Best Japanese Gas & Charcoal Yakitori grill for amazing food

Yakitori is a delicious traditional Japanese meal that is gaining more and more popularity worldwide. The word ”yakitori” can be translated to ”grilled chicken” which is quite simple. This meal consists of pieces of meat served on a bamboo skewer. 

Usually, this meat is made of chicken and is bite-sized. Yakitori can be either street food or a casual meal back in Japan, where it is frequently paired up with sake. This meal is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. It has become trendy with restaurants that try various alternatives and combinations. 

Article summary

When we tested them, we found that the Fire Sense & Hinomaru were the best Japanese charcoal yakitori grills out there to make amazing food. However, we found some strong contenders in the following models also:

  • Zojirushi 

Why you can trust us & how we picked

You can trust our article because we bought every single product that’s on this list. We tried, tested, and picked a range of grills from different vendors.

Electric yakitori grill

Yakitori is also popular in homes, especially at parties and family gatherings. The hot grill offers a unique experience for you and your family, and yakitori is the best recipe to prepare for your guests. If you also want to prepare this tasty meal for your friends, check out the best Japanese gas & charcoal yakitori grills for amazing food.

When it comes to the best picks, our recommendations are Fire Sense, Asahikei, & Hinomaru.

Look no further if you want to purchase a yakitori grill for your future culinary adventures. Choosing the best yakitori grill for you might be difficult. That is why we present you with the best 6 options below. 

Best yakitori grills

Best charcoal yakitori – Fire Sense 60450 Yakatori Charcoal, Adjustable Ventilation

This famous company produces the best outdoor cooking items that follow only high-quality standards. Fire Sense is familiar with Japanese culture and how much they treasure ceramic and clay products. That is why they used ceramic when they manufactured this model. 

They used factory-grade ceramic, which allows for faster and more efficient cooking. This happens because ceramic distributes heat better than other materials. A grill lip will act as a safety measure, keeping your hot dogs from rolling over the grill when you are cooking. 

An innovative grill clip will keep the grill in place when it is situated on top of the ceramic body. A very convenient feature is the adjustable ventilation that can control the heat you let in to change the cooking temperature. It is also large enough to suit all of your picnic events.

Being portable and easy to clean, it is perfectly suited for small families and restricted parties. All of your needs are met with this wonderful grill which will help you prepare the best recipes!

You can even put it in a big checked bag and take it with you! Otherwise, put it in storage when you’re not using it. 

Specifications Description
Brand Fire Sense
Color Tan
Fuel type Charcoal
Dimensions 18″W x 10″L 7″H
Cooking surface area17″ x 10″


  • Handmade clay construction makes meat more juicier and flavorful
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Comes with own stand
  • Internal charcoal grate


  • Cannot be left outside in the rain or moisture as it will destroy the clay construction.
Fire Sense 60540 Yakatori Grill
1,020 Reviews
Fire Sense 60540 Yakatori Grill
An authentic Japanese BBQ grill with internal charcoal grate

Best electric yakitori grill – Japanese Yakitori Takoyaki BBQ Stove Yaki Yatai

This electric model is ideal for indoor cooking due to its convenient fuel source. All you have to do is plug it in, and you can start cooking your favorite recipes without worrying too much about smoke. 

This product comes with grilling and a takoyaki plate. A rack is also included, which you can use for various purposes. It is made of steel and aluminum, which makes it highly durable and resistant to damage. 

These high-quality materials will allow for a long operation, and this grill will last you for years. Another benefit is represented by its weight, which is very light. A vent situated on the front side is very easy to adjust. This will keep the food odors at a minimum so that you can use it even in enclosed spaces. 

Because this model is small, you should use it for cooking small quantities of meat at a time. More intended for personal use, it is ideal if you want to satisfy your yakitori cravings. If you want to cook for your guests or supply food to a party, you might want to look for bigger options. 

The cleaning procedure represents the only inconvenience. After you have prepared the delicious meals and enjoyed them, you still have to clean up this grill. Some customers report it is difficult. 

Brand Asahikei
Material Aluminum, Alloy steel
Wattage 350 watts
Voltage100 volts
Weight 2.36 lbs


  • All accessories are included like grill plate, grill and Takoyaki plate
  • No hassle of charcoal and it’s smoke because its electric!
  • Made of premium alloy steel and aluminum that doesn’t rust


  • It takes longer than a charcoal grill to cook the meat
Asahikei Japanese Yakitori Takoyaki BBQ Grill
90 Reviews
Asahikei Japanese Yakitori Takoyaki BBQ Grill
An electric grill with all accessories included for a great BBQ meal

Best tabletop yakitori grill – Hinomaru Collection Aluminum Japanese Tabletop Shichirin Konro Charcoal Option

This Japanese company knows exactly how to create the best yakitori grills. They use their tradition and knowledge for their products for you to get the most authentic experience. This model is perfect for takoyaki, yakitori, and any other barbecue.

A wire mesh is included with this product, which is very easy to clean after you finish the preparation of your delicious meal. A wooden base will assist you, and the grill will avoid direct contact with the table it is placed on. This wooden base will protect your table from heat, preventing burns and permanent damage.

Because it is lightweight, it is extremely portable and very easy to assemble. It is ideal for home or restaurant use, and charcoal briquettes are recommended to get the best results. The steel case will hold the charcoal in place, ensuring overall safety. 

The aluminum alloy is of the highest quality, and this material is excellent for thermal conductivity. The heat will be kept well, making the process more effective. Because of its small size, it is suited for individual use or for sharing a dinner with a friend. 

Specifications Description
Brand Hinomaru Collection
Material Aluminum
Grill size 5.9 sq. in
Includes Wooden base, wire mesh, konro grill, inner charcoal steel case


  • Authentic konro grill in japanese style
  • Perfectly portable
  • Made of rust-proof aluminum
  • Wooden base provides stability


  • You cannot grill plenty at once as it is a small size.
Hinomaru Japanese Tabletop Grill with Wooden Base
11 Reviews
Hinomaru Japanese Tabletop Grill with Wooden Base
Shichirin Style Konro Grill with Wooden Base for exquisite meals

Best indoor yakitori grill – Japanese BBQ Stove Mini Yatai

It is another cooking option that is very easy to use. You can plug it into most standard outlets and start cooking. It features a small U-shaped heating element, and you can use this grill indoors or in your backyard. 

Because of the ventilation system incorporated, you won’t have to worry about the smoke and food odors. It is why this product is highly ideal for indoor use, and you can use it even in apartments or closed spaces. Be advised that the cooking surface is smaller than what you can find on other models. 

Because of this, the yakitori indoor grill is ideal for personal use or for cooking small-sized meals. A grease tray is included, which will help you with the cleaning process after cooking. This way, the greases are stored in a special place instead of being scattered across the surface. 

While this product features some Japanese specifications, it is more of a mini stove than a traditionally styled yakitori grill. 

Because it is easy to operate, anyone can use it to prepare their favorite meals. Whether you are an amateur chef or an expert cook, this grill will help you prepare skewered meat indoors. 


  • Electric grill with no hassle of charcoal
  • Large grill for plenty of meat to be grilled at once
  • Perfect for a small family


  • Doesn’t come with a grid
Kuretake Japanese Yakitori Grill
8 Reviews
Kuretake Japanese Yakitori Grill
A plug-in style authentic Japanese grill for the juiciest meat you'll ever eat!

Best gas yakitori grill – Nomadiq Portable Propane Gas Option

The Nomadiq is a portable unit that is considered to be the best option by many. It is nice and convenient and powered by gas for hassle-free cooking outdoors. It can be large when assembled and features 226 square inches of cooking space.

The innovative design makes it easy to carry around. You can also fold it into a small package. Because it is lightweight, you can move it around easily if you need to change camping locations. The total weight is 12 pounds, and anyone can lift it. 

It takes seconds to set up and start it because it has electric ignition. You don’t have to wait for it to heat up, and you can start using it as soon as you turn it on. It will reduce the preparation time for your meals, and you will be able to enjoy them sooner. 

It is the ideal choice for those not pleased with charcoal. The control is user-friendly, so even amateurs can have a good time with this option. Another amazing feature is its versatility. You can cook anything on it, from burgers to steaks. 

Because it doesn’t have its own legs to stand on, you should create a special place for this grill and ensure stability. With a 1 lb tank of gas, you can cook for up to 3 hours at a time before swapping the sources. This time is more than enough for meal preparations on your next picnic or road trip. 


  • Perfect little apparatus for tailgating, RV’s, Camping and boating
  • Lightweight weighing only 12 lbs
  • Dishwasher-safe and rust-resistant grates
  • No assembly required
  • All heated up in 30 seconds
  • Stainless steel and cast-iron construction


  • Difficult to clean
NOMADIQ Portable Yakitori grill
277 Reviews
NOMADIQ Portable Yakitori grill
A BBQ grill thats small and effective for RV's, Camping and other adventures

Best mini yakitori grill – Zojirushi Indoor Electric Option

The Zojirushi indoor electric model can easily handle a large amount of food and is a very compact and lightweight yakitori grill. While being highly efficient, it is also aesthetically pleasing with an all-black design. Due to its small size, you can easily store it away in your kitchen when you finish cooking.

A ceramic surface is ideal for all types of meat or vegetables. It has non-stick features, and cooking with this will be enjoyable. Because it is electric, you won’t have to worry about coals or gas bottles anymore. 

While you can cook the most delicious yakitori on it, it can be used for a large variety of recipes. From burgers to steaks and vegan-friendly meals, this grill can handle everything. The best thing is that you can cook in your own kitchen. All you need is an electrical source!


  • Super large grilling area
  • Easy cleaning as it can be taken apart
  • Easy assembly
  • Stainless steel body that is corrosion and rust-resistant
  • Highly rated for temperature control and heat distribution
  • Non-stick surface


  • Difficult to keep track of the temperature control but I figured it out after the first try.
Zojirushi Electric Indoor Grill
583 Reviews
Zojirushi Electric Indoor Grill
A non-stick grill that is perfect for family and friend get-togethers

Factors to consider

There are several factors to consider when you’re buying a Japasan gas & charcoal yakitori grill, and we’ve outlined them below.

yakitori grill in box

Solid construction

When choosing a yakitori grill, ensure you get one with high durability. You should check the cart, the wheels, and the firebox. The joints should be carefully welded. The materials should be of the highest quality, such as steel or aluminum. They will last you a long time. 

Extra safety

While grilling can be fun, this is also a special operation, and you should be careful when operating items at a high temperature. Grill stability is important to consider, as you want to avoid tipping and unfortunate accidents. 


Airflow is needed to regulate heat in charcoal yakitori grills. As more air is moving over the coals, the fire burns hotter. If you decide to limit the flow, the coals will stay stable for low and slow cooking. 

Adjustable cooking gates

yakitori grill

If the food is close to the coals, it can cook faster. However, it is also prone to burning before it is cooked well. You should pay attention to coal beds and cooking grates that can be raised or lowered to your preference. This way, you can be in full control of the cooking process. 

For a truly traditional experience, yakitori should be prepared over binchotan. This white charcoal allows the heat source to burn very clean. This way, the food won’t get any charcoal flavor. But if you don’t have binchotan available, you can use gas-powered grills or even electric indoor ones. 

How much do Japanese Yakitori grills cost?

As we tested the various products, we found that a Japanese Yakitori grill usually costs between $30 and $800, while you can get products that are more expensive.

What is a yakitori grill?

yakitori grill box

These grills are specially designed for the preparation of the yakitori meal. They offer high performance and the same equipment used by the top Japanese restaurants. You can also buy such a grill for your backyard and impress your guests with the delicious meals prepared on it!

Because they are light and compact, they offer easy ways to prepare your favorite meals. All yakitori lovers will appreciate such grills, and there are plenty to choose from. 

They are a wonderful addition to every household. If you place them outside, you can prepare yakitori with your friends and guests while socializing and talking about Japanese cuisine! You should pick two or three yakitori recipes for your first try. 

You can prepare many more recipes besides traditional yakitori, such as Tsukune or Kawa Yakitori. You can also make a few skewers of vegetables for your vegan guests and top them off with delicious spices and sauces!

It should burn at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing the meat to cook slowly. A skilled chef will always stand beside the grill and rotate the meat accordingly. Expert cooks will also monitor the moisture level of the meat and adjust it with special sauces. 

High-quality ingredients should be used for the preparation of yakitori. The unique flavor comes from the soy-based sauce used to moisturize the meat during grilling. If you have all the ingredients necessary and your yakitori grill is ready to use, follow the steps below!

How to make yakitori

  1. Cut the chicken into small pieces and place them in a dish. These pieces should have roughly one inch in size.
  2. Combine the soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, and ginger in a pan. Don’t forget to add the mirin and sake for a better taste! Cook these ingredients for up to 7 minutes until it thickens.
  3. Pour this sauce over the chicken but save 2 tablespoons for serving. Cover the chicken and let it rest for one hour. 
  4. Soak the bamboo skewers in water for one hour and preheat the grill. Insert the chicken pieces onto these skewers and grill them. 


yakitori grill from the top
What is special about the yakitori grill?

Yakitori grills are specially designed for this type of food, and it is commonly used in restaurants or by street food vendors. They follow Japanese standards and traditional designs to get an authentic experience. 

Can I use the yakitori grill inside?

You can use electric-powered yakitori grills for cooking your delicious meals indoors. There are many options, but you can also use binchotan if you want the authentic experience. Because this white charcoal burns so clean, you can also use it indoors. 

How hot do yakitori grills get?

Yakitori grills are made of 100% stainless steel, and temperatures can get as high as 750 degrees Fahrenheit. That is why you should be careful when operating such a grill, and it is recommended to place it outdoors. 

What type of meat is yakitori?

The main type of yakitori meat is chicken, grilled over an open flame on a yakitori device. 

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