Best, most comfortable men’s motorcycle riding boots

Motorcyclists have a lot to worry about in every season. In winter, they have to fight the harsh cold. And in summer, it’s a war against the ever-burning bright sun. But one thing they shouldn’t have to worry about is their feet. That’s exactly why motorcycle boots come in handy. However, tons of boots are all show and have no function. 

Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle riding boots need to have a few elevated elements to protect the wearer from the dangers of the road. Since finding the sweet spot between safety and fashion can be confusing, here’s a pre-researched list of some of the best boots in the market! 

Best western style, cowboy motorcycle boots

ARIAT Men’s Circuit Patriot Western Boot

At its core, riding a motorcycle is a purely American activity. To make the sport more patriotic, why not get these shoes? The ARIAT Men’s Circuit Patriot Western Boot will transport you to the old wide west! With its textured leather and the US flag ingrained right in the front, it’s no doubt they’ll make you feel like a real cowboy. The pair is made of pure leather and the soles contour to the shape of your foot in a snug fit.

Specifications Details
Name ARIAT Men’s Circuit Patriot Western Boots
Material 100% leather
Toe shapeRound
2,440 Reviews
ARIAT is a solid choice.


A staple, the classic boot is just as important as a statement shoe in our closet. The Harley Davidson Unisex-Adult Bowden Motorcycle Boot is the perfect candidate for a simpler look. An all-black, long boog is what Harley Davidson is known for, and for a good reason. This pair doesn’t need too much to break into, and they fit perfectly as soon as you put them on. Without any metal accents, they go with any sort of outfit and activity!

339 Reviews
It has a certain class to it.

Men’s biker boots

Men's Motorcycle Boots


Each motorcyclist is different and has a unique style. If you prefer a shorter boot, the Men’s Rambert Motorcycle Boot might just become the next hot piece in your wardrobe. Reaching up to your mid-calf, these classic harness boots will give you a bit of extra movement while keeping your fashion game strong. On the inside, they have mesh lining for added breathability. Overall, they’re Goodyear-welted, ensuring a long-lasting life and a sturdy build. 

706 Reviews
This one is less tall.

Black motorcycle boots

Mostly Men’s, Business Casual Chukka for Men

Changing your look between events isn’t easy for a person on the go. It is where the Vestey Business Casual Chukka Boots come in. You can ride around wearing these shoes all day. Come home, dust them off and go straight to dinner! The upgraded design allows for more room, along with a well-cushioned insole. The shiny sheen on the synthetic material makes cleaning as easy as a simple wipe!

711 Reviews
Riding in style doesn't need to be expensive.

Leather motorcycle boots

Indie ridge leather

We agree that a solid black military look can get boring. After all, variety is what keeps life interesting. You could try these Brown Indie Ridge Leather motorcycle boots to switch up your taste. After just a few wears, their stiff-looking leather looks more broken in. It gives your ankles the perfect amount of comfort and relief. Despite the extra protection in the heel and toe, the shoes are light as a feather on your feet. As for their soles, you could walk on a frozen river and still not slip!

Indie Ridge
115 Reviews
Indie Ridge
They're also waterproof.

Brown motorcycle boots

Vostey Combat Ankle Dress

A casual but sturdy boot is hard to come by, but Vostey makes casual shoes better than anyone else. With a polished toe, they’re work and fun-appropriate. The light-colored soles are made of anti-slip rubber that can grip any sort of terrain. It means you can go for a hike or just a walk around the block. On the side, a layer of memory foam awaits your tender soles. To ensure there’s no extra moisture trapped, it uses a breathable lining to keep your toes dry as a bone. 

2,734 Reviews
Here's another strong contender from Vostey.

Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

ROCKMARK Men’s Mid-Calf Waterproof

Most outdoorsy people know how unpredictable the weather can get. Suppose you live in a generally wet place. In that case, you might consider buying a pair of these heavy-duty RockMark waterproof boots. Their curved and deeply grooved rubber sole will prevent you from losing your balance in slippery terrain. And if the temperature drops, you won’t have to worry about freezing your toes off. This pair comes with a fur lining on the inside that preserves heat while keeping your feet dry. A sign of good construction is sealed seams, which makes these shoes waterproof. 

NameRockmark Men’s Winter Snow Boots
MaterialRubber outsole, fur inner lining
FeaturesNon-slip, weather rated for -30 degree F
ColorsBlack, grey, red
1,611 Reviews
They'll provide the warmth you need.

RIDETECS Men’s Waterproof

If you’ve been looking for the sweet spot between heavy-duty and casual footwear, your search ends here. These Ridetecs waterproof boots are made of full-grained oiled leather with a split shaft for ease of mobility. It features an adjustable vamp with an ankle strap, which gives the boot a bit of personality. This sleek-looking option has an oil-resistant outsole that looks stunning when worn with jeans. No matter what you wear, these shoes will tie your whole look together. 

2,246 Reviews
They're black and classy.

Vans Motorcycle Shoes

Vans Men’s Hi-Top Trainers

Vans don’t need an introduction. You can never go wrong with a trusted pair of old-school vans. With such a wide variety and colors, you can choose whichever suits your style without compromising on quality. Ever since the 1960s, these shoes have been reliable as ever for long walks, working out, and even motorcycle rides. Their thick soles provide a good grip on whatever you’re on, even a skateboard. And their insoles always guarantee a plush fit.  

Motorcycle Riding Sneaker

IRON JIA’S Street Bike Motorcycle Shoes

Regular Harley Davidson and heavy-duty boots can look a bit mature. For a more youthful look, you could opt for Iron Jia’s Street bike sneakers that have all the benefits of motorcycle boots but with an elevated look. The ankles come with a protective shell that gives them some extra cushioning. The sneakers are cool to look at and have mesh fabric inside to keep your feet dry as a bone. 

1,573 Reviews
IRON JIA'S are available in different colors.

Casual motorcycle boot

Bollini Motorcycle Riding Street Motocross Shoes

Not everyone enjoys a macho black boot. Some are more inclined towards a streetwear style shoe, like the Borleni Street Motocross Shoes. It’s made with a curated mix of leather and breathable fabric that’s just soft enough to make your feet comfortable. Safety matters just as much as looks, and that’s why these shoes come equipped with a thick toe cap and wear-resistant gear protector. The bright laces will pull your whole outside together, while the side zipper makes taking the shoe on and off super convenient. 


  • PP protective shell to protect ankle and heel
  • The toe features gear shift protection
  • Rubber outsole
  • Night reflection points are designed to protect riders at night
  • You receive two shoelaces, red and green.


  • Some customers have wished for a half sizes, like 11.5 to get a perfect fitting.
  • The zipper may run the length of your ankle if the fitting isn’t right.
1,003 Reviews
Try these from Borleni.

Mostly Men’s Boots Hiking Chukka Boots

Vostey brings a more casual and dressier boot because you can’t always wear clunky and thick-soled ones. Starting off, it comes in several deep color options and contrasting soles with deep grooves to give you a firm grip on slippery roads. On top of that, the laces are waxed, which saves you the struggle of damp or dirty ends. And if you ever wanted a cowboy boot owing, here is an everyday version of it!

2,035 Reviews
They're sleek and classy.

Steel-toed motorcycle boots


Harley Davidsons make you want to put on shoes before your socks! With the men’s Harley Davidson steel-toe boot, you get the classic steel toe and a study anti-slip outsole. The best part about this pair is certainly that it’s multifunctional. It has enough protection to accompany you during bad-ass motorbike trips and a simple walk home. When you’re doing extreme activities, it’s easy to lose your balance. But this pair uses shock absorbers that dampen vibrations or rattling that could throw you off the course.  


  • Full length medial zipper
  • Oil resistant outsole
  • 100% premium leather
  • ASTM compliant steel toe
  • Goodyear welt construction


  • Since it’s leather it’s not resistant to water.
  • The look is not very stylish for those who want something trendy
341 Reviews
Theey're made of premium leather.


When it comes to Harley Davidson products, there’s no doubt they’re the best in the game. Their Men’s drive steel toe boots scream ‘adventure.’ The added steel makes it suitable for the open road, but their elegance means you can wear them to work too. Their thick scrubber toles and padded insides create a cozy environment for your feet. If you’re of the steel toe hitting you, then a simple pair of thick socks will fix that. Overall, these shoes are sure to turn some heads. 

710 Reviews
Here is another style from Harley-Davidson.

Motorcycle zipper boots

Milwaukee Lace-Up Leather

The market caters to everyone, including those who like Black leather and tons of loud metal accents. The Milwaukee Leather Lace-Up Engineer Boots are made of cowhide waterproof leather equipped with oil and acid-resistant soles. At first glance, these ultra-modern harness boots seem complicated to wear. But putting them on is as simple as lacing them up. For extra protection, they have a buckle and Astra to make sure your foot is snug inside. Generally, such a heavy-duty boot would make your feet sweat a lot. However, this product is lined with moisture-wicking fabric that helps dry your feet in an instant!

Milwaukee Leather 
97 Reviews
Milwaukee Leather 
You'll love Milwaukee Leather.

Motorcycle Chelsea boots

Skechers Men’s Blaine Orsen

Every biker needs a pair of harness boots that’ll stick by their side even after the roughest days, making the Skechers Blaine Orsen Ankle Boot an amazing option. You might need to break into these boots. Once that’s done, the soft lining and snug fit will make you want to wear them forever. Its oiled pigskin leather upper makes for a chic look that stays presentable for years. The Blaine Orsen boot is made with such precision that even its stitching detail is done with care, and it shows!

5,466 Reviews
Skechers is a trusted name.

Square-toe motorcycle boots

Dingo Men’s Chopper Square Toe Boots Mid Calf

There’s nothing better than a sleek boot that’s also comfortable. The Dingo Square Toe Boots are made of real leather and equipped with a rubber sole that will make slipping impossible even if you try. These funky cowboy shoes are decorated with a jeweled strap to give you a bit of edge. The inside of the boot is just as well-made as the outside. With soft lining and a cushioned insole, your feet can rest comfortably. 

1,525 Reviews
Great square toe option.

What to look for in motorcycle boots

Like motorcycle jackets, motorcycle boots should be perfectly balanced between functional and stylish. Motorcycle boots are more than your regular pair of kicks. They provide special protection while you’re on or off the road. 

black Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boots

When several safety corners are involved, the expectations go higher. It means that you must have a keen eye to ensure that your shoes meet the mark. To simplify things, here are some specific things you should consider before buying a pair.


First and foremost, the material of the boots should be top-notch. Usually, they’re made of thick leather that protects against any sort of abrasion. Besides being sturdy, the material must be breathable and water-resistant. Any porous material won’t make a good candidate since it won’t protect you from the elements. 


The worst boots are those that end just at the ankle, other than being uncomfortable. In case of an unfortunate fall, your ankle joint needs to be covered to avoid further injuries. Good motorcycle boots are usually over the ankle and reach the middle part of the lower leg. It’s even better if they cover your shins and calves, only if it gives you enough freedom to move freely. Padded and sealed shafts are a bonus since they’ll keep moisture away from your feet. 


It’s obvious that the soles must be strong, but they should be flexible enough to let you ride in comfort. Using the gear and brake levers might get tricky if your soles are too rigid. Your preference should be towards anti-slip rubber soles, or your pair might give out during rain or in the mud. You’ve hit the jackpot if you can find shoes with steel toecaps and an oil-resistant rubber sole! 

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Boots


As your riding style becomes more dangerous and off-the-road, you’ll need heavier armor. Ideally, you’ll want to protect your lower leg, including your shin. You also shouldn’t have to buy added armor. That’s why go for shoes with carbon, plastic, and even Kevlar armor.


No one likes sweaty feet, especially if you’re trying to ride a motorbike. That’s why a good ventilation system is important. Not only do they promote air circulation, but they also reduce sweat. It is excellent for your foot health!