Best Heated Bird Baths: Solar, Fountain, Pedestal

Nature provides things that can help us connect to our planet in many ways. One of those ways is letting us care for the birds. From the small to the big, birds give us a sense of calm and peace in these trying times. You may even have some birds already perched up outside your house as they go about their way in life. In a way, you want to return the favor and give them a sense of home and space.

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While it can be easygoing in the warm weather, it can be a challenge in the cold weather. This is true when you find that birds have it quite hard in the cold. It can suck when winter comes along, and you want to help your buddies stay warm while cycling through the harshest season. To make matters worse, it won’t be great if the water you want to give to them is as frozen as ice. The answer? The best-heated birdbaths.
They’re designed to keep the birds you tend to warm. Like the regular bird baths seen elsewhere, heated ones come in many forms. They include ones such as fountains and pedestals. But unlike the standard ones, heated ones keep the water that birds use warm and unfrozen.

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This comes in handy. Having the usual birdbath with so much water may suddenly freeze into ice. It isn’t good to have when you need the wild birds you take care of to stay warm. That’s why with the heated option, you’ll be able to make sure that the winter isn’t too hard on them. It’ll even give you the added benefit of making sure your wild birds stay with you even when winter comes along. Isn’t that a great win-win for all?

How Do You Keep It Warm?

Before getting yourself into excitement, it pays to ask yourself how you keep it warm. Maybe you’re thinking that you’ll need some wood and a fire to get going. You think you’re going to have a lot of work to do when you want to maintain. But thankfully, heated these heated options already got mechanics that can work in your favor. Features are built into them to ensure the water you let your wild birds drink from will stay warm.

To keep it, here are the steps to do so:

  1. Arrange the plugs and power outlet 

It pays to arrange the mechanics and tools properly when warming it up. This will ensure efficiency when you’re ready to turn on the tools.

  1. Set the settings

Next, you’ll want to make sure your settings are set rightly. Here, you’ll press some buttons and do some configuring to get the right heat for your water. It may not be much, but having a consistent setup will save you time.

  1. Inspect the water and adjust accordingly 
bird bath outside

Once you’ve got the settings, toggle everything on and let the water heat up. As the water gets the heat, inspect it and adjust accordingly.

For solar heated options, you can skip step 1 because you won’t need plugs. Why? They’re powered by the sun, so it won’t be too much of an issue depending on the sunshine you get. All you need to remember is that it works when there’s a lot of sunshine in your place. You won’t have a problem with the solar-powered ones, assuming you have sun.

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Should You Use One?

You may have another question to ask when it comes down to it. It will be, “should you use one?” Depending on your situation, it can be a yes or a no. Suppose you’re generally caring for birds in the warmer seasons. You won’t need one because you can fill up the one you have without much prep to maintain a stable temperature.

If you’re caring for birds in winter, it’s highly suggested that you use a heated one. Unless you’re willing to heat it manually, it’s better than nothing to have one that provides a comfortable climate automatically. When you want to let the birds have the warm water they need in cold and hard times, automatic ones are great.

In the end, it’s up to you. If you’re always kind enough to care for the birds in warmer seasons, stick with the ordinary. If you’re always the kind to care for the birds in colder seasons, get it on with the heated one. If you’re the one who wants to care for birds all year round, you’ll need a heated one for sure.

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What To Look For

Still up and ready to get a heated birdbath? Good! The next phase will know what you should look for. There are a few factors to consider when shopping for the one you’ll need. Here they are:

What To Look For
SizeSurroundingsTools and Hardware
  • Cost

A good factor to look into is considering the cost of buying one. A cheap one can save you a lot of money. It may not be good in the long run if the warranty won’t last or if it will endure when it’s tested during winter. Whereas a pricey one, it can give you what you need. It may be a long-term disaster if you’re not 100% sure about it. You need to make sure you fully commit to what you’re purchasing.

ceramic bird on bird bath
  • Features

Another factor to consider is features. Maybe you’re the minimalist who likes to press a few buttons without having too much fuss. You can go for the ones that do the work for you. If you’re the type who has a thing for features and want to customize everything, go for the heated ones that can be. They can give you the chance to customize and perfect your settings.

  • Size

Size is an important factor to consider as well. Like their ordinary counterparts, they come with the same options. They include a fountain, solar, and pedestal. You can also consider how much it’ll be for your bird friends. If you’re the type who has a lot of space, you can opt for a bigger option. If you’re the type who needs to save space, you can go for a small one that complements the layout of where you’ll put it. Make sure it won’t compromise everything. How about if you’re the type who wants to save on electricity bills? May you use the power of the sun? Solar ones are made for you. You’ll need to make sure measurements are precise and accurate in all cases so that it won’t be a big blow. Not to worry. There are conversion charts to give you a good idea of what to go for when it comes to size.

  • Power

This factor can be a bit puzzling. You’ll find it’s very important to consider because they rely on power to make sure the water stays warm. Depending on your lifestyle, you may contemplate what suits your place. Are you the type who can handle high electric bills? Then a heated one with high-power users won’t be an issue for you. Are you the kind who makes sure power usage is equal and not used excessively? Finding one that’s not too aggressive with power is a much better option.

Suppose you’re confused about what to do for powering up the bad boy in your backyard. You can check the market out for high-watt generators and low-watt generators. Make sure to match them up with your selected yard decor. You can even check for the best watt generators and have yourself a gallery of options at your disposal. Suppose you’re already well-oriented with managing power like a master. You can check for the recommended amp wires you’ll need.

If you’re the kind who doesn’t want to bother with manually putting power in, you can always opt for the solar-powered ones. Those are low-maintenance since they’re dependent on the sun.

  • Surroundings

When you’re getting this for your backyard, you have to consider your surroundings as a factor too. If the birds are always from a higher ground due to cats preying on them on the lower ground, go for a deck-mounted one. You can even make it an artsy affair by adding a macrame cotton cord. If your birds are on the lower ground, you can instead go for the fountain and pedestal versions. Make sure there’s nothing that will disrupt their visit. You can also consider the space as well. For big houses, you can opt for a fountain. For small to medium houses, pedestals are a godsend. For really small houses meant for one person only, panels will suffice.

  • Tools and Hardware

Finally, the other factors to consider are the tools and hardware. Heated birdbaths need power for the heating, but you may need some extra stuff to maintain the power. That’s why it pays to know what tools and hardware you’ll use. If you’re going for the more simplified birdbaths, keep your eyes peeled for the best extension cords. It pays to have them when you’re putting them in distant places. If the default ones aren’t to your liking, you can get some of the other best ones by a length too.

If you’re after the sophisticated ones, you might want to look upon some hardware that can serve you well in the long run. You’ll especially need them when you’re going for complex tools that can be tedious, to begin with but will pay off in the end. If you’re excited about them, check out for great oil mixes. They’re great at keeping your generators running and flux core welders going. They can help you refine what you need with a birdbath, especially when dealing with deck-mounted models.

These factors may be a bit much, but give them enough consideration. You may find the right one that suits you much faster.

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Best Heated Bird Baths

If you’ve reached this far, you’re already pumped and ready to get the best option your money can buy. You’re finally going to take responsibility and keep the wild birds you care for warm in winter.

Your next question is, which is the best-heated bird bath to go for. There are many ones to come by, so it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry. We have a list of the best ones that suit your style. Ready to check on them? Here they are:

  • GESAIL Bird Habitat Shallow Design

Have birds that you like to care for from a balcony or small table in your garden or villa? Look no further than this one. This model is one of the great purchases to make because it can be mounted in three ways. It’s a perfect fit for you for all options.

One of its great features is that it’s designed to heat the water when you need it automatically during the winter. At the same time, you can keep it as your regular bath in warmer seasons. Keeping it heated includes cords and plugs that will easily handle when you’re keeping it. In a way, it can be a low-maintenance option without fussing about what to do.

Need to clean the bowl? Not a worry. The bowl can be detached easily, so you can clean it up and fill it with water for your little friends to feast on. Seeing the water growing stagnant? Detach the bowl, and pour it somewhere else. Get some freshwater instead. Simply mount it back, and presto! More freshwater to warm up for your bird friends.

The downside with this item is that you may find the bowl gets a bit dirtier faster. You’ll need to clean it up more often. Otherwise, it’s a great thing to have.

  • YUYUSO for Outdoors Four Seasons with Chains

Not a fan of the deck-mounted style? Not to worry, you can go with this one. The YUYUSO Heated Birdbath is the kind that lets you hang it like a plant. Thanks to its intricate design, it’ll help you keep the water warm. It makes for beautiful décor to add some much-needed ambiance to your backyard.

It’s also the kind that complements a garden. There’s nothing quite like having birds drink the fountain. In the background are your well-tended flowers and greens as compliments.

Like the previous one mentioned, this one automatically heats the water as needed. You won’t need to press too many buttons. In a way, this can save you a lot of money on electricity bills.

The only downside for this is that detaching it from where it’s hanging can be tedious. It becomes cumbersome when you need to do it a lot more than you bargained for. You’ll also need to be deciding where to put it as you’ll likely need cords and wires for this.

  • API Heated with Stand

In the mood for one that you can put with a stand and add more splendor to your yard like a pedestal? Go with this one. This may look like your ordinary heated birdbath stand. It’s designed to give you the convenience of heating the waters without a fuss.

bird bath

The design is clever because it can conceal the heating element to ensure that the birds don’t make contact with it. In other words, it’s completely safe. You wouldn’t even know it’s a heated option until you look closer.

To make it even greater, the material used is weather-resistant plastic. It may look like it will break, but it’s designed that way to look classic while also being environment-friendly.

The only downside you may feel from this is that you may need extra wires if you’re putting this beyond the length of the default plug. You’d best look for the best cords and wires your money can buy.

  • Allied Precision Industries with Mounting Bracket

This heated birdbath is a mounting type. What makes this one of the best is that it’s very simplistic and blends with whatever layout you have in mind, thanks to its color. It even has a feature that lets you clear the bowl out if the water gets too stale for your lovely bird friends. This simplified heated birdbath also operates at 150 watts, so it can be a big life-saver when it comes to power.

This one is dependent on the layout and where you’ll place this item. If your place isn’t too spacious, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. If it’s the opposite, you’re going to need additional equipment to make the most out of it. This means you may be spending more than you bargained for on this.

  • Peaktop 3207000 Outdoor Glass

Are you looking for one that flaunts style while being able to help you save electricity? Look no further than this one. This solar option may look like an artsy pedestal, thanks to its premium fusion glass. It’s designed to absorb the sun and warm the waters without plugging anything at all. A bonus to this is that at night, it glows. This makes for a spectacle after a day of warming with the sun and letting your bird friends have a chance to feast on great water.

The downside to this is that you need to ensure it gets a lot of sun because it’s a solar option. If the area you’re in doesn’t have much sun, you’re not going to get much of your money’s worth out of this one. It depends on the sunshine. Make sure you think long and hard before getting this one.

  • Happy Bird DLXSS Deluxe Wild Bird Solar Sipper

Do you feel like the ones you’ve seen are too big, even when they’re at the smallest? Are you looking for something so small that you can simply slip it in and let the birds have it without adding too much? Then you can go with this one. Unlike other solar heated options, this one is as small as an Amazon Echo Dot.

Its minimalistic design can be put in tedious places, such as a small tree branch. You can even use it by your deck without having to mount much. It’s designed to resist the winter. The water will stay warm and cool for your bird friends without doing much.

However, the downside to this is that it has no mounting equipment. If you’re the type to put something like this in high places, this isn’t the one for you. It can also be a big headache when you have bigger bird friends to care for, so be mindful before going for this one.

beautiful green bird
  • Solar Fountain Pump SIYIBAEBY

Many go for the default options of having one in mounted and pedestal forms. A few go for the fountain type. There are many to be seen for the regular birdbath, but finding one in the heated section can be challenging.

But thankfully, that difficulty is subsided because this article has already given you what you need if you’re this far in it. This model is a solar-powered fountain placed on an ordinary structure to give you the water you need for your bird friends.

Whether it’s on a pedestal or a mounted item, the fountain pump will be your gateway to bringing warmer water to fountains.

What is the downside to this, though? It’s not quite much on its own since it is dependent on structures. Unless you have an ordinary birdbath that won’t add splendor to your yard, you’re better off buying a fully functional one. Make sure you have a good structure to put it on. Putting it in the yard without any area for your birds to drink the water would make it look like a sprinkler for the grass.

Heated options are wonderful. Maybe you’ve got a spacious place or just a minimal area with splashes of nature. They are there to help you keep the waters warm for your bird friends. There are many factors to consider, and some may cost you a lot more money. If you’re determined to keep your bird friends warm and fuzzy in the winter, then it’s worth the investment.

From solar-powered ones to the traditionally-designed ones, there’s an option that’s waiting to be used by you. All you got to do is go for the right one and set it up. Let your bird friends have the water they need in the colder seasons.


Do you want to provide the birds with an oasis of warm water in the winter? However, you don’t know what steps you need to take to make this dream come true.

Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place.

We guide you and give you the best advice and guidance.

The best ways to keep warm water for birds in the winter are:

How do you keep water from freezing in a birdbath?

  1. The position plays an important role.

    Keeping the water in a liquid state will be influenced by the position in which it is placed.
    If the birdbath is placed in an area where the sun reaches abundantly, it will maintain its liquid state for a longer time.

    This is because the increased light will increase the water temperature and prevent ice formation.

  2. Dark colors can help.

    Have you noticed that when you wear black T-shirts in summer, they warm up much faster than white ones?

    This is because black absorbs more heat than white.
    You can use this to your advantage to help the water in the birdbath stay liquid.

    To complete this process, place one of the following objects on the bottom of the bath:

    – a few black river stones
    – a black plate
    – a black piece of plastic

    Placed on the bottom of the bathroom, these objects will absorb an increased amount of heat.
    This amount of heat absorbed by the objects will eventually be transmitted to the bathwater.

    The water in the bath will maintain its high temperature, and the freezing process will not start.

  3. An icebreaker can work wonders.

    As the temperature of the bathwater drops, a thin layer of ice will form on its surface.

    If this layer of ice is constantly broken, the complete freezing of the water cannot occur.
    All you have to do is find a way to break that ice sheet constantly.

    We have the perfect solution for that.
    Put a small ball in the bathwater.

    Make sure it can float on the surface of the water.
    Over time, the wind will move the ball constantly. The thin layer of ice on the surface will not form.
    If this ball is black, it’s perfect.

    As discussed before, the black color absorbs heat and prevents ice formation.
    A black ball will also work as an icebreaker and a heat source, a perfect combination.

  4. Increase the temperature.

    A heater specially made for outdoor use placed next to the birdbath will prevent the water from freezing.
    Its only disadvantage is that it requires a nearby electrical outlet to operate.
    Or you could use an extension cord specially made for outdoor use to power it.
    A heater also has its advantages.
    For example, it is straightforward and has a low consumption level.

  5. Give the birds the best conditions.

    A fully heated winter bath for birds is the most effective and easiest option to stop water freezing.
    Compared to the previous version with an external heater, this variant involves a heater fully integrated into the bath structure.

    The water in the bath will constantly remain in liquid form. It doesn’t matter how low the temperatures are in the external environment.

  6. Maintain a large volume of water in the bath.

    This is essential for keeping the water in the bath liquid.
    None of the above will work if the water level in the bath is not high enough.

    A small amount of water freezes much faster than a significant amount.
    Also, a heater integrated into the bathroom will suffer failures if the water does not increase volume.

two bird baths
Is a heated birdbath a good idea?

A heated birdbath is an excellent idea if you like birds and want to help them get through the cold season.
During the summer, birds can find sources of water from which to drink quite easily.

When the cold season comes to a head, things change in this regard.
Birds are intelligent animals and can find food sources even in the cold season.
Finding a source of water is a more difficult task for little birds.

This is because most natural water sources can freeze during the winter if the temperatures drop significantly.
That is why these creatures can benefit from any extra helping hand we can offer.
A birdbath is an ideal way to give them the help they need.

Even the water in this bath specially designed for them can be affected by low temperatures and freeze.
There are many ways to prevent the water from freezing, but these require a lot of time and attention.

An easy way to prevent this water from freezing is to purchase a heated birdbath.
It no longer requires any other method of preventing water freezing.

Just place the bath in the backyard and connect it to a power source.
It will do its job and give the birds a warm oasis in a world of ice.

Will birds use a heated birdbath in winter?

Most birds will be attracted to a birdbath heated in the winter and will most likely use it.

Water is a vital source for animals, and birds are no exception.
Unfortunately, this can be hard to find in the winter.

There is a good chance they will be attracted by a heated birdbath filled with fresh, warm water.
Due to the lack of water during the winter, these little creatures will not miss any opportunity to drink from a water source.

Do heated bird baths use a lot of electricity?

Most heated birdbaths do not need a large amount of energy to function.
Most heated bird baths only need 50-80 W to heat the water inside the bath.

Are heated bird baths safe in winter?

If the birds use the water inside the bath only to quench their thirst, it poses no risk to their health.
If they try to bathe in the water inside the bath, things can take a negative turn.

Due to the high temperature of the water, the birds that use the bath can be fooled by this artificial heat.
They may begin to believe that the temperature in the outside environment has already started to rise. They may be tempted to bathe in the water inside the bath.

As long as they are in hot water, nothing terrible can happen.
Once out of this warm oasis, the birds are forced to face the cruel truth.

Maybe the temperatures in the external environment are still low.
The chances of a wet bird surviving in the winter are meager.

The small bodies of these animals cannot cope with low temperatures if they are wet.
In the worst case, they can freeze and die.
Their wings may freeze, preventing them from flying.

The best solution to this problem is to cover the bath’s surface with a piece of plank.
You do not need to cover the entire surface of the bath with that board.

Leave a small uncovered space through which birds can drink water.
This way, the birds can enjoy the benefits of a safe heated water bath.