Best small RVs & campers with shower and toilet bathrooms

When you’re going traveling, you’re packing your best underwear and shirts.

Smallest RVs with bathrooms

Airstream Basecamp

Airstream Basecamp

If you’re starting out with the camping lifestyle, this camper might be the perfect one. Small and compact, it can easily accommodate two people giving them the comfort necessary to call this trailer ”home”. 

Maneuverability and versatility are two key features of this small-sized camper which you’ll be able to fit almost anywhere. While large-sized mobile homes will have to stick to specific campgrounds, the Airstream Basecamp can be set up almost anywhere as long as the law allows it.

Due to its reduced weight, most SUVs will be able to tow this mobile home, so you don’t have to worry about heavy-duty trucks. After all, comfort and ease of use are necessary for your enjoyment on the journey. 

A large refrigerator is situated in the kitchen area. It is powered by the solar panels found on the roof of this trailer, and it has enough space to hold your tasty food for days at a time. This camper includes a wet bathroom equipped with a shower and a toilet for your convenience. 

Here are some key features of the Airstream Basecamp:

  • Weight: 3,500 lbs
  • Length: 16 feet
  • Height: 8.75 feet
  • Price: $46,000

Happier Camper

The Happier Camper can be the perfect option if you’re looking for a compact yet reasonably priced travel trailer. This one has a kitchen included with amenities that will help you prepare your food on the road. A comfortable sleeping space and a bathroom complete the areas found in the interior. 

Happier Camper inside

The Happier Camper is among the smallest travel trailers equipped with a bathroom. Since it’s a lightweight trailer weighing just 1,800 pounds, it’s easy to tow by most vehicles equipped with towing mechanisms. We recommend you check your vehicle’s engine power before purchasing this trailer to ensure you’ll be able to tow it. 

Large windows provide you with a spectacular external view. They are also equipped with shutters that will ensure your privacy, blocking any view from the outside. Even though this camper can be more expensive than other options of a similar size, the Happier Camper has several amazing features which will make the price worth it. 

Happier camper

Customization options are available, and interested travelers can choose between a large selection of floor plans. The spaces in the interior can be modified according to everyone’s needs. Someone who travels alone might sacrifice extra sleeping spaces so they can find more comfort in a larger interior. 

Base specifications of this trailer include:

  • Weight: 1,800 lbs
  • Length: 17 feet
  • Height: 8 feet
  • Price: $49,950

Winnebago Micro Mini (Minnie)

Winnebago Micro Mini

This mobile home has 10 distinctive floor plans available for you to choose from. A large bed will make your sleep exactly the same as you experienced it back home, and a bathroom is also included in this trailer despite its small size.

A kitchen equipped with a stove will make cooking easier while you’re on the road, and a high-quality refrigerator will store your tasty food for days. A microwave is also installed for your convenience, allowing you to reheat your delicious meals quickly.

Bathrooms are becoming a standard feature in large-sized trailers, but there are more and more small mobile homes with bathrooms available. The Winnebago Micro Mini is one of them. It features a bathroom fully equipped with everything you need for a convenient camping experience. 

Winnebago Micro Mini

The toilet is foot-operated, and a powerful bath vent will keep the air circulating inside. Your comfort is guaranteed with all these unique specifications the Winnebago Micro Mini has to offer.

Key specifications of this camper:

  • Weight: 3,560 lbs
  • Length: 19.4 feet
  • Height: 10 feet
  • Price: $29,900

Airstream Bambi

This small-sized camper is ideal for a quick getaway in nature. If you want to escape city life for a while, the Airstream Bambi will give you the comfort of your own home while you’re on the road. It can accommodate up to 4 people so you can bring your friends or family with you on this journey. 

Various details and features can be found in the 4 different floor plans available for you to choose from. At the base, the Airstream Bambi is the perfect lightweight camper that can take you almost anywhere.

The freshwater tank has a capacity of 23 gallons, more than enough for a weekend in the wilderness. A comfortable bedroom is equipped with a reading LED light with adjustable brightness. Curtains will ensure your privacy, and storage space located under the bed will hold the stuff you take from the city life. 

A unique feature is the presence of a dry bath, which is available in most of the floor plans of this camper. This will take up more interior space, but it will satisfy the needs of some customers. A wet bath is an alternative for those who want more interior space. Customers who bought this trailer are particularly satisfied with the shower, which doesn’t feel cramped at all. 

Take into consideration the base specifications of this trailer:

  • Weight: 2,900 lbs
  • Length: 15.11 feet
  • Height: 9.3 feet
  • Price: $59,300

Small camper vans with bathrooms

Winnebago Revel

Winnebago Revel

Winnebago continues to manufacture the highest quality trailers you can find on the market. They also specialize in the production of camper vans, and the Revel is one of the best choices among campers. This vehicle is equipped with a wet bathroom, and its 4-wheel drive capabilities can take you almost anywhere. 

Power generation comes from the solar panels on this van’s roof, which comes as a standard in all variants. Heating is provided through the diesel system, so as long as your van is fueled, the interior will be at the ideal temperature. 

Winnebago Revel

The bathroom has a flexible showerhead and a shower curtain that will allow you to take care of your hygiene even when you’re out in the wilderness. Motorized roof vents will keep the air circulating, making it easier for you to breathe the fresh air from outside. 

Storage space is significant and is located at the back of the camper van. You can easily store large objects there since the bed will rise to the roof and won’t take up any extra storage space. 

Base specifications of this trailer include:

  • Length: 19.7 feet
  • Height: 10 feet
  • Sleeping capacity: 2 people
  • Bathroom type: Wet

Coachmen Nova

Coachmen Nova

This famous RV company has a new model available called Nova. This luxurious vehicle is produced with materials of the highest quality, and Coachmen made sure to maximize the potential of this mobile home. A massive widescreen TV will provide unlimited entertainment for you and your guests, so boredom is out of the question. 

The interior is luxurious, and it also features a bathroom that comes with a toilet and shower. LED lights will shine, making it easier to see at night. In order to make the best out of all available interior space, the driver’s seat can be turned around. Families will enjoy a specific variant of this camper, equipped with twin beds and a table in the middle. 

Coachmen Nova

Before you buy, note down the specifications of this trailer:

  • Length: 20.11 feet
  • Height: 9.4 feet
  • Sleeping capacity: 2 people
  • Bathroom type: Wet

Pleasure Way Plateau TS

Pleasure Way Plateau TS

This mobile home is one of the smallest you can find on the camper van market. Sitting on a sturdy Mercedes-Benz chassis, the company created this vehicle with durability and practicability in mind. The kitchen is fully equipped with a large refrigerator and a cutting board to help you with cooking. A sink and a large countertop complete the features of the kitchen, which all chefs will find useful. 

Pleasure Way Plateau TS

A wet bathroom is available inside this fully furnished camper. Storage space is plenty, and a handheld showerhead located above the toilet completes the amenities of this space. A cabinet with a mirror is present as well, where you can store your hygiene products.

Here are the specifications of the Pleasure Way Plateau TS:

  • Length: 22.9 feet
  • Height: 9.8 feet
  • Sleeping capacity: 2 people
  • Bathroom: Wet

Thor Coach Gemini

Thor Coach Gemini

This astonishing camper van will definitely make you feel like you’re living in a palace on the road. Even the most pretentious customers are satisfied with the conditions of this vehicle, which is more luxurious than its competitors. Two distinct floor plans are available to choose from. 

They feature convertible sitting and sleeping areas, which can be quite practical for some travelers who want to maximize the interior space. A retractable widescreen TV will provide entertainment for you and your guests, and extra storage space available both inside and outside will allow you to store all your extra luggage

This travel camper has a ceiling window allowing natural light to enter the living space during the day. It can be useful for stargazing at night if you don’t want to go outside. Because of the additional length, expansion of the bathroom is possible. This way, the shower area will be separated from the rest of the bathroom, making it a dry one. 

Key specifications of this camper van include:

  • Length: 23.6 feet
  • Height: 10.11 feet
  • Sleeping capacity: 2 to 3 people
  • Bathroom type: Dry

Airstream Interstate 19

Airstream Interstate 19

Although it’s a small RV, this camper van has a fully functional bathroom and many other features. A spacious sitting space with a large interior area will make your trips much more comfortable regardless of how many people your van accommodates. Whether you want to escape the city life with your friends or go camping with the family, the Aistream Interstate 19 will take you anywhere. 

For your entertainment, a large LED TV is provided to keep boredom away when you’re out there on the road. The bathroom is spacious, and it is equipped with lots of features. Customers are always impressed by the hot running water which is available 24/7 in this mobile home. 

When Airstream designed the bathroom, they wanted to maximize the performance and durability of every component. Some notable features include a shower head that functions as a faucet and a mirror that can expand and position exactly how you want it. 

Here are the basic specifications of the Airstream Interstate 19:

  • Length: 19.5 feet
  • Height: 9.7 feet
  • Sleeping capacity: 2 people
  • Bathroom type: Wet

What to look for

Deciding to purchase a new camper trailer is just the first step. You must thoroughly examine it to ensure that it meets your expectations. Such trailers have their unique characteristics and there are no two campers equal. Before spending money on a new mobile home, it is important to consider what you need for your camping trip so your new purchase can meet all your requirements.  

Size of Refrigerator

Special technology is used for refrigerators designed specifically for camping trailers. This makes them different compared to the one you have at home, but it still serves the same purpose. You should take into consideration the size of this refrigerator since it will be smaller than the one you’re used to backing in the city. 

The sleeping area should be comfortable enough.

Sleeping is important whenever you are, whether it’s in the comfort of your own home or out there in the wilderness. That is why the sleeping area should be the most comfortable space in your mobile home. Most of the time, travel trailers will include one large-sized bed similar to the one you have back home. 

This bed will be permanent in most trailers, and you can’t modify or convert it for other spaces. Other sleeping options are available for your guests, such as overhead bunks or dining areas that can convert to sleeping spaces at night.

Stairs condition

Since some trailers come with a high elevation off the ground, entering and exiting the interior spaces might be difficult. Since they are smaller than us, dogs will find this easy task quite difficult. Make sure the stairs of your new camper are functioning properly and are resistant.

Stabilizer Jacks

Since they are mobile homes, they can easily bounce and shake when you move inside them. That’s why your travel trailer should be equipped with stabilizer jacks. Most of them are equipped with 4 as a standard, but the larger ones will have more. Their purpose is to stabilize the camper even when it is stationary, making your daily life inside them more comfortable. 

Aluminum construction

Trailer manufacturers came up with this new idea recently, using aluminum for the production of their products. An exterior shell made of fiberglass will hold the aluminum frame. Since this material is light, towing such a travel trailer is much easier. 


What is the shortest camper with a bathroom?

The shortest camper with a bathroom on the market is the Scamp 13′ Deluxe. It is compact and ideal if you want to travel as lightly as possible.

What is the smallest RV size?

Most RVs range from 18 to 24 feet long, so you’ll need to consider this measurement when you purchase your RV. Depending on your needs, 18 feet might be ideal if you’re looking for a small RV.

How much does a small camper with a bathroom normally cost?

Such campers sell between $15,000 to $25,000. This price is ideal for its size and functionalities, making it an affordable choice for those who want to get started with the camping lifestyle. 

Do small RVs normally have bathrooms?

Some RVs lack a bathroom even though the majority of such vehicles are equipped with bathroom facilities. Campground facilities can be used if you get a trailer without one.