Best car lift for your home or garage: Portable, 2-post, 4-post

For most drivers out there, their view of their vehicle is rather a simpler one. They use their car to get from point A to point B as fast as possible, within certain limits. They will utilize a car strictly for its purpose, which is to be driven with maximum efficiency. When something goes wrong, a specialized mechanic will act like a doctor for their vehicles. A trip to the car service will be enough to solve most of their problems. 

2-post car lift

But other people have a deeper connection with their car. Passionate petrolheads value their car for many reasons, and some get very specific with their ”4 wheeled friends”. 

These devoted drivers know every single component of their car. If a malfunction occurs, they’d rather take the fixing job into their own hands. Since mechanics are busy fixing many cars during their working hours, there is too much diversity in their workdays. 

4-post car lift

Such drivers love inspecting their cars and getting specific under the chassis. They’d rather fix the problem, knowing exactly what their vehicle needs. However, that can be a dangerous task. Their safety might be at risk with so many accidents happening by lifting the cars with the wrong equipment.

Those that value safety and get serious with their work will invest in the right equipment to repair and maintain the good functionality of their cars. Some of them will have their garage equipped with advanced tools such as gasless welders and oxy-acetylene torches that you’ll find only in large repair shops. We’ve got the right tools for you if the problem is located underneath your car. You should take a look at the best car lifts for your home or garage, which can be of different types. Some are portable, while others are 2-post or 4-post lifters. 

Titan car lift

These are great for lifting your car to a higher level safely. They will always be a better option, more stable and secure than other methods. With such a performant model, you can work under your car stress-free and without worrying about possible accidents. 

While the purpose of these products is to elevate your vehicle high above the ground, they can also act as parking intended for long-term storage. That will help with reducing pressure off the tires, which will be helpful if you want to store your car during the cold winter. 

AMGO car lift

We have you covered if you don’t know which one to choose for your garage. After a lot of time going through what the market offers, we picked the best lifters for you. They are ranked the highest in customer satisfaction and popularity but check their specific features like capacity or maximum elevation height. 

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Best value option – Triumph NSS-8

We searched for the best value option available and went through many residential car lifters to pick the best option for you. This multi-purpose piece of equipment will do a wonderful job in elevating your vehicle or storing it slightly above the ground. 

Unless you own a heavy-duty truck, you don’t have to worry about whether the Triumph NSS-8 will be capable of moving your car. It’s because it has a weight capacity of 8,000 pounds. You can store two vehicles at the same time with this lifter since the height of 72 inches ensures enough space for another car underneath the elevated one. 

Although it is a heavy piece of machinery, the Triumph has many extra features that will make your garage operations much easier. It is equipped with wheels so you can easily move it around the garage, while several trays will hold fluids that can leak out of the elevated car. These trays will make you less worried about the safety and cleanliness of your other vehicle stored underneath the lifted one. 

Satisfied customers that purchased this lifter were particularly impressed by the reliability of this product. The team at Triumph designed this to be as efficient as possible while also making it convenient and meeting the requirements of their customers. 

While others are difficult to install, anyone can set up the Triumph NSS-8 by following the instructions. That is a big plus for enthusiasts who are excited to start working on their vehicles as soon as possible.  

Overall specifications of this lifter include:

  • Capacity: 8,000 lbs
  • Overall height: 84″
  • Overall length: 175″
  • Overall width: 106″
  • Height: 72″
  • Lift time: 40 seconds 

Best cheap option – QuickJack BL-5000SLX

Your garage is the back-end of your passion for cars. It is an ideal place where you will store, repair, and inspect your vehicles. All of your tools are here and necessary equipment is installed. Although a garage can feature mechanical stuff, electrical components and tools are also present. 

But since your car is mobile, so can its maintenance be. While your garage is the best place to work on your car, that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. Portable lifts were developed by companies who listened to their customer’s requests. They realize flexibility is important nowadays. 

Maybe you own 2 properties and don’t want to invest in 2 different lifters, one for each garage. Or maybe your cousin is also an expert in repairs, and you want his trained eye to inspect your vehicle. However, he lives across the country. That’s where this portable automotive lift shines the best because you’ll be able to carry it anywhere your car goes. 

Do not be suspicious of this portable model’s lightweight, which is just a little under 215 pounds. This handy tool can move vehicles as heavy as 5,000 pounds effortlessly. 

A single sacrifice is made, and that is the elevation reduction. That means you’ll be able to lift your car only 17.5 inches off the ground, but it’s still more than enough to work under it with a clear view of your car’s underside. 

Another advantage of this model is its relatively cheap price compared to other models for sale. A modest investment of just $1,299 will make you its owner for life. You’ll be satisfied with your purchase. Customers were satisfied with the high flexibility it offers, as they can easily transport and use it wherever they go. 

High quality is ensured by the german manufacturer who designed the BL-5000SLX with maximum efficiency. They did so while also using the best and strongest materials for its production. Because of its low-profile jack frames, this portable lifter gained a lot of popularity in the motorsport community. Many race teams use this product for their vehicles.

The most important characteristics of this model are:

  • Capacity: 5,000 lbs
  • Minimum collapsed height: 3″
  • Platform lifting height: 17.5″
  • Price $1,299

Best 2 post car lift – Triumph NT-9FP Two-Post Auto

Triumph did an excellent job developing the NSS-8, considered the best 4-post car lifter on the market. After their massive success obtained through customer satisfaction, they didn’t stop there. This famous company created a 2-post model, the NT-9FP model, which was bought by many petrolheads nationwide. 

There are lots of features and various ways to operate this tool. You can symmetrically or asymmetrically lift your vehicle, depending on the necessary repairs you have to conduct. Multiple stages are available, and you can choose the ideal elevation to your preference. 

Different elevation options can be chosen in case your garage’s low ceiling becomes an inconvenience to the lifting process. Overall, the NT-9FP will be able to move your vehicle 72 inches off the ground, giving you enough space to work underneath it. 

With a price of $2,850, most customers considered it fair considering all the advantages this model has. While it costs more than a portable lifter, this one is ideal if you spend lots of time in your garage and want to conduct the repairs yourself. 

Triumph is known for using strong and durable components, so its products will easily survive the test of time. Reliability is guaranteed and appreciated by many customers who left positive reviews for this company.

With an incredible capacity of 9,000 pounds, this piece of machinery can be considered heavy-duty. It even has special adapters for trucks and can deal with any vehicle as long as it is within the weight limit. With a lifting time of 40 seconds, your car will be near the ceiling in no time. You’ll be able to start working underneath it as soon as possible. 

Very easy to set up to install, it was developed by Triumph is a necessary addition to every garage of car enthusiasts. When it arrives, the shipping weight stands at 1,303 pounds so make sure you made all the necessary preparations before installing your new toy

After going through so many 2-post car models, we had to choose this one as the winner. All the features and positive reviews make its purchase a worthy investment. The company replies quite fast to messages and questions, so you’re clearly buying from a trusting company.

Here are some key specifications of this lifter:

  • Capacity: 9,000 lbs
  • Overall height: 111″
  • Overall width: 132″
  • Lifting time: 40 seconds
  • Price: $2,850

Best heavy-duty car lifter: Bendpak HDS-14 Four-Post

As the leading manufacturer of lifts, Bendpak continues to deliver only high-quality products. Competitors such as Rotary Lift or Atlas have a lot of work to do until they can match the results of this company. This heavy-duty model is named HDS-14, and it’s a 4-post option that will easily fulfill all of your garage’s needs. 

Focusing on maximum efficiency, they created this model as a standard for all lifters on the markets. Fancy add-ons or extras are not included, as they wouldn’t help much with the main purpose of this option. Superior safety standards are ensured, and you’ll be able to work under your car stress-free.

All quality standards are met, and you’ll be able to enjoy this product to the fullest. You’ll do what you love instead of worrying about working under heavy vehicles. It deserves all the credit for your results. 

The HDS-14 supports have a maximum capacity of 14,000 pounds. It makes the elevation of heavy-duty vehicles an easy task. A feature of this one is represented by the extension of runways, which will keep your vehicle’s wheelbases safe and protected. Driving into these runways is simple regardless of the size of your vehicle. 

Built-in lubrication is another feature of this lifter. Grease fittings ensure lubrication of the critical parts while making them easier to maintain in the long term. 

Safety is always important when working with heavy machinery. The team at Bendpak created automatically engaging safety locks that perform very well. Precise runway leveling is possible due to adjustable safety ladders, even on uneven floors.  

The aviation industry inspired the creation of the pneumatic system, and aluminum cylinders were used for their creation. Pneumatic locks make the lifting and lowering operations quicker, while the high-quality of this system will allow you to work on your cars for a long time. 

Take a look at the specifications of this one:

  • Capacity: 14,000 lbs
  • Overall width: 131.75″
  • Overall length: 241″
  • Price: $7,530

There are many choices for different types. However, the most common ones you will encounter are 4-post and 2-post car lifts. They have unique characteristics that are particular to each of them, but their purpose remains the same: to lift your car up. 

4 hydraulic posts form the 4-post lift, located at each of the corners of the lifter. On the other hand, a 2-post lifter will have posts situated on either side of the arms. 

The different styles ‘have their pros and cons. Portable ones will take up less space and can be moved around easily. Still, they won’t allow you to park another vehicle underneath the one you lift because the mechanism is situated in the center. 

2-post models can successfully lift some cars high enough for another one to be parked underneath. However, it is not recommended since long-term storage is intended for 4-post lifts.

That is because these 4-post model are the most durable and can sustain heavy loads over a longer time. It takes your worries off you over the long periods of inactivity. The price you have to pay for such a performant lifter is relatively higher than the price tag of other types, but it’s a worthy investment for your garage. 

It is important to choose the right one for your car, but don’t forget to consider the purpose as well. What will you use this lifter for? Some are made specifically for parking. They won’t allow you to conduct work underneath your car.  

Voltage is another thing to consider before purchasing your first car lifter. 4-post lifters will need power supplies of 115 volts in order to operate the hydraulic system. On the other hand, 2-post ones need 220 volts for the same purpose.

Some indecisive customers are wondering about the size of the arms used by these lifters. They wonder if larger ones are better, but in reality, size doesn’t matter much. The lifting capacity is much more important, as the arms can be adjusted depending on the size of various cars and trucks. 

What about safety? Some mechanics might still be worried when working underneath a car, as anxiety can be common when humans are in danger. If the lifter breaks and the car falls, disasters could happen.

All of these car lifters are certified and tested in various situations. Companies manufacturing them know that safety is an important factor, so they often use the help of safety experts. If a lifter doesn’t pass the safety tests, then it doesn’t enter the market. 

That’s why you can rest assured that any model you see available for purchase is also easy to use. They will offer the highest safety standards. Some things are also impossible, such as a car tipping off a 4-post lifter. Because the vehicle is lifted from all of the 4 corners, the weight distribution is equal. The car is balanced.

Although this unfortunate accident can happen on a 2-post lifter, it’s because of human error most of the time. When manufactured, they are intended for safe and efficient use. That’s why you should always check the instructions and follow all the safety requirements to avoid disasters or unfortunate events.