Best diaper bag backpacks: Cute, leather, large

Having a kid is a life-altering decision. You have to make the world more suitable for the little ones. From babyproofing the stairs to ensuring your child gets all the essential nutrients, you’ve to make multiple changes to your everyday routine. 

But the changes aren’t limited to your sleeping schedule or furniture choices. Instead, they go as far as impacting your fashion decisions. If you aren’t a parent, the last statement might surprise you. But all the parents reading this know exactly what we’re talking about.c

diaper bag

Your wardrobe no longer contains outfits you could wear to a nightclub. Instead, it’s filled with clothes that radiate comfort and have multiple pockets. Apart from your clothes, your bags take the biggest hit. You can no longer carry a compact purse or a designer piece. Instead, you’ll have to settle for the horror known as a diaper bag. 

You may have seen parents carrying a bulky design wrapped around their shoulders. A diaper bag is a new-parent essential. It has enough space to take:

  • replacement clothes
  • milk bottles
  • and all their little toys in case of an accident.

But despite its utility, it’s a stain on most stylistic choices. 

This is why we’ve gathered a few options that provide the utility of a traditional diaper bag but don’t look shabby. We urge you to keep reading because we wouldn’t want you to sacrifice your style. Being a parent no longer equates to baggy clothes and bulky bags.  

Best diaper bag backpack

Ruvalino Multifunctional

Ruvalino backpack

Ruvalino understands that as a mommy on the go, you don’t have time to stop and look around for the things you want. Since every item is neatly tucked into a separate compartment, you don’t have to worry about making a mess. The diaper bag has about 16 pockets, designed to hold everything from diapers to baby bottles.

The easy-access front pocket is padded, so you can easily keep any electronic device safely stashed away. Additionally, the bottle pockets are covered in insulating material. So even on the go, you don’t have to worry about giving cold milk to your kid.

It doubles as an excellent backpack. It guarantees to accompany you even years after your child has outgrown the need for a diaper. To finally win you over, Ruvalino has used a lightweight and waterproof material to construct the bag. So whether you plan to use it for a mountain adventure or a trip to Disneyland, it promises to remain a loyal traveling companion.  

Fawn Design Premium Leather

fawn design diaper bag

Not all diaper bags are designed to be an eyesore. Some of them elevate your overall style. The blush-colored model by Fawn Design adds a touch of adventure to an otherwise plain dressing style. It’s made of premium vegan leather, so not only is it environmentally conscious but durable. 

It contains one large pocket that is further divided into smaller compartments. There are about four insulated enclosures to hold baby bottles or food pouches. Additionally, there’s a zipped pocket that is ideal for carrying any diapers or baby wipes. The central space is spacious enough to hold multiple clothing options and a stuffed toy. Lastly, a pocket on the outside provides easy access to any baby essentials. You can store a pacifier, phone, or bibs for a quick cleanup.      

Adding to the aesthetic appeal, you can wear the bag in two ways. You can either don it like a backpack or carry it on your shoulder, messenger style. This Fawn Design piece is guaranteed to take your style up a notch.    

Leather diaper backpack

Skip Hop Vegan Leather For Travel

Skip hop diaper bag backpack

With rough usage, most materials begin to lose their charm. However, leather bags guarantee to hold their shape and structure even years after purchase. The Skip Hop vegan model is no different. It ensures durability and reliability. 

The brand offers premium vegan leather with cushioned changing bags and linen interior at an affordable rate. The backpack has a ventral zippered pocket with about nine compartments and two side pockets. In addition, the front of the bag features a snug pocket for any electronic device or pacifier. 

The design makes it highly accessible. Since everything is neatly arranged into different sections, you won’t have to rummage through additional items to reach the desired one. In addition, the strap can be adjusted to your convenience. The faux leather allows easy cleaning.   

Freshly Picked Women’s Convertible Leather

Freshly Picked Diaper Bookbag

Diaper bags are often pushed to their limit, with each pocket filled to the top and the fabric constantly exposed to liquid spillage. Therefore, such a reliable design by Freshly Picked quickly grabs our attention. It’s made of a vegan leather exterior and a stain-resistant nylon interior. No matter what you pour onto the bag, you can easily wipe it away. 

Besides an easy-to-clean design, it’s also structured to contain multiple compartments and pockets. The bottle pockets on each side make holding food pouches and milk bottles practical. When your child is screaming at the top of their lungs, you won’t have time to look for a bottle in the bag. Freshly picked understands that and offers separate bottle pockets and a front pocket to hold pacifiers and baby wipes for a quick cleanup.      

With metal studs at the bottom, the backpack rarely touches the ground. This might not seem like a big deal, but kids are much more prone to contracting different germs and diseases. Therefore, precaution is necessary. The versatile design also offers various ways to wear the bag. You can either wear it like a backpack or hang it on your shoulder, similar to a messenger-style bag. 

Small diaper bag backpack

Itzy Ritzy Mini

Itzy Ritzy mini

We don’t blame you if you associate a diaper backpack with a bulky, unappealing design. However, we offer an alternative that is just as functional but looks better. The vegan leather and fabric concoction takes the parent look up a notch. 

The mini diaper backpack is compact and offers eight pockets. The two bottle pockets on the side are well-insulated to carry warm milk or food pouches. A zippered pocket in the front can safely hold your essentials, including any electronic devices and wallets. You can even place a pacifier for quick grabs when things heat up. 

The main pocket offers plenty of room to store any change of clothes or diapers. With the bag’s rubber feet, the threat of germs is removed. Maybe you’re still concerned about maintaining a clean profile. You can easily clean the material with a disinfectant wipe towel.        

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy

Carrying a standard diaper bag either reflects negatively on your stylistic choices or feels too heavy to don for more extended periods. Petunia Pickle Bottom understands the dilemma and offers a design that’s comfortable to carry and far from an eyesore. 

The boxy backpack is a modern take on diaper backpacks. It features a main zippered compartment with two bottle pockets on the side and a front compartment for essentials. The water-resistant fabric reinvents the classic design. Carrying baby items had never been this stylish before. However, everyone will mistake it for a designer piece with the mickey mouse design on the fabric exterior. 

Designer diaper backpack 

Coach diaper backpack

Products for new parents are always marketed as convenient and comfortable. But Coach takes the entire narrative up a notch. It offers the utility of a traditional backpack paired with the aesthetic of a premium brand. The pebble leather backpack by Coach retails at about $200, but the design makes up for the hefty cost. 

A central zipped enclosure provides enough space to carry multiple changes of clothes, nappies, and baby wipes. The insulated pockets on each side are perfect for keeping milk bottles at the right temperature. Lastly, the front pocket provides quick access to a pacifier if your child won’t stop crying. 

Black Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley reimagines the convenience of a backpack with the luxury of a designer brand. Being a new parent doesn’t mean you must look the part. The stylish, multi-pocketed diaper backpack is made with water-resistant and lightweight fabric. So carrying a child on one arm and a load on the back will no longer be a hassle. 

The insulated pockets are ideal for holding milk bottles and food pouches. Additionally, the trolley sleeve feature ensures it fits perfectly with a pram. The designer look of the backpack might be the selling point. However, the ease with which you can clean the backpack surely takes the cake.

Tactical backpack diaper bag for dads

Qweroia Camo

Most parenting products are directed toward moms, which creates an unwarranted disparity between the two parents. Qweroia aims to create a backpack that even dads can wear proudly. In addition, the black camo print creates an adventurous look. It’s because Qweroia understands that a single hour outside the house with a baby is an adventure. 

The backpack features an insulated pocket in the front to hold up to:

  • three milk bottles
  • a charging port
  • and two additional side pockets.

It’s made of water-resistant fabric, so it promises to remain dry even if you carry it in the pouring rain. There are multiple colors and design options if you’re not a massive fan of the camo style. 

Bag Nation Unisex

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Parenting can be challenging, so Bag Nation created a diaper backpack to make the entire experience less hectic. Parents design this backpack, so every pocket provides utility to a realistic extent. With over 14 compartments, you’d sooner run out of things than space to hold them in. However, the high-quality material and design will likely last you a lifetime.

The most prominent feature of the diaper backpack is the baby wipes pocket, which you can access without even opening the zipper. You’re provided with a great capacity and ample storage space at such an affordable rate. The padded backpack straps make even the longest journeys fly by in seconds.  

Extra large diaper bag backpack for twins

Eddie Bauer

Eddie bauer bag

The likelihood that you give birth to twins is about 0.4%. However, the probability of your stress levels skyrocketing with twins is 100%. You will have to take care of two children with a budget and space of one. But Eddie Bauer ensures it’s not all a bad experience. The multi-pocketed backpack provides enough space to carry:

  • a change of clothes
  • diapers
  • and bibs of four children, let alone two. 

The insulated side pockets are ideal for holding milk bottles and food vouchers. Whereas the main pocket completely reinvents the idea of storing essentials. You can readily access all items without spending hours looking for them. As for the mommy necessities, you can place them in the front pocket. 

Skip Hop

Skip Hop understands the parental need to pack for every possible scenario. Therefore, it reimagines the classic bag with more style and utility. The lightweight, stain-resistant fabric supports a design that maximizes space through the use of compartments and pouches. 

The central pocket can hold:

  • multiple outfit changes
  • diapers, toys
  • and sanitary napkins.

To provide more value, the backpack offers insulated packing cubes that you can use to store milk bottles within the front compartment. The additional layer of the fabric ensures no leakage or spillage occurs. Adding to the ergonomic design, you can easily place the backpack on a stroller. But even if you decide to wear it on your shoulders, the padded straps ensure a smooth experience. 

How to Choose The Right One

Ample space might seem like the only factor that goes into deciding the right kind of diaper bag. However, the science behind selecting a diaper backpack that works for you is pretty complicated. But you don’t have to worry about stressing over the tiny details. 

Instead, consider these factors before you place an order:

The size

Storage space is a factor where traditional backpacks are dull compared to diaper bags. But as a new parent, you’ll prepare for all possible outcomes. A compact backpack may not meet your requirements, from carrying multiple outfit changes and diapers to several milk bottles. 

Similarly, you’d require extra space traveling with multiple children. Therefore, determining what size works for your needs is the first step to choosing the right option.   

Number of pockets

Space serves no purpose if there isn’t any compartmentalization. You can’t spend several minutes looking for an item when you quickly need it. With pockets, all you need to do is reach your hand into the designated area and pull the thing out. You can choose a style with multiple pockets or one with no pockets at all.

However, certain pockets are a must when it comes to diaper backpacks. For example:

  • a side pocket for water and milk bottles
  • a front pocket for a bib or burp cloth
  • and a small compartment for a pacifier and baby food pouches. 

Carrying style

Under most circumstances, carrying a diaper bag might not seem too heavy. But when you have a baby around your waist, it’s an entirely different story. So we suggest sticking to a wearable carrying style even with a child on your arm.  

The traditional one-shoulder or tote style may be easy to reach, but it isn’t ideal for longer trips. Alternatively, a backpack is perfect when you’ve got a long day ahead. Since the weight is equally distributed between the shoulders, it never feels too heavy. 


Raising a child can be very expensive. From quality baby food and garments to doctor visits and vitamins, there’s much to spend on. Therefore, you need to prioritize your spending. For example, you don’t have to compromise on a quality diaper bag. But at the same time, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a designer piece. 

Set a budget for your purchase, keeping in mind that you want to invest in a high-quality model. Don’t go overboard with the budget, but don’t be too stingy. An average multifunctional and premium quality container should cost you no more than a hundred dollars. However, you may need to widen your budget if you’re aiming for a designer brand. 

Easy cleaning

Fancy diaper containers with faux fur and metal ornaments may entice you. However, consider how easily you can clean them before paying. Diaper bags are prone to getting dirty with frequent food and milk spills to storing dirty clothes and bibs. You;l only get your money’s worth if you can put it into the washing machine and open the door to a squeaky clean item. 


Are designer diaper bags worth it?

Purchasing a designer diaper bag takes a heavy toll on your wallet. A decent pouch can cost anywhere between $300 to $5000. But for most high-end brands, the cost is justified. It is because you’re not purchasing the label. Instead, you’re investing in premium-quality material and craftsmanship. 

An economic piece may not cost you as much, but it tends to have a much shorter lifespan. As a result, you end up buying a new bag. Overall, the total cost comes to about the same point. Investing in a brand that provides a warranty for the material and is distinguished for its high quality is worth the hefty amount. However, we suggest you do not go too overboard. Multiple affordable designer diaper options won’t cost you an arm and a leg.    

Is a diaper bag worth it?

For a parent, a diaper bag isn’t a mere stylistic choice. Instead, it’s a necessity that you can’t operate without. A standard model offers plenty of space to hold all your kid’s essentials. It’s also easier to clean, so any stains from milk spillage or dirty clothes get washed immediately. 

Essentially, a diaper bag is designed to satisfy all your parenting needs. Compared to a traditional backpack or handbag, a diaper bag allows easy accessibility. It shouldn’t take you more than a minute to remove a milk bottle from the diaper bag and put it into your kid’s mouth. 

Can I use a backpack as a diaper bag?

A regular backpack may lack a diaper bag’s intricate design and accessibility. But it’s capable of providing the same utility. Larger loads tend to have multiple pockets that you can use to store your kid’s essentials. For example, the pockets at the side are perfect for holding milk bottles and baby food boxes. 

You may initially struggle to flip the backpack to the front and remove the required items. But for longer journeys, it’s far more comfortable than a standard diaper bag. Additionally, you can score a backpack for a much lower price with multiple designs circulating the market.   

Can I use a tote bag as a diaper bag?

Tote bags support an environment-friendly, durable and robust design. However, there’s much debate about using it as a diaper bag. On one end, a tote bag offers plenty of space and allows you to access the items inside easily. But on the other end, a traditional tote bag lacks the compartmentalization that a diaper backpack offers. As a result, you may find all your items swirling about in space.  

Essentially, there’s no harm in using a tote bag for your parenting needs. But make sure there are enough pockets and zippers to hold all your items down securely.

How long do people use diaper bags?

Since the primary function of a diaper bag is to hold all baby essentials, it loses its purpose once your child learns to use the toilet. Typically, the first three years of your child’s life require using a diaper bag.