Best full-spectrum LED grow lights

Plants need plenty of sunlight to thrive and live a healthy life. If your house gets dark, it might not be a perfect environment for indoor gardening activities. You cannot change the position of your house, but it is much easier to invest in a grow light.


We tested a bunch of products and found the best cheap full-spectrum LED grow light for indoor and outdoor plants LBW. Here are our findings from our tests.

  • Best full-spectrum extendable tripod LED grow light: Lxyoug
  • Best cheap full-spectrum extendable tripod LED grow light: LBW
  • Best 1000-watt full-spectrum LED grow light: BESTVA

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UV grow light

These grow lights can be used for indoor plants that require bright light. If the sun cannot provide this light to your houseplants, an artificial grow light will. It allows you to start your plants from seed, which is not always possible indoors. 

If you are wondering about the best full-spectrum LED stands and grow lights for indoor plants, take a look below where we recommend the best ones we could find on the market. 

Best full-spectrum LED grow lights

LEOTER for Indoor Plants – Upgraded Version


This highly performant grow light is made with 80 efficient growing LEDs. 36 of them shine a red light, and 16 emit blue light. The remaining 28 offer a full spectrum, essential for the ideal growth of your houseplants.

A circular memory timer function is included, automatically turning it on and off. This setting can be customized and requires no manual operation after the automatic function has been commenced. It proves to be a key feature, especially when you are away on vacation. 

We bought this product and tested it ourselves with the plants from our workshop. Every promise delivered by this company has been successfully met. We can confidently say this is the best model on the market. 

Item Weight1.98 pounds
Light Source TypeLED
Light Source Wattage40 Watts
MaterialPlastic, Metal
Package Dimensions13.66 x 5.87 x 3.35 inches
Power SourceAC

A blackout occurred, and power was lost throughout the workshop. When it came back, the light continued working. However, the automatic option had to be manually set again. The timer needs a reset every time the light is powered off. 


  • The lights in different directions create a lot of versatility.


  • It’s not the highest wattage on the market.
11,000 Reviews
It's even dimmable.

Best grow light stands

adjustable grow light

For Indoor Plants, Lxyoug Full Spectrum with 60″ Extendable Tripod Stand

It is another efficient and reliable source for your indoor plants. It features four heads that offer up to 800nm full spectrum, and your plants will absorb all the lights they need. 420 LED beads are incorporated with a total output of just 200W. This lamp can provide a light very similar to the one of our sun.

The adjustable stand makes it suitable for every growth stage of your houseplants. This durable tripod can be adjusted from a minimum height of 15 inches up to 58 inches. According to your plants, you can adjust this lamp to the desired height. They have an adjustable design and can be rotated 360 degrees. It provides a greater range and increased flexibility.

Color‎Full Spectrum
Controller Type‎Remote Control
Included Components‎Light kit inlcuded
Product Dimensions‎16″D x 6″W x 3″H
Room Type‎Office
Shade Material‎Aluminum
Wattage‎200 watts


  • Significantly higher wattage than the previous product.
  • The stand makes it very versatile.


  • It feels a bit cheap.
2,689 Reviews
Extendable tripod

Product with Stand, LBW Full Spectrum 150W LED.

This professional product is held by an adjustable tripod that can be extended from 15 inches up to a maximum height of 48 inches. You can set your desired weight and create an ideal environment for the plants. The gooseneck is highly flexible and can be adjusted at the desired angle.

The light is emitted from high-quality bright LEDs with a full spectrum between 390nm to 730nm. Your plants will benefit from this light that accurately resembles natural sunlight. With a small 30W consumption, your electricity bill will not change from the previous month. 

Included ComponentsBulb
Item Weight2.18 pounds
Mounting TypeFloor Mount
Number of Light Sources150
Product Dimensions5.11″D x 5.31″W x 16.7″H
Shade ColorBlue, Red
Wattage30 watts


  • We love the idea of an adjustable tripod.


  • At 150w, there are more powerful products out there.
6,572 Reviews
The stand is convenient.

Stylish grow lights for indoor plants

For Indoor Plants, Bamboo Mini LED

This compact product can fit anywhere due to its small size. You can set it on a countertop in the kitchen or even nearby your workplace on the desk. These areas often lack direct sunlight, so they need a small grow light. 

Succulents and herbs need light to flourish. The same goes for orchids. This model can fit everywhere, and those with limited spaces will be satisfied with the practicability of this product. 

Like natural sunlight, the lights emit wavelengths between 380nm and 780nm. The warm white light will facilitate indoor growth for your plants that will experience advanced photosynthesis. 

An automatic timer turns the lamp on and off. There are 3 different mode cycles with a timing function that can keep it on for up to 16 hours. Depending on your plant’s needs, you can manually turn it on and off. 


  • It’s very stylish.


  • It’s hard to find any information on wattage.
yadoker Store
526 Reviews
yadoker Store
Help your plants grow.

Best grow lights for seed starting

iGrowtek 2ft Light for Seed Starting

This product is ideal for amateurs and gardeners who have just started indoor plants. You can plant the seeds in a special pot and use this special grow light to accelerate their growth. The LED is optimized with a full spectrum enhanced on 660nm. 

While it is beneficial and healthy for the plants, it doesn’t harm your eyes. With this model, you won’t have to worry about prolonged exposure. It is ideal for starting seeds and growing indoor flowers or vegetables.

The frame is made of sturdy and premium materials, with high durability as a guarantee for long-term utilization. The LED height can be adjusted to your preferences, and you can create an ideal environment for your indoor garden. 


  • It’s very easy to hang over seedlings.


  • It only provides 10 watts.
442 Reviews
Start your own vegetable garden.

1000-watt led grow light

1000W LED; Full Spectrum LED

This tool has two different modes that can provide suitable conditions for your plants. One mode contains blue and white light, which is useful for the growing period. The other mode is ideal for blooming and fruiting phases. 

Additionally, you can turn on both modes simultaneously when the plant reaches an advanced stage. This combination will provide all the necessary nutrients for your houseplants, and they will get lots of energy. 100 LED dual-chips provide a full spectrum of light for various indoor plants.

This lamp is brighter and more effective than traditional grow lamps. Customers are particularly satisfied with the efficiency of this product, as they report significant results in their home gardens. 


  • Your plants will love the amount of light it provides.


  • It’s sometimes not available for purchase.
95 Reviews
Great for hydroponics.

600-watt led grow light

BESTVA 600W LED 2x2ft Coverage LM301B Diodes

Bestva is a well-known company in the gardening industry, and their products are always leaving the customers satisfied. This product has undergone rigorous testing in special laboratories before reaching the market.

An aluminum reflector increases the spotlight intensity to reduce light waste. This technology allows for better performance and higher efficiency. The penetration is increased by 50%, and this product can easily surpass the performance of models produced by Vivosun. 

With a low energy consumption, you won’t have to stress out about the next power bill. You will save up more energy and money with this special aluminum reflector that further enhances this product’s capabilities. The full spectrum is made of 9 different bands of LEDs. It makes it suitable for your:

  • Bonsai
  • Cactus
  • or other decorative plants. 


  • It recovered frost damage on plants we used it on.


  • We had a question for customer support but they were hard to get in touch with.
281 Reviews
You can grow anything with this.

4ft grow lights

(Pack of 8) Kihung LED, 4FT T8

kihung grow light

For bigger indoor gardens, these 4 feet grow lights have two rows of high-quality LEDs. These have an output between 400nm to 800nm, which is highly accurate to the sunlight. Your safety is ensured with the 3000K color pattern, which is very comfortable for your eyes. 


At the same time, your plants can benefit from a comfortable and warm environment ideal for their healthy growth. The V-shaped reflector increases efficiency by up to 20%. They make the light more concentrated and provide increased value to your houseplants.

After your order arrives, they are easy to mount. You can hang them up by zip ties included in the package. Additionally, you can fix them to the ceiling and spread the light over a larger area. These pieces can be connected for up to 6 bulbs together.

This product has been thoroughly tested for safety and passed several tests before reaching the market. The aluminum has a specific characteristic that dissipates the heat and keeps the lights at an optimal functioning temperature. 

They will last up to 50,000 hours, lasting 10 times longer than conventional lighting found on other models. You can place this product in:

  • grow tents
  • plant shelves
  • or greenhouses. 

Your package will have 4 power cords, and 8 connector cables besides the 8 grow lights. Additionally, 8 small connectors and 32 zip ties are included by this company. While you might have these tools in your garage, 16-ring buckles and screws are also found in the package. 

This company values customer satisfaction the most, and they listen to their new suggestions and opinions about their products. That is why they got so many positive reviews, and customers are always coming back for additional purchases. A 2-year warranty is offered, and fast replacement is guaranteed in case of a quality issue. 


  • Great price to value


  • Not as versatile as some of the other products.
Kihung Store
620 Reviews
Kihung Store
High PPFD value.

Grow light distance chart

4000-watt grow light

We created a chart for you that will help explain the differences between different distances from the grow light to the plant. In this table, a 600W LED will show the results after performing at various distances from the plant canopy. 

The intensity is outlined, as well as the canopy coverage. This way, you will know where to place the product according to your plant’s needs. By changing the distance of the same light, the canopy coverage increases. Meanwhile, the intensity increases as the source come closer to the surface. 

Most of the time, you will want to mount these closer to the plant canopy during the growth and flowering stages. Be careful not to bring it too close, as a highly intensive light can damage your plant.


Distance from the plant canopyThe intensity measured in LuxCoverage or light footprint
79 inches955 lx81.8 ft2
59 inches1692 lx53.8 ft2
39 inches3663 lx32.3 ft2
20 inches12,500 lx16.1 ft2
8 inches50,300 lx5.4 ft2

Are full spectrum LED lights good for growing?

Outdoors in nature, plants have evolved for millions of years just by using nutrients, water, and sunlight. An additional responsibility is assigned to us when we bring these plants indoors. Because their environment changed, they might have a hard time adapting to your house. 

We have many solutions and artificial tools to help with this problem. You can simulate an external environment for your plant. There will be almost no difference between mother nature’s backyard and your living room.

The sun shines bright on our plants. The sunlight has a wide range of wavelengths from gamma and ultraviolet all the way to infrared and low-frequency radio waves. Plants focus mostly on the visible part of this spectrum, and UV is their favorite. 

What is the difference between a grow light and a full spectrum light?

Grow lights are an efficient tool for growing indoor plants. There are many kinds of purposes for such a tool, with gardeners all over the world growing their favorite plants indoors. They have a pink or purple hue that primarily supports photosynthesis. 

But some lights are more practical and emit a full spectrum. Experts believe that a full spectrum is necessary for your indoor plant’s healthy growth and well-being. Others believe that the main frequencies are more than enough for houseplants.

Remember that a full spectrum can be a grow light. It depends on how it was manufactured and what the product is intended for. But not all feature a full spectrum, as most will have only a UV wavelength. 

How do I choose a full-spectrum grow light?

For choosing the right one, there are some things you have to consider. If you want to plant ferry mores seeds indoors, ensure the seeds receive the same amount of light throughout the perimeter. The plants will not grow evenly if there is more light in the center.

A certain amount is required for each houseplant. Do your research, particularly on the seeds you are trying to grow. This way, you will know the distance between the plants and the grow light. Take into consideration the strength of it as well.

Look for models with adjustable fixtures where you can constantly change the height depending on your plant’s needs. As they grow, you will have to elevate the light source further. A clear sign of extreme intensity will be the browning on the leaves, especially on their edges. When these symptoms appear, it is an indication to distance the light source from them. 

 Factors to consider

It’s important to keep a few factors in mind while choosing the Full-spectrum LED grow lights before choosing the right one. Here are a couple of factors to look for :


Full-spectrum LED grow lights come in various price ranges. If the light is going to be used all year round then go for an expensive one. But if you require to use it only sometimes then there are plenty of cheap options available.


The size of the light has a lot to do while buying a full-spectrum LED grow light. If more area is needed to get covered by the light then buy a large-sized light. On the contrary, if you have fewer plants then go for a small to medium-sized light.

Energy consumption

Full-spectrum LED grow lights can put a dent in your pocket if a high energy-consuming light is purchased. So before buying a grow light, it is very important to take a look at the amount of energy that it is going to consume in the long run.


Every plant has its own light requirements. One must check the strength of light that is to be delivered to the plants. A little less or a little extra light and the plants will be ruined.

Why you can trust us and how we picked?

We all love plants, don’t we? But providing the right conditions for the plants can be a tricky job. For this, we tested different full spectrum grow lights, from cheap ones to the full array grow lights, at every distance and every stage of plant growth. Overall we had a good time finding out the best one so that you don’t have to struggle while selecting one for your plant.


Can plants grow in LED light?

Your indoor plants can grow in LEDs, which also offer the perfect environment for indoor seed starting. You only need a set of grow lights for your indoor plants, and they are also ideal for personal and commercial use. 

Can a regular light bulb help plants grow?

You can use a regular bulb for your plants, but it is recommended to use LEDs designed for indoor gardening. This way, you can grow your herb garden or cultivate vegetables such as tomatoes.

How far should LED grow lights be from plants?

Overheating and insufficient lighting are two opposite problems that you can encounter with improper placement. If you place them too close to your plants, they will develop brown spots and show signs of dehydration.

But if you raise the lights too high, they might be ineffective. The plants will not be able to extract all the necessary nutrients. That is why it is often recommended to place the LED grow lights from 12 to 18 inches away from the plants.