Best pull behind & enclosed motorcycle trailers & campers

Because more and more people purchase motorcycles, there are many solutions for transporting these vehicles around. Camping trips are also increasing in popularity, leading to travelers finding a way to combine these two factors. Motorcycle enthusiasts passionate about outdoor activities can now transport their bikes on a motorcycle trailer.

Some prefer to ride across the country and camp at night. In contrast, others focus on a specific region they explore to the fullest. You can always ride your bike at a specific campground and rest in a cabin. But some people prefer to tow a small travel trailer behind their bike to make camping more interesting.

Custom 3-bike motorcycle trailer

Such a small camping trailer can be easily towed by your motorcycle. These are sometimes called pull-behind trailers. While traveling, they carry your tents and supplies but can transform into shelters when parked. 

They are lightweight and compact, but they can vary in size and weight between models. A short motorcycle camping session is the best idea for someone who wants to enjoy nature while still riding their bike. Below, we will show you the best pull-behind & enclosed motorcycle trailers and campers

A guide to motorcycle camper trailers

2001 Motorcycle Trailer single bike

Camping in the wilderness already brings many benefits for someone who is stuck in city life. Such a travel experience can help you relax and unwind after a long and busy week. While the benefits of a camping trip are well known, let’s take a look at the advantages of motorcycle camping.

Firstly, you get the freedom of the road. That is the main reason why a biker would enjoy such a trip. Whether camping in a forest near a river or on top of a hill, the destination can be beautiful and impressive.

But the journey can be more enjoyable sometimes, especially when your bike is well-equipped for such an adventure. Riding towards the sunset is an experience you can’t miss, and you can expect to repeat it almost daily.

Because a specific itinerary does not bind you, you can park and rest anywhere you want as long as the law allows. Bikes are more compact than vehicles, and you will access specific areas that cars cannot.

Custom motorcycle trailer

Transporting lightweight equipment

Motorcycle camping involves lightweight equipment. You will take far less luggage from home with you, and packing will be one less problem you won’t have to worry about. Because you have less room than a large-sized RV, you will have to stick to the basics and only take with you what is necessary. 

Motorcycle camping can be cost-efficient if you are on a budget. Proper management of your expenses will ensure a cheap and stress-free camping experience. You will not have to spend extra money transporting and maintaining a large motor home. 

Fuel is usually more affordable because you will need less of it compared to heavier full-sized vehicles. Another benefit of such a trip is represented by the views you have along the way. While cars have clear windshield views and lateral windows, on a bike, you only have to turn your head to admire the scenery.

You can return to the basics and only bring whatever is necessary for survival. It can give you an opportunity to disconnect from the real world and enjoy some solitude over the weekend. While these trips are meant to be basic, there are also luxurious options for those that want more.


Motorcycle camper

Before you head out on the road and ride towards the sunset, you should consider some important aspects of such a lifestyle. While a car or an RV will shelter you from the weather on the road, bikers are always exposed to rain and storms. Road conditions can get dangerous, and you should take the necessary measures to ride safely.

These trailers add more weight and length to your motorcycle, which might be oversized already. That is why you need to have patience and different experience when you are navigating the roads. While you are still more flexible than a car, don’t forget about the trailer when you make certain maneuvers. 

There are 4 different types available on the market. Each of them varies by purpose and functionality. Still, it is safe to say they all offer the same superior level of efficiency and reliability. Let’s take a look at the different types.

Open trailers

Thesy do not feature a roof and only have 4 small walls to keep the contents inside. They are not intended for living or sleeping but for transporting gear and luggage. You can even transport the bike if you prefer to drive a different vehicle and save mileage and wear it on your bike.

An open trailer can also transport camping supplies or even a full-size tent. It is perfect if you have more options around your campsite. Before hauling with an open trailer, always check the weather and secure the contents with a sturdy rope. 

Cargo trailers

They are similar to open ones but offer a hard, protective shell that protects the cargo. You can keep your equipment safe from the environment, and rain will not bother you anymore. A low-profile hauling will be used to attach this to your motorcycle hitch.

Cargo trailers are still not enough to live in once you park them. They are still intended for the transportation of camping equipment. However, you can use tents and other equipment to set up the camp once you arrive at the destination. 

They will provide shelter when you set them up at a campsite. With this option, you will no longer have to transport tents, hammocks, or sleeping bags. They are easy to haul and become very compact when folded down.

Once you arrive, the walls and ceiling can be extended into a small shelter that will be an ideal living space. Some variations allow you to mount an additional tent on top for more space. 

Clamshell camper trailers

These are similar to pop-up campers, but they lack a crank. When you want to set up camp, the bottom and top sides will open like a clam to create a living space between them. This space is protected by a tent fabric you can use to create walls.

Because they are small and restricted space, clamshell camper trailers are more suitable for solo travelers. They are great for those who do not want to stress out with the transportation and installation of conventional tents. 

Should you get a cargo trailer?

Motorcycles do not have much storage space within them. If you want to head out on an adventure that will take days or weeks, you will need more space for your luggage and equipment. That is why special pull-behind cargo trailers are available specifically for motorcycles.

You can bring more items on your journey without worrying about whether they will fit on your motorcycle. Now you have an extra storage space behind you, which can be highly beneficial for those that travel heavily. 

What should I look for?

Small pull behind camper

Before purchasing one, you should consider important factors such as size or height. Let’s take a look at each of them. We’ll show you what you need to pay attention to when choosing the perfect one for your motorcycle.


Depending on how many people and pets will be sleeping inside and how much gear and equipment you want to bring, the size of such a trailer is the most important factor to consider. Not every motorcycle can pull larger models behind them, so make sure yours can easily tow such models.

If you lack experience, you might struggle to pull a bigger one. Consider getting trained by an expert or even starting with smaller trailers. Do so until you get better at performing maneuvers with a trailer behind you. 


Another critical factor to consider is the weight of your trailer. If it is too heavy for your bike, you will have difficulty pulling it or finding it impossible on uphill roads. Check your motorcycle’s specifications and ensure you can easily tow these trailers.

When you calculate the total weight, remember to include your weight as well. Approximate the weight of the items you carry inside the trailer and also the weight of a passenger that might join you on the trip. 


Depending on your budget, there is a trailer that will fit all of your requirements. It represents a significant initial investment for your camping trip. You should always compare prices and make sure you get the best value for the money.

You will find various price tags, with brands choosing price tags based on length, width, weight, model, and features. More sophisticated models will be expensive, while the most basic ones can sell for a low price. 

Best motorcycle trailer hitch

Best value hitch – Kuryakyn 7653 Motorcycle Accessory: Receiver Hitch

This hitch is solid and will last you a long time. It is designed for massive strength and rigidity. The bolt-on installation only requires basic tools and a couple of minutes of your time. The package includes a hitch receiver plate and a drawbar.

A top clamp is included, but the package lacks the necessary hardware kit. You will have to check within your garage for such basic tools, but installing this hitch should not be a problem. 

Best cheap hitch – Kuryakyn 9181 Motorcycle Accessory: Hitch with 1-7/8″ Diameter Hitch Ball

This cheap hitch motorcycle carrier provides way more value than its price tag suggests. Made out of solid materials, the durability of this product is something you won’t have to worry about. It is designed for strength and rigidity, and your rides will feel smooth and easy.

Installation of this product is easy and can be done in a couple of minutes just by using the necessary tools. Customers are satisfied with this option as they can go stress-free camping with their motorcycle trailers

Best luxury hitch – Kuryakyn 7657 Motorcycle Accessory: Receiver Hitch

With this motorcycle hitch, you can easily tow any trailer if your bike is strong enough to pull it. The hitch is made out of strong materials such as steel that have been forged and welded. Thanks to the unique dual receiver design, the ball mount assembly can engage the hitch frame vertically.

The ball mount can adapt to the fender configuration, and you can install it in two different positions. It has an easy bolt-on installation with clear instructions provided by the manufacturer. You will only need basic tools to mount this on your bike. 

Best pull behind & enclosed motorcycle trailers

Blackhawk Motorcycle

It is a fiberglass trailer built only with high-quality materials. The fiberglass is made by combining woven glass mats with resin that has been processed by hand into the desired shape. Acrylic paint is used for sealing it after molding. 

Most customers are satisfied with the durability of this trailer, which is also scratch-resistant. Weather and outside elements will not damage it, and you can safely store all of your luggage inside while you are on the road. 

Discovery Motorcycle Trailer

It is the perfect companion for your motorcycle, allowing you to store all the luggage packed for a trip in the wilderness. The cargo space holds a capacity of 26 cubic feet which is more than enough for a short trip on the weekend. A lock and key entry will ensure the safety of your luggage when you park your vehicle.

To improve handling, it has a low ground elevation. The suspension has an integrated sway bar. Dual arms are equipped with hydraulic shock absorbers, which can be customized depending on the weight of your luggage. 


Are hitch mount motorcycle carriers safe?

As long as you keep within the limits of your motorcycle and its hitch, these carriers will not break down or cause any wear and tear to your vehicle. These items are manufactured from strong and durable materials that can easily withstand heavy loads and unexpected shocks. 

What size motorcycle do I need to pull a trailer?

Usually, large motorcycles are required to pull a trailer behind them. Make sure your bike has an engine size of at least 1000 cc before installing a hitch on them. If your bike is smaller, you might want to consider camping with another vehicle. 

What is the minimum engine size to tow a trailer with a motorcycle?

The entire weight of the trailer plays an important factor in whether your motorcycle can tow it or not. Take your luggage into consideration, as it can add significantly to the total weight. Only motorcycles with a minimum engine size of 1000cc can tow such trailers, so check your own bike’s manual before purchasing a trailer.

Is pulling a trailer with a motorcycle safe?

If you load the trailer with more than half of your motorcycle’s weight, riding can be difficult, and your safety is at risk. But when this limit is respected, you can ride smoothly and sometimes notice no difference between a ride with and without the trailer.