heavy-duty toy hauler will be tedious. This is why a compact and lightweight camper is ideal for anyone still learning the ropes of the van lifestyle.

Weighing about 3,260 lbs, the camper has a sleeping capacity of up to four people. So all small families looking for an affordable and lightweight option are in the right place. With a queen-size bed and overhead storage cabinets at the forefront, you can snuggle up with your partner without inconveniencing your children.

The main living space offers a classic kitchenette with a two-burner stove, a sink, and a refrigerator. There’s also a dining area for the entire family to enjoy meals together. Once you return from your adventure, you can run the shower and enjoy a nice bath.

The rear end of the camper is dedicated to the garage space, which features a 78-inch ramp door. You can quickly drive up your ATVs and dirt bikes to the cargo space. The same room can also be utilized to introduce single bunk beds for the kids.

Northwest Desert Fox 21SW

Leading an extravagant life typically comes at a hefty price. But why spend extra money and effort for an experience that can be replicated by a much more compact and affordable camper? The Northwest Desert Fox might not be your traditional toy hauler, but it offers all the comforts you’d expect from a home on wheels.

The lightweight camper may weigh little, but it doesn’t compromise on providing a high carrying capacity. In addition, you won’t have to worry about parking a couple of motorbikes in the garage. The interior might be lackluster, but it’s a convenient choice.

With wardrobe options, a classic kitchenette, and a lounging experience, you are embracing the van lifestyle on a modest level. Of course, you can load the garage space with your toys while traveling. But once you’ve reached, you can roll off the bikes and ATVs and convert the area into a lounging spot. You can even introduce bunk beds and convertible sofas for maximum sleeping capacity.

Dutchmen Coleman Lantern 300TQ

Dutchmen Coleman Lantern 300TQ

A camper is an ideal partner for a summer getaway. Whether it’s a camping adventure or a sightseeing trip into the countryside, you can rely on Dutchmen to create a memorable experience. But Dutchmen understand that the spirit of adventure isn’t limited to the summer season. Therefore, the Coleman Lantern is designed as a four-season toy hauler.

Come rain or shine. This camper is perfect for up to ten people. The Coleman Lantern has numerous admirable qualities, but its affordability is its top-selling feature. Retailing at about $39,000, the camper has a carrying capacity of up to 2,899 lbs.

The front of the camper is turned into the main bedroom with a queen-size bed and ample storage. At the same time, the middle portion offers a spacious living space. You can comfortably cook a three-course meal in the fully-functional kitchenette and dine at the U-shaped dinette.

The bathroom divides the lounge area from the 10 ft garage. You can set up convertible sofas or bunk beds in the garage and an entertainment unit. This way, the kids have direct access to their room through the back door. You can also use leftover space in the garage to park your bike or store camping gear.

Forest River Wildcat 28BH

Living the fifth wheel toy hauler experience will likely cost you an arm and a leg. But the luxury of a fifth-wheel camper can’t be overlooked. So if you’re looking for an affordable fifth-wheel camper, the Forest River Wildcat is perfect for you.

Retailing at $64,112, the toy hauler camper has a sleeping capacity of up to ten people. The floorplan is ideal for a medium-sized family as it focuses on creating a comfortable traveling experience for all the family members. The master bedroom has a queen-size bed, a TV, and plenty of storage space.

The living area has a classic kitchenette and multiple convertible seating options that double as sleeping spaces. Apart from resting, you can watch your favorite show’s reruns comfortably seated in the theater seats. You can use the garage to park your toys and camping gear when you’re on the road. But when you reach your destination, you can open the ramp and prepare for a barbeque party on the patio. In addition, the garage offers ample space to double as a kids’ room with bunk beds and toys on their own.

KZ Durango 1500 D305BH

If you’re searching for the perfect balance between comfort and adventure, you’re at the right place. The KZ Durango 1500 is spacious enough to afford you a luxurious traveling experience but light enough not to be a towing hassle.

KZ ensures privacy with a sliding door to the main bedroom. It features a queen-size bed, a dresser, and ample storage space. The living area has a recliner sofa, a u-shaped dinette, a traditional kitchenette, and a full bathroom. But the cherry on top is the fireplace and entertainment unit combination.

Moving to the garage space, you have enough area to park a few dune buggies or ATVs. Once the ramp is opened and the toys are let out to breathe, you can convert the site into your kids’ sleeping space. With bunk beds and a wall-mounted TV, KZ Durango ensures your kids enjoy their privacy.


Can you sleep in a toy hauler?

The garage area in a toy hauler is infamous for holding dirt bikes, golf carts, and motorcycles. But once the site has been cleared, you can convert it into a living or sleeping space. Convertible sofas and foldable beds are typically introduced to make the change easier.

How much does a HappiJac bed lift Cost?

A HappiJac bed lift is ideal for utilizing limited space. It lifts the bed to create space underneath. Typically it costs about $1,000. However, newer and more advanced HappiJac models might cost you a little more.

How much weight can a happy jack bed hold?

A traditional happy jack bed holds about 600 lbs of static load.

How do Happy Jack beds work?

Happy Jack beds use an automatic system to lower or raise the bed to the desired height. All you have to do is, press the switch and lock it into place once at the required height. You can also manually lower the beds if the automatic system fails. Simply unplug the motor and release the brake. Finally, apply downward pressure to lower the bed.

What is a happy jack on an RV?

A happy jack bed on an RV utilizes limited space in the garage by lowering or raising the bed. It helps make room for cargo underneath.