Best construction project management software for commercial & residential

It takes several professionals to construct, remodel or redesign a building successfully. It is essential for everyone involved to be on the same page throughout the project.

It includes:

  • remodelers
  • homeowners
  • architects
  • and engineers

Article summary

We believe FieldWire is the absolute best construction project management software out there for anyone on a budget. Secondly, Contractor Foreman is our follow-up.

However, on the list of the best construction project management software, other worthy contenders include:

  • Job Progress
  • Houzz Pro
  • ProCore

Best contractor project management software

After going through various contractor project management software, we’ve narrowed down the best ones for you. We’ve chosen the following list of construction management software based on the following:

  • Accessibility over as many devices as possible
  • Powerful features or a maximum amount of features that can aid cross-functional teams
  • Ability to integrate with other commonly used software
  • Ample learning resources and a quick responsive team

Job Progress

Built by Contractors, Job Progress is a great all-rounder application that most likely has all the features you could need. If you’re struggling with scheduling and managing jobs and tasks, then Job Progress can be a savior. Its simple and clean interface is not only easily understandable by most but accessible as well. Attainable on a mobile application, Job Progress can help your business stick to its anticipated timeline.

AccessibilityPopular FeaturesIntegrationsAvailable Training & Learning Resources
Cloud, Saas, web-based platform.CRM platformGoogle CalendarHighly responsive to their Emails and Phone calls.
Accessible on Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPadCustomizable Job and Workflow managerDropBox BusinessTraining can be taken in-person, online, through webinars, documents or videos.
Easy quoting and SchedulingWordPress
Sales and MarketingQuickbooks online
Dashboard WorkcentersZapier
In-built Employee, Contractor, Fiel and Operations ManagerGoogle Maps
Contract and Proposal ManagerCompanyCam
Photo ID


  • User-friendly interface that anyone can understand
  • Offered at an affordable price
  • It is cloud-based so that one can enjoy unlimited photos, videos, and document storage.
  • Great for those struggling in scheduling, job, and task management


  • Not compatible with Mac
  • Limited Integrations. A very common one people complain of; is Google Docs.
  • Larger or even mid-sized organizations struggle when many edits need to be made to jobs and workflow.



Fieldwire is a great platform for collaboration for:

  • architects
  • general contractors
  • sub-contractors
  • and other major Construction professionals.

Its visual timeline allows even clients to asses how far along the project is with just one glance. Suppose you’re looking to establish a good workflow, and you also happen to be an expanding organization. Then, thanks to its job tracking and task management tools, Fieldwire is one software that can adapt and keep you on top of things. Check out more of its specifications below:

AccessibilityPopular FeaturesIntegrationsAvailable Training and Learning Resources
Accessible through the Web, on Android, iPhone, or iPad.Action HistoryIntegration with Ricoh Theta series of 360 cameras – lets users take all-round photos of rooms and other areas on site.One can receive training in person or via webinars, videos, and documents.
Effective Communication FeaturesThese images can be shared easily across the application and included in plans, reports or tasks.Customer support is highly responsive via Phone, chat, or Email.
Field service, reporting, and collaborationOther noteworthy integrations are BM viewer, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, and DropBoxThere are also FAQs and Forum pages one can refer to.
Reliable document Management through versioning


  • Sharing drawings, photos, and other media for planning and scheduling is seamless.
  • A free plan is available with limited features.
  • All-size enterprises can benefit from its array of great project management tools for visualizing timelines.


  • It relies on a third-party application for storage, such as Google Drive or DropBox. So, that will be an additional charge.
  • There is no contract or proposal management feature.
  • Somewhat expensive because there are several packages that you’ll have to buy to access the feature you want (Pro, business, basic, plus, etc.)

Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman is popularly known for its user interface, which boosts teamwork and fosters camaraderie. Companies seeking to bring everyone on the same page and nurture a sense of loyalty toward the company will benefit from an interface like this. It is because you can very easily see the pending tasks for you and others. One can visually identify what areas are causing delays so that they can be worked upon.

AccessibilityPopular FeaturesIntegrationsAvailable Training and Learning Resources
Web-based platform accessible on Android, iPhone, or iPadCustom DashboardsQuickbooks onlineOne can receive training online through webinars, videos, and Documents.
Company Announcement through mail, text, or notificationsGoogle CalendarIf one feels stuck, then they offer support through chat, emails, and FAQ/Forums.
Efficient Document Management with Digital Signature, Activity Logs, Excel imports, and exports etc.Microsoft Outlook
Global SearchWePay
Custom forms and templatesMS Project
Angi Leads


  • Unlimited storage
  • Its prices are not based on how many devices are utilizing the software.
  • Its punch list, task, purchase order, and bid management are great features.


  • Finance management features are only available if you upgrade to a high-cost plan.
  • There isn’t a separate client portal for transparency.



Procore claims that it is the only Construction Management Software in the industry that considers everyone from stakeholders to:

  • architects
  • specialty contractors
  • and sub and general contractors.

It makes the collaboration of all professionals for the duration of the entire timeline of the project possible.

If you’re already thinking of Return on Investment, as one should, you’d be impressed by some of their statistics. According to their 2022 Procure Customer ROI report, their customers took on more than 48% more work per person after they started utilizing Procore’s Construction Management System.

AccessibilityPopular FeaturesIntegrationsAvailable Training and Learning Resources
Accessible on the web, Android, iPhone, or iPad.2D drawing and 3D imagingGoogle Docs, Google Sheets, Microsoft 365, DocuSign, GoTo Meeting, Microsoft Teams, Rippling, Quickbooks, Box, Zapier, Microsoft Sharepoint, Smartsheet, Tableua, Xero, Microsoft Azure, Upkeep, Miro, BlueBeam, Stack, Octa and many many more!Once can receive training online, in-person, through videos, and webinars.
BIM (Building Information Modelling)There are also FAQ forums, chat, and email for extra support.
Trackable jobs and budgets
Contract/License/Compliance Management
Data Visualization
Work-order management


  • It has a wide array of integrations, especially regarding MicroSoft integrations.
  • Indeed one of the only software in the construction industry which caters to all professionals involved in a particular construction project.
  • The pricing doesn’t depend on the number of users.


  • People tend to struggle with the user interface, which appears rather complicated. It can take a while to get used to the software.
  • A costly option for small or mid-sized enterprises.



Buildertrend is often a choice for construction companies that are looking to do away with multiple apps and sources of communication. One can easily connect Buildertrend to a website to track leads and use the data for pitching sales through email marketing. Buildertrend also offers handy email marketing tools that support automation through its templates. Sharing photos and documents along with tasks is easy. And with plenty of integrations, one can also:

  • share calendars with colleagues
  • check progress
  • and so much more.

It could be a game-changer for your company if you can surpass the cost and a little tricky UI.

The best thing we liked about Buildertrend is that they have narrowed down their best features depending on if you’re a home builder, remodeler, specialty contractor, or commercial contractor on their website. You can easily swiftly through which ones you want and pick the most suitable plan.

AccesibilityPopular FeaturesIntegrationsAvailable Training and Learning Resources
Web-based platform accesible on Androids, iPhones, and iPadsBudget TrackerSquare Takeoff, AboutTime, Quickbooks, Microsoft Excel, Gusto, DropBox, WordPress, Google Calendar, Google Maps, Xero, Twitter, StackOne can receive training in person, or online through webinars, videos, and written resources such as an FAQ forum.
License ManagementConstant support is provided on the phone, through email, or in chat.
Documents Storing and sharing
Time tracker for micro-management of jobs
Scheduling and task tracking
Risk Management
Lead management with CRM hub
Bills, invoices, PO, and approval trackers
Streamlined customer invoicing


  • Great all-in-one software to stay organized and on top of your game.
  • The purchase plan doesn’t depend on the number of users.
  • Unlimited storage
  • A free Trial is available


  • All plans are fairly expensive in comparison to other software.
  • It doesn’t have the most user-friendly UI

Houzz Pro

Houzz Pro

If you’re looking for software to help you market better and get more leads in the pipeline, then Houzz Pro may be the perfect solution. It’s a platform designed intuitively to free two birds with one key. On the one hand, it’ll let you:

  • create a profile to advertise work you’ve completed
  • create lists of leads that are already in the pipeline
  • and ones you can make calls to and push forward.

On the other hand, it has tools to aid in:

  • sending invoices
  • receiving payments
  • and creating task lists to keep your current work running smoothly.
AccessibilityPopular FeaturesIntegrationsAvailable Training and Learning Resources
Accessible on iPhone, iPad, Android, or any device with an internet connectionEmail MarketingQuickbooks, Calendar Integration (Google, iCloud, Outlook, etc.), Gmail, Sales Layer, Logiwa WMS, ShipSaving, Venzee, Cloutly, Orderhive, PIMworksUnsure
Lead Generation
Invoicing and Online Payment Manager
In-built mobile-friendly website service
3D floor plans
Proposals and Sources
Room Planner
Mood Boards
Client Dashboard
CRM platform


  • Great software for effective collaboration, especially since it lets clients witness the project timeline as it progresses
  • Room planning and 3D house designs are major assets of this software.


  • There is a restriction on the number of users per plan.
  • Some of its features are great, but not all enterprises would benefit. It’s crucial to sort out what features you’d utilize in the software and whether they’re worth the money.

Monday is more of a project management solution than a Construction Management solution. That said, it’s a great affordable option for people who want to facilitate collaboration and ensure everyone in the enterprise is on-task. Because it is a project management solution, you’ll find fewer construction terms and a more simplified and attractive interface. is proof that organization and productivity are possible without the complexities of Construction Management Software.

AccesibilityPopular FeaturesIntegrationsAvailable Training and Learning Resources
Available on the web, on an Android, iPhone or iPad.Dashboard with Real-time insightsGoogle Drive, Slack, Microsoft Excel, Trello, DropBox, Gmail, Google Forms, Zoom, Mailchimp, Adobe Creative Cloud, Asana, OneDrive, Jira, Basecamp, Clockify, Shopify, Gusto, Stripe, Zapier, Pipedrive and many many moreOne can receive training in person, online, through webinars, or online resources such as FAQ Forums.
Project ManagementThere is consistent support through phone, email, and chat. There will be live representatives available to support you 24/7.
Sales CRM
Performance Management
Client Collaboration
Event Management
Budget Tracking
Custom Forms


  • Cost-efficient plans.
  • There is a free version available with no time limit.
  • A visually appealing User Interface.


  • The 24/7 support is only for expensive plans.
  • Limited financial features
  • No construction-specific features

What’s the best pick?

The more choices, the more difficult it becomes to narrow down your best pick. We get it. That’s why we’ve broken down all the software mentioned above into just a few characteristics. These characteristics are mentioned in the table below. Everyone enterprise has unique goals they’d like their project management software to cater to. Depending on your unique goals, it’s up to you to decide which characteristics you’d like and which you can afford to miss out on:

Plenty users per pricing planUnlimited StorageMobile AppPromotes Client InclusivityStarting atFree TrialStands out because
Job ProgressNoYesYesYes$65/monthNoJack of all trades
Contractor ForemanYesYesYesYes$49/monthYesSimple UI
ProcoreYesYesYesNoCustom plans for enterprisesYesReliant and credible
BuildertrendYesYesYesYes$99/monthYesWide range of features
Houzz ProNoYesYesYes$65/monthYesLead management

Many issues arise if even one working professional falls out of the loop. The project can go over budget. The design may not be as ergonomically suited for the function of the building. Investors may disapprove, and so on and forth! 

In hindsight, poor construction project management can mean putting millions of dollars down the drain.

So, today enterprises that want to save big bucks in the long run recognize the importance of investing in proper planning. And construction project management software is a perfect place to start.

Which software is used in construction?

There are several project management construction software out there that are specifically designed to cater to construction. These construction management soft wares are pioneering pieces of technology that can help solve some big construction woes. It can ensure that the project is on the right track. It does so by managing different aspects of the project, such as:

  • budget
  • creating schedules that enhance productivity
  • keeping track of equipment inventory, etc.

Most importantly, however, it aids communication for all working professionals in a single project. And often, even multiple construction projects!

What to look for?

Before we run you through the best construction management software in the market, identifying what you’re looking for would be a good idea. What are your problem areas? What are you currently struggling with, and what are your strengths? Your weaknesses can be targeted by opting for the correct management software.

Then, who is going to be using the software? Is it going to be just a few top-level project managers and team leaders? Or would you like everyone, from a stakeholder to a technician, to be able to access this software? If the latter is the case, you’d like to look for software that is easily accessible on the go. Preferably, on a mobile app!

Ask these questions. Once you’ve got a clear picture of what you’re going for, you can check which software you can use for construction.

What do construction project managers do?

Construction Managers oversee different professionals working on distinct aspects of a project. Their sole job is to ensure that all the workers are on track regarding the project:

  • timeline
  • budget
  • design aesthetic
  • and other specifications.

And Project Management Software is a handy tool that Construction Managers can use to make this process:

  • easier
  • more efficient
  • and more streamlined for them.

We hope you enjoyed this article on the best construction project management tools out there!


What is the best way to track a construction project?

A project tracking tool, where you can add all the tasks that make up an entire project, is the best way to go about it. This tool should easily be able to assign tasks to the respective professional along with any documents and notes. Then you should visually be able to see how many tasks are completed and how many are still pending. You can assist with pending tasks or re-assign them to somebody if the previous professional has trouble doing it. Real-time chat support would also be an asset to this tool.

Which software is best for construction management?

There is much great software for construction management, but the best can only be picked by understanding the specific goals of the enterprise. Some Software has great drawing tools but lacks substantial financial tools. Others may have great financial, drawing, and progress-tracking tools. Still, their fellow workers have a hard time understanding its UI. It is why you’d have to prioritize a few characteristics over others to find the best fit. We recommend making use of free trials provided by most Construction Management Software.

What is the simplest project management software?

Assuming that ‘simple’ stand for a clean and uncomplicated User Interface, we believe Contractor Foreman is the best out of the lot.