3 Best Himalayan salt lamps & their benefits (& which to avoid)

Have you ever spent time by the ocean? Do you recall just how peaceful the entire experience was? A day by the water, you forget the city’s mindless noise. We can’t sell you the ocean or ask you to leave behind your job and move closer to the beach. We can recommend something just as practical. 

You may install a lamp in your room to escape the darkness, but there’s so much more you can do with it. For one, it adds a great deal to your room’s aesthetic. But more importantly, a suitable lamp can be a spiritual awakening. However, not all lamps offer this fortune. The Himalayan salt lamp might be the only one that promises to light your life and room. It is the closest alternative we have to an island vacation.

But before we recommend our current favorites and list the pros and cons, let’s understand the science behind salt lamps.    

Himalayan salt map on the floor

What do salt lamps do?

The Himalayan salt lamp has taken the western marketplace by storm, but it’s more than just an orange and white hue. The light has held spiritual importance for the people of the far east for centuries. It has been used to cleanse the atmosphere of unwanted energy. Further, it significantly improves the health of those in its presence. 

It’s a remedy for respiratory problems like asthma and seasonal allergies. We later elaborate on the mechanics behind their working. Essentially, it purifies the air of any contaminants and positive ions.      

Pink Himalayan salt lamp benefits & what are they good for?

With multiple pseudo-science fads in the air, you’re right to question the authenticity of practice. Is the salt lamp another way to trick consumers into buying non-essential products, or is there some truth? After years of studies, we can conclude that this is no pseudo-science. 

The lamp has an undeniable charm. But more importantly, it offers certain benefits that you can’t quantify. Here are all the ways it contributes positively to your life:  

Improves energy levels 

If you’ve ever cruised on an open road with a car window down, you understand the importance of taking a break from the city noise. But in this day and age, it’s practically impossible to get a few minutes to yourself. All this pent-up frustration and the positive ions released by electrical appliances make you lose energy. As a result, you feel tired. 

The salt lamp helps eliminate lethargy by releasing negative ions into the atmosphere. Essentially, it cleanses the air of any ions bringing you down. Leaving it on for a few hours will dramatically reenergize you.  

Regulates sleeping cycle

Exposure to positive ions is far more harmful than we’ve been led to believe. You may wonder why life was far more accessible before the advent of computers and technology. Well, a surge of positive ions in the atmosphere is the reason. It robs you of a good night’s sleep by reducing the oxygen supply to the brain. 

To regulate your sleeping cycle, install a Himalayan salt lamp in your room and let it take care of the rest. It cleanses the air of excessive water, making the space less humid. The oxygen supply to your brain is drastically improved at a lower humidity level. Additionally, the negative ion regulation contributes to well-rested sleep.

Improves respiratory health

Himalayan salt lamp turned on

The lamp draws out the air’s moisture and contaminants that deteriorate your respiratory health. From dirt particles to mildew, it purifies the air from any damaging molecules. Since these contaminants easily target people with asthma and other breathing issues, cleaner air contributes to a healthier system.

Besides scraping the air clean of pollutants, the Himalayan salt lamp also releases negative ions into the atmosphere. The ions battle the slow movement of cells lining our breathing pipes caused by positive ions in the air. With enough negative-ion concentration, you should be able to see an improvement in your respiratory health within the week.   

The Himalayan salt lamp warning

When adopting new practices, it’s natural to feel conflicted and confused. Any intelligent person would question a product’s nature, benefits, and harms before making it an integral part of their daily lives. We encourage mindful caution before investing your energy and time into something.

Keeping in the spirit of caution and transparency, we’d like to share that every product listed below has been thoroughly reviewed and can be vouched for. We wouldn’t want you to waste your resources on a product that isn’t top-tier.

Ending up with unreliable lamps may not seem like a serious threat to your health, but here’s all the damage it can do:

Electrical risk

They may be all-natural, but it still requires electricity. Typically, the wiring tends to be faulty with cheaper and ingenuine products. Therefore, you’re at a greater risk of electrocution if you purchase one from an unreliable vendor. The products we’ve reviewed in the article especially consider the safety aspect. With proper short-circuit and wiring failure responses, you don’t have to worry about electricity running through your veins.    


The lamp’s hygroscopic nature is what makes it an effective tool. However, the same feature may be its demise. When the light is hot enough, it quickly evaporates any water it attracts. But when the surface is barely warm, the water trickles down. It begins collecting at the metallic base or any furniture you have underneath. It may cause the ball bearings or any other metallic element to corrode.    

Unsuited for a home with pets

Your pets are probably at the most significant risk due to Himalayan salt lamps. No matter how good the quality of the light is, it remains a looming threat to your pet’s life. Mostly, cats and dogs are recommended a small amount of salt daily. If that limit is crossed, it leads to salt toxicity. Since you can’t restrict your pets from licking the lamp, it’s as real a threat as the inevitable doom of old age. 

In extreme cases, the toxicity proves to be fatal. But even if it isn’t as severe, it will cause symptoms like vomiting, drowsiness, seizures, and diarrhea.   

Best Himalayan salt lamp (& which to avoid)

Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp

Hand mined from the Himalayan mountains, the glow salt lamp is about 6 lbs heavy. It measures about 9-inches high and 5-inches wide, making it the ideal size for a side table placement. With its natural orange hue, an amber light is emitted when the lamp is turned on. 

It is fixated on a neem-wooden piece to reduce any risk of corrosion or water damage to the furniture underneath. The product’s design makes it easy to assemble and use. Whether you’re planning to set it up outdoors or inside your bedroom, it’s guaranteed to last you a long time. Each lamp is hand-crafted to give you a unique product in every aspect. It comes with a dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the light’s intensity.  

Since Himalayan salt represents tenderness and forgiveness, it’s the ideal housewarming present. There’s no better option with over 20,000 positive reviews and a retail price of $25. 

Thousands of happy customers
24,266 Reviews
Thousands of happy customers
This product is our top recommendation.

Himalayan Glow 1002 Crystal

Straight from the Khewra mines in Pakistan, the Himalayan glow 1002 crystal is the perfect addition to your interior design. It retails at a highly affordable rate of $25 and works best with a 15-watt bulb. Once it is connected to the power supply, it begins cleansing the air of pollutants and excess positive ions. Since the crystals are extracted from the Himalayan mountains, each piece differs from the others in color and size. However, all of them radiate soft energy and amber glow. 

It contains a dimmer option, which allows you to adjust the light as per your requirement. So if you wish to use it as a night light or add subtle warmth to the room, you can easily. Alternatively, you can turn up the brightness and use it as a reading lamp. With its wooden base and well-tested wiring, you don’t have to worry about electricity failures or corrosion.     

Another great option
28,865 Reviews
Another great option
We like the neem wood of this product.

Himalayan Glow White Salt Crystal Lamp  

You may have only seen brightly colored salt lamps that capture the colors of the sunset. However, there’s so much more than the Himalayan Glow store offers. The intense orange shade isn’t a testament to the authenticity of the Himalayan salt but a meaningless symbol. If you’d prefer a lamp with a softer and more ethereal presence, the white salt crystal lamp will be perfect. 

The salt used to make the lamps are extracted from the Himalayan mountain range in Pakistan. It’s assembled in the same region to ensure the product remains true to its origins. You can set the brightness to your liking with a 15-watt bulb and the dimmer option. However, it typically gives off a far softer light than the traditional orange light. At merely $15, the white salt crystal lamp adds a romantic ambiance to any room you place it in.     

ETL-certified dimmer switch
4,240 Reviews
ETL-certified dimmer switch
Switch on the light!


Not all that glitters is gold. The market may be saturated with salt lamps, but rarely are they all the real deal. Most vendors trick buyers into purchasing an inauthentic piece at a lower cost. The problem doesn’t only lie with false advertisement, but the faulty wiring and the design. Here are a few products we’ve found that don’t live up to the definition of a Himalayan salt lamp:   

Stacked Himalayan Carved Salt Lamp

The stacked salt lamp by the Urban store might initially fool you into thinking it’s an authentic crystal from the depths of the Khewra mines in Pakistan. However, the color distribution and the uniform shape suggest otherwise. It boldly makes a claim against which there’s no evidence. 

Don’t let the $15 retail price fool you into mistaking it for an actual Himalayan salt lamp. With a low-star rating and negative reviews, we suggest you steer clear.

Urban Shop
3 Reviews
Urban Shop
We'll steer clear of this one.

Sunrise Alarm

Incorporating modern elements into products that hold spiritual significance is a noble task. If done well, you birth a product that offers the best of both worlds and is readily accessible. But this is where the sunrise alarm by Ariel Edge falls short.

It combines an alarm clock with Himalayan salt crystals. It wishes to take over the role of a watch and a cleaner. However, there’s no evidence that the crystals are authentic or extracted from their native place. It makes us wary of the product. 

In addition to the suspicion of inauthenticity, the product has received multiple negative reviews for a faulty design. Some say the display is too bright and can’t be adjusted. Others complain about the product completely shutting down days after purchase. To be on the safer side, we’d suggest you invest your money elsewhere.    

Ariel EDGE
22 Reviews
Ariel EDGE
Ariel Edge may have tried, but they didn't succeed.

Himalayan salt lamp spiritual benefits

Before the Himalayan salt lamp became a sensation in the west, it held a central spot in eastern spirituality. The pink salt continues to represent healing and love in parts to which it’s native. Since it is believed to carry a tender aura, it brings the user the energy of love and healing. 

It’s also often used during mediation since it’s believed to release positive energy into the world. All you need to do to reap its benefits is to place it in the room during your spiritual practices. It emits tender, spiritual energy into the void, which offsets any distress or negative emotion you may be feeling. Essentially, the lamp brings harmony to the energy in the space.    

How salt lamps work

Himalayan salt lamp on a carpet

You don’t need a degree in chemistry to understand how the atoms in the salt lamp respond to the atmosphere, bringing about positive change. However, you need some background to build a logical understanding. 

We’re surrounded by electronic appliances and computers, which radiate an obscene count of positive ions into the atmosphere. Under normal circumstances, you’d think positivity is good. But when the atmosphere is concerned, it’s more about maintaining a balance between the positive ions and their opposing counterpart. The recommended negative and positive ions ratio should be about 1.02 and 0.98.

Now let’s get to how the Himalayan salt lamps maintain this ratio. You’re probably already aware of the salt’s ability to draw moisture from the atmosphere. At first, the water molecules are attracted to the heated lamp. But upon contact, the water evaporates and returns to the atmosphere. The cycle may seem pointless. But in this one interaction, the light can release a lone negative ion into the atmosphere. The negatively-charged particle attracts positive ions and reduces them to dust. 

Essentially, it ensures harmony and balance in the atmosphere.     


Why is my salt lamp leaking?

You might have noticed that leaving on your lamp for too long results in the light profusely sweating. However, the leakage isn’t always due to overuse. Since the Himalayan salt is hygroscopic, it absorbs moisture from the air. If you live in a high-humidity region, there’s bound to be greater moisture in the mood for the lamp to absorb.  

You can eliminate this problem by ensuring it is placed in a low-moist area of the house. The most common areas to avoid include the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, and basement. You can also use a higher wattage bulb, so the high temperature prevents your lamp from sweating.   

Are salt lamps bad for cats?

Living with pets goes beyond feeding them on time and petting them every few times a day. You have to do your research before introducing new elements to your house. The Himalayan lamp may have numerous benefits for humans. But when it comes to pets, the story is slightly different. 

Cats have a recommended salt intake of about 16.7mg. Anything more could prove seriously damaging. And since cats are curious creatures, they’ll jump at the lamp the first chance they get. Salt toxicity severely threatens your pet’s life, resulting in issues like vomiting, lethargy, diarrhea, and urination. If the situation worsens, you may face problems like seizures and coma. 

Where can I buy a salt rock lamp?

If you’re looking for a pure Himalayan salt lamp, you may have to travel to the Khewra mines in Pakistan. But thanks to the world of e-commerce, you can get the real deal delivered to your doorstep. We’ve listed the top-rated options in this article. All you need to do is follow the link to the Amazon webpage and order one for yourself immediately.  

How do you clean Himalayan salt lamps?

Typically, cleaning a salt lamp is frowned upon. Purists believe washing it would mean eliminating its natural healing abilities. However, you’re bound to end up with a dusty lamp if you leave it out for long enough. Therefore, you must use a microfiber cloth to clean it. Using the material, gently clean the light from dust or debris. Make sure not to rub vigorously and sweep in gentle motions.   

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