18 best kitchen flooring ideas

There are a lot of things that happen in the kitchen. Various activities take place there, including cooking and hanging out.

It’s typically a rallying point for the family because of its versatility. It also means that it’s an important part of the house. 


It shouldn’t be taken for granted. Not now, not ever.

In the midst of everything, it’s easy to forget just how important it is. Perhaps you’ve lived in the same house for more than 30 years without giving the space the love it deserves. 

Maybe now’s the time to look into and incorporate the best kitchen flooring ideas we’ve listed here. 

The various materials have come a long way since the 1970s and 1980s, and it’s time you learn what are the most popular options today. 

There’s a range of features that need to be thought about so that you’re getting what it is your family needs. 

Whether you’re in a permanent home or it’s intended for a travel trailer, a lot of the same principles apply. The good thing is that once you’re done with the remodel, you’ll want to show it off to everyone. 

You’ll want to install new light bulbs to get the quality lighting a museum would have! Are you ready to feel proud of the space again? 

Your pride and joy

Does this sound familiar to you? It’s the holiday season. You’ve invited over the people that you love so dearly. They’ve come ready to celebrate this very special occasion with you.

You’re all having a good time, and the place is packed. 

Let me ask you this question. Where are people likely to be spending their time together? 

That’s right. That’s why we’ve gathered the list of the best kitchen floor ideas. Even if there’s no holiday coming up any time soon, now’s the time to get on it. 

The kitchen is the natural central hub where you live. There’s food, music, and a good time. It’s also a high-traffic area.

Sometimes it’s where you put the pets when everyone else is going in the living room. Is your current kitchen floor pet-proof in case they have an accident? 

pet laying down

What’s also likely to happen there? Spills and dirt. There’s lots of moisture, too.

The foundation you’re walking on needs to be sturdy, durable, and waterproof. Is yours? 

It’s the space you call your pride and joy. There’s potentially a big island in the middle, surrounded by farmhouse chairs. Everyone’s got their beverage of choice.

You may even grab yourself a beverage before we proceed with the best types of floors for your kitchen. It’s because there are many. Some are cheap. Some aren’t.

To be able to find the surface that best matches your family’s needs, you’ll need to know what to look for. Otherwise, how would you judge whether tiles are better than hardwood? 

How to choose kitchen flooring

There are many factors you’ll need to consider with the job that’s ahead of you. It’s a space that expects a lot of foot traffic. 

It’s also a space where stains can easily happen.

It’s not just that it needs to be practical. It should also be the statement you want it to be. You’re constructing the foundation for a happy home. 

In today’s market, the possibilities may seem borderline endless. There are more materials and designs available than ever before. You can mix and match with the rest of the house, but you’ll still want something that looks good. 


Consider the lifestyle you want to have. Do you want to put on a show where you can wow all your guests? Maybe you’d rather want the space to be more subdued. The floor you choose will affect the vibe you’re creating.

Silverware may get dropped. Kids are in for a ride. Do you want something where the kids can come and play? Whatever you wish, the material must fit the lifestyle you’re building. 

For kids, it’s especially important to go non-slip. 


Certain materials may not match the style you’re trying to create. A farmhouse will need a very different material from a mid-century home. 

farmhouse floor

It’s important to go with a kitchen floor idea and material that complements your other house choices. If not, it’ll just look incomplete and ugly. 

Contemporary or cutting edge, it’s important to consider this. If you’re entirely revamping your kitchen, you can just ignore this. You can’t if you’re not redoing the entire kitchen.

It’s important that the new floor matches the existing components of the kitchen. 

It means you should take the existing colors and patterns into consideration. We’ll be sharing some ideas later on that wouldn’t match a farmhouse vibe, for instance. 

You’ll need to consider how much of a splash you want to make with the material. 

Consider comfort

Comfort’s important to consider. While you can get anti-fatigue mats for the kitchen, they may not all look great. You should consider a material that’s comfortable to walk on if you spend many hours preparing food. 

Slicing and dicing can take time, and you’ll be standing up in the process. Tile floors are less comfortable to stand on than other types of floors. However, they offer some advantages. 

Wood is easier to stand on but also stains more easily. 


Cleaning the kitchen floor is inevitable. There will only be more cleaning if you have kids. It means there’s more food ending up all over the place. 

There’s also dirt that will come from the outside. The surface can get nasty if you’re not properly maintaining it. God forbid you end up with mice because you didn’t get rid of the food waste on the floor. 

Water resistance

For the space, it’s always good to consider water resistance. How is it holding up on that front? If you install a material prone to moisture damage, you might be replacing the floor soon. 

There could be a water spill when a glass of water gets filled up by the fridge. Oops. 

It ends up not being wiped off. It then soaks into and is absorbed by the floor. Is your floor type just soaking it up and expanding? 


The cost is always a concern when we’re remodeling. We wish it weren’t. When you’re doing a major remodel, there are probably other things you want to spend money on as well.

Are you installing new countertops and cabinetry? It all adds up! The floor can make up a significant portion of the budget when remodeling.

Maybe you can get almost the same feel for half the price. Then you could save some money and put it into a luxurious countertop instead. 

You’ll also find that the floor material does not add to the cost of revamping your kitchen. There’s underlayment and installation as well. The labor also isn’t free unless you’re doing it yourself!

Traffic flow and durability

Sometimes there will be a lot of people in the kitchen. There are different considerations if you’re not one to use the space a lot. 

Maybe it’s connected to the main entrance, and everyone enters through there. At the bottom of people’s feet, there is often a lot of dirt that can be abrasive when brought inside. 

Different types of material will also come in different levels of quality. Some vinyl is meant to withstand higher traffic flows, whereas others will start looking worn. Some vinyl is also really cheap.

Maybe there’s a protective coat available you can use. 

Room size

Smaller kitchens can benefit from lighter colors. It just makes them look bigger. Find a hue that matches what you’re trying to achieve. Different hues can also affect the atmosphere that’s created. 

Lighter colors will make a space feel cozier. Even the pattern that you lay the floor in can affect the feel of the space. 

Sunlight reflecting from the outside

Sunlight will reflect on a very shiny floor. The shine may be frustrating if it’s proving to be too much. Darker colors will typically shine less than lighter ones will.

With those factors cleared, we can now proceed to find out what the best kitchen floor ideas are for you.

The best type of kitchen floor ideas

It goes without saying that the best option won’t be the same for your kitchen as your neighbor’s. Maybe they love rocking that (hideous) 70s style. We blame them, at least a little.

There are still some options that are more popular than others. We’ll start you out with some of the juicy details. 

simple kitchen

The most popular kitchen flooring option

It may come as a surprise, but tile is the most popular kitchen flooring material. We’ve done our homework. There’s a lot to like about it, especially considering the factors we highlighted above. 

The downside is that you may need kitchen rugs to make it feel more comfortable on your feet. We’ll devote an entire section to the advantages and disadvantages of this material. 

Before researching this article, we thought vinyl would have been the most popular option. It turned out that we were wrong. 

Modern kitchen flooring ideas

When it comes to modern floors, it’s all about creating sleek lines with contrast. Your floors aren’t the only thing that will contribute to the modern look.

Appliances, fixtures, and colors all contribute to the feel. 

Certain styles currently dominate the house scene, but the two most prevalent are industrial and farmhouse. 

modern farmhouse

A modern farmhouse would do well with a wooden floor look. You can still get the look even if you aren’t getting the actual material. 

On the other hand, to obtain a rustic and industrial feel, you can consider concrete or epoxy.

Types of kitchen flooring

Let’s walk you through some of our ideas for your home. Some are more conventional than others. 

Farmhouse Brick floor

brick floor

A beautiful farmhouse brick floor is a must if you want something that stands out. It’ll not just give you a feeling of luxury but also that you’re outside. Bringing the outside in is popular in today’s society, where we’re getting closer to nature. 


  • It’s gorgeous. There’s no denying it. 


  • Dirt can get trapped in the grout, and it’s not easy to clean.
  • Whether or not it will stand the test of time is still a question.
  • It’s not the cheapest. 


wood floor

Wood’s a worthy contender in the kitchen. It even ranks as one of the most popular types. You should always make sure that it can acclimate when it’s being installed. 

The storage conditions it’s been used to are very different from where you’ll be installing it. By letting it acclimate, you’ll limit how much it swells or shrinks when it’s being installed. 

The manufacturer will also tell you how you should let it acclimate and for how long. You’ll want to make sure you seal it properly so it will last you a long time.

wood parquet floor

With good care, you’re in for a world of joy when you install a wooden floor in your kitchen.


  • Beautiful, classic look
  • Timeless look
  • Seamless transition to other parts of the house
  • It feels warm under your feet.


  • Prone to expanding
  • Not cheap
  • It needs sealing


Oak is a popular type of wood flooring for the kitchen. It’s so popular that it deserves its own section here. It’s great if you’re staining it because of its light color


  • Stylish
  • You can achieve lots of looks with different stains.
  • It’s modern.
  • Very versatile
  • Durable


  • It’s a very dense material which can make it harder to work with.
  • It can be relatively expensive compared to other options.
  • It’ll need staining and a sealant when installed in a moist area like the kitchen.


Cork flooring in the kitchen provides a great surface to walk on. There’s no denying it! When compared to tile and concrete, it is much warmer as well. The tiny air pockets in the material make it feel warm underfoot.


  • Unique look
  • Warm underfoot
  • It’s very eco-friendly.


  • The look may not be for everyone
  • It’s almost so distinct that updating other parts gets hard. 
  • It’s unfortunately susceptible to damage, so it must get sealed.
  • There’s the possibility that it fades.

Ceramic tile

A ceramic tile is a great option when it comes to kitchen floors. They come in so many different variants that you might like. The material’s versatility is just impressive beyond anything else.

With their easy maintenance and durability, it’s no surprise it’s as popular of an option as it is. There’s wood-look tile flooring that can be installed in a kitchen without the downside of traditional wood.  


  • Extremely versatile
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • The design options are many


  • Very heavy
  • Difficult to install
  • Cold and hard to walk on


laminate floor

Laminate is another popular option when it comes to kitchen floors. There are so many reasons to love it as well. People love its durability and easy maintenance.


  • So many options
  • Very affordable
  • Durable
  • No-hassle maintenance
  • Easy to install


  • Water damage if water spills aren’t wiped up
  • Impossible to repair


slate floor

There are places where slate is a fantastic thing to put down as a floor, and kitchens are one of those places. It brings a uniqueness that few other surfaces will bring to the area. 

Slate also has drawbacks that mean it may not be suitable, especially the cost. If your house is generally on the lower end of the spectrum in terms of price, you won’t recoup much of your investment with this material.


  • Durable
  • High-end material
  • Radiant heating systems can be installed underneath it. 


  • It’s pricey
  • Like with wood, it will require that you seal it.
  • If it gets damaged, it’s difficult to remedy.


Laminate is by far one of our favorite materials for the kitchen. Some of the downsides that other materials have, this material lacks.

For instance, laminate does not feel cold underfoot. It’s great when it comes to that. Similar to tile, you can get laminate that looks like wood. If you want to create that gorgeous farmhouse kitchen but don’t want wood or tile, laminate’s your friend. 

It also comes with a price tag that we appreciate, being cheaper than both natural stone and tile.


  • It looks beautiful
  • Laminate is available in so many styles and can be used wherever you want it. 
  • It’s less expensive than a lot of alternatives it can be made to look like. 
  • You can get it looking like both stone and luxurious wood.
  • The laminate’s top layer is really easy to clean.


  • It’s not waterproof. Extended periods of time with water exposure can damage the material. Spills should be cleaned up rather quickly.
  • It’s not possible to refinish it.


vinyl floor

Vinyl is naturally high up on our list when it comes to flooring materials for the kitchen. Both LVT and sheet vinyl are great materials that offer features you want in a moist area.


  • Incredible water-resistance. It’s a draw in the kitchen. You’ll want something that can put up with water spills.
  • It’s great to walk on. You’re not walking on a hard surface like tile if you install vinyl.
  • Vinyl’s very easy on your wallet
  • Availability of styles. If you want vinyl looking like wood, you can get it. There’s no need to compromise.
  • Easy to both install and maintain. The ease of installing it also helps keep the overall cost down.


  • It can warp.
  • It’s not environmentally friendly.


With linoleum, you’re getting flooring that’s even durable as a kitchen floor.


  • Linoleum is very durable and can last more than 40 years if you take care of it.
  • Its availability of colors and patterns is impressive.
  • It’s cost. We love how much you get for the money when you’re buying linoleum.
  • Water-resistance. Along with vinyl, here’s a great material to use in the kitchen because of how water-resistant it is.


  • It’s easy to dent.
  • It can change color over time and get a yellow tint.

Terracotta tile 

terracotta tile

Terracotta tile is a must for your kitchen floor if your home is Mediterranean in style. Like other types of tile, Terracotta is great because it can easily handle humidity. In addition to its beautiful red hues, the glaze will just add a certain charm.

However, terracotta does have the same downsides as normal tile.


The farmhouse kitchen look can be achieved with a myriad of materials for the floor. However, our favorite is probably wood or wood-like tile. 

Laminate’s a more practical choice rather than choosing wood. If you want to walk barefoot on your farmhouse floor, go with laminate instead.


white floor

If you want a kitchen that’s very white, you’ll want the floor color to be the same. Our recommendation here is to potentially go with oak and lighten it. Otherwise, you can choose either tile or laminate that matches the design.


Natural stone is great, also as a kitchen floor. If you’re not worried about spending money, how about considering granite? 


Epoxy can be laid over a range of other materials. It really just depends on what you’re trying to accomplish in terms of style. It adds a protective layer that is great for moisture-filled areas. It’s very forgiving if there’s ever a spill.


checkered floor

Checkered kitchen floors are a great idea when you’re trying to add a splash. It adds so much more personality than some alternative designs. If this is the design you’re going for, we’d suggest you look into tile as the material. 


marble floor

Marble is a great flooring material for some purposes, and the kitchen is no exception. If you’re not a pro, you’ll find out that it’s quite hard to install. Unfortunately, you may end up breaking a lot of it in the process. 


  • Marble has a very luxurious feel.
  • It looks great when polished. 
  • Radiant heating systems go well with marble.


  • Porous stone has some challenges, and that’s what marble is
  • It’s not stain and scratch-resistant
  • The cost makes it prohibitive in a lot of instances
  • It feels cold underfoot.


Most people probably don’t even know what Marmoleum is, but it’s great for kitchens. It’s a linoleum manufactured by Forbo, which is created of natural raw materials. 


  • We love how it’s heat-resistant and anti-static. It makes it easier to clean.
  • There are no VOCs, which makes it better for your health.


  • Unfortunately, Marmoleum dents. It can also get scuffed.

Tile vs. hardwood in the kitchen

tile floor

Tile and hardwood floors are the two most popular materials for the kitchen. If you ask us, tile is the better material. However, there are also people that would rather have more maintenance and have a warmer feeling underfoot.

Tile samples

We’ve got some great news for you. You may be considering getting tile. However, you don’t necessarily need to commit just yet fully. There are a bunch of retailers out there that will offer free tile samples.

Before you commit to the idea of putting tile everywhere, make sure to take advantage of their offer. Get a free sample to see it first!


modern kitchen
What’s the best flooring for high traffic kitchen?

High-traffic areas require tile. If people are wearing shoes anyway, it’s unlikely that the surface temperature will bother them.

What are ideas for kitchen flooring with white cabinets?

Stained oak. If you want to follow through with the white theme in your kitchen, there’s no better option than installing stained oak.

What are good kitchen floor ideas on a budget?

If you’re on a budget, there’s no disputing that vinyl is the best you can get.

How do you pick a flooring color for the kitchen?

You’ll want something that matches the overall color scheme of the house. You either match it, or you choose something that contrasts it in a clever way.

Is vinyl plank flooring good for kitchens?

Yes. In fact, it’s one of the most popular materials out there for the purpose.