Best split king size adjustable beds with mattress and frame

It’s 2022, and you’re still sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress that doesn’t fit your needs? You no longer have to! You and your spouse can each have your mattress and still sleep on the same bed! This concept is known as a split king adjustable bed. This article will familiarize you with how this works. You’ll find out how to find the best split king-size adjustable beds with mattresses and frames for you!

adjustable bed

It’s time your Sleep Number or Tempur Pedic mattress works for you. Do you have a Blissful Nights Nectar or Sven & Son memory foam mattress? They can provide you with better sleep than you ever imagined.

What is a split king adjustable bed?

While a regular king-size features one bed and one mattress, a split king has two twin-size mattresses on the same bed. This allows couples with different sleeping needs to have their mattress and sheets. Changing positions on one mattress won’t disturb your spouse next to you, thanks to all the in-built mechanical features. Remember that headboards are usually not included with any bases and have to be bought and installed separately. Take a look at our best picks for the season.

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Here’s a list of the best split king-size adjustable bed frames with and without a mattress.

The Top 3

Here are our top 3 recommendations that are sure to give you a good night’s sleep like no other.

1. Most luxurious: Sven and Son Platinum Split frame with cool memory foam

There are plenty of reasons why this amazing frame has a whopping 4.7-star rating. With the best lumbar support, an individual pillow tilt and head incline are driven by 4 independent motors. With under-bed lighting and 2 backlit remotes, you’ll never have to stumble around in the dark again. The cool gel bionic mattresses have a memory foam mattress.

It fully supports your body’s pressure points to whisk you away into a wonderland. The massage functions include pulse and full-body vibration to save you a visit to the spa when you’re feeling extra stressed. And to top it off – there’s even a 10 year extended warranty. That’s the reason it is at the top of our list!

Check out the reviewer who said this product saved their marriage! Here’s an overview, our experiences, and why we believe it’s one of the best split king size adjustable beds.

ModelSven & Son Platinum Series
Item Weight‎526 Pounds
Material‎Memory Foam
Maximum Weight Recommendation‎850 Pounds
Product Dimensions‎80″L x 76″W x 29″H
Style‎14″ Medium Plush + Base


  • We loved the cooling memory foam on top of good sheets.
  • The lumbar support, 30 min massage timer, and head tilt are features we love.
  • It feels very high quality.


  • The base is very heavy.
Sven & Son
1,005 Reviews
Sven & Son
This beauty will ensure you get some great sleep! You will no longer have to suffer when you and your partner have different preferences as you're catching some rejuvenating time down! While pricier, it's still well worth it.

2. Most affordable and cheapest – The Lucid L600 with 12-inch memory foam

With an impressive rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon, this adjustable bed is the stuff of dreams. It has an independent head and foot incline on each twin. It assures that you can recline in your comfort without disturbing your partner. A wireless remote and a Lucid app make it easy for you to change settings without moving an inch. Perhaps the best part that many users look forward to is the massage feature that instantly relaxes you after a hard day at work.

The included 12-inch mattress comes with a memory foam infused with aloe vera and bamboo wicks to keep odor and moisture away. These also make this product an official “Amazon’s Choice” product.

Check out the reviewers talking about how easy it is to set up, despite several of them getting older!

ModelLUCID L600
Country of OriginTaiwan
Maximum Weight Recommendation850 Pounds
Style12 inch Mattress and Adjustable Base


  • It’s really great for anyone on a budget.
  • We love the warranty they have.
  • The customer service was great when we had a question.


  • The massage feature is better in the bed above.
1,811 Reviews
With a 12-inch memory foam bottom, you can't go wrong. If you've ever felt like you go to sleep without waking up and feeling great, this is a more affordable option.

3. Most Value for money pick – The Leggett and Platt Symmetry SM adjustable base

With head and foot incline at the touch of a button, you can rest easy after a hard day at the office. The dual USB port assures you don’t have to miss those important calls even while lying down.

The dual massage feature with pulsating wave technology eliminates any masseuse appointment you may have wanted to book. It’s compatible with both slat and platform models, so you don’t have to throw out your old beds. The zero gravity and anti-snore features are an added plus at this price. It’s our choice of the best value for money for a reason!

The Massage-feature ones

Here are our top picks for flexible options that specialize in providing a spa-like experience right inside your home. Not all of them are king-sized, nor necessarily split either.

The iDealBed 4i Custom Adjustable base

A good night’s sleep comes easy when you’ve got the iDeal bed on your side. The full body massage has three different intensity levels that you can explore. The modes include wave and timer options that you can set up for a continuous massage session.

The massage helps better blood circulation and gives an acupuncture-like feel to the body’s pressure points to relieve tension. Although it doesn’t include a mattress, the good news is that the frame is compatible with most mattresses. You don’t need to stress about buying new ones. The non-skid material assures any mattress fits and doesn’t slide off the frame. The frame accompanies a self-explanatory backlit remote with 19 buttons. You can easily shift positions while in bed. There are even 2 charging ports on each side for days when you feel like working from the bed.

Want to experience a feeling of zero gravity? Reviewers say this is the best sleep they’ve gotten in a long time.

ModeliDealBed 4i
Color‎Charcoal, Dark Grey
Furniture Finish‎Alloy Steel
Item Weight‎74.8 pounds
Material‎Alloy Steel
Maximum Weight Recommendation‎850 Pounds
Product Dimensions‎80″L x 38″W x 14″H


  • For a TwinXL, you get a great deal here.
  • The product feels very solid.
  • The documentation that came with was great.


  • The split-king option is often not available on Amazon.
iDealBed 4i
1,944 Reviews
iDealBed 4i
This TwinXL option provides many anti-snoring options, while being great for pressure relief purposes.

The Maxxprime Wall Hugger

With three individual motors for head and foot tilt, this frame is all set to rock you right to sleep within minutes. The wall-hugging engineering means it stays in place as you adjust your bed and saves up to 9″ in space. The most loved massage feature has 4 x 3-speed massages for split kings. You can control them right from your android or iOs app. Or you can use your wireless remote to change up the massage settings every few minutes.

Reviewers praise this option’s many bells and whistles, although it’s only queen-sized!

Special Featurewall hugger


  • We loved the individual head tilt.
  • The USB charger adds a lot of conveniences.


  • It’s often not available on Amazon.
43 Reviews
At the price point, you really get a lot off flexibility and features that can upgrade your sleeping experience.

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The Best Value for money models

Luxury is important. It’s also equally important to plan out a budget and not go so overboard that it keeps you awake at night. Take a look at our best buck options :


With all the essential features of a great adjustable frame, this Rottnen frame is a perfect value buy. Not only does it have all the anti-snore and zero gravity, but the assembly is also tools-free and simple. It can fit inside any frame and be paired with any mattress, so you don’t have to ditch your old bed. It may be cheap, but it’s certainly not worthless!

Assembly RequiredYes
Item Weight102.8 pounds
Materialsteel, Polyester
Maximum Weight Recommendation650 Pounds
Product Dimensions78.7″L x 37.4″W x 13.8″H
SizeTwin XL


  • Assembly was very easy.


  • It’s hard to come by on Amazon.
27 Reviews
Rottnen is a popular choice.

Casper Rise Adjustable Base

This basic model is priced at only $995. It not only lets you get comfy but also saves all your favorite positions. The zero gravity assures a good body balance. It’s more cost-saving than you think since it can be paired with any bed frame, any mattress and save you a couple extra hundred bucks. The plywood and steel build ensures a long-lasting life with a 10-year limited warranty.

The Most Premium Models

When you are ready to invest a slightly higher amount in your bed, a premium quality split king adjustable bed can be bought. It will soothe all your senses and make you experience the comfort you didn’t think was possible. Here are our top picks:

Ghostbed split king

Not only does this premium piece include an infinite number of ergonomic positions for you to try, but it also includes up to fifteen massage modes. All massage modes are at whisper level, so you can easily be lulled to sleep without any disturbance.

There are two wireless remotes, and four USB ports are included. There’s no chance of arguments with your partner over hogging charging points. You can maneuver each side individually or sync both twin beds together as one to cuddle with your partner. It even arrives pre-assembled and doesn’t require tools or a professional setup for use.

Sven and Son Bliss

This electric option with unbelievable lumbar support comes with a 14″ cool gel mattress with memory foam. With 4 heavy-duty motors, head and foot tilt becomes easy and more luxurious than ever. You can link your phones and other Bluetooth devices to control the bed. If you’re scared at the thought of these innovative features breaking down midway through operation, don’t worry. An emergency power-down feature can bring the base to a normal position if you feel overwhelmed by the settings.

Most bases are compatible with a few types of mattresses. This base is compatible with the platform and even storage beds. The retainer bar ensures no slipping and skidding during maneuvering with the two wireless remotes given. It’s called a premium buy for a reason!

NameSven & Son Bliss Series
Country of Origin‎Thailand
Item Weight‎422 pounds
Maximum Weight Recommendation‎1500 Pounds
Product Dimensions‎80 x 76 x 29 inches


  • It’s a great, reasonably-priced option.
  • The lumbar support feels amazing.
  • It’s a quality build.


  • It’s easier to put together if you’re two people.
Sven & Son Bliss
243 Reviews
Sven & Son Bliss
With its 14” cool gel memory foam, it'll feel like you're lying on your own little piece of heaven!

What to look for

It can be difficult to choose the right options with so much variety in the market. But if you’ve chosen to buy a split king. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

What to look for
PricePositive customer reviewsDecor and design
FeaturesCompany policies 
  1. Compatibility – You’ve already got a bed and a mattress that you won’t be discarding. You’ll want to ensure the prior setup fits the new split king frame. Twin-size fitted sheets will also need to be bought in case you’ve only got one king-size mattress. It should also be measured to match the frame you are thinking of buying.
  2. Quality – If you’re buying a frame with a mattress included, it is important to check the durability of both. You’ll discard your old mattress unless you store it somewhere. Read up on reviews and check up on the extended warranty period. Ensure that the one you’re looking at lasts at least 6-7 years. Read up on policies surrounding the electronic features and their repair or replacement. It’s good in case they malfunction or stop working.
  3. Comfort – After your spouse and you discuss your sleeping needs, buying a mattress and frame that fits your requirements is important. The head and foot incline may be important, but a massage feature isn’t a must for you. You can go for an option that doesn’t focus so much on the massage points. Rather, find one that has a comfortable mattress that easily inclines without slipping off the head and foot reclining angles.
  4. Price – Split kings are expensive, even in the most basic models. It is due to their high number of electronic features and ergonomic design. Reading reviews will ensure that you buy durable, long-lasting frames worth every penny of your hard-earned money.
  5. Decor and design – While frames are highly comfortable, they may not always be the most beautiful. It is a challenge to fit them into a theme-based home. Hence you may have to look into the options of colors and matching sheets to integrate split kings into your decor.
  6. Positive customer reviews – Look for the most appealing stars in the ratings. Always check customer feedback to know the plus and minus points of each frame. One or two problems may be a fluke. A repetitive problem in each review is a red flag and must be avoided at all costs.
  7. Features – Which features do you require the most? A foot-warming feature may be more important to a senior citizen than a USB port. A head-raising anti-snore feature is a must for someone with breathing difficulties and sleep apnea. This is why prioritizing your required features is important before you go and finalize your adjustable base.
  8. Good company policies – If the company guarantees a good period of the extended warranty, it is a good sign of the durability aspect of the frame. Repairs and customer service are also essentials that you can check in the reviews section straight from the customers. Immediate repairs and timely doorstep service are signs of a good company and customer relationship.

Problems with this type

split king size adjustable beds with mattress and frame

There aren’t too many problems with split kings as most are of the same size as regular king-size ones. The few hurdles you can encounter are buying new fitted bed sheets for each part. Apart from this, it could be that you find these frames too big to fit into a small bedroom. Small spaces aren’t ideal for this type of innovation. Another obstacle is the price aspect. Split kings can be on the pricey side, thanks to the premium functions they offer. Especially if they include good quality memory foam mattresses, you’re looking at a budget of at least $3000.

Apart from these minor hurdles, nothing stops you from purchasing these superior comfort products.

Is a split king worth it?

You might have to do some savings or extra stockbroking to get these mattresses. It’s worth the effort because a comfortable night’s sleep is what everyone looks forward to at the end of the day. This mattress can eliminate any unwanted back and shoulder pains you may experience. It has an anti-snore function that tilts your partner to a level they won’t be making much noise. The massage levels and the memory foam with cooling properties take the stress off your muscles as you hit the hay. So yes, we would say it’s worth every cent.

Can you cuddle on a split king?

Yes. Sleeping on different mattresses doesn’t mean you have to stay away from your partner. Grab the remote and shift into the same setting as your partner and get cozy! Getting intimate becomes difficult if you choose to sleep in drastically different settings and positions.

Do they make a split king adjustable bed?

Yes, and it’s amazing. It will allow two people with very individual sleeping needs to get that quality sleep you’ve been hoping for.

Is two twin XL the same as split king?

A split king size is the same as a normal king-size bed measured at 76″ x 80″. One twin XL is measured at 38″ x 80″. This means that two twin XL-sized ones combined equal the same as a regular king-size mattress as well as a split king.

Why would you want a split king bed?

People have very individual sleep needs, and this product is great for that purpose.

How do you keep an adjustable split king bed together?

This is a major concern for split king buyers. They wonder how they will ever get used to separate mattresses instead of one big one. But this isn’t as huge a problem as it seems. You need two inexpensive pairs of sheet suspenders. Lock them into position horizontally from one end to the other. One suspender is locked at the foot of the bed, while the second is used to keep the head of the mattresses together. Another measure you can adopt is to use Otis grip sheets on the wooden surface of the bed below the mattress. Make sure it stays skid-free.

What kind of sheets do you use on a split king adjustable bed?

2 twin fitted sheets. On top of it, you’ll usually put a flat sheet for a king-size. We promise you the hassle will be worth it!

What are the pros and cons?

pros and cons of a split king

Of course, you must review its pros and cons before making any big purchase. Here are the pros and cons of a split king.

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  • You and your sleeping partner can customize your side to suit your needs.
  • The double twin options make it easier to move and transport the mattresses whenever and wherever.
  • You can also get different mattresses on each side. For instance, a water bed on one side and memory foam on the other.
  • Motion is not transported from the location of one side to the other. So any amount of tossing and turning by your partner won’t wake you up.
  • Instant massage on days you feel extra stressed.
  • Two and sometimes four USB ports assure you don’t have to leave the bed to charge your phone. You can even attend an important call.
  • Great lumbar support means no more backaches.
  • Head and foot incline by simply pressing a button on the wireless remote. It ensures you don’t have to get out of bed to change positions.


split kking adjustable bed
  • You will need to buy new sheets of twin size if not already owned.
  • The best models with a higher number of functions are often pricier.

Can you put any kind of mattress on an adjustable base?

Yes, usually. Any mattress fits the bill if you’re adding an adjustable base to your bed. If the mattress was bought in the last five years, it is probably suited for adjustable bases. But you should test out the structural integrity of your mattress. See if it can hold out bending and flexing. Standard mattresses that fit seamlessly with adjustable bases are memory and latex foams. You can also use inner springs and air beds.

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Who has the best prices for these options?

Leggett and Platt are rated the most value for money brand in adjustable beds by several websites. Not only this, but they also have a separate range of flexible options under “Value models.” You get the best out of your buck. They offer up to 25 years of extended warranty and have the most range of sizes compared to other brands. They range from $300 to $3500, meaning there’s something to suit everyone’s pocket. This is the reason our top value pick is also Leggett and Platt!

Apart from this, Reverie is also a top manufacturer that offers a wide variety of options. The price range varies from $900 to $3200. It means there are budget-friendly options and premium luxury items available.

The Sleep Number is another top-rated manufacturer that offers a wide variety of adjustable beds with unique features. One of these features that not many others offer is foot-warming to give you a cozy kick start to your sleep. According to your budget, you can customize your mattress to fit your base right on their website.

Can most mattresses be used on them?

couple lying on a split king mattress

Yes, most mattresses can. Your memory foams or latex foams are suited for adjustable beds. However, older ones and water beds are the types you have to watch out for. They are most likely to lose their structural integrity when bending or flexing the frame.

How much does a king-size adjustable bed cost?

On average, a good adjustable bed can cost approximately $3000. However, there are other basic and value models available that can range from $2000 to $3000. If you’re only going for adjustable bases without mattresses, your cost can come down by $1000. The higher the number of features and better the mattress, the higher the price you have to pay. But everything is worth it when you experience the unique luxury of sleeping on an adjustable base with your spouse.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to keep sheets on an adjustable bed

  1. Find the right bed sheets

    You will want to avoid sheets tucked around a mattress and rather get ones with deep pockets. Flat sheets do not work very well when there are moving parts.couple sitting in bed

  2. Using sheet straps

    Sheet bunching can be frustrating. Fortunately, there’s a solution. A sheep strap will help clip them to the bottom of the mattress and keep everything nice and tight.

  3. Look for sheets with elastic bands.

    These are a great alternative to straps. These built-in supports are a great way to secure unruly corners. Being placed underneath your bed, you can rest assured they won’t ruin the aesthetics of your great zero-gravity sleep!

That’s all, folks!

Now you’re familiar with all the best types of split king adjustable beds out there. We hope you make a wise choice and rejoice while you sleep in a cradle of joy at night! If you’re curious to keep reading, we’ve got these articles on wire gauges and blind spot mirrors.