Best overhead hanging ceiling rack systems for garage storage

Garages can offer a lot of storage space. You will always find that’s not enough, no matter how big they are. You will wish for more space to store your equipment and your tools. Many people reach a point where their garage is so overloaded with tools and mechanical stuff. They can’t find any space left for their vehicle, so they keep their car in the driveaway. 

Everything already present in your garage is either critical or highly necessary. You can’t just free up space by throwing your stuff away. The other option is to increase your storage space and opt for the best overhead hanging ceiling rack systems for garage storage. 

Few people consider the ceiling when considering a space to store their items. Luckily there are many options available on the market, and below we will show you some of the best options we could find. So whether it’s for putting away bras, deck railing, or roach traps, get the option that works for you.

Best products

Best option overall – Fleximounts 4×8

Fleximounts 4x8

With this excellent product manufactured by the famous company Fleximounts, your garage will be much more spacious. It will seem like it has doubled in size considering that now you have space for everything. 

Storing your tools on the floor is not ideal since they can get wet or dirty. Conditions are better and cleaner at the top than at the bottom of your garage, so invest in an overhead ceiling storage rack. If you have valuable objects, you can store them in this place. They will also be protected from unexpected accidents such as floods or improper car parking procedures. 


Since it has to be mounted on the ceiling, some people might worry about the difficult process of installing it. The package includes all the necessary instructions and hardware, making the Fleximounts 4×8 rack easy to install. You can mount this hanging garage storage rack on any ceiling, whether it’s perpendicular or even sloped. 

Best cheap option – HyLoft 00540 Overhead Storage System

HyLoft overhead storage

The classic HyLoft 00540 is a ceiling-mounted garage rack that will help you organize your equipment and stuff around the garage. Pure steel has been used to manufacture this storage system, which is strong and durable. 

A special finish will make it resistant to scratches, so you won’t have to be gentle handling your stuff. Even years after you install it, the Hyloft 00540 will look as good as it did on the first day. This can be adjusted between 17 and 28 inches under the roof, and you can set it exactly the way you want it. 

HyLoft system

30 cubic feet of space ensures a new and safer location for all your valuable belongings that have been lying on the floor until now. The maximum capacity is 250 pounds, which is enough to store most of your belongings. 

The installation process is simple and straightforward, easy to follow by anyone regardless of their skills. Maximum efficiency is ensured, and this garage rack reaches the perfect balance between value and reliability. 

Best overhead storage bin system – E-Z Garage Storage: Overhead Storage Rack

This overhead storage rack has a clever design. It’s made of adjustable rails that support plastic bins where you can store your tools and items. This option allows you to create or remove additional storage space whenever you want. 

The total surface of your garage imposes the only limit. You can add multiple rails as long as they fit on your garage ceiling. E-Z Garage Storage wanted to make this product as simple as possible, so the installation process is quick and easy to follow. 

Customers seem to appreciate this detail the most because nobody likes spending hours installing complicated hanging ceiling racks. Installing it is much easier with simpler instructions that anyone can follow without needing special equipment.

After successfully mounting it, this storage space can hold up to 450 pounds worth of items and tools without a problem. Organizing your items in categories or other formats is possible with this clever design, and you can adjust the volume according to your needs. A stepladder will still be required to reach the deposited items, so expect to take a lot of climbs when you organize your items. 

Best practical option – Husky Overhead Ceiling Mount Storage Rack

This storage rack produced by Husky is another practical option for your storage needs. Mounted on the ceiling, it has 104 cubic feet available for you to store your items and garage tools. 

Because this model has an increased depth, it’s much easier to store long items. Large items can be stored in any way possible as long as the 96-inch width allows it. Before you decide on which storage rack to get, you should measure the length and widths of your objects. Compare them with the specifications of the ceiling storage racks you are interested in buying.

Industrial grade steel has been used in the building process of this rack. As a result, this storage rack made by Husky can hold up to 600 pounds. Most likely, that is more than enough for all your storage needs. For that reason, this choice is convenient for you. When it’s shipped to you, it weighs 80 pounds. Installation instructions will be provided. 

Overhead hanging ceiling storage racks are made for ultimate efficiency. This one has a color option where you can choose between light and dark paint. Maybe decluttering your garage is not enough to make it look good so a color-matching storage rack will help.

A lifetime warranty is guaranteed by this company. They will send you a brand-new storage rack at no additional cost in case this one breaks. Considering how strong and durable they are, there’s a very low chance of your storage rack breaking. The team at Husky is so sure about their products that they offer a lifetime warranty for everyone. 

This product is not intended for outdoor use, as it is ideal to be installed in your garage instead. It is not a complicated task, considering that all the hardware and installation instructions are provided in detail. 

Best heavy-duty storage rack – SafeRacks Heavy Duty Garage Storage Rack

saferacks storage

With dimensions of 48 by 96 inches, this garage storage rack will easily accommodate essential items scattered around the garage. It’s hcreated by SafeRacks is also suitable for lower ceilings, while most of the other options have a minimum height limit.

Extending from 12 to 21 inches from the ceiling, you’ll find plenty of storage space available, even in limited spaces. The storage weight on this rack is 600 pounds, which will be more than enough for your storage needs. Strong, durable components make up this product which will last you a long time. The only inconvenience is its weight, as this rack weighs 80 pounds. 

2 color options are available for this particular style, which are white and gray. Step-by-step instructions are provided by this company, which makes the installation process an easy task for anyone. Steel wire decking units, brackets, and beams are included with the product. Everything necessary for an easy installation is already provided in the package.

Products from this company qualify for free delivery and a 30-day return policy. Due to its exceptional flexibility and practicability, the SafeRacks heavy-duty garage storage rack is one of the best options available on the market. Long lasting and durable, this product will last you for years.

The best option with most features – SafeRacks 4×8 2 rack package with accessory hooks

Another high-quality product from SafeRacks is this ceiling storage rack with many features. You can hang objects from below in addition to placing them in the racks above. Everything from bikes and gardening tools may be stored on this rack which has a capacity of 600 pounds.

Once this storage rack has been properly installed, you won’t have to worry about keeping your stuff in place. Although these racks are intended to be installed on the ceiling and walls, they offer a completely adaptable option. You can customize them just the way you want.

A lifetime warranty is guaranteed when you purchase this product from SafeRacks. This company is well-known for satisfying its customers. That’s why a team at a support center is available to help you with the installation process so that the experts can guide you. 

After installation, this ceiling rack will remain in place for years to come. It is highly durable even with heavy amounts of weight. Extra storage is provided with hooks intended for hanging items. The high-quality design will keep the racks together even in the harshest conditions. 

Best secure and safe option – Monstrax 4×8 Overhead Rack

With a standard design and a mesh wire bottom, this ceiling storage rack will meet all of your storage needs. A special system guarantees the maximum level of strength to keep your heavier items in place. If your garage ceiling is low, you’ll have different height levels. It can be adjusted to fit it in your garage. 

Having such a heavy weight situated above them might make some people uneasy. It’s a normal response of our survival instinct which always sees the danger and signals us to protect ourselves. With the Monstrax 4×8 overhead rack, you’ll have to convince your mind that safety is guaranteed. This product was built with high-quality materials, and they are very durable. 

You can easily reach maximum weight capacity because the strong frame will hold everything in place. You can move stress-free underneath it as it has already passed several safety tests and requirements. 

The installation process is easier than expected. If you’re still struggling with clear instructions, experts are available one phone call away. They will guide you live and assist you with this process, as you want to ensure you’ll do everything right. 

Designed to last for years, this ceiling storage rack will provide a lot of weight support compared to the other size options. A special safe design will keep your items in place. You won’t have to worry about your valuables falling from this high height. 

Most efficient option – Newage Products 40151 4-feet by 8-feet ceiling mount

If you have heavy stuff lying around and don’t know where to store it, this ceiling rack from Newage Products might be just for you. With a holding capacity of 600 pounds, you’ll be able to store items and pieces of equipment that weigh a lot. 

Made out of heavy-duty materials, durability is guaranteed. It will last you a long time. You can adjust its width, setting it to 6 or 8 feet depending on your needs. If space is still not enough, you can buy several and connect them to create a bigger one. 

However, be advised that this product needs to be mounted to wooden ceiling joists instead of metal ones. You won’t have to worry about the installation. Clear instructions are provided, and a team of experts is ready to assist you.

How much does it cost to install garage ceiling storage?

Usually, such garage ceiling storage systems will cost between $600 and $2,600. It depends on which one you get. After considering the rack price that you will buy, make sure to add the installation and mounting costs as well. The necessary equipment will also contribute to the overall price tag. 

How do I add storage to my garage ceiling?

There are multiple options to choose from when you want to increase the storage space in your garage. While your floor might be full of tools already and your walls are taken by shelves and cabinets, the only option left is to look up. 

Yes, you can store things on the ceiling too. Specially designed overhead hanging ceiling racks can be mounted on your garage’s ceiling. They can hold all of your valuable tools and pieces of equipment. This way, you can easily add storage to your garage ceiling.

How do I install Fleximounts?

You don’t have to be an expert to install Fleximounts. Take all the necessary safety measures before starting. When you’re ready, follow the steps below:

Step 1

Start by finding the best location to install your Fleximounts. You can install it above the open garage door or install it past the end of an open garage door. You can use a stud finder to locate the joists, which will either run from front to back or side to side on your ceiling. 

Step 2

In the second step, you will use the installation template to mark the mounting points. Proceed by drilling holes at the center of each point and installing the brackets to the ceiling. 

Step 3

In this step, you will assemble the vertical posts. Attach the upper vertical and lower posts using the included nuts and bolts in the package. Make sure to adjust each vertical post and have their lengths all uniform. 

Step 4

It’s time to attach vertical posts to ceiling brackets. Make sure the distance between the posts is equal.

Step 5

Assemble the wire grids side by side. To avoid misalignment of holes when installing screws, do not tighten any screws until all of them are loosely installed. This precaution will save you from a lot of stress. 

When you’re sure of their position, tighten the screws one by one. Attach the connecting plates and insert screws following the precaution method again. In the end, you’ll tighten them one by one again.

Step 6

In the last step, insert the wire grid set into the slot of the vertical posts. Tighten the screws and attach the upright vertical posts to the side of the grid. 


How much weight can garage ceiling racks hold?

The exact numbers depend on specific models, where their manufacturers will provide you with exact numbers for their capacity. Generally, these ceiling racks can hold up to 600 pounds. It is more than enough for all of your tools currently lying on your garage’s floor

Are ceiling racks safe?

If your garage ceiling can support the maximum weight and as long as they are installed properly, these overhead storage racks are completely safe. 
The companies producing them value safety the most. They conduct lots of tests and apply safety upgrades to make them suitable for your garage. Those that don’t pass the safety tests are not reaching the market. You can be stress-free knowing that every product available is extremely safe.