Best over-the-range microwaves: Low-profile, with an exhaust fan

An over-the-range microwave is designed in a special way that allows it to be stored above the stove. A built-in ventilation system is often included, which clears the air during the cooking process. With an over-the-range microwave, you can save up significant space in your kitchen while also cooking more efficiently. 

Kenmore Microwave model 721 over range

Such a microwave can perform any function of a standard microwave. It includes making quick meals and defrosting meat and frozen food. However, this kind has some extra features that make it a good option to consider for your kitchen.

If you want to replace your older one, we got you covered. Below we will show you the best over-the-range microwaves, including those with a low profile or an exhaust fan. 

Best over-the-range microwave

Cafe Stainless Steel Convection Over-the-Range, Including Oven

This white and stylish over-the-range microwave is also highly efficient. It portrays excellence and sharp designs. If you are looking for a microwave that also completes the overall style of your kitchen, this is the best model for you. 

While this company created the microwave to be aesthetically pleasing, they also had efficiency and reliability in mind. It features both convection and standard technology and combines a fast cook setting for immediate results. 

This model runs at a maximum capacity of 1,000 watts. However, it can also operate at lower power modes depending on your cooking needs. The 1.7 cubic feet capacity is more than enough to create the best meals for your large family or guests that are coming over for a special event.

You can also customize your preferences on this particular model. The handle and knob can be chosen in specific colors such as black or brushed bronze.It can look modern without the classic stainless steel exterior in a matte color. 

Over-the-range microwave with exhaust fan

Frigidaire 1.4 Cu. Ft. Compact Over-the-Range

This large over-the-range microwave has an incredible capacity of 1.9 cubic feet. Many more unique features are included with high practicability and pleasing design. This model utilizes a maximum power of 1,000 watts. 

It has a special ventilation system that operates at 3 different speeds. You can set this fan to run on low, medium, or high speed, depending on your needs. A removable turntable is also included.

A handle-free design makes this microwave unique and cannot be compared to other models produced by Whirlpool or Kitchenaid. Because it is also fingerprint resistant, you won’t have to worry about constantly cleaning the front side of this microwave. 

With this wonderful product, you can fully focus on preparing the best meals for your family and guests. It will take care of the cooking process, which can be adjusted to your needs. Because it has LED lighting, it will be much easier to see your cooktop below. 

Samsung over-the-range microwave

Samsung 1.7 Cu. Ft. Fingerprint Resistant Black Stainless Steel

Samsung Microwave 1.7 cu ft.

It includes many efficient features, such as the eco-mode that reduces standby power. The charcoal vent system quickly eliminates the odors and the steam generated while cooking. The One Touch Cooking program lets you make quick and simple meals.

This product is perfect for large families, as it has a large 1.7 cubic feet capacity. You can cook breakfast for the entire family early in the morning or even prepare a grand meal for your guests. The 1,000 watts are more than enough for your cooking needs. The power of this microwave can be changed as well, and this offers a lot of versatility to you.

The ventilation system eliminates smoke and odors easily, and the adjustable cooktop light will shine on your cooking area as needed. It is practical and efficient, and can easily elevate your kitchen if it features a minimalist design.

An LED display shows all the necessary information for the current operation. Several different functions will let you utilize this microwave in many ways. We bought and tested it ourselves. 

While the design and aspects are very appealing, itsefficiency and performance are also superior. Samsung did a good job at matching functionality with style here. This model can easily compete with the ones created by Kenmore or Maytag. 

GE microwave over-the-range

GE JVM3160RFSS 30″

GE 1.6-cu ft 1000-Watt Over-the-Range Microwave

This over-the-range microwave offers maximum value for the most affordable price. You can find an optional turntable ideal for large plates among the numerous features. The interior is easy to clean up and has a non-stick coating. You will have many convenient pre-programmed options when you cook with this microwave.

It’s a strong and durable fan can work at 2 different speed settings. It allows you to personally control all the ventilation needs for your kitchen. This GE over-the-range model operates at a maximum power of 1,000 watts, but you can choose between various modes. The surface is fingerprint-resistant, so the front side of this product will always shine.

The shiny look is also a result of the stainless steel used for the exterior. Additionally, 2 lighting options can act as a nightlight or a full cooktop light system. 

Customers are particularly satisfied with the quietness of the ventilation system. It does a good job of removing smoke and steam during cooking. This fan comes in 2 settings, and you can manually adjust the ventilation system based on your needs. 

LG microwave over-the-range

LMV2031SS 2.0 Cu. Ft. Printproof Stainless Steel

Brand New LG 2.0 cu. ft. Microwave

Its massive 2 cubic foot capacity is the highlight, providing plenty of cooking space. The interior is also equipped with a special anti-bacterial coating which is very easy to clean. This product is ideal for big families or even restaurants that want a microwave for commercial use.

The powerful ventilation system features an exhaust fan that can be set on 3 different power levels. This fan is very quiet, and customers confirm this in their positive reviews. The vent is hidden from the front view to keep the sleek appearance of this model. 

While the ventilation system removes the odors and steam generated during cooking, you can also hold conversations with people nearby without worrying about the fan being too loud. 

This 1,000-watt over-the-range model comes with 10 different power levels. It can be adjusted depending on your cooking preferences. You can cook the best meal for your guests with this highly performant LG over-the-range microwave. 

Stainless steel microwave over-the-range

Galanz GLOMJA17S2B-10

This over-the-range microwave has a unique stainless steel design that will impress any guests that step into your kitchen. With 11 different power levels, it is also functional and highly reliable. You can manually adjust the cooking power from 0% all the way to 100%, depending on your own needs. 

The large 1.7 cubic feet capacity allows you to cook grand meals for your family or guests. Dinner will be served in less time with this high-performance machine that will aid you in your cooking process. 

The 9 auto-cook programs let you prepare meals individually. You can cook everything from vegetables to frozen meals and casseroles with this versatile model. The handle is made out of heavy-duty aluminum and is highly resistant. 

It won’t break or wear down with constant use. After all, the handle and the knobs are the pieces with the most intensive use, so the company created them to last. Because of the stainless steel design it has, cleaning itwill be an easy and quick task.

The exhaust fan can be operated at 2 different speeds. It does a good job of removing odors and steam from your kitchen. A safety lock is installed, so you won’t have to worry about the little ones having access to this model. An eco mode option lets you switch the light on and off.

What to look for

Over the range microwave - Kenmore Elite

When shopping for an over-the-range microwave, it is important to consider some key features before choosing a model for you. Various models are available on the market, offering something unique and special. Below, we will tell you what factors to consider when you make such a purchase.


Whether you want small and slim model or larger ones for your kitchen, there is an option for anyone. You can find different widths, but the most common ones will have a 30-inch width and a 17-inch height. Low-profile over-the-range microwaves will have a smaller height.

These sizes can vary, with some models featuring a height between 15-inch and 24-inch. They will also be 16 inches deep. While traditional microwaves are situated on a counter, the over-the-range ones will be installed above the oven. 

Before you purchase one for yourself, you should measure the range and determine the optimal size. Remember that the interior volume of these models is measured in cubic feet, and they usually go between 1.6 cubic feet to 1.7 cubic feet. 

It offers plenty of cooking space for most families, but you can also find smaller or bigger versions. The smallest ones have a capacity of 1.1 cubic feet of space while the large ones offer up to 2.2 cubic feet. 

Over the range microwave


Usually, such microwaves will have an optimal wattage between 900 and 1,000 watts. The device might struggle to evenly heat and cook your food if its power is lower. There are also more powerful models available on the market that can feature powers up to 1,200 watts. 

They will heat food faster and better, but they are also more expensive. Remember that the microwave always chooses the optimal power, depending on what you are cooking. If you want to reheat or defrost the food, less power will be utilized as such operations need a longer exposure to less intense heat. 

These microwaves also have pre-programmed functions that will automatically determine the best power usage. It depends on your cooking needs. 


Instead of manually selecting the power and cooking time, most over-the-range microwaves come with shortcuts for commonly microwaved foods. It lets you quickly choose between different functions and operate the device with specific settings. 

From popcorn to pizza and to complex foods, these microwaves will feature many specific options you can choose with a simple press of a button. 

You can also find an auto defrost setting that automatically optimizes the cooking temperature. Sensors that monitor the food temperature are installed on higher-end models. They can provide real-time information on the LED display. 

Control panel

This control panel is often situated on the front side, right near the door. Some models can have this control panel situated below or above the door to increase functionality and style. 

Some companies place this control panel on the bottom, offering shorter family members better access. This control panel will let you operate it the way you want it, with plenty of buttons and options to choose from. 

An LED display will show you everything you need to know about the cooking process. Usually, this display will show a timer. 

Smart technology

Some models feature smart technology, which allows connection to the home’s internet. Because the microwave is connected to a local area network, you can control it through your phone as long as both devices are connected to the same network. 

They come with a higher price tag, and their manufacturers often develop a special app intended for them. With this app, you can easily control it remotely from a given distance. Voice commands are also available. You can start and stop the cooking process by talking to it.

Other smart models include entire databases of foods. It allows you to quickly search for the best recipes depending on the ingredients you have. When you have a microwave meal, scanning its barcode will let you know exactly how long you have to let it in the microwave. 

Convection heating

While traditional models have heat radiation technology, there are some advanced over-the-range models that also offer convection heating. This dual function adds another heating element to the cooking process. This way, you can make the food more crunchy and roast it on the outside.

When these two types of heat are combined, you can also cook more quickly and serve the meal faster. Your starved guest will appreciate this technology, as they get to dine earlier than expected. 

Exhaust functionality

These have special fans that can vent the interior or exterior. Charcoal filters are often installed to remove smoke and steam from the surrounding air before it is blown out into the kitchen. 

This way, the grease, and specific odors will not be recirculated through the air but rather exhausted into an external vent. These fans have their own rating, and standard ones operate at 300 cubic feet per minute. On the more expensive models, fans are more powerful and can circulate 400 cubic feet per minute. 


Are over-the-range microwaves a good idea?

The microwave is an important component in our kitchens. It is where we prepare popcorn quickly for a movie night or heat the leftovers from the previous day. On a rainy afternoon, a mug cake can quickly be prepared in such a device. 

Traditional microwaves have been around for a long time, but over-the-range ones are constantly increasing in popularity. These are installed above the stove and usually feature high-end ventilation systems. LED lights are also included, so they can also light up the cooking area. 

Are microwaves over the stove outdated?

Traditional countertop models are more popular and common in kitchens worldwide. However, over-the-range ones are also increasing in popularity, with more and more people installing them in their kitchens. A countertop microwave takes up space from the cooking area, which can be inconvenient.

If you install an over-the-range microwave above the stove, you will have plenty of space on the countertops. This way, it feels like it is incorporated into the overhead storage compartments.

What size does the microwave fit over the range?

The interior space of these microwaves ranges between 0.8 cubic feet for compact models all the way up to 2.1 for large, commercial ones. Small models are ideal for basic cooking operations, such as reheating and defrosting. Larger ones are perfect for families that often dine together. 

Most models are 17 inches tall, just enough to place plates inside the turntable. The most common width is 30 inches, enough to match the standard cabinet width. Because they will be installed above the stove, it is ideal for these microwaves to have the same width as the stove below. 

What is different about over-the-range microwaves?

An over-the-range microwave allows you to have more storage space on the counters. You can place your toaster or coffee pot without sacrificing extra space. Countertop models are large and heavy, so it is often difficult to find the perfect place for them. 

Some models have a non-stick interior coating that is highly resistant to stains. They are easier to clean, and you can do it by wiping the interior with a paper towel. 

Over-the-range models are less accessible to short people since they will be mounted at a level with the overhead cabinets. Some models have their control panel situated at the bottom, making it easier for shorter family members to access them.