Best Montessori Bookshelves, Toys, & Floor Beds

You can find various objects included in the line of teaching. On this page, we’ve collected the best Montessori bookshelves, toys, & floor beds.

Montessori bookshelves

Montessori Style Book Display

Montessori bookshelves are a learning tool you’ll come across in almost all preschool, playroom, and daycare facilities. It’s even if they aren’t Montessori! This is because Montessori bookshelves are made with the idea of making shelves where all the books can be placed front-facing. Front-facing books are easy for children to see, choose, and access. It encourages choice and independence. Below we’ve mentioned three Montessori bookshelves of different price ranges:

Delta Children’s colorful book rack

This Delta Children’s book rack is sturdy and colorful but also affordable. It’s perfect if you’re looking for furniture that brings some life to your preschool, playroom, nursery, or daycare. It’s a small kid-size bookshelf, which allows children to reach even the topmost shelf. It’s available in color combinations of blue, pink, and multicolor. And will instantly brighten up any space.

BrandDelta Children Sling Book Rack
Product Dimensions‎11.6″D x 24.25″W x 28″H
Shelf Type‎Wood


  • We love the creative and colorful book rack.
  • We’ve seen our kids be more inclined to take books from it compared to when it was stored on a normal shelf.


  • It’s harder to see what books you are grabbing.
Delta Children Sling Book Rack Bookshelf
5,059 Reviews
Delta Children Sling Book Rack Bookshelf
It has lots of beautiful colors!

Sagler kid’s bookshelf

montessori bookshelf

Suppose you’re on a tight budget. But still wouldn’t want to miss out on equipping preschool or daycare with a bookshelf that could encourage reading. In that case, get your hands on this super affordable colorful Sagler Kid’s bookshelf. It is also very sturdy and worth the money.

NameSagler Kids Bookshelf
Country of OriginChina
Item Weight9.37 pounds
Package Dimensions15.2 x 11.5 x 3.11 inches


  • The bookshelf was easy to assemble
  • We tried fitting books and managed to easily put more than 40 books.


  • It’s a bit wobbly.

ECR4Kids birch streamlined book display.

If you’re looking for a more elegant and modern bookshelf, go for this ECR4 kids birch streamline book display. With the natural wood finish, it’s sure to compliment any Montessori classroom. It is usually mapped out, giving special attention to natural sunlight and lots of space. It is a little expensive but long-lasting with an excellent wood finish.

Montessori racks and furniture aren’t just limited to placing books but other toys and resources that children can readily access. It can also be placed in the wardrobe. Children are encouraged to pick out their shoes, accessories, or clothes. It is just one example of how Montessori tools around the house can be a learning experience. There are many such more.

NameECR4Kids Streamline Single-Sided Book Display with Storage
Mounting TypeGround
Number of Shelves5
Product Dimensions10″D x 30″W x 29″H
Room TypeClassroom or bedroom
Shelf TypeTiered Shelf


  • This bookshelf makes it a lot easier to see the different books.
  • It’s available in two colors.
  • It is very easy for kids to grab a book from it.


  • It comes with a much higher price tag.

Montessori toys for 1 & 2-year-olds

As we’ve already mentioned, Montessori equipment is truly one of a kind and far more exciting for children than traditional teaching methods. Suppose Montessori schools are inaccessible to your child, or you’d like to explore its legitimacy. In that case, many Montessori toys are available online for you to try out. We have mentioned a few of our favorites below:

The color and shape matching egg toy

At around 18 months, toddlers begin asserting independence. It is when they like to start playing on their own and pointing at objects they’d like to hold. It is why it is exactly the time you can introduce these color and shape matching eggs. With 12 unique colors and shapes to match, your toddler will develop:

  • Fine motor skills
  • Sorting between different shapes
  • All the variations in colors
  • Problem-solving
  • Cognitive skills
NameColor & Shapes Matching Egg Toy
Item Weight11.3 ounces
Manufacturer recommended age18 months and up
Product Dimensions5 x 12 x 3 inches


  • We had a couple of friends over with toddlers, and they loved it.
  • It encourages problem-solving from a very early age without leaving a mess at home.
  • The toys feel like they’re high quality.


  • Accidentally stepping on the blue part can be painful. It is not advised!
Color & Shapes Matching Egg Toy 
1,425 Reviews
Color & Shapes Matching Egg Toy 
Here's a toy that won't break the bank!

Hape pound and tap bench with slide-out Xylophone – Musical Pounding Toy

If you’re looking for a Montessori toy for your 1-year-old, it doesn’t get any more fun than this. Toddlers can pound balls that’ll roll over the xylophone with tinkling sounds. They could also pull the keyboard and use the hammer to pound the keyboard on their own. Developed from wood and non-toxic paint, this toy can help your toddler with:

  • their hand and arm movements
  • develops hand-eye coordination
  • recognizing the relationship between cause and effect
  • Promotes audio recognition and exploration

This toy is also the winner of 2018’s Cribsie award for a favorite first musical toy for a toddler between 12 months to 3 years.

NameHape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone
Item Weight4.8 ounces
Manufacturer recommended age12 months – 3 years
Product Dimensions9.4 x 5.3 x 5.9 inches


  • For the price, it is a great musical instrument.
  • It’s not too loud, either.
  • The toy can keep toddlers entertained for long periods of time – confirmed!


  • The hammer could be used for unintended purposes.

Mingkids Colourful cube sorter

This Montessori toy is great for the baby and early toddler stage. The objective of this toy is to place the oversized shapes into the cube/rectangle. It’s done by escaping through the tightly wrapped elastic bands. When the infant struggles to put the different 3D shapes into the cube that has bending elastic bands, they learn the concepts of:

  • Spatial reasoning
  • Tactile exploration
  • Experimentation
  • Shape sorting
Item Weight7 ounces
Product Dimensions4.8 x 4.8 x 4.8 inches


  • A 1-year-old approved it at our house.
  • It does stimulate a child’s brain.


  • It’s smaller than it appears.
  • It felt a bit expensive for what it is.
1,566 Reviews
These colorful cubes can entertain your little ones!

Montessori toys for 3 & 4-year-olds

As the child grows and their fine motor skills and cognitive development progress, they’ll require toys that can challenge them even further. So, we’ve chosen a few toys ideal for 3 to 4-year-olds:

Meroco Montessori screwdriver board

With so many adults who still don’t know how to use a screw or screwdriver properly, we were surprised that this toy even existed in the first place. But when we got our hands on it, we loved it! This Meroco Montessori screwdriver board set enables kids to screw and unscrew its five supplied tools and helps children with:

  • Basic Fine motor skill development
  • Acquiring hands-on learning
  • A sensory experience
  • Develop a life skill of learning how to use a screwdriver

DeMoca Montessori’s busy board

Montessori Busy Board

This DeMoca Montessori busy board is great for keeping your kids busy, even while traveling. Like other toys, it doesn’t have several detachable pieces that can be quite easy to lose. Instead, the board is filled with several different activities or “pieces” attached to it. Several pieces enable activities such as tieing shoe laces, pulling on a zipper, and opening and closing a buckled belt. All these activities help the toddler:

  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Gain independence in tasks such as tying a shoe, zipping up their clothes, etc.
  • Independence from the screen – which can become a way to keep the kids busy
  • Occupational therapy for specially-abled kids such as those with autism


  • It’s very stimulating, and I may have played with it myself!
  • The toy feels high quality.


  • The busy board is really best at 2-3 years or so.
  • We hope that teaching kids about zippers won’t have unintended consequences.
Busy Board for Toddlers
3,808 Reviews
Busy Board for Toddlers
It's a great sensory toy.

AugToy’s Slide puzzle color and shape matching logic game

This color and shape matching game comes with a timer and cards. The objective is to slide the colored blocks to match the set of colored patterns on the card. The task must be completed until the hourglass timer runs out, which makes it a highly brain-stimulating game. The game enables toddlers to:

  • Work upon their hand-eye coordination
  • Increase their logical abilities and observational skills
  • recognize various colors
  • Improves focus


  • The price of this toy is very affordable.
  • It’s a great way to inspire logical abilities, even challenging yourself with a clock.


  • The pegs were a bit hard to move.
Slide Puzzle Color & Shape Matching
1,819 Reviews
Slide Puzzle Color & Shape Matching
Get your little ones thinking.

Montessori floor beds & bed frames (with & without rails)

Montessori bed

Parents fascinated by the Montessori way of doing things often also build their children a nursery that embodies the essence of Montessori values. When children are encouraged to perform brain-stimulating tasks with independence in school, it only makes sense to illustrate the same values in your home. And the most impactful way to do so is by incorporating a Montessori bed in the nursery.

Before we get into why parents should consider investing in Montessori beds over a crib or bassinet, we must understand what Montessori beds are. Since Dr. Maria Montessori believed that children need lots of freedom and movement to get the most out of their learning environments. Montessori beds are those that don’t restrict movement. The toddler beds allow toddlers to climb in and out of them independently and are close to the floor for safety.

It may be a little difficult for you to leave your child in such a free environment in their bedroom. However, that’s what Montessori parenting is all about. It’s about trusting your child’s innate learning potential and slowly training them to become independent much earlier on. You would just have to ensure that the nursery is baby-proof of wires, outlets, and heavy furniture that might become accessible to your child and hinder their safety.

Dr. Montessori also mentioned that when given the freedom to move around freely, toddlers are saved from “mental starvation.” They learn how to trust themselves and develop independence. When the child has developed innate independence, you’ll notice them taking care of themselves by using the restroom and moving around to ask parents for affection or food. You’ll also notice that they’ll cry less often.

Montessori kids bed

Maybe you’re still worried about your child injuring themselves when left alone on a bed that gives them more freedom. Honestly, it’s understandable if you are. In this case, you can start with a bed on the floor. If your child moves too much in their sleep, the chances of them rolling off the bed and hurting themselves are close to zero. As your child understands where the edge of the bed is, they’ll despise the coldness of the floor and how uncomfortable it makes them. They’ll slowly get more steady and understand they’re supposed to stay confined within the edges of the bed. Slowly, you can progress to proper size beds without railings.

Next thing you know, you’ve got a climber! Your child can climb on and off the bed on their own. If you’re impressed with Montessori way of doing things so far, we’ve got a few bed recommendations for you:

Busywood house bed for kids

This busywood bed made in the shape of the house is perfect if you’d like the bed practically on the floor so you know you’re child is safe. But you still want the bed to look like a bed and work well with the rest of your nursery. It’s available in:

  • white
  • pink
  • grey
  • blue
  • dark wood
  • and black.

It’ll fit into any theme you may have going in your play kitchen or nursery. It’s also highly customizable, as amazon allows you to choose the length and width measurements of the bed.


  • This bed feels high quality.
  • It even doubles as a place to play.


  • It’d be great if the instructions were better.
House Bed for Kids
17 Reviews
House Bed for Kids
It looks nice and encourages independence early on.

Busywood’s platform bed play gym/bedroom/nursery

This platform bed is even more secure than the one mentioned above. It’s closer to the floor and doesn’t have the “house structure” on top. It makes it slightly more affordable and a piece that’s versatile enough to be kept in a:

  • playroom
  • nursery
  • or bedroom for any cretch
  • play school
  • or house.

Available in natural wood, grey, white, pink, blue, and dark wood black, it’s easily customizable to blend into any environment or theme.


  • It’s very solid.


  • It takes a while to ship.
  • It comes without a mattress.
Platform bed for Nursery Bedroom
10 Reviews
Platform bed for Nursery Bedroom
Your little ones don't want to be forced into a traditional bed.

Busywood’s full-frame modern twin bed for toddlers

This kid’s bed from Busywood is ideal for a growing child. If you’re looking for something that won’t outgrow your child any time soon, this modern twin bed is it. It has no railings and is slightly higher than the other beds mentioned above. Nonetheless, it would check all the boxes. The box’s advantages include affordability, longevity, and aesthetic value. This bed is also available in:

  • Natural wood
  • white
  • grey
  • pink
  • blue
  • dark wood
  • and black. 


  • We love the creative design.


  • It takes a while to ship.