Best memorial and cremation jewelry for ashes of loved ones: Urn necklaces (men and women)

It’s never easy recovering from the death of a loved one. One thing that may ease the pain is knowing they are close to you in some way. Cremation jewelry may help with this. If your loved one has been cremated, you can gather some ashes and keep them in a locket or any jewelry you choose to wear all the time.

Here are the best memorial and cremation jewelry for the ashes of loved ones.

cremation necklace

Best cremation jewelry for men

Keep your loved ones close with these subtle and simple yet striking designs.

Rope winding cross

It is a handcrafted piece made of stainless steel to avoid tarnishing and rusting. The necklace easily opens up to store the ashes of your beloved. The chain is adjustable so that it can be worn by young and old alike. If you believe in Christ, the cross makes it more meaningful. You can even customize it to have the name of your loved ones.

It comes in several colors like black crystal, multicolor, rose gold, silver, and other combinations like rose gold and silver, as well as silver with crystal.

Rope Winding Cross
679 Reviews
Rope Winding Cross
It's available in many different colors.

Set of 2 urn necklaces

Here is a high-capacity urn necklace that doesn’t just hold ashes but also other memorabilia like dried flowers, dirt, perfume, or hair. One is black, the other is silver, and both have a crystal stud installed at the bottom. It gives them a sparkle.

The material is high-quality 316L stainless steel that promises non-fading and non-rust throughout its life.

The chain is adjustable and can be worn by any age individual.

2 Urn Necklace
129 Reviews
2 Urn Necklace
It comes as a set.

Best cremation jewelry for women

Women’s jewelry is slightly different from men’s, with more delicate features and details. Take a look at our favorite below:

Striking Silver tree of life

The tree of life has several meanings in every culture. The most common meaning is a connection between earth and heaven. It symbolizes the afterlife or the continuation of life after death. Wearing this will remind you that even in death, you and your loved one are not apart, just in different places.

The necklace is gorgeous, with a crystal embedded inside the tree of life. The crystal comes in several superb colors, like a purple, volcano, and blue. Fill it with ashes and keep it forever.

Sterling Silver Tree of Life
307 Reviews
Sterling Silver Tree of Life
It's a great way to remember a loved one.

Flower with teardrop urn

Flowers have several meanings; they’re the one form of communication we use after death. Flowers at a grave are a common site. But with ashes, you can now have their favorite flower always close. A unique design that features a teardrop inside a sunflower, lily, rose, or lotus. The teardrop can be a crystal of your desired color, like:

  • purple
  • green
  • blue
  • red
  • or pink.

The sterling silver is oxidized and won’t attract any rust or tarnish. There’s plenty of space in the urn to store ashes; if you find any issues, the after-sales service is rated to be super-good.

89 Reviews
It has a classy look to it.

Gold cremation jewelry

You want memories to last, and what’s better than a metal that is known to be lasting? Gold jewelry will keep final mementos intact forever.

14K vermeil heart

Keep them in your heart forever! A lovely 14-karat gold piece that holds ashes, hair, burial soil, or dried ceremonial flowers intact inside. It includes a chain. It’s versatile and can be worn, put on a wall, or inside a display box. A threaded screw tightens and holds up to 1 pound of memorabilia in place. Give them the tribute they deserve!

Perfect Memorials Eternity Heart
24 Reviews
Perfect Memorials Eternity Heart
Remember a loved one forever.

Angel wings of gold

You will love this angel-winged heart of vermeil gold, a combination of 14-karat gold and sterling silver. Store the desired contents inside the urn easily, wear it on your neck and wrist, or keep it framed on the wall. There’s no tarnishing this tribute with solid material like this one.

Sterling silver cremation jewelry

If you’re looking for something long-lasting but not as pricey as gold, sterling silver is a great alternative. It’s shiny and durable and promises to be a secure keepsake.

925 sterling teardrop

A striking design that comes with your relationship engraved like mom, dad, son, etc. You can store some tokens of love easily with the help of the kit provided. The adjustable chain makes gifts to kids, parents, or friends easy. The heart cut-out at the bottom is a lovely detail that reminds you of your piece of heart.

782 Reviews
It's simple but pretty.

Circle of life  

The circle of life represents the never-ending path that souls go through. It reinforced the belief that even in death, your closest people are safe and on their journey.

The necklace is engraved with the words “Always with me” and comes in several colors like:

  • silver
  • rose gold
  • gold
  • and black.

There are also options with the words; Dad, brother, mom, etc. engraved.

It’s a perfect way to commemorate them.

Circle of Life
802 Reviews
Circle of Life
It's nice and simple.

Glass cremation jewelry

Yes, glass jewelry is a thing. Check it out!


A chic design that holds tokens of love securely. The rubber gasket is tight and won’t break or unscrew easily. The workmanship on the details is meticulous and praiseworthy. The hourglass represents that human life is fleeting and eventually will run out for everyone. It represents the simplicity of the one certainty in every human life.

699 Reviews
Remember the good memories.

Cylinder tube

It’s a unique horizontal cylinder tube, not vertical in design. The ashes can be stored in so much space along with other dried flowers or material. When filled, it looks like a smile and is symbolic of your closest ones smiling upon you after death.

Butterfly cremation jewelry

Butterflies are incredible beings that represent new growth after a period of darkness. Take a look at our favorites.

Butterfly in a heart

Butterflies can mean so many things, but one thing is certain: new life. It represents the divine feminine, so it is great for a female whom you lost. The material is highly polished sterling silver and is lead and nickel free, so won’t get tarnished or give you rashes.

The best part is all genders can wear it due to its stand-out design.

633 Reviews
They have so many designs.

Colorful butterflies

Why settle for a boring, dull tribute? Your lively and cheerful individuals can be symbolized through vibrant colored butterflies. It’s waterproof, anti-rust, and super durable. The butterfly is filled with tiny flowers against a backdrop color of your choice. You can choose the material to be gold, rose gold, or silver.

659 Reviews
Here's another beautiful butterfly.

Diamond cremation jewelry

Diamond or diamond- lookalikes in the crystal can give the jewelry a liveliness that the life of the close one represented. Here are some picks.

Lovely quote with a customized name.

“God has you in his arms. I have you in my heart,” is the quote that is engraved on this stunning piece. It can be customized to have a name or relationship inscribed inside the diamond heart. The heart is encrusted with tiny crystals that are diamond-like and give a gleaming look from far off.

871 Reviews
An honorable way to remember someone you lost.

Diamond urn

A literal diamond urn with other tiny diamonds encrusted inside. It’s high-quality stainless steel that comes in silver and gold options. The chain is retractable and thus can be worn by pretty much anyone. Tiny diamonds on the border make it stand out and gleam like the soul it represents.

It has a more intricate design.

Cremation jewelry with fingerprint

A fingerprint is a literal reminder of the hand you once held. Take a look at our best finds.

Birthstone with fingerprint

Fill this birthstone urn with special messages, flowers, clay, hair, or burial sand. Customize with your favorite quote or their birthday. You will need to upload the fingerprint picture and the message or name you want on the pendant beforehand. The service is super quick, and you’ll wear it around your neck in no time.

Custom Necklaces
40 Reviews
Custom Necklaces
Remember your loved one with their fingerprint.

Heart fingerprint

One side of the heart will engrave the thumbprint and the name. The other will say, “Forever in my heart.” A cute message that is symbolic and literal and stands out in a silver-plated finish. There are many fonts and icons to choose from for the back engraving, so you’ll never run out of options and give your loved one the tribute they deserve.

7 Reviews
A beautiful combination of a heart and the fingerprint.

Cross cremation jewelry

For those who believe in God, these types of pieces will remind them that their beloved is in heaven with Him.

Cross with quote

It features four types of cross, either with a crystal (blue or red) or with Christ. The one with crystal has a lovely quote of ‘I love you forever on it. Sterling silver is a durable material to keep the precious contents intact without spilling, tarnishing, or rusting. The after-sale service is great so if you’re facing any problems, just call!

633 Reviews
We love this cross.

2. Never lose them

It’s a stainless steel sleek piece that will hold your fond tokens in a great manner. It’s non-rusting and hypoallergenic, so that you can wear it forever. Fill it easily with the help of the funnel and stick provided. If you’re not satisfied, return within a year!

Now you don’t have to live without them!

Stainless steel cross
70 Reviews
Stainless steel cross
A beautiful way to remember someone.

Ring cremation jewelry

A necklace sometimes doesn’t do justice. A ring feels more personal. Here are some great options.

Smart geometric ring

For those who don’t like too much glam, this is perfect. The solid black color ring is for you if you’re going for a sleek and simple look. If you want to amp it up, there’s also blue, gold, and rose gold. Engrave some personal messages to make them more meaningful.

Geometric ring
65 Reviews
Geometric ring
You'll know the meaning of this ring.

Customised heart ring

Get a flower for your grandma or a paw print for your lovely pet. A wing is also appropriate for someone dear to you. The sterling silver material is lustrous, durable, and as long-lasting as your love for each other. It’s completely hypoallergenic. Thus, you can wear it around your finger comfortably while doing all your chores.

66 Reviews
It has a beautiful heart.

Rose gold cremation jewelry

Rose gold is a new color and a material that has taken the market by storm. It looks exquisite in jewelry too.

Engraved Teardrop

A simple teardrop that can be customized with a name or a quote. This pristine rose gold teardrop stands out whenever you wear it. It’s made of stainless steel. It makes it highly resistant to water, rust, and corrosion. It comes in a lovely box that’s great for gifting. Gift it to your special friends who are going through the throws of the death of a close one.

Engraved Teardrop 
58 Reviews
Engraved Teardrop 
Its simple but stunning.

Stainless steel cremation jewelry

Although there are many steel items we have already recommended, here are some that stand out.

Twist bar

A sleek look if you want to be discrete about its contents. It is the perfect choice for you if you want to go low-key on the glam. It can hold perfume, ashes, or hair, whatever reminds you of them. The chain is adjustable, while the entire product is stainless steel and rock-solid.

Twist Bar
11 Reviews
Twist Bar
It's not too complicated.


This gorgeous hummingbird in stainless steel is great for pet ashes or human ashes. When it comes to jewelry to put ashes in, this is something exquisite. The details of the flower and the wing make the necklace distinct. It is especially meaningful if your close one has a love for birds.

It’s also very appropriate for cat and god cremation remains since they tend to be bewitched by birds a lot.

95 Reviews
Hummingbirds are beautiful.

Tree of life cremation jewelry

It is a symbol most of us find great relief in after someone’s death.

tree of life cremation jewelry
tree of life cremation jewelry

Tree of life urn

A unique urn that is not somber like other urns. It’s a vessel that easily fills up with cremated remains and stays put in a steel product. The tree communicates rebirth, strength, positivity, and a new life or growth.

The pin and funnel must be used to insert materials like hair, perfume, and flowers inside the urn.

Tree of life
80 Reviews
Tree of life
We love the tree of life.

Tree of life crystal

The tree of life is illuminated in this piece with a crystal in the backdrop. The sterling silver is lead and cadmium free and can be worn without worry of allergies or tarnishing. You can choose a moonstone, silver-purple crystal, and volcanic crystal.

Tree of Life
85 Reviews
Tree of Life
Here's another Tree of Life.

Dragonfly cremation jewelry

Dragonflies are unique beings and also make for stylish designs in jewelry.

Dragonfly memorial urn

The dragonfly connotes change and self-realization about the deeper meaning of life. Wearing it will mean that you have come to terms with your loved one’s absence but still remember them fondly. The material is stainless steel and has a tail that looks lustrous on your neck, reminding you of the good times you had together.

It's a beautiful dragonfly.

Personalized cremation jewelry

Engravable jewelry makes the message more personal with names, quotes, and inside jokes.

Personalized ring

A plain stainless steel ring with plenty of space for whatever you want to engrave. Whether it’s a quote that helps you cope, their name, or their favorite catchphrase. The engraving service is free and of high quality. Feel close to your favorite person at a small price!

1 Reviews
Choose the size that fits you.

Celtic cross

A beautiful Celtic cross with carvings to look upon with awe. Nothing is more fitting for someone who loved God and went right into His arms. Get the back engraved with their name or relation like Dad, Mom, etc. It comes in 14K solid white gold, gold-plated, and silver-plated options.

Memorial Gallery
1 Reviews
Memorial Gallery
You can get it personalized.

Cremation jewelry heart

What remains behind are the memories in the heart. The heart is then an important symbol of death and life.

Birthstone pendant

Here is a lovely glittering piece of a heart filled with tokens of a joy-filled life. You can choose the outer material like rose gold, white gold, silver, etc., and the inner birthstone that will be connected to the birthdate of your beloved. Keep a piece of them in your heart forever.

shajwo store
22 Reviews
shajwo store
It's really cute.


Here are some common questions people have.

How much does it cost to turn ashes into jewelry?

If you’re looking at diamonds made from ashes, these will start at $3000 and can go all the way up to $20K. It depends on the size. For cheaper metal jewelry the range starts at $750. But if you want to go for the value-for-money option, buy a necklace or ring online and place the ashes inside yourself. It will be just as meaningful.

Is cremation jewelry waterproof?

It depends on the type of jewelry. Most products will come with a tag of water-resistant if they are. Gold, silver, and platinum are some metals that won’t be affected by water. Other metals won’t be as resistant.

Do cremation homes do fingerprint necklaces?

Yes, most homes are increasingly adding this service as well as neck pieces and rings to their collection of memorabilia from the dead’s remains.