Best small pull-behind pop-up campers with bathrooms in 2022

There are many types of campers available for you to choose from. One such type is the pop-up camper, with the specific feature being a convertible roof. These are designed to be effective and compact. It makes them an excellent choice for those who want something practical that can fit almost anywhere. 

A pop-up camper can fold, making the towing or storage process much easier. It is a new and innovative idea created by the top trailer brands. Their open-minded customers are satisfied with this new approach. In their positive reviews, travelers seem to appreciate the extra space and comfort. Unlike sleeping in a tent, they have comfortable beds which are elevated to keep you safe from the ground’s unknown dangers.

If your vehicle has limited towing capabilities, then this type is ideal since its weight is not a concern for your engine. Even though these small pull-behind pop-up campers can be small, they feature all the amenities and comfort a large-sized RV has to offer. 

You can benefit greatly from choosing a pop-up camper as your mobile home in the wilderness. They are simple to set up, and sometimes they can have multiple floor plans. Superior sleeping capacity. That means you can invite your friends to camp with you. If you have a large family, a getaway from the busy city in this camper will be a comfortable experience for every member. 

They are easy to store, and you won’t have to worry about the storage room when you don’t use the camper. It can fit in most garages and tight spaces since it will be folded down when unused. Luxurious alternatives are available for the most pretentious travelers. Lots of customization options will satisfy your inner perfectionist.

Since it has a reduced size and less weight than other trailers, more fuel economy can be obtained. Most vehicles can tow these travel trailers. With high maneuverability, your trailer can fit in any camping place you will find. 

These practical campers have a starting price of $10,000. Some affordable options that still offer a high level of comfort and durability can be found. With enough research, you can find the perfect trailer for you regardless of your budget.

Most recent versions on the market have superior air conditioning equipment, some pop-up trailers may not provide enough protection against the intense heat. However, this does not apply to luxurious options that are fully equipped. 

You should also remember that the dry weight doesn’t consider specific weights such as gasoline, passengers, or the baggage you take with you. Therefore, you should calculate the total weight accordingly and compare it with your vehicle’s towing capabilities. It is important to do this simple calculation since the camper won’t be as effective if you can’t tow it around. 

As we discussed above, a bathroom facility is important for your comfort. Once you decide that you need a bathroom for your camper, you should choose between a dry or wet bathroom option. The difference between these bathrooms is explained below:

Dry Bathroom

In a camper, the dry bathroom can be the most comfortable and luxurious facility compared to other travel trailers. It is similar to the bathroom you’d find in a home where the shower is isolated. This separation helps to keep the rest of the bathroom dry for your convenience. 

Dry bathrooms can include a toilet shower combo and a sink. These are usually equipped with hard-sided showers that contribute significantly to your comfort. Ones with a dry bathroom can easily be considered ”luxurious”.

Wet Bathroom

Unlike the dry bathroom, the wet one is designed to sacrifice comfort to save space. Such bathrooms are ideal for small campers that are optimized for practicability while still offering a level of comfort. The toilet is near the shower, so it can get wet while the water is running. Such bathrooms are adaptable. Usually, the campers are not coming with a large price tag. 

The wet bathroom is commonly found in all sorts of trailers, especially in small ones designed to save as much space as possible. 

You might be wondering what is the perfect pop-up camper for you. The answer will depend on your preferences and needs. We have picked and reviewed some pop-up trailers for you to choose from. All of these have a bathroom included, whether dry or wet. Depending on the size of your group and your expectations in terms of comfort and practicability, you’ll be able to choose the ideal travel trailer for your next adventure below:

Coachmen Viking Legend Series 2485 SST

Coachmen Viking Legend Series 2485 SST

The pop-up Viking trailer is as reliable as it is pleasant. With high durability and superior comfort conditions, you’ll be able to call this trailer your second home. Customization options are plenty, and there are 14 floorplans to select from. This trailer has a gross weight of 3,300 pounds, so consider this detail before purchasing it. A storage capacity of almost 460 pounds will do a great job storing your belongings. 

The width of this travel trailer is 7 feet, and the length measures 19 feet. This pop-up trailer comes with a freshwater tank able to hold 23 gallons of water for your personal use. This Viking trailer manufactured by Coachmen is designed with a steel frame and equipped with a twin arm lifting system. Strong, durable tires and aluminum rims make up the wheels of your mobile home. It will go a long way before requiring any maintenance. 

Its suspension provides a wide width while also helping this trailer’s stability and towing safety. Electronic brakes and a dual winch complete the technical features of this popular mobile home.

Coachmen Viking Legend Series 2485 SST

The Viking appears compact from the exterior. It has fiberglass walls and a special type of wall protection on the exterior. The roof is equipped with an A/C, making it ideal for camping during the hot summer days. The motorized roof vent will keep the air circulating throughout the interior of this trailer. Your privacy is ensured by tinted windows, which will also provide you with stunning views of the surrounding area. 

An ambiance can be set outside your camper with lights on the trailer. It also ensures your safety and increases visibility at night. A spacious and comfortable sofa is found in the living area. A kitchen is located across from the lounge. It is equipped with a microwave and a small stove. It makes it compact and ideal for basic food processing operations. A refrigerator is available at an additional price, and this choice will be useful on long journeys. 

The bathroom cannot compare to the luxurious variants found on high-end campers. But it is compact and integrated well within the interior space. It features a built-in shower, which will be useful when you find yourself in the wilderness for days. There is little space available to store the amenities required for the bathroom. However, this can be done in a storage area outside this space. 

Here are some key specifications about the Viking Legend:

  • Length: 19 feet
  • Height: 4 feet 7 in
  • Weight: 3,300 lbs
  • Sleeping capacity: 6 adults

A lot of sleeping room is available for the comfort of your group. Two large beds and a lounge sofa represent the sleeping areas available inside. Since it is intended for camping, this trailer comes with tent support features. It allows you to increase the space by expanding your camper. 

Jayco Jay Sport 12SC Camping Trailer

A very popular choice among travelers and outdoor enthusiasts, the Jayco Jay Sport 12SC Camping Trailer is well-designed by the manufacturer. It includes a compact bathroom for the comfort and convenience of their customers. 

This company used only high-quality materials when they built this mobile home. With innovation and sustainability in mind, this camper will last you a long time with very little maintenance necessary. 

The Jay Sport 12SC has a sleeping capacity of 8 people. However, the camper may feel crowded at maximum capacity. 6 or fewer people is ideal when trying to maximize the comfort of your accommodation. 

A bathroom is present within this model, including a cassette toilet and a detachable water tank. A small shower with a privacy curtain will keep you and your guests fresh and clean out there in the wilderness. Hygiene is still an important factor outdoors. This shower is connected to a 28-gallon water tank, which is still impressive for a pop-up camper of this size. 

Features of the Jayco Jay Sport 12SC:

  • Length: 18 feet
  • Width: 7 feet 1 in
  • Weight: 3,250 pounds
  • Sleeping capacity: 8 adults

Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285 SST

Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285 SST 

It is the ideal model for a small family since it was designed to be lightweight and portable. At the same time, a basic toilet with necessary amenities increases the comfort of this mobile home.

It is very light with a hitch weight of just 296 pounds. Most mid-sized vehicles can easily tow this travel trailer, making it ideal for all kinds of travelers. When completely extended, up to 7 people can live and sleep in this model. 

Despite its lightweight, the camper doesn’t feel crowded or tiny. Even with 7 people present inside, the Clipper Classic will still feel comfortable with every one of them. 

Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285 SST 

Since the reduced space, the bathroom is smaller than you’d find in other model. Still, it is equipped with a shower that is isolated from the rest of the bathroom by a curtain. The waste storage tank can be easily removed when you’ll go to the dump station, making it more convenient and easy to handle. 

The shower’s source is a 23-gallon freshwater tank that is more durable than the ones available on other models. 

The specifications of the Coachmen Clipper Classic 1285 SST include:

  • Length: 19 feet
  • Width: 7 feet 1 in
  • Weight: 2,840 pounds
  • Sleeping capacity: 7 adults

What to look for

Before deciding on purchasing your pop-up camper, you should take some time to do your research. Take into consideration the following aspects of a pop-up camper before looking at ”for sale” offers:

A pop-up camper has thin walls

They are small and lightweight. Therefore, the walls are thinner than those of larger travel trailers. It is particular to any brand manufacturing pop-up campers, and the walls are thin even in options built with hard walls. 

Their reduced thickness should not make you worry about external protection. They are designed to keep you safe from the weather conditions you may encounter on your journey. 

Storage space might be smaller than you expect

Most of the pop-up trailers have storage rooms and spaces created for you to store your luggage. However, their capacity might be restricted due to the reduced size. 

You can save more space for storage by employing practical solutions. It includes things such as installing a shelf where you can store amenities or any other small objects. 

The bathroom facilities are basic.

While some travel trailers are not equipped with a bathroom at all, those that feature one will have it in a basic yet practical condition. Even the most sophisticated bathroom of a pop-up trailer can be equipped with a shower. However, it may not be able to compete with the bathrooms found in larger mobile homes. 

Campgrounds with public restrooms can be an alternative to your bathroom options. Parking in such a space optimized for RVs will allow you to be more comfortable. It also gives you the potential to meet and socialize with other like-minded travelers.

It can be intimidating to own and manage a large-sized RV if you’re new to camping. A pop-up camper is simple to use and suitable for beginners who want to try living their life off the grid. These are light and easy to tow, making them suitable for any kind of adventure. 

A large mobile home also means increased responsibility. When starting out, beginners might find it overwhelming to drive and operate such a large camper. They need time to learn and adjust to this new lifestyle. Therefore, mistakes can happen anytime. When these mistakes occur in larger trailers, they can be more expensive.  

They can be difficult to set up.

The advantages of high mobility present in a pop-up trailer come at the price of the physical effort necessary for setting up the camper. If you are with a group of friends, they can give you a hand and help you with this task making it easier. 

But if you’re alone in the wilderness, you are responsible for setting up your own mobile home. It is an essential step regardless of the conditions outside, so be prepared for any weather conditions.


Do pop-up campers have a bathroom?

Some models are equipped with a wet bathroom that will offer the necessary facilities. Most of the time, this bathroom is not separated by a solid wall. Instead, there is a curtain that will wrap around it for privacy.

What is the smallest camper with a shower and toilet?

The Scamp 13′ Deluxe is the smallest camper equipped with a bathroom. It measures a length of only 13 feet.

How does a toilet work in a pop-up camper?

Water will be drawn from the freshwater tank whenever you will flush the toilet. It enters the toilet bowl. A seal opens, enabling the water to flow back into a black tank.