Best Large, Cheap Mirrors For Your Home or Gym Exercise Wall

Ever since Covid-19 entered the picture two years ago, people have sought out exercise spaces in the comfort of their homes. 

And though normalcy returns, many people now don’t plan on returning to these large commercial spaces. They have an overwhelming amount of people, all sweating and panting over machines. Not only does one get to save the cost of the gym membership every month. They also save time, money, and energy trying to get to a gym every day. 

dance mirror

The freedom of working out at your own time, music, and the privacy of your home. There won’t be strangers hogging the mirror when you’re trying to check your form are only some of the many perks of a personal gym. And suppose you’re a socially anxious fellow, then a private gym is nothing but a godsend for you!

Maybe you’re somebody who finds yourself in this crowd of people. They’d much rather use the money they spend on gym memberships and gas to build their gym at home.

In that case, you’re probably in search of some best large cheap mirrors for your gym or exercise wall at home. Maybe you use your home workout space to do casual yoga and pilates. A gym mirror is a make-or-break investment that can brush up on your moves by allowing you to witness them up close. 

So here we are with a few best large, cheap mirrors you can quickly get your hands on.

Best large mirrors for home gym

We didn’t want you to go through the hassle of sifting through shops and retail stores to find the best mirrors for your little workout space at home. So, we decided to find you great options from the comfort of your home for you. What better place to shop from that ships worldwide and offers excellent service and returns? We’re talking about amazon. Let’s take a look at the best finds.

Large rectangle floor-length mirror

Maybe you’re looking for a single big piece of mirror, which is quite difficult to find unless it’s custom-made. Consider investing in this floor-length mirror. Its aesthetic versatility allows it to function in your gym and double up as an asset to your bedroom or shower It can also help you when you’re trying on bras or a shirt.

It’s made of aluminum that’s polished in a variety of colors. These colors are black, gold, rose-gold, white, and grey.

It can practically sit wherever you’d like in your home. It is thanks to a support stand that comes built into the mirror. This is a great asset even if you plan on wall-mounting it. Because when our package arrived, we didn’t have to wait for a mounting service to witness the mirror’s true glory. It can also stay upright resting on a wall, which seemed a little too risky for us to try.

When it comes to safety, the company does ensure that the glass is shatter-proof. It doesn’t mean it won’t break. It means that in a case where it does, it won’t shatter into tiny pieces. They could be harmful if you have kids or pets around at home. If the glass breaks, the broken glass will stay put instead of dispersing onto the floor, where it can hurt somebody.

When it came to unraveling the utility of what we bought this gorgeous yet minimal piece of furniture for, we were not disappointed. Depending on what types of exercise you are keen on performing at home, you can use this to cover the wall horizontally or vertically. For somebody who lifts weight, a vertical alignment makes more sense. For somebody keener on performing some yoga asanas, mounting the mirror horizontally would be a wiser choice.

By far, the thing we love most about this mirror is its size. Suppose you’re somebody who would like to check their form while they’re lying across or exercising standing upright. In that case, you’ll require a relatively large mirror to cover you vertically and horizontally. By getting your hands on two of these instead of one, you can full-proof your needs for years to come. When your purchase mirrors that are not custom-made, this is as big as it gets.

Wall Mounted LED Mirror

Maybe you’re not just looking for a mirror to check your form but also to make your gym look more appealing. Then consider getting an LED mirror. Suppose you build your gym in an old garage. Finding your way every day to a dark, unattractive space will only cause you to make excuses and skip your workout. It is where getting your hands on an LED mirror can save the day. It comes in various dimensions and sizes you can choose from. And if you don’t like the white LED light, there are plenty of other color options. It includes a multi-color rainbow one available on amazon.

This one fulfills the requirement of a home-gym mirror. Its frameless design makes it easy for it to blend into any theme, décor, or color scheme you may have going on.

We thought we’d have to be careful around the LED light as it’s probably very fragile and high-maintenance. But to our surprise, it’s not. The light appeals 2D to the eye and comes with a plug that can be plugged into a switchboard. It even comes with the ability to adjust the LED brightness. It was extremely useful given that we placed ours near a window with varying amounts of light throughout the day. So, we only used the brightest setting of the LED light at night when it was necessary.

The only thing one may have to worry about is finding a switchboard wherever you may plan on building your indoor weight room. With this mirror, you never have to worry about the perfect gym selfie lighting again!

Mirror tiles

When you’re looking to renovate your workout space at home, the cheapest and most flexible option you’ll come across is a pack of mirror tiles. They are exactly what they sound like. They are square-shaped and can be placed on the wall, similar to regular tiles. We got our hands on these. Not only are they cheap, but we also got 16 tiles that were 14”x 16″ each. There’s so much you can do with them.

You can line them up to look like one gigantic mirror; vertical, horizontal, square; you decide. They’re almost like a puzzle that can tightly fit into a small space, or you can spread them out to cover large spaces. They’re also frameless, making them apt for any kind of theme you may have going for your gym.

Although, they are quite thin and not as great in quality and heavy-duty material as the two mirrors mentioned above. However, we have to cut it slack because this lightweight build allows them to stick to the wall easily.

Maybe you’re stressed about installation or don’t have the budget to pay that extra installation fee. These tiles come with sticky tape and glue. We ended but using both the products, including securing the tiles. And we don’t know what happens if you use just one product, but we used both sticky tape and glue. Our mirrors were entirely secure after we pasted them on the wall.

Types of gym mirrors

floor length mirror

There are typically two types of mirrors available in the market, one is acrylic, and the second is glass. There are advantages and disadvantages to purchasing both.


Acrylic mirrors are made by processing acrylic through a hefty procedure of ‘vacuum metalizing.’ Through it, the acrylic material receives a shiny finish. It is then topped with a protective coating layer before it’s packaged and sold in the market.

Acrylic ones are a much lighter yet sturdier option than glass, which is also cheaper. It’s often used to decorate modern homes and can be used in indoor gyms to check proper form while exercising. Most gyms use it, especially in areas where they fear that the mirrors can accidentally be shattered. However, it is important to note that they can cause distortions and fuzzy images if they aren’t cleaned on a day-to-day basis.


Most glass options you’ll find in the market are made by painting a thin layer of silver or aluminum on a massive piece of glass. Another way they are made is by heating aluminum through a vacuum and attaching it to a piece of glass.

Regardless of how they’re made, glass mirrors are much heavier than acrylic ones. They’re also far more fragile, so you must ensure they come with a protective guard that protects them from shattering. Otherwise, glass ones can break into tiny little pieces and hurt people that may be around them.

Glass is beautiful. Most of all, it creates accurate reflections on those who use them. This is why they happen to cost more than Acrylic ones.

Home gym mirror ideas

gym mirror with workout equipment

Now that you’re aware of all the goodness available when it comes to gym mirrors, we’d like to stall you in on some placement ideas.

Place a floor- mirror right across your workout spot.

Not everyone’s a gym freak that’s got a house big enough to accommodate a special room for their heavy weights and cardio machines. But if we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it’s that health is wealth. And everyone needs a little movement to keep their health in check. Plop a mirror across your workout spot, whether it’s the living room where you make some space to work out or your bedroom. Choose a spot with plenty of sunshine, and the mirror and the light will give you an illusion of a larger space. Happy working out!

Place one right in front of your cardio machine.

If you’re struggling to find the right spot for your mirror in your home, take our suggestion. Place it in front of your fixed cardio equipment. That way, you don’t feel alone whenever you’re doing some powerful cardio routine. Looking at yourself while performing your cardio will motivate you to go that extra five minutes on the bicycle!

Thrift or DIY

If you’re somebody who has a knack for creativity, the perfect time to utilize it is while renovating your workout space at home. There are plenty of inexpensive options out there. Take the tiles we’ve linked in the article above. There are also a ton of second-hand ones in excellent condition available in the market, just waiting to be found. Maybe you happen to get your hands on any. You can upscale it through a frame change, a few accessories, and some paint. It’ll save you some bucks and leave you with a unique piece of pure art at the end of the day.

Things to consider

gym mirror

In this article, you’ve been presented with an assortment of products, ideas, and types suitable for your personal indoor gym. Nonetheless, how do you decide which is the right one for you?

Just answer the questions below, and you should know what your perfect one should look like.

What is the size that you require?

large mirror

Answering this question requires you to assess what kind of space you’ll be working out in and how big of a mirror you need. You should also consider asking yourself how big of a mirror you can house. You should be able to witness your entire body in action. Suppose you have spacing issues. In this case, at least most of your movements should be visible. Maybe the mirror is horizontal or vertical. Then the placement should be such that all your actions are visible with just the slightest adjustment of your body.

What material fits your budget and priorities?

As you may have already come across in the article, two kinds are available on the rack. A glass one that is expensive, a little fragile, but reflects objects accurately. The second one is acrylic, which is cheaper and less prone to cracking but deteriorates and reflects fuzzy images over time. Choosing between the two depends on your budget, use, and environment. If you have kids and pets at home that is likely to knock into the mirror, you might want to get an acrylic one. But if your gym doesn’t face any disturbances and you have a little budget up front, then the expensive look of glass is unbeaten.

How do you want to place it?

Considering that you’re still interested in buying a mirror for your workout space, you’re probably interested in mounting yours on a wall. If that’s not the case, maybe you want to have it supported by the help of a stand. Whatever it is, you need to ensure that the one you buy comes with the necessary installation hardware to mount your mirror correctly. Whether it’s one you buy second-hand or custom-built, it’s your responsibility to check that there are enough D-rings or keyholes. These are essential for mounting it on the wall.

You should be good if you’re familiar with drilling stuff on your wall. Otherwise, it’s nice to call an installation service or a handy friend to help you out.

Tools needed to mount it.

There are a couple of tools that you’ll need to help you mount a home mirror. Here they are:


Maybe you’re framed mirror doesn’t come with a keyhole that allows the mirror to be hung on a couple of screws in the wall. Then get your hands on a D ring. This is one on amazon that can take more than 300kgs of weight. One, the end of the D-ring is screwed into the frame. The “D” shape is what the screw passes through before it’s drilled into the wall.

Hanging wires

There are all sorts of hanging wires out there.

There’s a traditional braided picture wire that comes in various sizes and is made from galvanized steel. It can hold up to 36 lbs of weight. It’s perfect for small to medium size mirrors.

Then there’s this Vinyl coated stainless steel wire which can take far more weight (up to 60lbs).

Finally, there’s a stainless steel picture wire. It’s a combination of 7 varieties of stainless steel woven under a high-pressure environment. It can hold up to 100 lbs of weight.

These hanging wires are usually used along with the D-Rings to help hang mirrors.

Wall hooks

These are probably the safest options because they provide heavy-duty security to large, heavy mirrors.

Anchors and screws

We’re all aware of what a screw is. They are used to attach objects to the wall. On the other hand, an anchor helps support and protect the screw’s bond to the wall. Check this box of screwers and their reciprocating anchors on amazon. This one box contains all shapes and sizes. You’ll need this handy when mounting your mirror on the wall.

Hammer and drilling machine

This one is pretty obvious. You’ll need a drilling machine to drill the hole, place the screw and secure it tightly. You might also need a hammer to secure the anchors. This is a basic drilling machine, and you can start building your kit with this basic hammer.

Mounting a home gym mirror on your wall may seem daunting. Fret not! We’ve got you covered. It’s not as difficult as you may think it is.

How to mount a home gym mirror

  1. Measure and mark where you want your mirror to be placed

    Taking a measuring tape and pencil, mark where you’d want your mirror to be placed. You may need a little help from a friend who can hold it up, so you know where to mark. Mark where you’d want the clipping points or keyholes to land on the wall.

  2. Drill holes into the wall

    After you’ve determined where the keyholes will land approximately, you have to drill a hole where you marked the keyholes of the mirror.

  3. Place mirror clips or anchors inside the holes

    Now you may be working with one or the other thing; screws and a keyhole or mirror clips. Place the clip or the anchor for the screw inside all the holes you just drilled.

  4. Mount the mirror onto the wall

    Mount the mirror on the wall and drill a screw inside the wall, taking it through the keyhole. This will secure it in place. Repeat this for all the holes you drilled to support your mirror. If you are working with clips, the process is quite similar. You need to secure the clips using a screw, place the mirror and then secure the clips with their second half piece.

Ta-duh, your new home gym piece is now secured in place!


Are exercise mirrors worth it?

Yes, they absolutely are! So many times, we’re practicing incorrect posture and form while exercising. If you’re a high-performing athlete that practices boxing, wrestling, or dance mirror is essential. They’re also great if you want to learn to hula hoop. Even if you get them installed on a budget, a mirror where you work out can take your workout from zero to a hundred real quick. Ever since the onset of the pandemic, we’ve all been working out in the vicinity of our homes. It leaves us the sole bosses of our exercise routine. So, a mirror is vital to keeping a check on yourself.

How big should a home gym mirror be?

The size depends on the space on the wall where you work out. Ideally, a gym mirror should be big enough to see your body’s movements during exercise.

How much does a gym mirror cost?

Decent gym mirrors start at $20 and go up to $150 or $200. You should be able to cover a good quality one and installation for under $200.

What type of mirror is best for a gym?

If there is less space between you and the mirror while exercising, it means there’s a greater chance of
you bumping into the mirror, which can get harmful. If this is the case, an acrylic shatter-proof option is a great option. It’s also a safe bet if you have kids or pets in the house.
On the other hand, maybe you’d like to house something more expensive and extravagant look. Then a glass mirror works well too. It can be a great gym mirror and doubles as a décor piece in your home.